15:00:03 <nirik> #startmeeting FESCO (2019-09-09)
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15:00:03 <nirik> #meetingname fesco
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15:00:03 <nirik> #chair nirik, ignatenkobrain, jforbes, zbyszek, bookwar, sgallagh, contyk, mhroncok, otaylor
15:00:03 <zodbot> Current chairs: bookwar contyk ignatenkobrain jforbes mhroncok nirik otaylor sgallagh zbyszek
15:00:03 <nirik> #topic init process
15:00:13 <nirik> who all is around today?
15:00:15 <bookwar> .hello2
15:00:16 <zodbot> bookwar: bookwar 'Aleksandra Fedorova' <alpha@bookwar.info>
15:00:24 <nirik> sgallagh and jforbes at least are not around.
15:00:28 <mhroncok> hey
15:00:44 <contyk> .hello psabata
15:00:45 <zodbot> contyk: psabata 'Petr Šabata' <psabata@redhat.com>
15:00:46 <zbyszek> .hello2
15:00:48 <zodbot> zbyszek: zbyszek 'Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek' <zbyszek@in.waw.pl>
15:00:50 <ignatenkobrain> .hello2
15:00:51 <zodbot> ignatenkobrain: ignatenkobrain 'Igor Gnatenko' <i.gnatenko.brain@gmail.com>
15:01:06 <nirik> cool... thats quorum...
15:01:28 <bcotton> .hello2
15:01:29 <zodbot> bcotton: bcotton 'Ben Cotton' <bcotton@redhat.com>
15:02:24 <nirik> ok, lets go ahead... hopefully a short meeting today. ;)
15:02:26 <nirik> #topic #2221 Datacenter move discussion
15:02:27 <nirik> https://pagure.io/fesco/issue/2221
15:03:12 * nirik is fine with 1st-15th of june 2020...
15:03:48 <ignatenkobrain> +1
15:03:57 <bookwar> +1, looks reasonable
15:04:09 <bcotton> i'll speak for mattdm and bex for a moment. we suggested to CPE management that the last two weeks of may would work, but we wouldn't object to early june instead
15:04:26 <mhroncok> +1 to the general idea, assuming the dates provided by zbyszek are real
15:04:53 <nirik> when does the 33 cycle start...
15:04:55 <contyk> yeah, that's okay
15:04:55 <zbyszek> mhroncok: you doubt my calendar checking skills ?!! I haven't been wrong since 2022.
15:04:57 <contyk> +1
15:05:07 <bcotton> nirik: cycles never really *start*, they just sort of *are*
15:05:28 <nirik> sure, but I mean milestones... should be end of june...
15:05:49 <mhroncok> ...and, checking the schedule at https://fedorapeople.org/groups/schedule/f-32/f-32-key-tasks.html seems that the date is correct unless the schedule sin't :D
15:05:54 <mhroncok> *isn't
15:06:44 <bcotton> change submission deadlines will happen in late june (except self-contained), all of the releng-type work starts in early august
15:06:45 <zbyszek> Well, s/2019/2020/.
15:07:10 <nirik> ok, more votes for june 1-15th? I'm +1 and that makes +5 I think?
15:07:29 <zbyszek> I'm +1 FTR.
15:07:54 <nirik> #agreed window 1st to 15th june 2020 is approved. (+6,0,0)
15:08:31 <mhroncok> zbyszek: I've checked the date and haven't noticed the year problem :D
15:08:37 <nirik> #topic #2218 F31 incomplete changes
15:08:37 <nirik> https://pagure.io/fesco/issue/22218
15:08:51 <nirik> bcotton: want to go over these?
15:08:56 <bcotton> nirik: sure thing
15:09:36 <mhroncok> https://pagure.io/fesco/issue/2218
15:09:43 <bcotton> so the RPM one is back out of ON_QA because of automated state changes, so we can ignore that
15:09:44 <bcotton> but
15:10:00 <bcotton> #info Move Gold into a subpackage of binutils
15:10:06 <bcotton> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/BINUTILS_GOLD
15:10:07 <zbyszek> Done.
15:10:17 <zbyszek> Should it be marked as CLOSED, or ON_QA?
15:10:32 <nirik> ON_QA I think
15:10:38 <bcotton> zbyszek: either works at this point
15:11:07 <zbyszek> #info Change is done. Marked as N_QA.
15:11:13 <bcotton> next one is
15:11:13 <zbyszek> #undo
15:11:14 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: INFO by zbyszek at 15:11:07 : Change is done. Marked as N_QA.
15:11:16 <zbyszek> #info Change is done. Marked as ON_QA.
15:11:30 <bcotton> #info No i686 repositories
15:11:33 <bcotton> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/Noi686Repositories
15:11:38 <bcotton> nirik: that one's yours
15:11:46 <nirik> yeah, it's done, but still need docs.
