05:00:51 <ksinny> #startmeeting fedora_coreos_apac_meeting
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05:01:03 <ksinny> #topic roll call
05:01:07 <ksinny> .hello sinnykumari
05:01:08 <zodbot> ksinny: sinnykumari 'Sinny Kumari' <ksinny@gmail.com>
05:01:11 <zhangks98> .hello2
05:01:12 <zodbot> zhangks98: zhangks98 'Kaishuo Zhang' <zhangks98@gmail.com>
05:01:32 <ksinny> #chair zhangks98
05:01:32 <zodbot> Current chairs: ksinny zhangks98
05:01:51 <ksinny> zhangks98: Hey o/
05:02:06 <zhangks98> ksinny: Hi there!
05:02:17 <ksinny> bhavin192: praiskup: ping
05:02:55 <ksinny> sorry, meant to tag prakashm-
05:03:30 <praiskup> ack
05:03:58 <ksinny> seems like only two of us are here :)
05:04:09 <ksinny> Let's move to Open Floor
05:05:10 <zhangks98> during the last meeting they mention some AI: 1) request pool tag, 2) dist-git FESCO query.
05:05:11 <ksinny> umm, will cover some topic before going to open floor
05:05:29 <zhangks98> oh nvm, we can discuss in open floor
05:05:43 <ksinny> #topic FCOS stream Tooling
05:06:03 <ksinny> #link https://github.com/coreos/fedora-coreos-tracker/issues/137
05:07:30 <ksinny> So, we finally have a draft for review about how FCOS streams will look like and things that needs to be done to implement those
05:07:58 <ksinny> #link PR link for FCOS stream  - https://github.com/coreos/fedora-coreos-tracker/pull/171
05:08:32 <ksinny> It has detailed infomration
05:08:58 * zhangks98 looking at the pr
05:09:15 <ksinny> zhangks98: Have a look at it and if you have any questions/feedback you can ask here or leave a comment on the PR
05:10:30 <ksinny> We have 3 production streams (stable, testing and next)
05:11:37 <ksinny> 2 development streams - testing-devel, next-devel
05:12:15 <ksinny> development streams are the one from where production refs will have the content
05:12:41 <ksinny> next will use next-devel, testing will use testing-devel
05:13:09 <ksinny> stable will get content which are in testing
05:14:13 <ksinny> we have 4 mehcanical streams - rawhide, bracnhed, bodhi-updates, bodhi-updates-testing
05:14:36 <ksinny> Mechanical refs gets content directly from Fedora
05:15:15 <ksinny> development and production refs content will come from coreos-pool tag
05:16:02 <ksinny> i.e. all packages which needs to be in these streams will be tagged (by some automation) to coreos-pool
05:16:27 <zhangks98> so next are like alpha and testing are like beta builds for fcos?
05:16:47 <ksinny> I think so
05:17:19 <zhangks98> meanwhile mechanical streams are candidate for integrating fedora features into fcos?
05:18:24 <ksinny> mechanical streams helps us to test in advance what features are coming up(test them in advance)
05:19:53 <ksinny> another important point of mehcanical branch is, we create initial list of pakcages from development streams which will be stored in lockfile and those packages will be tagged to coreos-pool and then will make it to release if it looks good
05:20:27 <ksinny> so, they kind of provide entry point to things which will come later to FCOS prod/development branch
05:20:51 <ksinny> s/from development streams which/from mechanical streams which/
05:22:09 <ksinny> makes sense?
05:22:15 <zhangks98> yeah makes sense!
05:22:19 <ksinny> cool
05:22:37 <zhangks98> also, why is it that they all take the same coreos-pool koji tag?
05:22:44 <ksinny> so, what do you think about the current plan?
05:23:20 <ksinny> feel free to add your comment directly to PR
05:24:11 <ksinny> Let's move on
05:24:34 <zhangks98> alright
05:24:56 <ksinny> #topic Decide about keep or discontinue FCOS APAC meeting
05:26:23 <zhangks98> roughly how many members are currently at APAC timezone?
05:26:26 <ksinny> I see very few people attending this meeting, which adds questions that should we keep or discontinue it
05:27:11 <ksinny> We have other way to communicate (#fedora-coreos channel), creating issue on tracker, fedora-coreos ML, discussion
05:27:31 <ksinny> zhangks98: initially we were 4 to 5
05:27:41 <ksinny> which kept reducing
05:28:10 <ksinny> zhangks98: what are your thoughts?
05:29:19 <ksinny> zhangks98: if you like to keep this meeting, I am fine with having it
05:29:37 <zhangks98> ksinny: yeah, but I only attended two meetings so not sure if other members are busy these days
05:30:19 <ksinny> zhangks98: I believe office hours are different for different people, which can be a contributing factor
05:31:43 <zhangks98> ksinny: ic
05:32:55 <ksinny> what's you suggestion? is this useful or will be fine without this meeting too?
05:33:11 <zhangks98> I'm cool with using other channels for communication
05:33:23 <ksinny> zhangks98: cool
05:35:17 <ksinny> #proposal Cancel future FCOS APAC meeting due to low community involvement during meeting. We can commnicate by other means like IRC, ML, github issues. In future if we can restart meeting if there is request
05:35:34 <ksinny> vote for proposal
05:35:52 <ksinny> ack/nack
05:37:08 <ksinny> zhangks98: does the proposal looks ok?
05:37:34 <zhangks98> lgtm
05:37:46 <ksinny> #agreed Cancel future FCOS APAC meeting due to low community involvement during meeting. We can communicate by other means like IRC, ML, github issues. In future if we can restart meeting if there is request
05:37:54 <ksinny> #open floor
05:38:00 <ksinny> we are already out of time
05:38:17 <ksinny> anything for open floor?
05:38:28 <zhangks98> nope
05:38:41 <ksinny> nothing from me too
05:39:32 <ksinny> #endmeeting