20:55:22 <jflory7> #startmeeting Fedora Marketing meeting (2016-04-06)
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20:55:29 <jflory7> #meetingname marketing
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20:55:35 <jflory7> #topic Roll Call
20:55:41 <jflory7> #info Name; Timezone; Other sub-projects / interest areas
20:56:02 <jflory7> #info Justin W. Flory; UTC-4; Marketing / Magazine, CommOps, Ambassadors, and more
20:57:53 <jflory7> We'll get started five after the hour while roll call goes.
20:58:56 <croberts> .fasinfo chrisroberts
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20:59:07 <croberts> blah wrong one
20:59:12 <croberts> but here jflory7
20:59:33 <jflory7> #chair croberts
20:59:33 <zodbot> Current chairs: croberts jflory7
20:59:34 <jflory7> Hiya!
20:59:56 <jflory7> We'll wait a bit longer for some of the other folks to check in
21:00:01 <croberts> i think its .fas name
21:00:04 <croberts> .fas chrisroberts
21:00:05 <zodbot> croberts: chrisroberts 'Chris Roberts' <>
21:00:08 <croberts> thats it
21:00:15 <jflory7> .fas, and also .hello or .hellomynameis also works.
21:00:25 <jflory7> jbishop: o/
21:00:36 <jbishop> jflory7, Hello.
21:00:47 <jflory7> #chair jbishop
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21:01:05 <jflory7> Oh yeah, both of you feel free to introduce yourself with this line so it goes into the Meetbot minutes: #info Name; Timezone; Other sub-projects / interest areas
21:01:50 <decause> .hello decause
21:01:51 <zodbot> decause: decause 'Remy DeCausemaker' <>
21:01:56 <jflory7> #chair decause
21:01:57 <zodbot> Current chairs: croberts decause jbishop jflory7
21:02:05 <jbishop> #info James Bishop; UTC-3;
21:02:13 <decause> jzb: is travelling, may not be able to attend today
21:02:23 <decause> FYI
21:02:27 <jflory7> decause: Okay, good to know. This meeting is looking pretty light today regardless
21:02:37 <jflory7> #info jzb is traveling and may not be able to attend
21:04:04 <jflory7> Ooh, right, for anyone who hasn't seen it yet:
21:04:09 <jflory7> That is today's meeting agenda.
21:05:36 <jflory7> Okay, we're at five after. Let's go ahead and get started.
21:05:42 <jflory7> #topic Announcements
21:05:51 <jflory7> #info === G11n team finished vFAD from April 1-5 ===
21:05:56 <jflory7> #link
21:06:03 <jflory7> #info The Fedora Globalization (G11n) team recently wrapped up a virtual Fedora Activity Day (vFAD). F24 went from 3% to 40% translated in a single day! 7 new FAS accounts created in local supporting events. Forecasted for 100% completion by end of month.
21:06:10 <jflory7> #info === Marketing mailing list spammers ===
21:06:16 <jflory7> #info Thanks to abompard and puiterwijk, the Marketing mailing list issue is resolved. There was a filter to allow anything with the characters 'f', 'e', 'd', 'o', 'c', 'a', 'l' to pass through without being subscribed (for Fedocal). Spammers figured this out too. The issue has been resolved, the list is no longer moderated, back to business! abompard++ puiterwijk++
21:06:24 <jflory7> That's all I had.
21:06:29 <jflory7> Anyone else want to add in anything?
21:07:00 * stickster lurking but has to finish a metric crapton of work before next hour
21:07:02 <decause> #link
21:07:23 <decause> #info Fedora Friends Birds of a Feather Session is scheduled and public :)
21:07:26 <decause> #undo
21:07:26 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: INFO by decause at 21:07:23 : Fedora Friends Birds of a Feather Session is scheduled and public :)
21:07:34 <decause> #info Fedora Friends Birds of a Feather Session at Red Hat Summit is scheduled and public :)
21:08:09 <jflory7> stickster: Acknowledged, will ping you if anything specific comes up we need you to chime in on!
21:08:18 * decause is also putting together the Sprint Info for Pycon and Fedora
21:08:22 <jflory7> decause: ooh
21:08:56 <jflory7> If I'm lucky, I'll be out there to see it.
