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17:59:08 <spevack> since we've already started :)
17:59:23 <spevack> #chair kital Sparks taticaDroid inode0
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17:59:33 * rbergeron peeks in too
18:00:30 <ke4qqq> I am here
18:00:33 <kital> RollCall ß
18:00:45 <kital> Joerg Simon
18:00:50 * taticaDroid here
18:01:02 <ke4qqq> David Nalley
18:01:07 <spevack> Max
18:01:40 <ke4qqq> can we get some clarification, Max?
18:01:46 <kital> ok i think Max as agreed before you take the fudcon latam 2011 topic
18:01:53 <spevack> ke4qqq: Max *Spevack*
18:01:55 <spevack> :)
18:02:05 <ke4qqq> spevack: sorry not the clarification I was looking for
18:02:09 <ke4qqq> :)
18:02:16 <spevack> ke4qqq: to what are you referring?
18:02:42 <spevack> ke4qqq: the fudcon latam stuff?
18:02:51 <ke4qqq> so when we wrote the bid process - stickster said that he (as FPL) specifically didn't want the decision - so it's written to say budget owner, which sounds like you - do we need to rewrite that??
18:03:10 <spevack> Ok, so let's start with FUDCon LATAM, and the FUDCon process in general.
18:03:20 <spevack> #topic FUDCon LATAM 2011, and FUDCon bid process in general
18:03:34 <spevack> There are two subsets to this topic.
18:03:45 <spevack> First of them, is that Fedora as a whole has 4 bids for FUDCon LATAM 2011.
18:03:51 <spevack> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:LATAM_2011_Bid_Panama
18:03:58 <spevack> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:LATAM_2011_Bid_Foz
18:04:02 <spevack> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:LATAM_2011_Bid_Porto_Alegre
18:04:06 <spevack> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:LATAM_2011_Bid_Chile
18:04:16 <spevack> These are all well-written and well thought out, which is great.
18:04:18 <spevack> 
18:04:25 <spevack> Now, before we dig into that, let's talk about process for a little bit
18:05:11 <spevack> There was a question on the fudcon planning list for FAMSCO to "make the decision".  And I think that we have to stop for a moment and make sure that we're doing this review properly and transparently.
18:06:06 <spevack> So what I'd really like to do is take the next 20 minutes of this meeting, and have *everyone* read over those 4 bids, and offer their thoughts as they do so in this channel.  Let's have some open, public, transparent discussion.
18:06:33 <spevack> is everyone ok with that?
18:06:41 * tatica here
18:06:51 <tatica> !
18:06:56 <spevack> tatica: yes
18:06:58 <kital> if the attendees have not read it yet
18:07:16 <ke4qqq> I am ok with that - I am concerned that regardless we are potentially changing 'the process' so close to a decision, which sounds less than transparent to me
18:07:17 <Jsmith-mobile_> I've read over all four bids, and they're all good solid bids
18:07:37 <spevack> ke4qqq: which part of the process are we breaking?
18:07:44 <spevack> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon_bid_process#Review_process
18:08:11 <spevack> It seems to me we're doing the "regional ambassadors leadership shall review" step, at least, in a sense.
18:08:25 <ke4qqq> spevack: the immediate concern is that I don't think LATAM has gotten together and voiced a choice - which sounds like a bunch of people outside the region making decisions for them
18:08:32 <tatica> I just want to rember that the fact that FAmSCo is helping with this FUDcon is that the past fudcon wasn't enough transparent and at that point, all of us accept to help (include the FPL who attend to this event and see for himself some inconsistencies)
18:08:34 <tatica> eof
18:09:09 <spevack> ke4qqq: so you're saying that you'd like to see the LATAM ambassadors say with something of a unified voice "this is the bid we think makes the most sense"?
18:09:17 <tatica> ke4qqq: yes, but in the past we had only one voice talking for us
18:09:37 <ke4qqq> that makes sense to me - I wouldn't want a bunch of LATAM and EMEA folks telling me where to hold fudcon NA
18:09:37 <tatica> and right now, that we are gathering and understanding each other, will work an opinion of people outside the region
18:09:44 <tatica> who can see the bids without any particular interest
18:09:48 <igorps> !
