14:03:49 <tuanta> #startmeeting APAC meeting 2011-06-29
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14:03:52 <suresht> or bckurera
14:03:57 <tuanta> #meetingname APAC
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14:04:03 <tuanta> #topic Ambassador Pinging
14:04:12 <tuanta> .fas tuanta
14:04:13 <zodbot> tuanta: tuanta 'Truong Anh Tuan' <tuanta@iwayvietnam.com>
14:04:16 <suresht> .fas suresht
14:04:20 <zodbot> suresht: suresht 'Sureshkumar Packiyarajah' <sureshp8@gmail.com>
14:04:23 <bckurera> .fas bckurera
14:04:24 <zodbot> bckurera: bckurera 'Buddhika Kurera' <bckurera@gmail.com>
14:04:31 <tuanta> #chair bckurera suresht
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14:04:43 <bckurera> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:APAC_Ambassadors_2011-06-29
14:04:48 <tuanta> sorry, I am a bit late. but we can start now
14:04:55 <tuanta> thanks, bckurera
14:05:06 <bckurera> almost started :)
14:05:12 <bckurera> we have mether wil us
14:05:16 <bckurera> from bid - india
14:05:25 <tuanta> #chair kulll mether
14:05:25 <zodbot> Current chairs: bckurera kulll mether suresht tuanta
14:05:35 <bckurera> we dont have one from China as usual
14:05:40 <mether> .fas mether
14:05:41 <zodbot> mether: nigel '' <nigel@metheringham.net> - sundaram 'Rahul Sundaram' <metherid@gmail.com>
14:05:59 <bckurera> This meeting is all about the FUDcon bids
14:06:18 <bckurera> we can discuss pros and cons about India and China and send our inputs to the FPL
14:06:30 <tuanta> +1 bckurera
14:06:39 <suresht> +1 bckurera
14:06:44 <kulll> +1
14:06:45 <bckurera> so please speak bckurera kulll mether suresht tuanta
14:07:04 <tuanta> no Chinese join with us today?
14:07:07 <mether> well, obviously I am in support of my bid and happy to answer any questions you folks might have
14:07:14 <bckurera> nope no Chinese
14:07:22 <tuanta> +1 mether, I know
14:07:32 <bckurera> great mether
14:07:41 <suresht> +1 mether
14:07:54 <kulll> +1 mether
14:08:03 <tuanta> .fas kulll
14:08:04 <zodbot> tuanta: kulll 'khairul anwar' <anwarbaik88@gmail.com>
14:08:13 <bckurera> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:India_2011
14:08:26 <bckurera> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:Bid_for_Beijing_2011
14:08:36 <bckurera> those are the wiki pages for India and China
14:08:39 <tuanta> #topic FUDcon APAC
14:08:47 <bckurera> without wasting time lets finish this soon
14:09:06 <suresht> yes
14:09:08 <bckurera> so anyone have something to note on those two bids
14:09:31 <bckurera> further for India there was a FUDcon on 2006
14:10:03 <bckurera> hello guys any idea?
14:10:09 <suresht> i have seen both India and China APAC FUDCon bids
14:10:26 <bckurera> yes suresht
14:10:38 <mether> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Archive:FUDCon:FUDConDelhi2006
14:10:47 <mether> it wasn't a fudcon as we know of it today
14:10:48 <tuanta> my first question, mether: why didn't we continue FUDCon in APAC in follow years (2007-2010)?
14:11:09 <bckurera> that was interesting que btw
14:11:36 <bckurera> We can discuss pros and cons on bids
14:11:39 <mether> we were building a local community and it is a long process as anyone who has tried to build a community from scratch in their region is aware
14:11:57 <bckurera> I can understand mether
14:11:59 * kital is lurking
14:12:01 <tuanta> +1 mether
14:12:15 <mether> compared to fudcon in 2006 where it was all Red Hat people running a few talks in a commercial conference
14:12:22 <bckurera> so do you feel now the contributor base is strong in India mether?