21:09:00 <jflory7> Seems like a solid proposal!
21:09:50 <jflory7> Anything else?
21:09:52 <jflory7> Going once...
21:09:57 <jflory7> Going twice...
21:10:05 <jflory7> Going thrice...
21:10:15 <jflory7> #topic Action items from last meetings
21:10:21 <jflory7> #link
21:10:28 <jflory7> #info === [COMPLETE] jflory7 Follow up on previous action items (see Remy's email) ===
21:10:33 <jflory7> #info === [COMPLETE] jflory7 Query the Python SIG mailing list to get a review of the brochure for technical review / other possible content ===
21:10:40 <jflory7> #link
21:10:46 <jflory7> #info === [INCOMPLETE] jflory7 Add basic information about PyCon NA to Ticket #219 ===
21:10:52 <jflory7> #action jflory7 Add basic information about PyCon NA to Ticket #219
21:10:59 <jflory7> #info === jbishop Work with the Marketing list and other team members on drafting an initial idea for the process for an organization to apply as a Fedora affiliate (e.g. things like who to contact, what the steps are to become recognized, things we might need (like logos, personal statements, etc.)) ===
21:11:05 <jflory7> jbishop: Any updates here on this one?
21:11:25 <jflory7> (this is also planned in the ticket discussion later on, when we can dive deeper into it if you have questions)
21:11:47 <decause> jflory7: the ticket has been active a bit as of Monday. mostly related discussion.
21:12:28 <jflory7> Okay, cool, so if it's in progress, that's good for me!
21:12:43 <jflory7> #info Discussion / activity in progress (will revisit during ticket discussion)
21:12:51 <jflory7> #info === bkp Accept ownership of Ticket #223 and begin working on a Fedora presence on Diaspora / GNU Social ===
21:13:08 <jflory7> I haven't seen any word of this one anywhere yet, but I don't see bkp around right now.
21:13:22 <jflory7> We can check in this week or next week with him?
21:13:49 <jflory7> #info bkp not present; will check in soon with him either this week or the next
21:13:55 <jflory7> #info === [COMPLETE] jflory7 Reach out to ryanlerch / stickster about Ticket #210 ===
21:14:01 <jflory7> #link
21:14:08 <decause> jflory7: linuxmodder seemed to know somethign about this I reckon (disapora)
21:14:10 <jflory7> #nick ryanlerch
21:14:12 <jflory7> #action ryanlerch Review Marketing Trac ticket #210 about Fedora Magazine categories
21:14:33 <jflory7> decause: Yeah, linuxmodder is pretty active on it from what I gather, but I think bkp was going to check out the official channels into getting a Fedora presence there.
21:14:42 * jflory7 has never used it before so isn't sure what that consists of exactly
21:14:43 <jbishop> Sorry about that, was afk.
21:14:50 <jflory7> jbishop: No worries :)
21:14:58 <jflory7> #info === linuxmodder to head the effort for Beta Freeze ===
21:15:17 <jflory7> linuxmodder also isn't here, so we can defer this one to a later check-in. Isn't super high priority right now but will be soon.
21:15:23 <jflory7> #info === [COMPLETE] jflory7 Post to mailing list asking for clarification about what Proposed Changes Profiles are ===
21:15:28 <jflory7> #link
21:15:34 <jflory7> #info === [COMPLETE] jflory7 Take to the mailing list asking for clarification about Firefox bookmark review process ===
21:15:39 <jflory7> #link
21:15:47 <jflory7> Okay, that's all the action items!
21:15:48 <jflory7> #topic Tickets
21:15:53 <jflory7> #link
21:16:02 <jflory7> #info === Ticket #219 ===
21:16:07 <jflory7> #link
21:16:08 <decause> woot, all tix and only 25% of the way through the block
21:16:11 <jflory7> #info "Create Python talking points for Ambassadors"
21:16:17 <jflory7> bkp recently created the latest revision of the flyers. Seems to check out among all participating Python SIG members in the ticket! Do we want to finalize the brochure, get it into a format that can be distributed to vendors, and make an announcement to the Marketing + Ambassadors + Python SIG list? After this, what's next?
