15:00:06 <tflink> #startmeeting fedora-qadevel
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15:00:06 <tflink> #topic roll call
15:00:13 * kparal is here
15:00:21 <tflink> #chair kparal lbrabec
15:00:22 <zodbot> Current chairs: kparal lbrabec tflink
15:00:37 * lbrabec is here
15:01:29 * tflink is hoping that a josef is going to show up
15:02:07 <tflink> #chair jskladan
15:02:07 <zodbot> Current chairs: jskladan kparal lbrabec tflink
15:02:08 * jskladan a josef joins
15:02:29 <jskladan> (the josef is smelling glue right now, though...)
15:02:38 <tflink> cool, lets get this party started
15:03:22 <tflink> https://cdn.meme.am/instances/500x/67493334/looks-like-i-picked-the-wrong-week-to-stop-sniffing-glue.jpg
15:03:39 <tflink> #topic Announcements and Information
15:03:59 <tflink> #info taskotron production redeployed - tflink
15:03:59 <tflink> #info phabricator is dead - tflink
15:04:00 <tflink> #info fixed artifacts not accessible on taskotron-dev -- kparal
15:04:00 <tflink> #info converted task-abicheck and task-python-versions to ansiblized taskotron -- kparal
15:04:15 <tflink> do folks have anything to add?
15:04:16 <jskladan> Phabricator is dead! All hail the Phabricator!
15:04:32 <tflink> I still need to remove the dns entries but I should be able to get that done today
15:04:38 <kparal> long live phabricator
15:04:53 <kparal> err, rest it peace
15:04:55 <tflink> I also forgot to backup the docs before I blew the vm away so those will need to be regenerated
15:04:57 <kparal> *in
15:05:41 <kparal> no questions
15:05:43 <tflink> if there's nothing to add, any questions/comments?
15:06:37 * tflink takes that as a "no"
15:06:49 <tflink> #topic Ansiblize Branch Progress
15:07:17 <tflink> I think that most of this was covered earlier but anything else to add?
15:07:29 <kparal> 4 tasks converted, I'm working on rpmdeplint now
15:07:34 <tflink> cool
15:07:36 <kparal> it's going to be a bit more difficult
15:08:35 <kparal> that's all from me, unless you have some specific questions
15:08:41 <tflink> does that indicate that we might want/need custom modules to deal with parts of rpmdeplint?
15:09:15 <kparal> that would be great, but for the moment, I simply write a python script, import libtaskotron and call the directives directly
15:09:44 <kparal> in the future, it would be nice to convert at least some of those directive to ansible modules and distribute them in fedora
15:09:48 <tflink> did I ever post the custom modules I wrote?
15:09:55 <tflink> this is going to be embarrassing if I didn't
15:10:02 <kparal> there's a koji module bundled in libtaskotron
15:10:07 <kparal> I don't know of anything else
15:10:15 <tflink> I think that's the only one I finished
15:10:35 <kparal> either way, it needs to be packaged and available in fedora, which is somewhat more work
15:10:43 <tflink> it sounds like this is going to be a good conversation to have once the porting is done
15:10:56 <kparal> sure, we can talk about this as the next step
15:11:06 <tflink> since I wasn't sure what modules would even be needed
15:11:49 <tflink> any other questions/comments here?
15:12:11 <jskladan> nope
15:12:19 <tflink> ok, moving on
15:12:23 <tflink> #topic Cloud Plans
15:12:45 <tflink> Not much of an update here - I started working on generating images for openstack again last week but didn't get very far
15:13:24 * kparal is looking forward to it
15:13:45 <tflink> I don't remember if I've said this yet but moving to openstack will solve a good chunk of our non-x86 arch issues
15:14:09 <tflink> as it already has ppc instances available and will have aarch64 instances available before long
15:14:18 <jskladan> cool!
15:14:40 <tflink> my current plan is to generate images and probably keep them on the box we were using for phab
15:14:55 <tflink> and use rsync to keep the client hosts up to date for now
15:16:05 <tflink> I'm hoping that will solve the publicly available image problem while we're at it
15:16:32 <tflink> other than that, I don't have much of an update here - was working on other stuff last week
15:16:38 <tflink> any questions/comments?