14:12:29 <suresht> hi kital
14:12:45 <suresht> nice to hear from you kital
14:12:47 <mether> It is certainly better than before.  Enough to put up the proposal we did
14:12:52 <tuanta> #chair kital
14:12:52 <zodbot> Current chairs: bckurera kital kulll mether suresht tuanta
14:13:03 <bckurera> no resonce kital ping
14:13:08 <mether> could we use more contributors?  certainly.
14:13:29 <tuanta> yes, I see
14:13:37 <bckurera> mether what is the FUDcon venu capacity?
14:13:53 <mether> It is in the wiki
14:14:01 <mether> see why COEP?
14:14:12 <mether> 1000 for auditorium
14:14:20 <mether> 150 for two room
14:14:25 <mether> 50 to 70 for more rooms
14:14:36 <bckurera> in China bid it is not more than 100
14:14:43 <mether> we have asked for 6 rooms in total
14:15:01 <mether> and could potentially accommodate more if we count labs and so on
14:15:02 <bckurera> as I could remember that means we can have more people, am I right?
14:15:11 <mether> yes
14:15:47 <mether> COEP,  the college is going to be canceling classes for Friday
14:15:47 <bckurera> it is a good point to mention
14:15:58 <bckurera> then what about the contributors
14:16:05 <bckurera> do you have enough volunteers
14:16:11 <bckurera> for talks and organizing?
14:16:24 <mether> yes,  see organizing team in the end of the wiki page
14:16:35 <mether> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:India_2011#Organizers
14:16:54 <mether> scroll down to why COEP in http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:India_2011#Bidding_info for info on the venue
14:16:57 <suresht> India is the largest Fedora Community
14:17:09 <bckurera> that is also a plus for India bid because from July we have 4 months to work on
14:17:12 <bckurera> am I right mether?
14:17:34 <mether> yes,  we have enough time to do things if the decision is made in a few days
14:17:39 <tuanta> have you meant "in APAC", suresht?
14:17:42 <mether> as FPL has noted
14:18:04 <mether> suresht, within APAC, I would agree.  Globally, there are more contributors in US and Europe
14:18:07 <bckurera> mether is there any support from RedHat for planning and organizing at the moment?
14:18:27 <tuanta> good question, bckurera
14:18:37 <bckurera> +1
14:18:43 <mether> bckurera, Red Hat Pune members are participating in large numbers.  We have people from practically all major teams
14:18:56 <mether> L10N,  I18N,  Support,  Engineering and so on
14:19:06 <suresht> tuanta, i mean compair to China
14:19:08 <tuanta> great :)
14:19:13 <bckurera> it is great that means you people have direct support from RedHat at the moment
14:19:15 <tuanta> hi azneita
14:19:19 <suresht> hi azneita
14:19:23 <azneita> h guys
14:19:29 <tuanta> #chair azneita
14:19:29 <zodbot> Current chairs: azneita bckurera kital kulll mether suresht tuanta
14:19:31 <mether> yes,  certainly,  dozens of speakers
14:19:31 <bckurera> azneita welcome
14:19:34 <tuanta> .fas azneita
14:19:35 <zodbot> tuanta: azneita 'Heherson Pagcaliwagan' <herson@azneita.org>
14:19:51 <bckurera> I donno about China Red Hat.
14:20:00 <tuanta> understand, suresht
14:20:11 * azneita looks for gbraad
14:20:16 <mether> We couldn't have put up the talks in a couple of weeks otherwise.  We also have about 10 speakers or so from the volunteer community
14:20:27 <bckurera> azneita we are talking about the APAC FUDcon bids
14:20:48 <bckurera> yes we miss gbraad
14:20:50 <tuanta> hi liknus
14:20:51 <azneita> bckurera, was looking for gbraad preciselly because of that
14:20:56 <liknus> hey all
14:20:57 <kushal> hi all
14:21:03 * liknus is here lurking
14:21:03 <tuanta> hi kushal
14:21:07 <tuanta> .fas kushal
14:21:08 <zodbot> tuanta: kushal 'Kushal Das' <kushaldas@gmail.com> - kush4l 'Kushal Sakurdeep' <kush4l@gmail.com> - kushalsingh 'Kushal Pal Singh' <kushal.singh@gmail.com> - info4lkv 'Love Kushal Vaish' <info4lkv@gmail.com> - kshsah 'kushal sahare' <sahare@iitg.ernet.in>
14:21:11 <tuanta> .fas liknus
14:21:11 <zodbot> tuanta: ppapadeas 'Papadeas Pierros' <ppapadeas@gmail.com>
14:21:16 <bckurera> we have more people in welcome all
14:21:20 <tuanta> #chair liknus kushal
14:21:20 <zodbot> Current chairs: azneita bckurera kital kulll kushal liknus mether suresht tuanta
14:21:29 <kushal> tuanta, the first kushal :p
14:21:41 <suresht> hi azneita  gbraad is available at fedora-ambassador usual channel
14:21:46 <suresht> hi liknus
14:21:54 <bckurera> I think India community is so active than China at the moment and they can take the challenge.
