15:00:51 <sgallagh> #startmeeting Server Working Group Weekly Meeting (2014-07-29)
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15:00:51 <sgallagh> #topic roll call
15:01:05 * danofsatx-work is here, but busy
15:01:07 <sgallagh> #chair sgallagh mizmo nirik davidstrauss stefw adamw simo tuanta mitr
15:01:07 <zodbot> Current chairs: adamw davidstrauss mitr mizmo nirik sgallagh simo stefw tuanta
15:02:19 <sgallagh> Who is around?
15:02:36 <danofsatx-work> who you calling round?
15:02:36 * mizmo waves
15:04:00 <sgallagh> #info adamw and tuanta will not be in attendance today
15:05:56 <sgallagh> ... anyone else here at all?
15:06:26 * sgallagh would really prefer not canceling this meeting. It's probably the last one we'll have before Flock, since many people will be traveling next week
15:07:26 <mizmo> a bunch of people left this weekend for .cz
15:07:36 <sgallagh> hmm
15:07:50 * mizmo knows from facebook lol
15:08:16 <sgallagh> nirik: you around?
15:08:33 <sgallagh> stefw: ?
15:10:14 <sgallagh> OK, it's now ten minutes in and no one else appears to be showing up.
15:10:30 <sgallagh> I do have one item for you mizmo, so can we just cover that and call it a day?
15:10:40 <sgallagh> #info Quorum not met
15:10:40 <mizmo> sgallagh, works for me :)
15:10:46 <mizmo> ive been working with the websites guys
15:10:55 <sgallagh> #topic Status of Fedora Websites and branding
15:11:04 <sgallagh> mizmo: That was exactly what I was going to ask
15:11:15 <sgallagh> I saw that you provided some welcome text for the landing page. Thanks for that.
15:11:20 <mizmo> so one thing is im very much behind, in f21 which roles are we shipping?
15:11:36 <mizmo> checking in with the cloud wg they arent shipping all the images they thought they were
15:11:45 <sgallagh> mizmo: I'm about 50% of the way through the Domain Controller Role
15:12:20 <sgallagh> I only started really implementing it yesterday, because we were implementing the framework
15:12:29 <mizmo> sgallagh, whoa lol thats fast considering then
15:12:35 <mizmo> are there any other wip roles?
15:12:50 <sgallagh> mizmo: I think mitr was going to try to build the Database Server Role
15:13:03 <sgallagh> That was the priority 2 Role
15:13:21 <mizmo> okay and domain controller is free ipa based right?
15:13:23 <sgallagh> If time permits, I'm also going to throw together the memcached role, because I think it's likely to be trivial
15:13:29 <sgallagh> mizmo: correct
15:13:40 <sgallagh> Note: in initial release it will be very minimalistic
15:13:42 <mizmo> someone setting up a network with win and linux machines?
15:13:48 <sgallagh> You will only be able to set up the primary master via roles
15:13:53 <sgallagh> In F22 we'll add replicas
15:14:14 <mizmo> so it's a 'tech preview' of sorts in f21
15:14:15 <sgallagh> (hopefully also the AD trust in F22)
15:14:43 <sgallagh> Well, it's going to be useful, so more than a 'tech preview'
15:14:52 <mizmo> okay i can keep checking in to see how these are going and adjust the website text as appropriate if needed
15:15:10 <sgallagh> You can set up a replica or trust manually, just not through the role API
15:15:37 <mizmo> ah okay
15:16:29 <sgallagh> But it will be implemented enough for someone to evaluate FreeIPA
15:16:50 <sgallagh> mizmo: Is there a link handy to the current set?
15:17:15 <sgallagh> s/set/set of websites/
15:17:41 <mizmo> the new designs? no i dont have one internet public available, it'sa ll in git
15:18:00 <mizmo> we've been building stuff for alpha/beta in staging http://stg.fedoraproject.org/en/get-prerelease
15:18:07 <sgallagh> Thanks
15:18:15 <sgallagh> #link http://stg.fedoraproject.org/en/get-prerelease
15:18:43 <sgallagh> (Sidenote: I know I've said it before, but the new logos are excellent)
15:19:28 <mizmo> \o/
15:20:22 <sgallagh> mizmo: Ok, so do you (with your websites/branding hat on) need anything from the Server SIG right now in order to proceed?
15:20:55 <mizmo> sgallagh, nope i think im good so far!
15:20:59 <sgallagh> Great
15:21:04 <sgallagh> #info mizmo is great
15:21:28 <mizmo> lol
15:21:51 <sgallagh> OK, then I don't have anything else to cover without the rest of the group here. Hopefully we'll continue communicating on the list and IRC
15:23:18 <sgallagh> #endmeeting