18:09:53 <spevack> igorps: go ahead
18:10:00 <spevack> (no need for ! and ? with this small group)
18:10:11 <spevack> I'd like to simply read all 4 bids and offer some of my thoughts as I read them.
18:10:14 <igorps> ok, thanks
18:10:15 * ke4qqq notes that he may have missed such a discussion - my spanish is abhorrent
18:10:39 <igorps> speaking as one of Latin Americans here I'm ok with a decision from outside people
18:11:05 <igorps> we have good arguments in the proposals
18:11:25 <igorps> and it is good to have FAMSCo supporting the decision
18:12:07 <spevack> So, kital put together a document that did some comparisions of the different opportunities.
18:12:10 <spevack> #link https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0Ao95bHUyeo-KdEpOM1pnbXFaMDdHdWpZcmN2VXotTFE&hl=de&authkey=CM607IkH#gid=0
18:12:13 <spevack> has everyone seen this?"
18:12:39 * tatica checking that right now
18:12:43 * ke4qqq is looking now
18:12:56 <spevack> The truth is that all 4 options are good ones.  kital's documents shows that, as all 4 options are pretty similar in his review.
18:13:13 <spevack> It seems to me that there are a few key differentiation points to think about:
18:13:22 <kital> just the note this is just a little helper and i made it with an outsider view and maybe things are complete different
18:13:25 <spevack> (1) FUDCon being stand-alone or attached to another conference.
18:13:48 <tatica> done
18:14:02 <spevack> (2) FUDCon being in a location where it has been before in LATAM, or somewhere new.
18:14:09 <rbergeron> yes - i was justgoing to ask if that helps, or hurts.
18:14:15 <rbergeron> (number one)
18:14:57 <spevack> rbergeron: there is no consensus on that point.  Each region of the world feels differently.
18:15:03 * rbergeron nods
18:15:43 * ke4qqq is willing to share his opinion on stand-alone vs. attached
18:15:54 <rbergeron> i see it two ways - either it is an opportunity to have newcomers introduced - or detract from fudcon participation
18:15:55 <spevack> I will be honest with the group -- I love the idea of trying to hold FUDCon in a *different* area of the region than it's been the last two years.  That makes the Panama bid very attractive to me.  But that doesn't mean that the other bids are not good -- they are all good.  /me continues to read and think.
18:16:00 <spevack> ke4qqq: go ahead
18:16:12 <igorps> I also would like to point out some good and bad things from last FUDCons in LATAM
18:16:18 <igorps> here they are:
18:16:23 <igorps> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:Santiago_2010_Wrapup
18:16:49 <spevack> Jsmith-mobile_: your thoughts on any of this?
18:16:50 <igorps> the page is in spanish but I can clear some points if necessary
18:17:25 <igorps> those are general points that we need to improve
18:17:33 <ke4qqq> so as an event owner, I find co-joined events detract from my event. Additionally it seems to be less than ideal for all involved as both distract from each other
18:17:46 <igorps> and I think we need to take them in consideration for making a decision
18:17:55 <ke4qqq> we've also had bad results in NA, and I think EMEA decided that cohabitating with linuxtag was difficult
18:18:03 <spevack> igorps: most of the things under the "good be improved" list seem like details of the FUDCon itself -- making sure talks are classified properly, making sure we have projectors, etc.
18:18:14 <ke4qqq> so stand-alone strikes me as what we should strive for.
18:19:11 <ke4qqq> like spevack, I also like the idea of holding it someplace new - and even in a new region
18:19:19 <kital> ke4qqq: +1
18:19:28 <igorps> spevack: but in the case of the talks classification, for instance, was hard to classify because of the attendees profile
18:19:32 <spevack> I think that there is no doubt that we'd like to continue to have FUDCons in Brazil (biggest country in the region) and Chile (great organizational team led by asalles).  But I wonder if it makes sense to be in Chile 2 years in a row, and Brazil has been the place where we've held the biggest LATAM event in every year except 2010.
