05:31:11 <ksinny> #startmeeting Team Silverblue APAC
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05:31:28 <ksinny> #topic roll call
05:31:34 <bhavin192> .hello2
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05:31:37 * sumantro is here
05:31:45 <prakashmishra> .hello prakashmishra1598
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05:31:53 <paragan> .hello pnemade
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05:33:05 <ksinny> We don't have any action item from previous meeting
05:33:24 <ksinny> #topic Fedora 29 Silverblue Test Day
05:33:38 <ksinny> #link
05:33:57 <ksinny> We had nice progress on this
05:34:09 <sumantro>
05:34:27 <ksinny> #info Silverblue Test Day wiki page is available -
05:34:54 <ksinny> sumantro: Thanks for adding the link
05:35:05 <sumantro> np np ksinny
05:35:09 <mzee1000> Awesome
05:35:23 <ksinny> #info Test Cases which we will be testing are available at
05:35:38 <ksinny> Thanks to sumantro for working on most of the items here :)
05:35:45 <ksinny> sumantro++
05:36:12 <sumantro> thanks ksinny for all the help :)
05:36:19 <siddharthvipul> sumantro foreva
05:36:31 <bhavin192> siddharthvipul, hehe :)
05:36:54 <ksinny> So, we have Fedora 29 Beta 1.3 RC for tetsing available now
05:37:50 <sumantro> ksinny, it works fine ..except for a wifi adapter problem which is being reported to @test
05:37:52 <ksinny> We have communityblog coming up on 19th I think
05:38:06 <ksinny> and siddharthvipul will working on it
05:38:09 <sumantro> yup!
05:38:22 <ksinny> siddharthvipul: are yoy all set or you need any help?
05:38:40 <siddharthvipul> Yes, will request for to publish it in a while
05:38:54 <ksinny> siddharthvipul++ awesome!
05:39:02 <juhp> great
05:39:17 <ksinny> juhp: Hey!
05:40:05 <ksinny> siddharthvipul: For additional test cases, I asked in regular meeting SIlverblue meeting. We might have few more get added
05:40:58 <ksinny> See you all on 20th during Silverblue Test Day!
05:41:10 <ksinny> Ok, let's move to next topic
05:41:24 <ksinny> #topic How to Contribute
05:41:34 <ksinny> #link
05:42:04 <ksinny> This came yesterday during Silverblue meeting and I though it will be nice to share here as well
05:42:29 <mzee1000> Cool
05:42:46 <ksinny> We are trying to help new contributors on what all way they can contribute
05:43:28 <ksinny> If interested in development, look for contributing into projects like flatpak, rpm-ostree, ostree, etc
05:43:55 <ksinny> also, we are running silverblue website, so folks intersted in website design can help as well
05:44:49 <ksinny> additionally, writing blogs
05:44:51 <ksinny> and so on
05:46:17 <sumantro> i think we can come up with a easy fix list too.. ksinny  i will get in touch with you directly on this
05:46:54 <ksinny> Also, we are planning to filterout issues which new folks can help with. SO, having some tage in silverblue issue like for-beginners or whatever
05:47:34 <mzee1000> That would be nice
05:47:38 <ksinny> yeah, easy-fix tag or anything. point is to help folks idenitfy easily which issues to look into
05:47:59 <ksinny> and if possible having some help on how to fix it
05:48:32 <sumantro> got it!
05:48:52 <bhavin192> Yup, easy-fix label helps a lot :)
05:48:57 <ksinny> That's all topic I had to discuss today
05:49:01 <ksinny> #topic Open Floor
05:49:20 <ksinny> Anyone has anything topic?
05:49:43 <sumantro> nothing from my side
05:49:57 <prakashmishra> nothing from me :)
05:50:22 <ksinny> I was wondering if anyone would be interested in runnibg next Silverblue IRC meeting?
05:50:37 <ksinny> I will be there to help :)
05:51:38 <siddharthvipul> testday results would be interesting to discuss (for whoever is running next meeting)
05:51:59 <sumantro> if its 2nd of October ..will be able to help ksinny
05:52:07 <prakashmishra> Though I have not much experience with it, I'd love to learn and help with it if nobody else wants to take it up :), ksinny
05:52:09 <ksinny> To help with mentions the general gudeline help
05:52:44 <ksinny> siddharthvipul: yes, definitely!
05:53:12 <ksinny> prakashmishra: Let's try in next meeting then
05:53:39 <prakashmishra> \o/ yaay... I look forward to it :)
05:53:47 <mzee1000> Awesome
05:53:52 <ksinny> prakashmishra: Feel free to ping me or anyone who has already ran IRC meeting before
05:54:03 <ksinny> in case you have any question
05:54:10 <bhavin192> prakashmishra, great :)
05:54:59 <prakashmishra> I think I'll prod Sumantro and you with questions every now and then :P
05:55:10 <ksinny> We can iterate over various people to chair the meeting, so we all know :)
05:55:27 <prakashmishra> Yes, that sounds like a great idea, ksinny :)
05:55:30 <mzee1000> That would be really cool
05:55:43 <bhavin192> ksinny++
05:55:43 <zodbot> bhavin192: Karma for sinnykumari changed to 21 (for the current release cycle):
05:55:50 <ksinny> prakashmishra: definitely!
05:55:50 <prakashmishra> True, mzee1000
05:56:06 <siddharthvipul> see you all on 20th o/
05:56:18 <ksinny> yeah!
05:56:46 <siddharthvipul> ksinny, pinged you privately
05:57:32 <ksinny> siddharthvipul: will reply after meeting
05:57:40 <siddharthvipul> ack
05:58:04 <ksinny> anything else from anyone before we close the meeting?
05:59:03 <ksinny> #endmeeting