14:31:24 <dustymabe> #startmeeting fedora_cloud_meeting
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14:31:31 <dustymabe> #topic roll call
14:31:42 * dustymabe waves at otubo sumantro
14:31:51 <dustymabe> was hoping to get mhayden but he seems to be AFK
14:32:08 <dustymabe> jdoss: may be interested too
14:32:08 <sumantro> hey dustymabe o/
14:32:30 <jdoss> .hello2
14:32:31 <zodbot> jdoss: jdoss 'Joe Doss' <joe@solidadmin.com>
14:32:48 <otubo> .hello2
14:32:49 <zodbot> otubo: otubo 'Eduardo Otubo' <eterrell@redhat.com>
14:32:51 <jdoss> I have 8min before my morning standup
14:33:18 <dustymabe> jdoss: standup standup everybody everywhere
14:33:34 <jdoss> Lots of cryin. Lots of love.
14:33:42 <dustymabe> jdoss: thanks for coming
14:34:09 <dustymabe> jdoss: let me look at tickets real quick and see if there is anything you might be interested in
14:34:48 <dustymabe> #topic [F32] Cloud Base Test Day
14:34:52 <dustymabe> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-qa/issue/577
14:35:11 <dustymabe> jdoss: do you think you'll be able to participate in helping us test out the F32 cloud beta this year ?
14:35:43 <jdoss> We moved to CentOS8 for our VMs but we use Fedora Cloud for some things still so I will get an AMI built with our build process and report any bugs.
14:36:12 <dustymabe> jdoss: are you still using GCP for everything ?
14:36:21 <jdoss> AWS and GCP
14:36:25 <otubo> dustymabe: I still haven't been able to cross-check cloud-init bzs between rhel and fedora. But it's on my list for this week.
14:36:37 <jdoss> A true multi-cloud. Hurray!
14:36:50 <dustymabe> otubo: thanks can you bring that up when we get to open floor ?
14:37:07 <dustymabe> jdoss: so you do test the AWS image we put out (i.e. you don't need to "build" that one)?
14:37:11 <otubo> dustymabe: oh sure
14:37:24 <jdoss> We boot the test image you put out the build one off that.
14:37:33 <jdoss> normally we see any issues during that process.
14:38:21 <dustymabe> jdoss: kk
14:38:42 <dustymabe> jdoss: after your standup come back and read the minutes of the meeting
14:38:53 <dustymabe> I think there is a suprise in there for you
14:39:00 <jdoss> Oh no!
14:39:13 <dustymabe> sumantro: otubo: how does next Friday sound for a f32 cloud beta test day ?
14:39:28 <jdoss> My standup takes ~5min so I will BRB.
14:39:42 <otubo> dustymabe: Friday is a pretty low volume work day, I'm good with that
14:39:54 <sumantro> yes Friday is hreat
14:39:55 <sumantro> *great
14:39:59 <sumantro> I will set up the bits
14:40:48 <dustymabe> sweet
14:41:20 <sumantro> I will run by the test cases once I am done dustymabe otubo ?
14:41:56 <dustymabe> sumantro: sounds good
14:42:09 <dustymabe> are we good for the next topic
14:43:05 <dustymabe> #topic fedora cloud images in GCP
14:43:49 <dustymabe> on the Fedora CoreOS side we've made progress with google on getting a GCP account set up to upload images and make them availabe to GCP users
14:44:02 <dustymabe> so maybe for Fedora 32 we'll have official Fedora Cloud images for GCP
14:44:25 <dustymabe> #info we're hoping to have official Fedora images in GCP for the Fedora 32 release
14:44:26 <otubo> Nice!
14:45:32 <dustymabe> #topic open floor
14:45:39 <dustymabe> otubo: I think you had something for open floor
14:46:04 <jdoss> back
14:46:10 <jdoss> and Hurray on GCP image.
14:46:24 <dustymabe> jdoss: woot woot!
14:46:31 <otubo> dustymabe: yes, I have pretty solid plans to cross check fedora-rhel bzs this week. And on while doing this, I wanted to make sure the spec file are close together as well
14:46:51 <dustymabe> jdoss: one thing about the GCP images.. obviously fedimg doesn't have the ability to upload to GCP
14:47:15 <dustymabe> so for us to really get properly set up for GCP we'll need to leverage something else
14:47:22 <jdoss> ya we need to figure out plume
14:47:35 <dustymabe> jdoss: no pressure, it's just something I thought about
14:47:55 <dustymabe> i.e. we don't only need the GCP account, but also the mechanics behind it to upload the images regularly
14:48:20 <jdoss> I will try and get some time to figure out what we want to do here. It ties into the "update the cloud images more often story"
14:48:28 <dustymabe> jdoss: +1 to that
14:48:51 <dustymabe> #info jdoss will try to look at deploying joystick, which will help us upload to other clouds
14:49:25 <dustymabe> #info otubo has plans to cross check fedora-rhel bzs this week and close out anything that we think has been fixed by the new version of cloud-init
14:49:30 <dustymabe> thanks jdoss thanks otubo
14:51:00 <jdoss> Thanks dustymabe
14:51:51 <dustymabe> #info we are going to start having bi-weekly cloud meetings in the cloud working group again. Starting next tuesday (03/17), then 03/31 in #fedora-meeting-1 at 15:30 UTC
14:52:07 <jdoss> dustymabe: is there a fedcal for this?
14:52:41 <dustymabe> jdoss: https://apps.fedoraproject.org/calendar/cloud/2020/3/16/#m1999
14:52:51 <dustymabe> #info fedocal link is https://apps.fedoraproject.org/calendar/cloud/2020/3/16/#m1999
14:53:39 <otubo> dustymabe: thanks a lot :)
14:53:50 <dustymabe> no problem
14:53:54 <dustymabe> anything else for open floor ?
14:54:42 <dustymabe> #endmeeting