15:12:01 <mhroncok> and still before contingency deadline IIRC
15:12:12 <bcotton> #info Change is implemented, still needs documentation
15:12:16 <nirik> so I guess we can mark it ON_QA and I will keep trying to find someone to make some docs. ;)
15:12:28 <mhroncok> (scratch my last message)
15:12:29 <contyk> :)
15:12:38 <bcotton> nirik: wfm. i can help make words if no one else volunteers
15:13:07 <nirik> sure, as long as we can figure out the process. ;)
15:13:14 <bcotton> details, details
15:13:25 <bcotton> #info Improved GRUB menu
15:13:36 <bcotton> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/ImprovedGrubMenu
15:13:53 <bcotton> so this one was deferred from F30 and the owner has not provided any updates on the BZ in a while
15:14:24 <bcotton> mhroncok proposed considering it canceled. i concur
15:14:44 <nirik> +1 to cancel
15:14:46 <bcotton> the other option is to punt it to F32 at this point
15:14:47 <zbyszek> +1
15:14:57 <mhroncok> +1 FTR to cancel
15:15:03 <mhroncok> they can always resubmit for f32
15:15:07 <ignatenkobrain> +1
15:15:14 <contyk> +1
15:15:28 <bookwar> +1  to cancel
15:15:30 <contyk> and then we can cancel again
15:17:09 <nirik> yeah. resubmitting is always possible
15:19:27 <bcotton> sounds like you're #agreed then?
15:19:35 <nirik> oh sorry. :)
15:20:01 <nirik> #agreed cancel change, please re-submit when ready (+6,0,0)
15:20:53 <bcotton> EOF
15:21:03 <nirik> cool.. thats all of them?
15:21:07 <bcotton> yessir
15:21:24 <bcotton> the rest were updated after gentle nudging
15:21:33 <nirik> awesome. thanks bcotton!
15:21:37 <bcotton> i've been updating the content of the issue to reflect it
15:21:53 <nirik> #topic Next weeks chair
15:22:02 <nirik> I think jforbes might have said he could do it next week...
15:22:04 * nirik looks back
15:22:15 <contyk> if not, I can as well
15:23:41 <nirik> yeah, can't find it...
15:23:57 <nirik> contyk: can you take it and also ping jforbes to make sure he's not also doing it? ;)
15:24:00 * mhroncok can't find it either...
15:24:11 <contyk> sure
15:24:34 <nirik> #info contyk to chair next week.
15:24:39 <nirik> thanks!
15:24:43 <nirik> #topic Open Floor
15:24:48 <nirik> anyone have anything for open floor?
15:24:52 <bcotton> .
15:25:29 <zbyszek> Ø
15:25:40 <nirik> if not will close out in a minute and give everyone back a nice chunk of time. :)
15:25:57 <mhroncok> .
15:26:34 <bcotton> i'll be sending an email out later today, but since we're here i'll let y'all know that i've decided to abandon the "use taiga for changes" proposal for now. it almost works, but there are a few really annoying UI things that i don't want to subject the community to :-(
15:27:01 <nirik> awww... too bad. But glad it was caught before announced/used.
15:27:11 <zbyszek> My thoughts too.
15:27:23 <mhroncok> it was used for one change proposal, correct?
15:27:25 <bcotton> yeah, it's soooooo close, but it would be obnoxious to deal with it
15:27:40 <bcotton> mhroncok: correct, which is how i discovered the really annoying part
15:28:08 <bcotton> basically, you have to click the "save" button for every field or else 1. it doesn't save and 2. the API yells at you
15:28:32 <bcotton> and since it makes heavy use of custom fields, that makes it a non-starter unless i want people to hate me (which i don't)
15:29:13 <nirik> :(
15:29:20 <bookwar> sounds like a good bugreport for upstream
15:29:35 <nirik> yeah, that too.
15:29:41 <bcotton> yeah, there are bug reports upstream for the two things i consider blockers, so if those are fixed at some point, we can come back to it
15:30:35 <bcotton> anyway, i don't want to extend this meeting any further, just though i'd give you a sneak preview :-)
15:31:12 <nirik> thanks for the info...
15:31:19 <mhroncok> I just wanted to ask if you could participate in the "ftbfs policy thread"
15:31:44 <mhroncok> I don't want to open a ticket with a proposal just to repeat the discussion there again
15:32:13 <mhroncok> https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/devel@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/NKFYAWL4GWYR37C6XA63JMNBZYEM6BI3/
15:32:19 * nirik can. just haven't pulled in the mail barge yet today
15:32:55 <nirik> anything else?
15:33:39 <nirik> thanks everyone.
15:33:42 <nirik> #endmeeting