18:19:38 <ke4qqq> so panama also jumps out as my initial first choice.
18:19:49 <igorps> I mean that there were few Fedora contributors
18:20:39 <igorps> We had difficulties in Chile for gathering Fedora contributors
18:20:43 <kital> Panama has the appeal to have it all in one place
18:20:49 <tatica> I will like to add something
18:20:50 <kital> is there someone here from Panama?
18:20:56 <igorps> because there weren't many there
18:21:01 <tatica> as my only opinion at this subject
18:21:02 <spevack> I'm thinking about this option -- FUDCon LATAM 2011 in Panama, and asking the folks who did the Porto Alegre bid to morph that bid into a big event and Fedora Activity Day to gather many of our Brazilian contributors.
18:21:09 <igorps> that was one of the difficulties
18:21:09 <spevack> tatica: yes, please tell us what you think
18:21:40 <ke4qqq> FAD at FISL makes a lot of sense to me
18:21:48 <tatica> being at LATAM, and as famsco member, mentor, ambassador, contributor and user
18:22:00 <igorps> spevack: we can do something at FISL for sure
18:22:02 <tatica> is hard for me to say "I will like to have the FUDcon at X place"
18:22:14 <tatica> 1.- I don't want to show preferences for any, because all of them are good
18:22:24 <kital> spevack: or to have it in Foz do Iguaçu in November together with the Latinoware
18:22:42 <ke4qqq> doesn't November mean it's out of it's 'quarter'??
18:22:54 <kital> spevack: i mean the FAD for Brazil
18:23:27 <igorps> The only issue about the Foz Bid is the date
18:23:35 <igorps> is too far from last FUDCon
18:23:38 <kital> Panama was also the bid which i thought has a new country is a stand only event and has all in one place
18:23:38 <tatica> 2.- I tried to show LATAM people that the community is not about "where is the best place with more people to held the FUDcon", instead I tried to show them that the only way to grow up as community is to teaching the rest of the continent what the big groups know
18:23:38 <spevack> ke4qqq: it would, and that would require some extra planning and intelligence on when we spend FUDCon money worldwide.  To do 2 FUDCon in a quarter means we'd have to spend a lot of money ahead of time, which is a challenge organizationally.
18:23:52 <rbergeron> i think the thing is - with big events, i would like to see fedora folks being there and fully patrticipating and spreading the word and learning from those outside our immediate community. we have the money to get people places. id rather not detract from a fudcon or large foss event, when really, we can do both, or at least a fudcon and lots of ambassador sponsorships to events.
18:24:06 <igorps> but is a good location since it is in the border between three countries
18:25:13 <ke4qqq> so that strikes me that Foz doesn't make the shortlist....while it's a fine bid, that struggle makes life difficult for the rest of the world.
18:25:28 <kital> igorps: yes this is also to consider is it easy to reach - i considered only the costs itself - not how many contributors we have to move from south to north or vice versa
18:26:07 <Jsmith2> Are there lots of cheap flights in and out?
18:26:27 <tatica> aeperezt: welcome, I hope you can answer any question about the Panamá bid :)
18:26:34 * ke4qqq wonders if that's a huge consideration - we're bringing in tons of people to NA from outside the region at considerable cost.
18:26:50 <igorps> The good thing about Foz is the proximity with other big countries
18:27:05 <tatica> igorps: that depends
18:27:13 <aeperezt> tatica: thanks I can anwser any questions about Panama bit
18:27:13 <igorps> That makes cheaper to subsidy contributors
18:27:22 <kital> if the venue and accomodation is something we can spare money we can sponsor more travelers
18:27:29 <tatica> igorps: proximity of a border doesn't mean that the flights are cheaper
18:27:39 <tatica> and also depends of which contributors are we taking to each location too
18:27:45 <tatica> so everything is relative
18:27:50 <kital> aeperezt: in Panama the venue itself is it free or what are the estimated costs?
