05:32:44 <ksinny> #startmeeting Team Silverblue APAC
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05:32:47 * prakashmishra is stayibng
05:32:55 * mzee1000 is staying
05:32:56 <AdrianCeleste> Oh, I didn't miss a thing, was just a different meeting
05:32:57 <ksinny> #topic Roll Call
05:33:01 <prakashmishra> s/stayibng/staying
05:33:05 <ksinny> .hello sinnykumari
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05:33:08 <bhavin192> .hello2
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05:33:16 <mzee1000> .hello mohammedzee1000
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05:33:22 <paragan> .hello pnemade
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05:33:25 <AdrianCeleste> .hello AdrianCeleste
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05:33:33 <AdrianCeleste> wupsies
05:33:34 <ksinny> AdrianCeleste: yay!
05:33:35 <prakashmishra> .hello prakashmishra1598
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05:35:09 <ksinny> #chair bhavin192 mzee1000 paragan Sumantro_mob AdrianCeleste prakashmishra akshayg96
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05:35:19 <AdrianCeleste> ;D
05:35:22 <siddharthvipul> .hello siddharthvipul
05:35:24 <ksinny> Did I miss somone to chair?
05:35:24 <zodbot> siddharthvipul: Sorry, but you don't exist
05:35:28 <siddharthvipul> .hello siddharthvipul1
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05:35:32 <ksinny> #chair siddharthvipul
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05:35:53 <ksinny> AdrianCeleste: Previous meeting was about Fedora CoreOS :)
05:36:07 <AdrianCeleste> I saw, briefly
05:36:09 <AdrianCeleste> :D
05:36:12 <ksinny> :)
05:37:08 <ksinny> This is our first Silverblue APAC meeting, so we will start with knowing each other
05:37:11 <ksinny> #topic welcome
05:37:36 <snarwade[m]> cool :)
05:37:50 <ksinny> Tell us something about you, currently where you are working on and your interest in Silverblue.
05:38:16 <ksinny> For example, I will start with my introduction
05:38:17 <ksinny> I am Sinny Kumari, working at Red Hat from Bangalore, India. I am currently involved in Fedora Atomic Host and Fedora CoreOS. Looking forward in contributing to Silverblue and also replace my work laptop from regular Fedora Workstation to Silverblue.
05:38:31 <paragan> I am Parag Nemade. I work at Red Hat in I18N team, Pune office. I am a long time contributor to Fedora project. Being part of desktop development team, I would like to work on Silverblue project as I feel current Fedora Workstation will soon be replaced by Silverblue project.
05:38:32 <mzee1000> I am Mohammed Zeeshan Ahmed, working for Red Hat, live in Bangalore India. I have been testing the Atomic host for some time now on my own time. I am interested in Silverblue. Also contribute to Kubernetes
05:39:00 <AdrianCeleste> I just try to help the silverblue community by sticking around in #silverblue and trying to answer questions when possible.
05:39:08 <AdrianCeleste> Also maintainer of the Thunderbird flatpak
05:39:22 <siddharthvipul> I am Vipul, noob contributor and ambassador of the Fedora Project. I met Sayan and ksinny in DevCOnf.IN and Flock. I also got a SilverBlue Mug which is awesome. Thus the interest :D
05:39:43 <AdrianCeleste> Silverblue mug is indeed awesome
05:39:44 <snarwade[m]> I am Suraj Narwade, I work at RH bangalore. my work revolves around kubernetes and openshift. I tried silverblue in VM, I loved it. I would love to have it as a workstation :) because my work involves containers <3
05:39:48 <prakashmishra> I'm Prakash, working at Zauba technologies and lives in Bangalore, India. I've been using container linux for a while along with Fedora. Contributed to Fedora QA under sumantro's mentorship. I look forward to working on Silverblue project.
