05:00:32 <ksinny> #startmeeting fedora_atomic_apac
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05:00:52 <ksinny> #topic Roll Call
05:01:07 <ksinny> .hello sinnykumari
05:01:08 <zodbot> ksinny: sinnykumari 'Sinny Kumari' <ksinny@gmail.com>
05:01:38 <ksinny> Who all are here today for atomic-wg meeting?
05:01:54 <AdrianCeleste> o/
05:02:09 <ksinny> AdrianCeleste: Hey!
05:02:31 <ksinny> glad to see you here :)
05:02:43 <AdrianCeleste> Same
05:02:55 <ksinny> will wait for 1 minute to see if more folks join
05:03:19 * AdrianCeleste nods
05:04:17 <ksinny> sayan: Hey! are you up for the meeting today?
05:04:45 <ksinny> #chair AdrianCeleste
05:04:45 <zodbot> Current chairs: AdrianCeleste ksinny
05:05:29 <AdrianCeleste> Are they comfy chairs? :P
05:06:03 <ksinny> AdrianCeleste: yeah, they are :D
05:06:09 <AdrianCeleste> o:
05:06:39 <ksinny> Okay, let's get started
05:06:40 <ksinny> #topic Action items from last meeting
05:06:59 <ksinny> sanja: Hey!
05:07:15 <ksinny> * ksinny get answer for "Is there any plan to have a default flatpak
05:07:15 <ksinny> repo eventually ? e.g. flathub, maybe on provided by fedora, etc"
05:07:15 <ksinny> * ksinny get answer for is there any plans to have rpm-ostree handle
05:07:15 <ksinny> package groups like DNF does?
05:07:15 <ksinny> * ksinny get answer to "is there a plan to have a local RPM repo where I
05:07:16 <ksinny> can put custom or downloaded rpms for installation with rpm-ostree ?"
05:07:36 <ksinny> So, I added couple of action items on me from last meeting Q/A
05:08:23 <ksinny> We got answers for these questions
05:08:29 <ksinny> #link https://lists.projectatomic.io/projectatomic-archives/atomic-devel/2018-April/msg00010.html
05:08:39 <ksinny> #link https://lists.projectatomic.io/projectatomic-archives/atomic-devel/2018-April/msg00005.html
05:08:56 <ksinny> AdrianCeleste: You should find answer to you questions in these links
05:09:31 <AdrianCeleste> I did indeed, thank you.
05:09:57 <ksinny> AdrianCeleste: Feel free to join the atomic-devel ML and ask further if you have any follow-up questions to the provided answer
05:10:07 <AdrianCeleste> That's cool how the meeting minutes are up there :P
05:10:24 <ksinny> :)
05:10:43 <ksinny> Let's move to issue with meeting topic
05:10:52 <AdrianCeleste> Okay
05:10:53 <ksinny> s/topic/tag/
05:11:16 <ksinny> #topic coordinate Project Atomic-related talks for devconf.in
05:11:19 <ksinny> #link https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/447
05:11:51 <ksinny> This is to keep reminding folks for submitting CFP for Devconf India
05:12:19 <ksinny> Submit your atomic related talk on or before May 4, 2018
05:12:38 <ksinny> and update ticket if you have already submitted one
05:13:05 * ksinny needs to submit one too
05:13:05 <ksinny> AdrianCeleste: Would you like to submit a talk for Devconf India?
05:13:34 <AdrianCeleste> Hehe, gotta admit this isn't my timezone/region
05:13:51 <AdrianCeleste> I might if I had a chance to be there, but I don't.
05:14:30 <ksinny> AdrianCeleste: It's a good chance to visit India :)
05:14:40 <ksinny> AdrianCeleste: There will be a Devconf In USA to from this year which is in Boston from Friday, August 17 to Sunday, August 19, 2018
05:15:11 <AdrianCeleste> I wouldn't even have a corporate sponsor to get me over, or really to any conf really. Looking for a job at the moment.
05:15:15 <ksinny> You may wanna go, CFP for Devconf.us has been closed now. But, should be good to attend
05:15:27 <ksinny> AdrianCeleste: ah, I see
05:15:58 <ksinny> AdrianCeleste: You your talk gets selected, you may get sponsorship
05:16:05 <ksinny> s/your/If your/
05:17:17 <ksinny> We had only one item with meeting tag, let's move to next topic
05:17:28 <AdrianCeleste> I wouldn't even know what to talk about, maybe flatpak, but I don't know what I'd be able to say differently than others have already said.
05:17:35 <ksinny> # Fedora Atomic Test Day
05:17:47 <ksinny> #link https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/449
05:18:36 <ksinny> AdrianCeleste: You can try, I don't even know if someone has already submitted a flatpack related topic for Devconf.in
05:18:50 <ksinny> Trying never hurt :)
05:18:53 <AdrianCeleste> Hrmm, I might consider it.
05:19:03 <ksinny> cool
05:19:20 <ksinny> So, we had a F28 Atomic test Day last Wednesday
05:19:29 <ksinny> It went well
05:19:38 <AdrianCeleste> That's good to hear.
05:19:54 <ksinny> This time, we included both Atomic WOrkstation as well along with Atomic Host for testing
05:20:43 <ksinny> #link F28 Atomic Test Results are available at http://testdays.fedorainfracloud.org/events/39
05:21:13 <AdrianCeleste> So did the inclusion of both help get more testing in?
05:21:32 <ksinny> AdrianCeleste: If you are intrested in testing, please test them for your usecase and let us know/update in Test page with your results :)
05:21:58 <ksinny> AdrianCeleste: Yeah, it did helped
05:22:27 <ksinny> We added basic kubernetes and openshift test as well this year for Test Day
05:22:41 <AdrianCeleste> Nice
05:23:17 <ksinny> Few bugs were found and fixes are in prgoress
05:24:55 <ksinny> I have nothing much to discuss as topic, let's move to openfloor
05:25:04 <ksinny> #topic Open Floor
05:25:32 * ksinny has one item for Open Floor
05:25:49 <ksinny> #info podman got included in F28 AH - https://pagure.io/fedora-atomic/pull-request/118
05:26:15 <AdrianCeleste> Oh, cool.
05:26:49 <ksinny> This was merged couple of hours back, so we may have podman available in F28 AH next nightly compose
05:27:04 <ksinny> Good to see this happen
05:27:36 <ksinny> Does anyone has anything to discuss?
05:29:36 <AdrianCeleste> Hrmm
05:29:44 <ksinny> seems not, will wait for a 1 minute before ending meeting
05:29:51 <AdrianCeleste> A silly thought just popped into my head, kinda related to FAW
05:30:15 <ksinny> sure
05:30:22 <AdrianCeleste> There's a way to override options for flatpaks via the CLI at the moment, but no way to do this with a GUI.
05:30:35 <AdrianCeleste> Wonder if that'll ever be worked on.
05:30:40 <AdrianCeleste> not really a FAW issue though
05:31:05 <ksinny> AdrianCeleste: This is nice question to open as an issue
05:31:41 <AdrianCeleste> I'll try to remember
05:31:44 <AdrianCeleste> to open an issue
05:32:14 <ksinny> AdrianCeleste: https://pagure.io/fedora-atomic-workstation/issues should be good place to open this ticket
05:32:48 <ksinny> AdrianCeleste: Thanks!
05:35:05 <ksinny> #action AdrianCeleste to open an atomic workstation ticket about GUI way to override options for flatpaks
05:35:18 <ksinny> any other topic?
05:36:34 <ksinny> #endmeeting