21:16:31 <decause> I'm on the hook to do some copy-editing on that brochure
21:16:32 <jflory7> bkp isn't here, but I really think the flier is done
21:16:36 <jflory7> Ahhhh.
21:16:39 <decause> but, the talking points are deeper than just the brochure
21:16:58 <decause> we should pursue them with the same ferver as we did the release talking points
21:16:59 <jflory7> decause: Bonus points if you think you could do a quick pass-over of it today / tomorrow. I wanted to see about printing some off to bring to Bitcamp.
21:17:08 <jflory7> But don't sweat it if your plate is full
21:17:09 <decause> jflory7: the brochure yes
21:17:15 <decause> I can give that 15 mins, np
21:17:26 <jflory7> Like I said to mizmo, would much rather have a nice final product than have it be rushed for Bitcamp.
21:17:40 <decause> #action decause copy-review the python brochure with jflory7 after mktg meeting today
21:17:45 <jflory7> decause++
21:17:54 <decause> jflory7: we can print "just enough" for bitcamp, and test them out
21:17:59 <decause> when is bitcamp?
21:18:00 <jflory7> In a bigger picture for this ticket... what's next?
21:18:05 <jflory7> decause: This weekend :P
21:18:08 <decause> ooph
21:18:08 <jflory7> So really cutting it close
21:18:13 <decause> yeah, def cutting it close
21:18:20 <jflory7> Definitely not a huge priority
21:18:26 <decause> we'll see
21:18:31 <jflory7> Can just talk about the content in the brochure too
21:18:37 <decause> Kinkos can print, but you don't wanna drop tons of loot yet
21:18:41 * jflory7 nods
21:18:43 <decause> in that timeframe
21:18:53 <decause> RIT Hub may be able to do a better job though
21:18:53 <jflory7> But yeah. What kind of "big picture" items do we have for this ticket?
21:19:04 <decause> talk to SJ
21:19:15 <decause> the talking points?
21:19:20 <jflory7> After the brochure, what do we want to look into doing for getting Python out to our Ambassadors? Or is the brochure sufficient?
21:19:28 <jflory7> decause: Ahh, yeah! I'll drop him an email tonight.
21:19:45 <jflory7> #action jflory7 Check in with SJ at RIT about printing some Python + Fedora fliers before Bitcamp
21:20:16 <decause> jflory7: there is a #fedora-python irc channel, and a python sig
21:20:24 <decause> I think the folks in there would have the best idea of what we can put there
21:20:35 <jflory7> For the talking points?
21:20:40 <decause> jflory7: nod nod
21:20:40 <jflory7> Or brochure?
21:20:43 <jflory7> Cool, okay.
21:20:44 <decause> talking points
21:20:54 <decause> brochure is pretty much done, just minor copy tweaks
21:20:57 <jflory7> So is it just updating a wiki page with the talking points and ticket == closed?
21:21:18 <decause> I think the talking points are the pond from which we drill down
21:21:20 <decause> ugh
21:21:23 <decause> mixed metaphors
21:21:34 <decause> IIRC
21:21:47 <decause> there were different "categories" of Python sub-communities that we wanted to approach
21:21:52 <decause> python for science
21:21:54 <decause> python for web
21:22:00 <decause> python for students
21:22:05 <decause> python for security
21:22:15 <jflory7> Do we have those categories defined anywhere static as of now?
21:22:31 <decause> jflory7: maybe in an etherpad? it was part of a powersession once upon a time, IIRC
21:22:42 <jflory7> I see. A CommOps one or elsewhere?
21:22:46 <decause> prolly commops
21:22:48 * decause digs
21:23:12 <jflory7> So best course of action I see for tonight is taking those categories from the Etherpad, ticket-ifying them with descriptions.
21:23:18 <decause> very bottom of this:
21:23:22 <jflory7> Peeeeeerfect
21:23:25 <jflory7> I'll take that action
21:23:26 <decause> yes, I think that's right
21:23:38 <decause> jflory7: I'll be on the hook for populating them once they exist
21:23:43 <decause> make them due before PyCon for sure
21:24:03 <jflory7> #action jflory7 Parse the CommOps power sessions pad for the Python "targeting categories" and ticket-ify the info to make later discussion easier
21:24:12 <jflory7> decause: Is that similar or different from the above action item?
