14:00:55 <tflink> #startmeeting fedora-qadevel
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14:00:56 <tflink> #topic Roll Call
14:01:03 * kparal is here
14:01:06 * mkrizek is here
14:01:41 * lbrabec is here
14:02:30 <tflink> welcome, welcome
14:02:37 * omiday is here
14:03:08 <tflink> let's get this party started, shall we?
14:03:09 <kparal> jskladan is on PTO, jsedlak said he would not be here
14:03:41 <tflink> ok, i knew that not everyone would be here
14:03:50 <tflink> #topic Announcements and Information
14:04:05 <tflink> s/everyone/all of the regulars/
14:04:10 <tflink> #info python-resultsdb_api and libtaskotron packages are in Fedora - mkrizek
14:04:10 <tflink> #info resultsdb, resultsdb_frontend, execdb and taskotron-trigger are up for review, waiting for reviewers - mkrizek
14:04:11 <tflink> #info qa namespace renamed to dist - mkrizek
14:04:11 <tflink> #info task-rpmgrill is now reviewed, ready to be deployed - kparal
14:04:11 <tflink> #info errors are now correctly raised when files can't be downloaded using libtaskotron - kparal
14:04:13 <tflink> #info improved docker testing docs - kparal
14:04:31 <tflink> any questions/comments?
14:04:52 <mkrizek> not here
14:05:39 <kparal> nope
14:06:55 <tflink> one question I do have for packagers: would anyone be willing to do review swaps if we have trouble finding folks who are willing to just do the reviews?
14:07:29 <mkrizek> sure
14:08:06 <tflink> thanks
14:08:43 <tflink> moving on
14:09:06 <tflink> #topic Docker Testing
14:09:23 <tflink> This is the specific deliverable that we've committed to for F25
14:09:49 * tflink thinks that it's mostly ready, wanted to double check to make sure he isn't forgetting something
14:11:38 <kparal> it's hard to image how people will be using it in the real world
14:11:51 <kparal> but I think the current docs cover the basic use case
14:11:52 <tflink> agreed
14:12:03 <tflink> on the hard to imagine how folks will use it
14:12:10 <kparal> we might need to do some improvement wrt reporting
14:12:22 <tflink> i suspect that there will be some enhancement requests
14:12:55 <kparal> also, we will need support in trigger, etc. but the ball is not in our court for that
14:13:17 <tflink> kparal: do you have any specific ideas on what might be needed for reporting?
14:13:54 <kparal> for example, the taskotron_result tool can now generate a series of results, but cannot generate an overall result
14:14:11 <kparal> which might be handy for bash script which have no specific requirements, just any fail -> overall fail
14:14:38 <tflink> that sounds like something which wouldn't be too hard to do
14:14:42 <kparal> nope
14:15:25 <kparal> but again, not sure we should implement before someone actually wants to use it that way
14:15:49 <tflink> #action tflink to follow up with maxamillion on the fedmsgs coming out of OSBS to figure out what we should listen to for triggering jobs
14:16:03 <tflink> #chair kparal mkrizek lbrabec
14:16:03 <zodbot> Current chairs: kparal lbrabec mkrizek tflink
14:16:13 <kparal> osbs?
14:16:14 * tflink always forgets to chair other folks
14:16:24 <tflink> the system that is producing the layered docker images
14:16:49 <tflink> open shift build service, I think
14:17:00 <tflink> but I'm not terribly confident about what OSBS stands for :)
14:17:20 <kparal> the name is too similar to suse's OBS :)
14:17:22 <kparal> ok, thanks
14:17:36 <omiday> anyone can google but I'll save folks typing cycles: https://github.com/projectatomic/osbs-client
14:17:52 <tflink> i was remembering correctly
14:18:16 <tflink> omiday: thanks
14:18:29 <tflink> doing a quick search probably should have been obvious
14:18:40 * tflink blames monday morning with insufficient coffee :)
14:18:45 <omiday> tflink: no problem, you are welcome
14:19:15 * omiday can't help much with anything else thus far anyways
14:20:17 <tflink> it sounds like we're pretty much on track, though
14:20:37 * tflink will verify in more detail outside of the meeting
14:21:08 <tflink> #topic Disk Space for Logs/Artifacts
14:21:33 <tflink> we're hitting alarms on disk usage for taskotron01.qa again
14:22:05 <tflink> the cron job will clear the alarm for a matter of hours, so we're bouncing off the 80% usage warning level
14:22:42 * kparal is getting the alarms through fmn
14:22:43 <tflink> I'm not sure that decreasing the amount of time we keep logs/artifacts around again is going to be the best solution
14:23:53 <tflink> but increasing the disk size would involve rebuilding
14:24:07 <omiday> are logs compressed?
14:24:20 <tflink> no, but they probably should be
14:24:48 <kparal> doesn't ext4 have now optional compression of selected directories?