15:16:43 <kparal> nope, thanks for update
15:17:17 <tflink> ok, moving on to a topic that I remembered about an hour ago and isn't on the agenda :)
15:17:29 <tflink> #topic ResultsDB Deployment and Hosting
15:17:59 <tflink> one of the things that came up during the production redeployment is that there are new things relying on resultsdb
15:18:26 <tflink> specifically, greenwave is the brand new thing but AFAIK, bodhi is relying on resultsdb more than it used to
15:19:12 <tflink> one of the questions asked when the redeployment happened was if we could build the new instance and just change dns to resolve to the second host instead of destroying and rebuilding during an outage
15:19:51 <tflink> another question I have is whether it might be wise for us to move production resultsdb over to RHEL instead of Fedora
15:20:20 <jskladan> tflink: so we don't need to upgrade the machine every six months?
15:20:28 <jskladan> or for any other benefits?
15:20:48 <tflink> decreased downtime, moving it closer to other infra services
15:21:27 <tflink> if we can do the "hot swap" upgrade method, I'm not sure it's so much of an issue, though
15:21:54 <eseyman> /win 19
15:22:12 <tflink> also, are there any reasonable options to start doing HA for resultsdb?
15:22:39 <tflink> I suspect that having multiple instances with a load balancer would work without issue
15:22:46 * jskladan has no experience with Hight Availability whatsoever
15:23:43 <tflink> resultsdb seems to be on the path to be a rather critical piece of infra for Fedora, I think it'd be wise to start exploring this sooner than later :)
15:23:55 <tflink> hence the topic
15:23:59 <jskladan> are we talking multiple 'frontends' (as in the resultsdb wsgi apps) with single DB backend, or multiple DB backends too?
15:24:16 <tflink> multiple frontends to start
15:24:42 <tflink> IIRC, the change to multiple db backends is a very non-trivial process
15:25:04 <jskladan> tflink: I would think so, sounds like real-time data replication :)
15:26:05 <tflink> but that's outside my experience so it'd likely be good to talk to others
15:26:15 * jskladan agrees
15:26:36 <tflink> I don't know what happened with the postgres bdr proposal that infra had
15:26:54 * tflink makes note to follow up on that and ask questions about HA etc.
15:27:52 <tflink> also, having a load balancer in front of the wsgi apps would let us do upgrades with little to no downtime
15:28:00 <jskladan> yup
15:28:06 <tflink> any other questions/comments on this?
15:28:41 * tflink takes that as a no
15:28:44 <jskladan> do you know if there's already something like that in place (koji/bodhi would be my candidates) for other apps in infra, so we can get "creatively insipired"?
15:28:44 <tflink> #topic Tasking
15:28:50 <tflink> sorry
15:28:52 <tflink> #undo
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15:29:03 <tflink> jskladan: blockerbugs is HA
15:29:21 <tflink> that would be my first thought
15:29:25 <jskladan> tflink: cool, that makes it even simpler, I guess
15:30:06 <tflink> it's mostly a matter of getting multiple instances, setting up haproxy and reworking the proxy settings so that the traffic flows the way it's supposed to
15:30:18 <jskladan> makes sense
15:30:40 <tflink> it'll require some downtime to set up but I think it'd be a worthwhile thing to do
15:30:50 * jskladan agrees
15:31:02 * tflink will talk to infra about it
15:31:09 <tflink> anything else?
15:31:24 <jskladan> nope
15:31:39 <jskladan> cccccccdbcihvffhghuvrjntljvvkfjkjttcfeutdfld
15:31:43 <jskladan> *sigh...
15:31:45 <tflink> actually, this is kinda related - did we ever figure out more details on what kind of scripts would be required for us to decommission most of taskotron-stg?
15:31:52 <tflink> ooh, an OTP
15:32:19 * jskladan should really re-configure that token to not send enter...