14:21:58 <suresht> hi kushal
14:22:05 <kulll> +1 bckurera
14:22:05 <tuanta> +1 bckurera
14:22:29 <suresht> +1 bckurera
14:22:31 <tuanta> I seems not to see any activities from China community
14:22:32 <bckurera> So what I believe is we have to help them to grow more and more
14:22:41 <tuanta> +1 bckurera
14:22:53 <mether> In fairness to China,  there is a language barrier
14:22:54 <bckurera> this FUDcon is the oppertunity for that, so we can use it in favour of India
14:23:02 <tuanta> then, as harish mentioned, they should organize some FADs first
14:23:09 <bckurera> that is a con as well.
14:23:15 <tuanta> you are right, mether
14:23:33 <bckurera> the only plus thing for China is they have gbraad, that s good
14:23:35 <suresht> +1 mether there is a language barrier
14:23:40 <mether> there are a few active contributors.  they dont post much in mailing lists because of that problem
14:23:42 <bckurera> but in community wise we have to think more
14:23:57 <tuanta> I see, mether
14:24:07 <tuanta> that's we rarely see them
14:24:22 <bckurera> I have seen only one from China for APAC meetings as well :)
14:24:43 <mether> FUDCon has traditionally been not about new contributors but getting existing contributors together and getting things done.  In that sense,  I am positive than FUDCon in India will accomplish that goal well
14:24:44 <kulll> +1 FADs first for china
14:24:45 <suresht> bckurera, where is Howavi from China???
14:25:03 <suresht> he has come for 2 or 3 meeting
14:25:09 <tuanta> +1, mether. I see
14:25:11 <azneita> say mether, are you guys just waiting for the go ahead for much of the practical details for fudcon?
14:25:16 <suresht> then i could not find him
14:25:19 <kushal> azneita, yes
14:25:20 <mether> This is one of the reasons we didn't do a FUDCon in the earlier years while we were building a community slowly
14:25:23 <tuanta> yes, suresht, he's from China
14:25:31 <tuanta> the first one we see in APAC meeting
14:25:55 <tuanta> great, I see the sense here, mether
14:25:56 <bckurera> I think a community should gain more experience first by doing FADs then by looking on their progress we can give them a FUDcon
14:25:59 <suresht> yes tuanta
14:26:06 <bckurera> otherwise how we can assure their performances?
14:26:11 <mether> azneita, yes.  we have the venue,  dates for the venue,  most of the agenda,  organizing team in place. we have also talked to hotels for accommodation and a couple of places for fudpub
14:26:33 <bckurera> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:India_2011
14:26:38 <mether> we have to arrange the goodies,  take care of catering etc and that we can only do after the location is picked
14:26:40 <azneita> so how do this work? show of hands?
14:27:09 <kital> considering the fact that china has not sooo much contributors - how long is the VISA Application Process for a Chinese VISA?
14:27:30 <bckurera> yes Visa is a problem in China with compare to India
14:27:30 <tuanta> yes, that's also my concern, kital
14:27:33 <kital> ^^ has not sooo much contributors - which means we have to ship some over
14:28:01 <bckurera> indeed kital +1
14:28:28 <azneita> how long for india? the visa i mean?