18:27:51 <igorps> tatica: yes, but traveling by bus is
18:27:59 <igorps> we researched that
18:28:04 <spevack> PROPOSAL: I'd like to give Jared an opportunity to read these logs (he's in another meeting right now) and share any thoughts that he might have.  Take his feedback, and then then summarize some of the points made here in an email that makes the FUDCon LATAM 2011 decision, and also some of the FAD ideas for the region that were also generated from the discussion.
18:28:15 <tatica> igorps: all CEAM countries can travel by bus to panama too
18:28:18 <tatica> this research was made by aeperezt
18:28:22 <tatica> so, again... is relative
18:28:23 <spevack> aeperezt: for the Cuidad de Saber, providing the venue for FUDCon -- is there any cost to us for that venue?
18:28:40 <aeperezt> kital, we have sponsor for Internet, 2 talks rooms, for around 50 people
18:28:41 <igorps> tatica: sure, but we have less contributors in there
18:28:53 <kital> tatica: but i read that the south border of panama is problematic with criminals and rebels?
18:28:54 <aeperezt> kital, with all needed equipemt
18:28:56 <ke4qqq> who is the sponsor aeperezt
18:29:05 <tatica> even more igorps... we need to make them grow
18:29:18 <tatica> kital: noup... that's Venezuela border
18:29:18 <kital> aeperezt: and read also accomodation can be sponsored a bit?
18:29:18 <spevack> kital: Fedora is also problematic with rebels :)
18:29:23 <aeperezt> the Ciudad del Saber City of knowledge
18:29:25 <rbergeron> spevack: what would the timeline be for that?
18:29:26 <kital> spevack: ;)
18:29:26 <igorps> tatica: nothing against CEAM, but I'm thinking about how many actual contributors we can get into the event
18:29:36 <spevack> rbergeron: 72 hours, I'd like to think.
18:29:46 <Wolnei> But there other always to group them
18:30:02 <kital> aeperezt: and the accomodation would be on the same campus in the city of knowledge - right?
18:30:04 <tatica> igorps: the count was about 10/15 local contributors per > 1000 or 1500
18:30:05 * inode0 shuffles around mysteriously under his desk
18:30:07 <aeperezt> plus we have some other small sponsors that has set around 2500 dls to put in place for the fudcon
18:30:11 <kital> inode0: ;)
18:30:20 <spevack> kital: what else do we need to talk about in today's meeting?  :)
18:30:36 <Wolnei> Not with developer event
18:30:57 <aeperezt> and there is one sponsor that I have on my email with the pomess to put 1 dollar per every dollar that main sponsor (RedHat) will put
18:31:01 <kital> spevack: nothing - the Yearly FAmSCo Report is something we can do later by email
18:31:06 <rbergeron> spevack: not that i'm in famsco, but i think that seems reasonable. who is summarizing?
18:31:31 <Wolnei> We need to develop in panama one fad
18:31:36 <spevack> rbergeron: I think it would be me, since the bud process also asks for someone who is part of the primary budget giver (CommArch) to be involved in the final decision.
18:31:42 <tatica> the intention is to do a plural event, not only one topic related
18:31:49 * rbergeron passes max a bigger plate :)
18:31:52 <aeperezt> kital, yes all accomodation will be on campus with internet and at 20 dollar each
18:32:06 <igorps> we really need to think about the event model we want
18:32:15 <kital> aeperezt: very good !!!
18:32:20 <igorps> last FUDCon were full of talks
18:32:27 <tatica> about package
18:32:41 <Wolnei> But the major objective of a fudcon as devel
18:32:42 <igorps> we need to have more hackfests and creat value for Fedora
18:32:46 <aeperezt> kital unless we have more people that they can accomodate but I'm sure the have space for over 50 people
18:32:56 <Wolnei> And in panama we dont have many developers
18:33:09 <igorps> and we can only do that where we have a good amount of committed contributors
18:33:13 <tatica> I don't see why is that a problem
18:33:14 <kital> aeperezt: how is it with safety for travelers by bus from south?