21:24:17 <decause> diff
21:24:24 <jflory7> Okay, want to write the #action for that one?
21:24:32 * jflory7 isn't sure how exactly we want that one to go
21:24:34 <decause> #action jflory7 assign those tickets to decause
21:24:38 <jflory7> Oh.
21:24:40 <jflory7> :P
21:24:42 <jflory7> decause++
21:24:43 <decause> :)
21:24:48 <jflory7> Okay, I'm thinking next ticket?
21:24:51 <decause> nod nod
21:25:00 <decause> jflory7: make them due by pycon na (end of May?)
21:25:15 <decause> #link
21:25:50 <jflory7> #agreed decause is making final copy-edits to the Python brochure, jflory7 is taking raw notes and putting them into Ticket #219 in a more readable format. Also planning on wiki gardening / data organizing more info about those categories (before PyCon in May).
21:25:54 <jflory7> #link
21:26:07 <jflory7> #info === Ticket #222 ===
21:26:12 <jflory7> #link
21:26:15 <jflory7> #link
21:26:22 <jflory7> #info "Publicizing "Fedora affiliates" (or groups using Fedora)"
21:26:26 <jflory7> #link
21:26:29 <jflory7> jbishop was going to help tackle this one along with linuxmodder. Anything new to report here or add on? Any questions or concerns we can help answer?
21:26:34 <jflory7> jbishop: You have the floor :)
21:26:42 <jbishop> Okay.
21:27:09 <jbishop> So, I was able to get a bit of time in on this, but largely making some notes.
21:27:43 <jbishop> The primary question is what kind of benefits could be offered to get people interested in becoming affiliates.
21:27:55 <jbishop> I had some thoughts, but I didn't know if anything was in place.
21:28:52 <jflory7> I don't think anything is really in place for this yet.
21:28:56 <jflory7> What are your thoughts?
21:30:30 <jbishop> The first thing that came to mind was the magazine. I see that currently there is a series of "How do you Fedora?" (I think that's the title?). Something like that might get people interested. Projects/companies get to say "Here's this cool thing we're doing," while Fedora gets to say "Here's this cool thing that is being done with Fedora." That being said, I'm not sure if that would add too much to someone's workload.
21:30:36 <decause> jbishop: I think the main one is publicity
21:30:37 <decause> eys
21:30:39 <decause> yes
21:30:57 <decause> Light is def a thing we can deliver
21:31:36 <jflory7> +1 to that!
21:31:39 <jbishop> The second thing I noticed was, and not I'm sure of what the thoughts are on bringing up other distros, but I saw that Edubuntu has a deployments page. Maybe something like that could be used to list the affiliates.
21:31:46 <jflory7> I think it's definitely something we can do with the Magazine for exposure.
21:32:02 <jflory7> jbishop: Have a link for an example?
21:32:15 <jbishop>
21:32:26 <jflory7> And nothing wrong with bringing up other distros. :) Cross-distro collaboration is always a good thing, in my eyes!
21:33:25 <jflory7> Cool, interesting. Perhaps add in a little more moderation and I think it would be cool for Fedora to have some kind of similar "hub" for affiliates
21:33:57 <jbishop> In regards to how to get started, I drafted up a (very) rough questionnaire based on that page. Essentially: Project name, project description, why fedora, and number of installs.
21:34:02 <decause> jbishop: yes. I know kdas knows of deployments of Fedora in labs in EDU's in India, for example
21:34:07 <decause> he's mentioned it before
21:34:46 <decause> jbishop: I think that in a not-so-distant future way, we should file a ticket for an "affiliates hub" on Fedora Hubs
21:34:54 <jflory7> Oh!
21:35:00 <jflory7> Nice one, hadn't thought of that.
21:35:06 <jflory7> jbishop++ decause++
21:35:28 <jbishop> But yeah, that's what I have. Basically, I think it's important to get the WIIFM down so people want to get involved.
21:35:30 <decause> #link
21:35:43 <decause> wiifm++
21:35:54 <decause> jbishop: we can promise limited* swag too
21:36:00 <decause> I think that is something we can deliver
21:36:05 <jflory7> Everything sounds good to me.