14:28:42 <suresht> we can get india visa within 2 days of time
14:28:54 <azneita> that's fast
14:28:55 <bckurera> Getting visa for India is quite easy and cheaper in SL
14:29:24 <kushal> kital, you can tell azneita how many days it took for you last time
14:29:25 <tuanta> can we get a visa on arrival, mether
14:29:26 <mether> Visa generally won't be a problem to come to India.  People have done that before including kital
14:29:27 <tuanta> ?
14:29:28 <kushal> kital, visa
14:29:31 <bckurera> #info Visa for India can be taken with in 2 days
14:29:38 <kushal> tuanta, no
14:29:41 <kital> azneita: from germany if i drive to the munich office of the india embassy - the same day
14:29:48 <tuanta> thanks, kushal
14:29:50 <kital> by post 14-30 days
14:29:52 <azneita> wow
14:29:53 <suresht> i am not sure about China visa
14:29:54 <mether> tuanta, no visa on arrival.  you have to apply earlier but processing is not slow
14:29:55 <kushal> oh that is fast
14:30:21 <bckurera> Visa is the major consideration
14:30:28 <bckurera> what about the fligh tickets?
14:30:44 <kushal> bckurera, details on our bid page :)
14:31:02 <suresht> kushal, +1
14:31:06 <bckurera> for India it is cheaper than China, most of the time there is a transist via Hong Kong
14:31:27 <mether> bckurera, every question you ever asked is answered in the wiki :-)
14:31:47 <bckurera> nice;
14:31:48 <tuanta> I can walk to India embassy in Hanoi within 5 minutes :)
14:31:49 <mether> I will add visa details as well
14:32:02 <bckurera> so is there any considerations?
14:32:04 <mether> but do talk to your local travel agent
14:32:22 <bckurera> We really miss China FAms.
14:32:22 <mether> for international participants,  budget is a major consideration
14:32:35 <mether> we have to be quite selective
14:32:56 <tuanta> no, bckurera, Chinese will also get a visa to India easily
14:33:03 <bckurera> this meeting log can be used others to take an idia about the bid I think
14:33:15 <tuanta> +1 bckurera
14:33:32 <mether> we have a budget of 15000 dollars,  US and Europe participation takes about $1000 dollars for a round trip.  Obviously we can't do a lot here.  Within APAC is cheaper
14:33:33 <bckurera> so please add APAC voice guys
14:33:35 <tuanta> it's better if we can have a Chinese Ams here
14:34:07 <suresht> mether, in srilanka there are no issue to geting India visa boz now they have online application system after fill via online we have to take print out pdf the directly going to submit to high comm that all
14:34:17 <mether> suresht, good to know
14:35:16 <bckurera> nice info suresht
14:35:29 <mether> With that in consideration,  I have outlined a criteria  for sponsorship
14:35:32 <mether> in the wiki
14:35:41 <azneita> understood mether
14:35:45 <mether> please do refer to that and let me know if you find it acceptable
14:36:00 <azneita> one have to be a speaker or join hackfest
14:36:05 <mether> "Proposed sponsorship criteria"
14:36:12 <mether> yes
14:36:29 <mether> I have also put up detailed budget info in the spreadsheet
14:36:40 <mether> I am talking to more organizations
14:36:44 <mether> to be co-sponsors
14:37:08 <mether> and if we get a better budget,  I will certainly welcome more people to participate
14:37:42 <tuanta> cooler, mether :)
14:38:38 <mether> the organizations i have talked to, we can't proceed further without the location being selected first
14:38:47 <mether> so yes, we have done all that we can at this point
14:39:43 <suresht> we have another 20 mins left for ending the meeting so bckurera tuanta azneita and all  our decision will be??? India or China???
14:39:44 <azneita> by lookng at the bids, you guys have covered more ground than china
14:40:20 <mether> do take a vote or make a decision however you prefer.  I will refrain from voting for obvious reasons.
14:40:33 <tuanta> you would liek to have a vote, suresht?