05:39:49 <ksinny> siddharthvipul: hehe, that's a good motivation :D
05:40:10 * prakashmishra got a mug too :P... Thanks ksinny
05:40:26 * mzee1000 got mug as well
05:40:35 <bhavin192> Hi, I'm Bhavin Gandhi, currently working with InfraCloud in Pune, India. Got to know about SilverBlue while doing Test days for Fedora 28, found it interesting.
05:40:40 * ksinny is glad that she gave mugs to nice people :)
05:40:40 <siddharthvipul> lol, motivation was because I met you guys ksinny .. also attended SilverBlue talk at Flock
05:40:54 <paragan> Oh I missed the Silverblue mug
05:41:07 <paragan> hopefully will get it in future
05:41:20 <ksinny> paragan: Sorry about that, we will give you once we have next batch :)
05:41:41 <paragan> thx
05:41:45 <ksinny> We had very limited this time
05:42:42 <ksinny> Once again, welcome all to Silverblue community!
05:42:57 <prakashmishra> Thank you ksinny :)
05:43:04 <AdrianCeleste> Certainly more busy then past meetings I remember :D
05:43:09 <AdrianCeleste> Good to see more people
05:43:43 <ksinny> AdrianCeleste: yeah, maybe we didn't reach properly to lot of people. Devconf India gave the chance to reach out to more people
05:43:44 <prakashmishra> Good to see you too, AdrianCeleste
05:43:59 <siddharthvipul> just filed an issue about $action_on_me. I am sure that will on board more people
05:44:12 <ksinny> siddharthvipul: Thanks
05:44:19 <ksinny> Let's move to next topic
05:45:11 <ksinny> This is our first APAC Silverblue meeting, so we will start with some useful links related to Silverblue so that people will know where to start with
05:45:12 <ksinny> #topic Getting started with Silverblue
05:45:27 <ksinny> #info Landing page -
05:45:46 <ksinny> #info Issue tracker -
05:46:06 <ksinny> #info join #silverblue on freenode to discuss anything related to Silverblue
05:46:19 <ksinny> #info Mailing List -
05:47:32 <ksinny> FYI, if someone doesn't know Fedora Silverblue is successor of Fedora Atomic Workstation. This information is to avoid any confusion if you see refrence of Fedora Atomic Workstation
05:47:56 <mzee1000> ack thanks
05:48:13 <ksinny> Good news is that we already have Fedora Silverblue ISO to try out!
05:48:17 <ksinny> #info Try out Fedora Silverblue if you haven't already done -
05:48:57 <ksinny> These are some of links I wanted to share with you all to start with
05:49:49 <ksinny> contains link to nice documenations and previous talks related to Fedora Silverblue
05:50:10 <ksinny> AdrianCeleste: Do you think I missed something?
05:50:22 <AdrianCeleste> Hrmm, I don't think so :)
05:50:31 <ksinny> cool
05:50:33 <AdrianCeleste> Pretty good coverage of community resources in my opinion
05:50:49 <ksinny> Thanks :)
05:50:52 <ksinny> Let's move to next topic
05:50:58 <AdrianCeleste> Oh, also just incase someone says "FAW", that was the acronym for fedora atomic workstation
05:51:00 <AdrianCeleste> unlikely though
05:51:09 <ksinny> #topic Flatpak 1.0 release
05:51:16 <ksinny> #link
05:51:23 <AdrianCeleste> \o/
05:51:40 <AdrianCeleste> Very exciting
05:51:55 <ksinny> We encourage folks to install application using Flatpak in Silverblue and hence the topic :)
05:52:02 <ksinny> Flatpak reched an important milestone with 1.0 release which happened yesterday!
05:52:10 <siddharthvipul> wow
05:52:11 <mzee1000> awesome
05:52:17 <ksinny> s/reched/reached/
05:52:28 <AdrianCeleste> I need to setup a silverblue VM again, don't have it running on any of my systems, embarassingly.
05:52:32 <prakashmishra> Awesome
05:52:33 <bhavin192> great!
