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20:00:42 <pwhalen> good afternoon guys
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20:00:48 * masta here
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20:02:16 <pwhalen> #topic 1) F18/19 Build status - problem packages
20:02:23 <ahs3> :)
20:03:00 <masta> we got glibc sorted out
20:03:07 <pwhalen> is anyone aware of our current blockers for f18/19?
20:03:44 <dgilmore> hola
20:04:20 <pwhalen> nothing, excellent!
20:04:27 <masta> might be some blowback later for ARM atomics
20:04:35 <dgilmore> pwhalen: mainly kernel for f18, as far as stopping progress to alpha
20:04:44 * masta unsure if that was glibc or gcc
20:05:06 <pwhalen> dgilmore, right, we'll come to that one specifically..
20:05:22 <pwhalen> #topic 2) 3.6 kernel mmc driver - status update
20:05:47 <pwhalen> dgilmore, how goes it?
20:06:18 <masta> right so have identified the resource in omap world for mmc + dma, no reply so far in regards to =m
20:06:30 <masta> works when =y
20:07:40 <masta> does the dma engine thing impact all the kernels?
20:08:01 <masta> not sure if all of them converted mmc to dma engine
20:08:26 <dmarlin> masta: trimslice didn't seem to need it (yet)
20:09:05 <masta> ok great, was unsure if that was a global mmc change or specific to one or another
20:09:40 <dgilmore> pwhalen: slowly
20:09:45 <masta> we need to decided when we go with =y if thing do not move upstream?
20:09:56 <masta> for omap at least
20:10:06 <dmarlin> masta: and tegra
20:10:55 <masta> it would suck to diverge from the common config for mmc, but we need to start havign working kernel boots
20:11:33 <pwhalen> whats our course of action here? Last week I believe there was some consensus, where do we stand now?
20:11:48 <dmarlin> since until recently these were built-in, and have not worked since the change, I'd call it a regression, and suggest we revert the change until a bootable kernel using modules is available
20:11:59 <masta> well I think we decided to wait for this meeting to decide
20:12:11 <masta> a week to get it working as modules
20:12:23 <masta> else we risk fallign behind
20:12:29 <masta> falling
20:12:55 <masta> but we didn't engage upstream until a few days ago...
20:13:06 <masta> for omap... and no reply so far
20:13:11 <pwhalen> dmarlin, I would agree.
20:13:34 <masta> +1
20:13:38 <ctyler> +1
20:14:10 <dmarlin> we can still work in getting the kernel to boot using modules via scratch builds, and once they are working push out the config change
20:14:25 <masta> any -1 on this? dgilmore ?
20:15:40 <masta> welp, I agree we can work on the module thing later
20:16:16 <masta> who is able to fix the kconfig in the kernel srpm?
20:17:50 <dmarlin> masta: I have working configs... I can send a diff to anyone who will apply it
20:18:08 <masta> well that implies we need more folks willing to edit the kernel, or able...
20:18:12 <dmarlin> masta: not config, just config changes
20:18:17 <dmarlin> not kconfig
20:18:24 <masta> sry my bad
20:18:48 <pwhalen> before we say agreed on this, lets take it to one last round on the list?
20:19:06 <jcapik> somebody  who has commit rights?
20:19:07 <masta> +1
20:19:16 <ctyler> pwhalen: why?
20:19:20 <dmarlin> jcapik: yes
20:19:21 <pwhalen> the folks we need to commit this aren't here
20:19:39 <masta> dgilmore and pbrobinson
20:19:41 <pwhalen> it was a suggestion, if you guys disagree, please let me know
20:20:02 <masta> ^^ and/or ^^
20:20:04 <pwhalen> I just dont want to say agreed, then turn to the folks we disagreed last time and ask them to make the change
20:20:13 <pwhalen> s/we/who/
20:20:13 * dgilmore is tsill working on some options
20:20:17 <dmarlin> pwhalen: I'll send the patches and see if they get committed, or if there are objections
20:20:27 <dmarlin> (to the list)
20:20:52 <pwhalen> dmarlin, that sounds good
20:21:02 <jcapik> dmarlin: you can create a regular bug
20:21:09 <dmarlin> jcapik: sure
20:21:36 <dmarlin> jcapik: I'll file a BZ, attach the patches, and send a link to the list
20:21:46 <jcapik> dmarlin: +1
20:22:01 <masta> sounds good +1
20:22:25 <pwhalen> #action dmarlin to send kernel config patches to the list, open BZ for a final round of discussion
20:22:42 <pwhalen> #topic 3) VFAD summary
20:22:59 <pwhalen> masta, was there any documentation of the vfad I missed?
20:23:05 <masta> oh yea... last week
20:23:39 <masta> sry, I totally failed at  this task, we mostly identified the aforementioed mmc thing
20:23:57 <masta> so we had problems booting rc5/6
20:24:39 * masta would love to host another vfad, having learned from this... would improve
20:24:49 <djdelorie> VFAD at masta'
20:24:52 <djdelorie> s house!
20:25:04 <pwhalen> perhaps when we have new test kernels
20:25:42 <masta> I hear 3.6-rc7 is out
20:26:06 <masta> but we would block on the email to the list thing, about mmc
20:26:44 <pwhalen> #topic 4) Raspberry Pi status update
20:27:32 <ctyler> Updates to Kernel and WiringPi and then we ship.