14:40:41 <tuanta> s/liek/like
14:40:47 <suresht> no voting here
14:41:01 <suresht> already we have said
14:41:16 <tuanta> ok, suresht :)
14:41:23 <suresht> 3 of us +1 for India
14:41:30 <kulll> +1 india
14:41:38 <suresht> we are waiting for azneita
14:42:11 <suresht> done kulll
14:42:15 <azneita> aha, i'm for india too but i wish gbraad is here to answer queries
14:42:29 <tuanta> although, this vote is just a reference for final decision, it's still very important
14:42:42 <suresht> +1 tuanta
14:42:52 <azneita> it's quite interesting how they put together their bid in a short span of time
14:42:57 <tuanta> since it's a voice from APAC contributors
14:43:20 * kital pinged gbraad in #fedora-zh
14:43:37 <suresht> azneita, that is right India has long term plane
14:44:01 <azneita> i saw that page last year
14:44:36 <azneita> or is that early this year
14:45:01 <suresht> azneita, yes early in this year
14:45:04 <kushal> azneita, we took few years to build up this community
14:45:24 <kital> Considering a FUDCon is a place to meet and colaborate - considering also both bids are worthy for the formal side - which fudcon would work torwards our main goal - which is "release early, release often"
14:45:24 <kushal> azneita, and now we ready to have the FUDCon and get things done
14:45:32 <azneita> btw guys, most of the talks are geared towards techie stuff
14:45:36 <kital> s/for/from/
14:45:41 <suresht> we have shown our hands for India Bid
14:45:59 <tuanta> the wiki page has been created last year
14:46:00 <suresht> #info we have shown our hands for India Bid
14:46:02 <tuanta> #link https://fedoraproject.org/w/index.php?title=FUDCon:India_2011&dir=prev&action=history
14:46:18 <tuanta> on August 2010
14:46:38 <kushal> * we are
14:46:48 <mether> azneita, considering that FUDCon is a technical conference, that is expected but anyone is submit more talks to cover other things:-)
14:47:01 * kital shuts up
14:47:09 <mether> tuanta, yes indeed.  I created it last year but we didn't get any momentum and shifted it this year
14:47:19 <mether> kital, thanks
14:47:19 <azneita> most of the stuff we're currently doing in the philippines is community oriented
14:47:20 <tuanta> :)
14:47:52 <mether> once the budget was announced this year,  we could put up a more concrete proposal keeping that in mind
14:48:02 <azneita> don't mind me guys ;)
14:48:23 <mether> azneita, the early stages of a new community,  you do tend to do more community work
14:48:43 <mether> azneita, as the community matures,  it gears up to be more technical. I think that is just a natural progression
14:49:00 <azneita> i say we'll get there :)
14:49:06 <mether> azneita, certainly
14:49:24 <azneita> anything else on our plate?
14:50:12 <tuanta> no more at me
14:50:21 <suresht> hope we are missing Dramsey here.
14:50:33 <tuanta> +1 suresht :)
14:50:36 <suresht> tuanta, lets move
14:50:46 <azneita> .fas hers
14:50:46 <zodbot> azneita: azneita 'Heherson Pagcaliwagan' <herson@azneita.org> - manty01actual 'Clayton Struthers' <manticoreinternational@windstream.net> - bbbush 'Yuan Yijun' <bbbush.yuan@gmail.com> - dmacpher 'Dan Macpherson' <dmacpher@redhat.com> - zephyrus 'James Buchanan' <jbuchanan09@amherst.edu> - maherseif 'Maher K. Seif' <mseif@bmc.com.sa> - brothers 'Jared Brothers' <brothers@logn.org> - fabsh 'Fabian A. Scherschel' (3 more messages)
14:51:04 <kushal> .fas Yuan
14:51:05 <zodbot> kushal: bbbush 'Yuan Yijun' <bbbush.yuan@gmail.com> - tianyuanfeige '' <tianyuanfeige@163.com> - foxhope '' <yuan.dustzone@gmail.com> - devil '阳光' <yuansewenhua@hotmail.com> - sayyuan 'yuanlubin' <ylb06075719@hotmail.com> - linuxcn 'yuan Lux' <yuanlux@gmail.com> - gray0825 'gray.yuan' <gray0825@gmail.com> - zhang800806 '袁博' <yuan.bo12@zte.com.cn> - lubin 'yuanlubin' <ylb06075719@GMAIL.COM> - yongyuan '' (2 more messages)
14:51:08 <azneita> sorry, hers are you haowei?