14:24:49 <tflink> since we could configure apache to handle gzipped files transparently, IIRC
14:25:01 <kparal> it would appear uncompressed for the world
14:25:17 <mkrizek> we can start with that to see how much it helps
14:25:30 <tflink> it's all plaintext, I suspect it would help a lot
14:25:46 <omiday> 80% :)
14:25:49 <mkrizek> do we have ext4 or xfs? I forget
14:25:55 <tflink> ext4, I think
14:26:11 <tflink> new fs features make me a little nervous, though
14:26:15 <omiday> what is the box using to rotate logs? logrotate does compress
14:26:32 * tflink would prefer to handle the uncompression at the application level
14:26:52 <tflink> we're not really rotating logs, at least not how I'd describe rotating
14:27:12 <kparal> I'd use fs compression just because you don't need to handle it at the app level :)
14:27:18 <tflink> we have a cron job that runs through that part of the file system and deletes anything which is older than a setpoint
14:27:39 <kparal> I'm not sure it works as I say, we can search for that. but I wouldn't worry about ext4 features, once they're claimed stable
14:28:07 <tflink> yeah, I'm not saying that we shouldn't - just voicing a concern
14:28:20 * tflink remembers testing fancy storage features in a previous life
14:29:03 <omiday> what was the reason behind choosing the custom cron job rather than logrotate?
14:29:09 <tflink> mkrizek: do you have the spare cycles to look into this?
14:29:18 <mkrizek> tflink: yep, will do
14:29:27 <tflink> omiday: didn't realize that logrotate could handle that kind of job
14:29:52 <tflink> IIRC, the cronjob is using tmpwatch
14:29:52 <omiday> I'm not familiar with the application so I may be off
14:30:07 <omiday> but writing a logrotate config for a set of logs is trivial
14:30:31 <tflink> doesn't logrotate require rather specific paths?
14:30:31 <mkrizek> tflink: it uses find now
14:30:48 <omiday> yes it does - wildcards too
14:31:09 <tflink> oh yeah, forgot about that. did we ever figure out why tmpwatch wasn't working?
14:31:38 <mkrizek> tflink: nope :/
14:31:46 <tflink> with the variability in paths for the logs/artifacts, I'd be worried about writing a config file that's expecting too much regularity
14:31:57 <tflink> ok, just curious
14:32:11 <dgilmore> umm this is ithe releng meeting slot now
14:32:22 <tflink> it is?
14:32:25 <dgilmore> yes
14:32:30 <tflink> i thought you all met in an hour
14:32:42 <dgilmore> we moved three weeks ago
14:32:51 <tflink> and we haven't met in about 3 weeks
14:33:14 <dgilmore> there has never been a meeting here before ours for hours
14:33:22 <tflink> we've been meeting for years
14:33:27 <kparal> :)
14:33:38 <dgilmore> notat this time
14:33:42 <dgilmore> in this room
14:33:47 <tflink> yes, at this time in this room
14:33:50 <kparal> dgilmore: we did :)
14:34:02 <tflink> it's even in fedocal
14:34:11 <kparal> +-1 hour due to DST
14:34:41 <dgilmore> I moved our meeting in fedocal and it gave no conflicts
14:34:54 <dgilmore> I guess we will move this week
14:35:01 <tflink> it shows both of us in here from 14:30 to 15:00
14:35:38 <kparal> I think fedocal doesn't inform about conflicts
14:35:43 <kparal> it's just a calendar
14:37:44 <tflink> getting back to logs,
14:37:52 <dgilmore> its a calendars job to inform of conflicts
14:38:31 <dgilmore> anyway sorry
14:38:46 <tflink> no worries, it happens
14:39:04 <tflink> if logrotate can do things that I'm not aware of, I'd be game for switching
14:39:27 <tflink> if it can do the compression and removal of old dirs/logs, I mean
14:40:01 <tflink> anything else on this topic?
14:40:31 <omiday> logrotate won't do deep searching but a 'find' cron can compress then
14:41:03 <omiday> although I see where kparal is coming from now with fs compression
14:42:03 <tflink> we could also do the whole fs and skip the cronjobs, if we go that direction
14:42:18 <tflink> the logs are on an LVM by themselves
14:43:45 <tflink> anyhow, moving on
14:43:54 <tflink> #topic Tasking
14:44:06 <tflink> is anyone looking for tasks?
14:44:24 * mkrizek has stuff to do for now
14:44:43 <omiday> I'd like to start working on something yes
14:44:43 * kparal still has some past patches to look through
14:45:04 * tflink is also really behind on reviews :(
14:45:35 <tflink> omiday: do you have the time to chat in #fedora-qa after the meeting ends?
14:45:51 <omiday> my day job starts at 9 Mountain
14:46:02 <omiday> any time after 5pm Mountain or weekends
14:47:03 <tflink> omiday: I'm just not sure what exactly you'd be looking to do and/or what your skills are
14:47:42 <tflink> omiday: can you ping me some time when you're free, then? I might be a bit slower to respond after 5pm mountain but should still be around-ish
14:48:39 <omiday> I will - unfortunately my employer doesn't support my fedora volunteering duriing work hours so that's all I can do
14:49:17 <tflink> no worries, I've been in that situation before - help is appreciated, though :)
14:49:21 <omiday> I do work from home so getting home will be fast ;)
14:50:06 <tflink> if there's nothing else on this topic, I'll move on to open floor
14:50:38 <tflink> #topic Open Floor
14:50:47 <tflink> Any other topics/items that folks wanted to bring up?
14:51:33 <tflink> otherwise, I'll set the fuse
14:51:57 <kparal> nothing here
14:52:08 <omiday> nothing from me either
14:52:46 <tflink> ok, thanks for coming, everyone
14:53:02 * tflink will send out minutes shortly
14:53:06 <tflink> #endmeeting