20:27:53 <pwhalen> ctyler, fantastic, is there an eta?
20:27:58 <ctyler> Updates will be out this week, aim to ship next week.
20:28:10 * djdelorie notes that Fedora "It’s no longer our recommended distro" by the RPi foundation: http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/805 near the end :-(
20:28:24 <pwhalen> what is the kernel being updated to?
20:28:29 <ctyler> 3.2.27
20:29:13 <pwhalen> cool
20:29:33 <ctyler> Would be cooler if they upstreamed to master, but we'll take what we can get.
20:29:53 <pwhalen> #topic 5) your topic here
20:30:24 <pwhalen> open floor for anything else
20:30:46 <masta> ok so the f18 alpha images thing... ppc just posted theirs... kinda jelous
20:31:17 <dmarlin> just for future reference, when we make changes to the kernel config (or other critical packages), I would suggest we test on all supported platforms before pushing upstream.
20:31:28 <masta> what is the short list of things we need to achieve alpha images?
20:32:28 <masta> * working kernels
20:32:38 <masta> * lorax?
20:32:42 <pwhalen> working f18 kernels, and f18 image creation tools
20:33:32 <dmarlin> f18 image creation tools may take a while, but are being worked by the anaconda team
20:33:53 <dmarlin> we can used patched f17 tools to create f18 images, at least for testing
20:34:42 <pwhalen> I think that should be acceptable for an alpha, lest we get further behind
20:34:51 <dmarlin> missing from anaconda/lorax are: no-virt support, text mode install, image-only creation
20:34:59 <dmarlin> (in F18)
20:35:25 <dmarlin> so if we have some python/anaconda hackers willing to help.   :-)
20:35:53 <dmarlin> I think text-mode installs is getting close
20:36:37 <ctyler> (didn't we conclude that vnc was a viable alternative to text-mode installs?)
20:36:58 <masta> ok so no image-only and text mode... does that mean... it doesn't work right now?
20:37:02 <masta> at all?
20:37:03 <dmarlin> ctyler: it was suggested, but I don't know if anyone has tried it
20:37:27 <dmarlin> masta: anaconda has been largely rewritten in F18...
20:37:49 <dmarlin> masta: and those features have not yet been implemented
20:38:13 <dmarlin> masta: text-mode is getting close... no-virt and image-only are not yet
20:38:27 <masta> just want to know if right now we have a tool-chain to build images... if no what is the complexity to make that happen?
20:38:55 * masta is willing to learn python to help here
20:39:07 <dmarlin> using only F18 tools... pretty comples at this time
20:39:12 <dmarlin> complex
20:39:44 <dgilmore> dmarlin: where do you see --image-only missing?
20:39:47 <dmarlin> the anaconda team is working on these issues, but may have higher priority issues, so no ETA
20:40:05 <dmarlin> dgilmore: bcl said it was missing
20:40:12 <dmarlin> dgilmore: I have not looked
20:40:18 <dgilmore> dmarlin: it doesnt appear to be so
20:40:29 <dgilmore> dmarlin: it very much looks present
20:40:33 <dmarlin> dgilmore: cool.  maybe he added it
20:40:50 <dgilmore> dmarlin: ultimately someone on the arm team needs to do the work if the anaconda folks dont
20:40:59 <dgilmore> dmarlin: i doubt it was ever removed
20:41:22 <fossjon_room> if its something high level i can try :)
20:41:24 <dmarlin> dgilmore: ok, that was my understanding, but I could be wrong
20:41:36 <fossjon_room> i rem getting anaconda to run in text mode on a guru which was kind of useless tho
20:41:36 <masta> ok so we need to determine if the tools work
20:42:02 <fossjon_room> just had to tell it to skip some steps and point to the right partition and so on
20:42:24 <dmarlin> masta: we have a query in to the anaconda team... I may know more before the next meeting
20:42:33 <pwhalen> fossjon_room, sounds like your our man :)
20:42:50 <fossjon_room> no im not sure, just saying
20:43:14 <fossjon_room> http://fossjon.wordpress.com/2012/04/09/anaconda-gui-running-on-a-guru-armv5/
20:43:18 <fossjon_room> haha self plug
20:43:25 <fossjon_room> sorry
20:45:19 <fossjon_room> the only device that would work the best with anaconda is the trimslice or something with a hard disk
20:45:29 <fossjon_room> something useful that can be installed to?
20:46:06 <dmarlin> what we have been doing is creating 'disk images' that can be copied to an SDCard (using livemedia-creator)
20:46:06 <pwhalen> fossjon_room, lets perhaps talk after the meeting if you want to give it a shot..
20:46:28 <fossjon_room> ok cool
20:46:33 <dmarlin> we have created images for vexpress (qemu), panda, and trimslice
20:46:53 <masta> is this process documented?
20:47:08 <dmarlin> yes, but not up to date
20:47:08 * masta would love to reproduce
20:47:21 * dmarlin still has that on his todo list
20:47:50 <dmarlin> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Architectures/ARM/Installer
20:48:40 <dmarlin> I need to update that for F18 and other platforms (vexpress and panda)
20:49:34 <pwhalen> shall we wrap, or anything else?
20:50:14 <masta> dmarlin: thx, I'll give it a try to make an image
20:50:50 <pwhalen> going...
20:51:10 <pwhalen> gone!
20:51:13 <pwhalen> #endmeeting