14:01:21 <tflink> #startmeeting fedora-qadevel
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14:01:21 <tflink> #topic roll call
14:01:47 <roshi> .hello roshi
14:01:49 <zodbot> roshi: roshi 'Mike Ruckman' <mruckman@redhat.com>
14:01:53 * mkrizek is here
14:02:01 * garretraziel is here
14:02:45 * kparal is here
14:03:06 <tflink> #chair mkrizek garretraziel kparal
14:03:06 <zodbot> Current chairs: garretraziel kparal mkrizek tflink
14:03:26 * tflink is hoping this is going to be short
14:04:11 <tflink> let's get this party started
14:04:19 <tflink> #topic Announcements and Information
14:04:26 <tflink> #info Taskotron filters in FMN will support wildcards when a new version is deployed after Beta freeze -- kparal
14:04:26 <tflink> #link https://phab.qa.fedoraproject.org/T953
14:04:26 <tflink> #info Critical Taskotron tasks in FMN redefined to notify on rpmdeplint failures instead of depcheck ones, also added abicheck notifications -- kparal
14:04:26 <tflink> #link https://phab.qa.fedoraproject.org/T878
14:04:27 <tflink> #info CSS hosting fix for modularity testing frameworks in dev/stg FBR approved for prod -- tflink
14:04:30 <tflink> #link https://phab.qa.fedoraproject.org/T881
14:04:42 <tflink> any other items, comments or questions?
14:06:06 * roshi has none
14:06:26 <tflink> ok, moving
14:06:27 <tflink> on
14:06:38 <tflink> #topic Tasking
14:06:45 <tflink> is anyone in need of stuff to do?
14:07:08 * tflink suspects not with beta freeze but figured he'd ask anyways
14:08:38 * kparal hasn't been short of tasks for a few years now
14:09:00 * tflink knows that feeling
14:09:02 <tflink> :)
14:09:26 <tflink> ok, moving on
14:09:32 <tflink> #topic Test Invocation Status
14:09:42 <tflink> This is still WIP, waiting on review, right?
14:10:00 <tflink> #link https://phab.qa.fedoraproject.org/D1195
14:10:19 <mkrizek> the patch is I think ready as a starting point, more reviews welcome though
14:10:37 <mkrizek> as well as clarifications on the proposal :)
14:10:41 <kparal> I didn't know it's the real deal now
14:10:45 <kparal> I'll review again
14:11:13 <tflink> I'll look more closely today or tomorrow but I suspect it's ready to be a new branch
14:11:24 <mkrizek> it won't be real deal unless we'll test it in at least dev :)
14:11:33 <kparal> oh, new branch. sure. everything's ready to be a new branch :)
14:11:45 <kparal> mkrizek: by the proposal, you mean https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/InvokingTestsAnsible ?
14:11:49 <mkrizek> yes
14:11:57 <kparal> where can we ask for clarifications?
14:12:00 <tflink> between that and the proposed split, I think putting stuff in develop is a bit pre-magure
14:12:02 <tflink> ci list
14:12:02 <mkrizek> tflink started thread on the ci ml
14:12:08 * tflink needs to follow up on that
14:12:16 <tflink> still have a lot of questions
14:12:25 <kparal> ok, it seems I'll have to sign up
14:12:44 <tflink> mwa ha ha ... we got kamil to sign up for another list
14:12:55 <mkrizek> I wanted to hold off the patch unless we have more answers
14:12:56 * roshi should probably add himself to that list as well
14:13:05 <kparal> tflink: or you'll forward my questions, that's also a good idea
14:13:37 * tflink scrambles to set up a no-ci-questions-from-kparal filter for his email and IRC
14:13:55 <tflink> anyhow, other stuff on this topic?
14:14:21 <mkrizek> not here
14:14:49 <tflink> ok, moving on
14:15:06 * tflink was going to bring up execdb but jskladan is not present
14:15:54 <tflink> #link https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/ci@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/5JYTWAF56C5ER4VQOEJWGGHUZWE6ZUIP/
14:15:59 <tflink> is the thread I started
14:16:11 * kparal will look
14:16:22 <tflink> #topic Upstream First and Taskotron Dev
14:16:30 <tflink> this'll be quick, I hope
14:16:49 <tflink> 1) dev needs to be re-deployed soon, having disk space issues again
14:17:11 <tflink> 2) upstream first stuff could really use a way to run their stuff in a "production-ish" env
14:17:25 * tflink was thinking about moving taskotron-dev from infra to the infracloud
14:18:01 <tflink> which would free up hardware and hopefully let us iterate faster in dev, including hooking something up to the upstreamfirst pagure instance
14:18:10 <tflink> not much else here, though
14:18:23 <tflink> questions, comments, rotten vegetables?
14:19:38 * tflink assumes not and breathes a sigh of relief that there were no vegetables :)
14:19:42 <tflink> which brings us to
14:19:45 <tflink> #topic open floor
14:19:51 <tflink> any other topic folks want to bring up?
14:20:37 * mkrizek has nothing
14:20:58 <kparal> do we have any ETA for libtaskotron as an ansible runner working?
14:21:25 <kparal> just wondering
14:21:32 <tflink> working as in prod or working as in usable for us?
14:21:41 <kparal> either I guess
14:21:42 <tflink> us == taskotron devs
14:22:08 <tflink> mkrizek: thoughts?
14:22:22 <tflink> I know this is still waiting on someone's lazy butt to finish porting directives to ansible modules
14:22:55 <mkrizek> yeah, we need to finish porting directives, rewrite tasks and deploy to dev
14:23:11 <kparal> so, a month before we run this in dev?
14:23:24 <mkrizek> depends also on the discussion on the ci list?
14:23:32 <tflink> it really should be this month if at all possible
14:23:46 <kparal> ok, that's good enough for me
14:23:54 <kparal> thanks
14:23:54 <tflink> there were deadlines for other folks around june 1, i think there are more coming in the next couple of weeks
14:24:53 <tflink> other questions, topics?
14:25:17 <tflink> this actually went longer than I thought it was going to
14:25:24 <tflink> at least folks get 30 minutes back
14:25:27 <tflink> :)
14:25:45 <tflink> ok, thanks for coming, everyone
14:25:49 * tflink will send out minutes shortly
14:25:53 <tflink> #endmeeting