05:53:01 <ksinny> AdrianCeleste: I am planning to move to Silverblue as well :)
05:53:17 <AdrianCeleste> I would, put I'm not a GNOME person ;)
05:53:23 <AdrianCeleste> Also can't be bothered to make my own image (yet)
05:53:52 <ksinny> I am waiting for KDE version of Silverblue :)
05:54:05 <ksinny> which I believe is already someone working on
05:54:26 <siddharthvipul> ksinny: lol, It would be awesome for sure
05:54:36 <ksinny> :D
05:54:41 <mzee1000> indeed
05:55:13 * bhavin192 is downloading Silverblue iso image :)
05:55:21 <ksinny> For interested folks, here is link
05:55:30 <AdrianCeleste> o:
05:55:44 * siddharthvipul opens the link
05:55:53 * paragan don't know how to move from F28 WS to F29 Silverblue, any documentation available for this?
05:56:02 <AdrianCeleste> Mentioning the ISO image, and I know this was mentioned in #silverblue a while back by someone, but.
05:56:07 <ksinny> That's all the topic I had for today's meeting, let's move to Open Floor
05:56:10 <ksinny> #topic Open Floor
05:56:23 <AdrianCeleste> the ISO image comes with a woefully out of date OStree image
05:56:36 <ksinny> paragan: I will try to find and share with you link after meeting
05:56:39 <AdrianCeleste> which requires the user to download quite a bit of updates just to get a usable system.
05:56:52 <paragan> ksinny, thanks
05:57:19 <AdrianCeleste> So, would a network-install ISO or possibly a more frequently released ISO be possible?
05:57:29 <ksinny> AdrianCeleste: Are you talking about F28 Silverblue link?
05:57:39 <ksinny> s/link/ISO download link/
05:57:48 <AdrianCeleste> ksinny: Yep, talking about f28 ISO download link.
05:57:58 <AdrianCeleste> to my knowledge, last time, it required significant updates after install
05:58:16 <AdrianCeleste> I might be out of the loop though ;)
05:58:40 <ksinny> Hmm, but good thing is once installation is done. They can run rpm-ostree upgrade to move to latest ostree version
05:58:47 <AdrianCeleste> Yes
05:58:48 <bhavin192> AdrianCeleste, ah! It's Fedora-AtomicWorkstation-ostree-x86_64-28-1.1.iso
05:59:23 <AdrianCeleste> But, I've heard from various users that the mirror is just slow sometimes
05:59:33 <AdrianCeleste> So updating, especially a big update, can take a long time :c
06:00:01 <AdrianCeleste> Even updates too a while for me, and I'm on the east coast of the US, while the server that hosts the repos is on the west coast of the US.
06:00:02 <ksinny> AdrianCeleste: Hmm, I see. Do we have a ticket open for this?
06:00:23 <AdrianCeleste> ksinny: I don't know, but if we could have more people mirror silverblue repos, I feel it might help?
06:00:35 <AdrianCeleste> because then users would be able to use repos closer to them
06:01:00 <ksinny> AdrianCeleste: Let's open a ticket and discuss there so that we have input and suggestion from more folks
06:01:23 <AdrianCeleste> Just open a ticket on the issue-tracker, right?
06:01:31 <ksinny> AdrianCeleste: yes!
06:01:36 <AdrianCeleste> Alright, will do ASAP
06:02:36 <AdrianCeleste> Ah, seems someone has opened an issue
06:02:41 <ksinny> #action AdrianCeleste to open a ticket to discuss issue related to slow ostree upgrade for larger delta which people get after Silverblue ISO install
06:02:53 <AdrianCeleste> I will open an issue related to the ISO though
06:03:13 <ksinny> We are over time, let's discuss rest of the stuff in next meeting or on #silverblue
06:03:22 <ksinny> AdrianCeleste: sure
06:03:28 <ksinny> #endmeeting