15:32:44 <tflink> eh, I think we've all done it at some point :)
15:33:15 <tflink> adamw hasn't gotten very loud about the box I promised him but that could change :)
15:33:23 <tflink> loud/pester-y
15:33:44 <kparal> I haven't done any work on looking at taskotron-stg mock replacement
15:34:05 <kparal> so I believe the answer is no
15:34:12 <kparal> unless someone else did
15:34:16 <tflink> that's what I thought but figured I would ask
15:34:32 * tflink takes that as a "no"
15:34:40 <tflink> moving on to the next topic
15:34:43 <tflink> #topic Tasking
15:34:53 <tflink> Do folks have things to work on?
15:36:04 <kparal> I'm converting the remaining tasks
15:36:14 <tflink> or need/want tasks?
15:36:21 <tflink> kparal: sounds good
15:36:35 <tflink> has taskotron-dev been behaving for the most part?
15:36:56 <jskladan> I'm going to be working on code to make passing a structured file with arg-data from trigger to the task - talked with kparal last week, and it seems like the sooner we can do this, the better
15:37:17 <jskladan> but if there's something else I could help with, shoot!
15:37:23 <tflink> did I miss the conversation/ticket(s) there?
15:37:39 <kparal> -dev has been working fine so far
15:38:05 <jskladan> tflik - this is something we were discussin on and off for quite some time (since the "git commit" item type IIRC)
15:38:58 <tflink> yeah, I recall talking about it in the past but wasn't quite sure what brought the topic up recently
15:39:22 <jskladan> kparal's recent experience with converting the tasks :)
15:39:31 <kparal> it's kind of hard to split triplets of information (like the git commit item) in ansible playbook
15:39:38 <kparal> without writing a custom module
15:39:53 <kparal> so that's why we really need structured input information soon
15:40:21 <kparal> jskladan can tell, according to his task-taskotron-ci
15:40:58 <tflink> ok - do you have any implementation details/plans?
15:41:35 <kparal> I don't, really
15:41:48 <kparal> I'm hoping jskladan has :)
15:41:55 * jskladan plans to have a look at buildbot's capabilities
15:42:11 <jskladan> hopefully it will be able to pass a file down to the worker
15:42:24 <tflink> what about generating a file on task invocation?
15:43:01 <tflink> ie - convert the cli args to a file prior to starting any ansible execution
15:43:21 * tflink realizes that would only solve part of the problem
15:43:42 <tflink> the problem that having a file with data would solve, rather
15:45:01 <tflink> we can continue this conversation later, I guess
15:45:21 <jskladan> tflink: generating a file using a ShellCommand and some echo magic was my backup plan - depending on whether there is no more elegant way
15:46:02 <tflink> I suppose that would probably be easier
15:47:14 <tflink> lbrabec: do you have enough tasks to keep you busy?
15:47:19 <jskladan> and for executor - my plan is to just add a "--file" (or something like that) parameter, which will load the file (yaml/json) and override/add more stuff to the 'arg data', so we can pass it to the ansible using the means already in place
15:47:56 <lbrabec> I guess so, there's still plenty of TODOs and FIXMEs in the code
15:48:14 <tflink> lbrabec: anything in particular that you're planning to look at?
15:49:05 * jskladan has to go afk for a moment
15:49:19 <lbrabec> mainly the SI parts
15:49:57 <tflink> the parts that can/will run SI stuff without the need for any porting?
15:50:09 <lbrabec> yep
15:50:58 <tflink> cool. I'm looking forward to hearing what all (if anything) is still needed to make that happen
15:51:29 <tflink> do you think you could get that list together this week?
15:51:48 <tflink> it'll be a good topic for conversation around qecamp/devconf
15:51:51 <lbrabec> sure
15:52:02 <tflink> great, thanks
15:52:11 <tflink> I think this brings us to ...
15:52:15 <tflink> #topic Open Floor
15:52:37 <tflink> is there anything that folks want to bring up before closing the meeting out?
15:52:55 <lbrabec> nothing here
15:53:01 <kparal> nope
15:53:54 <tflink> ok, I'll end the meeting momentarily, then
15:54:00 <tflink> thanks for coming, everyone
15:54:04 <kparal> thanks
15:54:08 * tflink will send out minutes shortly
15:54:11 <tflink> #endmeeting