14:51:19 <kushal> .fasinfo bbbush
14:51:20 <zodbot> kushal: User: bbbush, Name: Yuan Yijun, email: bbbush.yuan@gmail.com, Creation: 2005-10-23, IRC Nick: hers, Timezone: Asia/Shanghai, Locale: zh_CN, Extension: 5100291, GPG key ID: 83349285, Status: active
14:51:23 <zodbot> kushal: Approved Groups: cla_fpca cla_done cla_fedora fedorabugs packager docs ambassadors +cvsl10n l10n-commits freemedia +packager-zh
14:51:46 <tuanta> ok, next topic is just Open Floor
14:51:48 <kushal> Shanghai is china ? isn't ?
14:51:50 <tuanta> move on now?
14:51:57 <suresht> azneita, did you change it?
14:52:01 <mether> kushal, yes
14:52:02 <tuanta> yes, kushalkushal
14:52:15 <azneita> tuanta, no
14:52:36 <azneita> i got excited seeing hers joining the roo
14:52:47 <suresht> azneita, ok
14:53:06 <tuanta> hi hers
14:53:25 <azneita> hers, anything you'd like to say about the china fudcon bid?
14:53:45 <mether> kushal, sort of like mumbai.  port city
14:53:56 <kushal> mether, ok, I remember all movies :p
14:54:32 <azneita> :)
14:54:46 <azneita> shall we call it a night gentlemen?
14:54:54 <suresht> azneita, sure
14:54:58 <suresht> tuanta, shall we end this?
14:55:29 <mether> do send your recommendations to the FPL :-)  He says ambassadors input in this region is vital to his decision
14:56:04 <mether> #link http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/fudcon-planning/2011-June/002453.html
14:56:30 <tuanta> suresht, I see  a lot of ideas left
14:56:32 <azneita> do you guys still need it? :D
14:56:40 <kushal> azneita, we do
14:56:45 <kushal> azneita, seriously
14:57:15 <azneita> kushal, no worries you alredy have my vote
14:57:17 <mether> yes.  regardless of the location, I do recommend sending your input across with your considerations
14:57:17 <suresht> tuanta, no prob go on
14:57:23 <suresht> :)
14:58:43 <hers> azneita~ tuanta~ hi.
14:59:15 <suresht> tuanta, time=meeting we have 2 min left
14:59:43 <tuanta> hers, have you got any information about FUDCon China bid?
14:59:54 <tuanta> yes, I see, suresht
15:00:13 <hers> many people are excited to see FADCon in China, and I think Beijing is a nice choice.
15:00:32 <tuanta> s/FADCon/FUDCon
15:00:40 <hers> :)
15:00:45 <tuanta> FAD is different
15:01:14 <tuanta> as you join here late, you can see the meeting logs
15:01:54 <tuanta> we discussed a lot about FUDCon in India, instead
15:02:16 <suresht> thanks for attending kital mether kushal kulll tuanta azneita liknus
15:02:26 <kulll> ^_^
15:02:28 <tuanta> thanks, suresht
15:02:46 <tuanta> the time is over
15:02:55 <tuanta> any questions or ideas?
15:03:54 <tuanta> that's enough today?
15:04:03 <suresht> yes tuanta
15:04:07 <tuanta> so, we should end the meeting now
15:04:09 <suresht> counting...
15:04:29 <tuanta> 5
15:04:32 <tuanta> 4
15:04:33 <hers> https://fedoraproject.org/w/index.php?title=FUDCon:Bid_for_Beijing_2011/zh&action=history
15:04:44 <hers> please read how many people are preparing for the bid
15:04:55 <hers> what about India's?
15:05:34 <tuanta> it's much more, hers
15:05:37 <tuanta> #link https://fedoraproject.org/w/index.php?title=FUDCon:India_2011&action=history
15:05:52 <tuanta> sorry, it's over, hers
15:06:00 <tuanta> see you next
15:06:03 <tuanta> 3
15:06:03 <hers> thanks.
15:06:07 <tuanta> 2
15:06:09 <tuanta> 1
15:06:12 <suresht> 0.5
15:06:16 <tuanta> #endmeeting