21:36:16 <jflory7> I think the step is to begin taking your notes into the wiki, jbishop. :)
21:36:16 <decause> and possibly some preferred signage for our events? (that one we gotta check on)
21:36:37 <decause> your approach is really on point though so far jbishop
21:36:44 <decause> glad to have a mktg native here with us :)
21:36:50 <decause> jbishop++
21:36:50 <zodbot> decause: Karma for jbishop changed to 3 (for the f23 release cycle):
21:37:08 <jflory7> For reference, don't be afraid to edit the wiki and get hands-on, even if it's a rough draft. The wiki is super easy place to edit, and it makes a good place to do collaborative work and get feedback. The idea is that we take the wiki and polish it up before we begin broadcasting it out to others. :)
21:37:14 <decause> jbishop: also, maybe an affiliate badge on Fedora Badges too (more light)
21:37:21 <jflory7> decause: Definitely agreed, great to have you aboard here with us, jbishop!
21:37:26 <jflory7> A badge is an excellent idea!
21:37:30 <decause> not a custom one
21:37:31 <jflory7> Badge + Hubs + static site?
21:37:33 <decause> a general one
21:37:56 <decause> I mean, it would depend, I"m not trying to over-promise yet
21:38:01 <jflory7> Yeah, "Affiliate of Fedora"... could be a Panda / Badger with a Fedora infinity logo pinned on their chest... heheh.
21:38:05 <jflory7> Bit off-topic
21:38:19 <jflory7> But yeah, I can see this wrapping together very nicely
21:38:20 <jbishop> Maybe a profile + something to put on the project homepage?
21:38:50 <jflory7> In my eyes, putting a link on the page isn't out of the question as long as it's carefully moderated, but that would be a better call for someone else to make
21:39:06 <jbishop> I was thinking for for the affiliate.
21:39:18 <decause> jflory7: getfedora is very specific usecase (download and install)
21:39:20 <jbishop> Like a "Fedora Affiliate" logo they could put somewhere on their page.
21:39:29 <decause> I would like to add on the getfedora page too
21:39:35 <decause> and our easybugs tracker
21:39:49 * decause remembers he needs to file those tickes on fedora-websites repo
21:40:10 <jflory7> Okay, let's go ahead and get some #info's into Meetbot–
21:40:23 <decause> #action decause file tickets for adding links to the front page for and fp.o/easyfix
21:41:26 <jflory7> #info jbishop has made progress locally on drafting up ideas for this ticket. Two ideas he had: using the Magazine as a publicity spot in light of the "How do you Fedora?" series, so a "How do you use Fedora?" for affiliates. Second, having a static page to list the affiliates like with the Edubuntu example.
21:41:45 <jflory7> #info decause mentioned possible integration into Fedora Hubs as an "Affiliates Hub" as an idea.
21:42:05 <jflory7> #info Creating a badge would be another easy way to reward affiliates using Fedora in their organization
21:42:26 <jflory7> So going forward, I think the next best step is to get jbishop's notes into the wiki. Sound good?
21:43:06 <decause> agreed
21:43:24 <decause> jbishop: maybe we can post to the mktg list with a link after?
21:43:38 <jbishop> Certainly. It still feels strange to post something that isn't relatively close to completion.
21:44:20 <jflory7> jbishop: Hmm, if you don't feel like there's much to show yet, then you can keep working locally, but I encourage the use of the wiki as a note-taking space so others can see some of the ideas you're working on already. :)
21:44:23 <decause> jbishop: :) :) :)
21:44:40 <decause> yes, this is the "release early and often" part of the open source way
21:44:42 <decause> and
21:44:49 <decause> jbishop: do not think of the wiki as production
21:44:59 <decause> think of the wiki as a "community whiteboard"
21:45:07 <decause> it's where many ideas are fleshed out
21:45:29 <decause> jbishop: even if it isn't "done" it is better than DNE
21:45:44 <jbishop> I'll keep that in mind.
21:45:50 <decause> jbishop: we'll be able to help you more too :)
21:45:53 <jflory7> So, let's make it official!
21:45:56 <jflory7> #action jbishop Begin working rough draft of notes about affiliates ideas into the wiki page
21:46:12 <jflory7> And yes, like decause said, feel free to hit the mailing list or IRC for extra help!
