15:31:44 <dustymabe> #startmeeting fedora_cloud_meeting
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15:31:50 <dustymabe> #topic roll call
15:32:04 * cyberpear listens in
15:32:12 <dustymabe> .hello2
15:32:13 <zodbot> dustymabe: dustymabe 'Dusty Mabe' <dusty@dustymabe.com>
15:32:15 <dustymabe> welcome cyberpear
15:32:28 <otubo> .hello2
15:32:29 <cyberpear> .hello2
15:32:29 <zodbot> otubo: otubo 'Eduardo Otubo' <eterrell@redhat.com>
15:32:32 <zodbot> cyberpear: cyberpear 'James Cassell' <fedoraproject@cyberpear.com>
15:32:44 <dustymabe> #chair otubo cyberpear
15:32:44 <zodbot> Current chairs: cyberpear dustymabe otubo
15:33:18 * mhayden is in a videoconf meeting and will attempt to do 2 things at once
15:33:32 <dustymabe> mhayden: #multitasking
15:33:50 * mhayden is also trying to keep his kids from burning down the house
15:35:03 <dustymabe> #chair mhayden sumantro_
15:35:03 <zodbot> Current chairs: cyberpear dustymabe mhayden otubo sumantro_
15:35:18 <dustymabe> mhayden: hopefully no 🔥 for you
15:35:39 <dustymabe> i'll send 🚒 🧯
15:36:15 <dustymabe> #topic fedora 32 beta released - fedora cloud test day
15:36:21 * dustymabe waves at sumantro_
15:37:05 <dustymabe> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-qa/issue/577
15:37:26 <dustymabe> basically we discused last week and sumantro_ is going to help us set up a test day for this Friday
15:37:54 <dustymabe> 03/20
15:38:19 <cyberpear> is there a test matrix to be filled?
15:38:24 <dustymabe> mhayden: otubo: jdoss: cyberpear: can anyone help give the cloud 32 beta image a spin
15:38:37 <cyberpear> I can give it a spin
15:38:42 <cyberpear> on OpenStack
15:38:49 <dustymabe> cyberpear: we typically do have a page that people fill out results in
15:39:02 <dustymabe> I believe sumantrom is going to help us set that up and we'll provide links for it
15:39:07 <mhayden> I can run it on OpenStack + EC2
15:39:56 <otubo> dustymabe: can I help in other way other than testing? I don't have any infra available on my end.
15:40:02 <dustymabe> cool - can some of us agree to also join #fedora-test-day on freenode
15:40:18 <dustymabe> we'll try to get others to join in the testing and usually people go there to ask questions
15:40:35 <dustymabe> otubo: local testing (libvirt) is also useful
15:40:55 * cyberpear joins, always up against the freenode "too many channels" limit
15:40:56 <dustymabe> otubo: did you ever get any access to resources from that cloud provider ?
15:42:12 <otubo> dustymabe: we spoke a couple of days ago, but I totally forgot to ask about that. I'll try to reach him again before Friday.
15:42:19 <dustymabe> #info we're going to have a Fedora Cloud test day on the 03/20 (this friday) - please join us in #fedora-cloud and #fedora-test-day on freenode to help us test the Fedora 32 beta images
15:42:38 <dustymabe> #topic open floor
15:42:53 <dustymabe> any other topics to bring up right now?
15:43:04 * dustymabe notes he needs to create entries in vagrant cloud for f32 cloud base
15:43:36 <cyberpear> I wrote some patches against the kickstarts to make them better, but haven't sent them yet
15:44:27 <dustymabe> otubo: you said you didn't get a chance to do a bug scrub yet?
15:44:43 <otubo> I really need to cross-check rhel/fedora bugzillas. I think this week is gonna be a little easier to do that.
15:44:54 <dustymabe> +1
15:49:31 <dustymabe> ok any other topics before we end this?
15:49:40 <dustymabe> sorry I got distracted with adding f32 cloud beta to vagrant cloud
15:49:46 <cyberpear> nothing from me
15:49:53 <dustymabe> oh and also it looks like the AMIs on the website are for f31 beta so I need to go fix that
15:49:55 <dustymabe> :)
15:50:13 <dustymabe> #endmeeting