21:46:20 * jflory7 notes we have 15 more minutes slated for the meeting
21:46:21 <decause> jbishop: I like what jflory does too with the naming of his "in-progress" pages
21:46:34 <decause> he has a "scratch" space attached to his userpage
21:46:39 <jflory7> Oh, yeah, I have my scratch space.
21:46:46 <decause> that way, people know that it is a WIP
21:46:46 <jbishop> Have an example I can look at?
21:46:54 * jflory7 digs
21:47:00 <jflory7> #link
21:47:23 <jflory7> I have a lot of loose ideas buried in there for keeping tabs on
21:47:33 <jflory7> Kind of like my own personal whiteboard, in a way :)
21:47:46 <decause> jbishop: you can basically navigate to any URL, and if the page doesn't exist, you can create it
21:48:01 <decause>
21:48:04 <jbishop> So when you're done, the pages moves to where it's supposed to be?
21:48:18 <decause> jbishop: we can just copy the source, and paste it in the right place, very very very easily
21:48:26 <decause> as long as you use proper wiki formatting on the way in
21:48:29 <decause> and even then
21:48:46 <decause> I use "pandoc" to convert my raw text or html or markdown into wiki format
21:48:47 <jbishop> Great. Thanks. :)
21:49:12 * jflory7 needs to check that out
21:49:16 <decause> pandoc -t MediaWiki -f html draft.html > draft.txt
21:49:28 <jflory7> Anyways, we've got ten minutes left, so I'm going to go ahead and push on into the agenda. We're pretty light from here on out.
21:49:36 <decause> more or less, I may have botched the syntax off the top of my head, but the docs are very reasonable
21:49:38 <jflory7> #info === Ticket #223 ===
21:49:38 <decause> man pandoc
21:49:43 <jflory7> #link
21:49:49 <jflory7> #info "Create Social Media Accounts for Fedora on Diaspora and GNU Social"
21:50:03 <jflory7> #agreed Earlier in meeting, noted that bkp was not present and we would check in with him either this week or the next
21:50:08 <jflory7> #info === Ticket #210 ===
21:50:09 * decause has heard rumors that these exist (diaspora) not sure about gnu social
21:50:14 <jflory7> #link
21:50:21 <jflory7> #info "Magazine Categories - Reorganization?"
21:50:43 <jflory7> stick ster already reviewed, the tl;dr is we're going to wait for ryanlerch to chime in as the editor-in-chief as the Magazine.
21:50:55 <decause> nod nod nod
21:50:56 <decause> +1
21:50:56 <jflory7> #agreed stickster reviewed this ticket and gave a new revision to the proposed recategorization of the Magazine. Ultimately, the final decision will rest with ryanlerch as the editor-in-chief. If any other Marketing team members want to add feedback to the categories, feel free to leave comments in the Trac ticket!
21:51:05 <jflory7> That's all the tickets.
21:51:06 <jflory7> #topic Upcoming Tasks
21:51:11 <jflory7> #link
21:51:15 <jflory7> #info Current / upcoming tasks:
21:51:16 <decause> jflory7++
21:51:17 <decause> nice
21:51:21 <jflory7> #info (1) Proposed Changes Profiles (due: Tue 2016-04-05)
21:51:27 <jflory7> #link
21:51:35 <jflory7> #info (2) Update and Package Firefox Bookmarks (due: Thu 2016-03-31)
21:51:40 <jflory7> #link
21:51:45 <jflory7> #info (3) Tag Updated Bookmarks Package for Fedora 24 (due: Thu 2016-03-31)
21:51:51 <jflory7> ^^ above link is relevant for this one too
21:51:57 <jflory7> #info (4) Beta Freeze (00:00 UTC) (due: Tue 2016-04-19)
21:52:00 <jflory7> #topic Open Floor
21:52:05 <jflory7> Okay, ta-da :)
21:52:16 <jflory7> Anything else we want to hit on / discuss in the last eight minutes?
21:52:21 <decause> jflory7: nice job on the new scheduled tasks. def a great addition to the meeting format
21:52:52 <jflory7> Yeah, on an off-topic note, we should look into setting something up like this for CommOps, decause. Maybe in Hubs rather than Trac since it's going to be sunsetted in the distant future
21:53:10 <jflory7> In terms of the page with a list of tasks
21:53:15 <decause> jflory7: nod nod. There has been started a 'calendar' widget by threebean
21:53:30 <decause> I think release schedule getting it's own hub may be cool :P
21:53:33 <jflory7> Although, depending on how "difficult" it is to set this up, might just be better to get one running on Trac now so we can use it actively for our own deadlines
21:53:39 <jflory7> But maybe more relevant for -commops :)
21:53:41 <decause> but, that is not for just me to decide
21:53:54 <decause> and we don't want to create hubs that require manual updating (that is the problem with wiki)
21:54:03 <jflory7> jbishop / croberts: Did you have any other questions or comments before close out?
21:54:12 <croberts> jflory7: nope
21:54:21 <jflory7> decause: Agreed. I think the Trac is automatically updated each release. Shouldn't be hard to replicate
21:54:25 <jbishop> I did have one thought regarding python.
21:54:29 <jflory7> jbishop: Sure!
21:55:21 <jbishop> It may or may not be feasible, but I was thinking that perhaps a Python spin would be a great way to get Python devs interested in Fedora. Basically have something that will give them a working setup out of the box.
21:56:08 <jflory7> Hmmm, interesting... or I wonder, perhaps, if there would be an easy way to set up a "Python package" sort of deal in the installer when you're installing Fedora Workstation / $SPIN?
21:56:20 <jflory7> Although, I see the draw of a "Python Spin" especially
21:57:28 <jbishop> My line of thinking was to have packages targeting each of the sub-communities. So in the installer you could select "Scientific Python" or "Web Development Python".
21:57:51 <jbishop> In an interface similar to the package selection in the net installer.
21:58:06 <decause> so, for me, I think a dnf group would be a better approach
21:58:15 <decause> we kinda don't want to splinter all the communties
21:58:17 <decause> aka
21:58:24 <decause> Fedora Default = Best Pyhon Workstation
21:58:42 <jbishop> Fair enough.
21:59:00 <decause> it's a nuanced approach, one that we've talked about for the EDU spin, and others too
21:59:06 <decause> I mean, we can't have Fedora be all things to all people
21:59:08 <decause> but to developers
21:59:20 <decause> yes, we want our python story to be "out of the box"
21:59:31 <decause> or "batteries included" as pythonistas might say
21:59:42 <decause> just my $.02
22:00:11 <jbishop> That makes a lot of sense.
22:00:32 <jflory7> I think it makes sense to me. I like "batteries included", could even be a good catchphrase to use :P
22:00:35 <decause> I'm not against making it easy to get all the pythons installed, and we can make sure we have an easy way to enable the workstation spin to "get all the bells and whistles" for python
22:00:39 * jflory7 will remember that for Bitcamp this weekend
22:00:45 <decause> jflory7: PEP008
22:01:04 <decause> #link
22:01:16 <decause> I mean, well, it's more of a 'stdlib' thing actually
22:01:48 <decause> #link
22:02:01 * jflory7 reads up
22:02:07 * jflory7 also notices time
22:02:14 <decause> " Batteries Included Philosophy
22:02:14 <decause> The Python source distribution has long maintained the philosophy
22:02:14 <decause> of "batteries included" -- having a rich and versatile standard
22:02:14 <decause> library which is immediately available, without making the user
22:02:14 <decause> download separate packages.  This gives the Python language a head
22:02:16 <decause> start in many projects."
22:02:18 <jflory7> Shall we go ahead and close shop here and move to #fedora-mktg?
22:02:28 <decause> yeah, prolly a good call :)
22:02:58 <jflory7> Okay, cool cool! I also have to make a quick run after the meeting too. :)
22:03:06 <decause> nod nod
22:03:06 <jflory7> Thanks for coming out today, everyone!
22:03:10 <decause> thanks jflory7 for chairing
22:03:17 <jflory7> decause++ jbishop++ croberts++
22:03:21 <jflory7> Until next time!
22:03:22 <decause> thanks jbishop for coming. it's really great you're here :)
22:03:23 <jflory7> #endmeeting