18:33:24 <igorps> specially packagers and developers
18:33:41 <inode0> igorps: you are right about those things, they need to be worked out with the host group though rather than now I think
18:33:42 <tatica> we can create new developers in new areas of our region
18:34:03 <tatica> just for example
18:34:05 <Wolnei> The problem is the coust to import of south america
18:34:07 <tatica> what is more productive
18:34:10 <spevack> #action spevack FUDCon LATAM 2011 thoughts on bids, any other questions, etc to the Ambassadors & FUDCon planning list, by end of Wednesday
18:34:11 <aeperezt> kital, there is no posibility of travel by bus from south, there are no road between Colombia and Panama
18:34:23 <tatica> take 1 non-developer to a hackfest, or take one-developer to teach 10 new developers?
18:34:33 <igorps> inode0: that's a mistake IMHO last organizers tried to worked this out later but wasn't able to do it
18:34:43 <kital> aeperezt: ok all people from south have to take the plane
18:35:43 <aeperezt> kital, yes but no for central america, South america can net to travel by plane
18:35:54 <igorps> tatica: I'd rather have 3 developers from each area, for instance i18n and l10n and create some good code
18:36:33 <ke4qqq> does famsco want to pass on a single recommendation (that is of course non-binding?)
18:36:44 <tatica> I prefert to teach 20 people how to pack and then make the community grow
18:36:45 <Wolnei> We need developers for one fudcon
18:36:47 <ke4qqq> since we have a lot of event/fudcon planners present perhaps thats valuable
18:36:54 <tatica> a developers event is a FAD, not a fudcon
18:37:02 <Wolnei> With many we can do better code
18:37:04 <tatica> remember... fud => users and developers
18:37:13 <igorps> Talks and workshops are good for teaching, for sure
18:37:20 <tatica> brazil can have 2 fads at fisl and latinoware
18:37:21 <rbergeron> and fads can be non-coders too :)
18:37:27 <tatica> rbergeron: exactly
18:37:29 <igorps> tatica: yes, but we lacked developers
18:37:37 <aeperezt> Panama, have 3 people on rpmdev, learning to pack
18:37:37 <tatica> but the idea is to show that fedora has not only packagers and developers
18:37:45 <igorps> that's what we should avoid
18:37:46 <tatica> has designers, marketing, translation and even more
18:37:59 <igorps> I agree
18:38:00 <kital> igorps: how do you think is the situation to bring brazil developers to Panama?
18:38:10 <Wolnei> The objective of a fudcon is not so that
18:38:17 <Wolnei> Do that
18:38:25 <igorps> kital: it is more expensive than Chile for instance
18:38:43 <igorps> By the way Chile has a good bid
18:38:45 <kital> igorps: but it is possible or are there visa problems?
18:39:12 <igorps> kital: no visa problems, is is just expensive
18:39:34 <igorps> kital: visa is not needed
18:39:53 <kital> "just" ;)
18:40:06 <tatica> question:
18:40:11 <igorps> Chile is offering something which was never offered before
18:40:22 <tatica> igorps: if the fudcon is held in brazil/chile how many people can pay their expenses?
18:40:24 <kital> igorps: we spare money because accomodation and venue are cheaper in panama
18:40:36 <igorps> that is good meeting rooms at the hotel
18:40:44 <igorps> and dedicated internet link
18:41:10 <spevack> I think that the key point to make -- as part of this decision -- is that there are 4 EXCELLENT options.  We can only choose 1 right now.  But it doesn't mean that the other options, or the teams behind those options, are not appreciated.  We appreciate everyone, but we can't make everyone happy all at the same time!  ;)
18:41:23 <igorps> tatica: the same amount as in other events
18:41:36 * spevack thinks that we've talked about this as much as we can right now.
18:41:38 <tatica> which was?
18:41:39 <igorps> specially people from the local regions
18:41:40 <spevack> inode0: any thoughts from you?
18:42:00 <ke4qqq> spevack: +1 /me calls for the question
18:42:05 <igorps> in POA we had at least 7 from the city
18:42:27 <kital> spevack: said that all are excellent - and i also think doable from budget view -
18:42:40 * inode0 agrees with the thinking expressed so far
18:42:47 <kital> spevack: i think panama is the country that had no fudcon yet
18:43:08 * spevack has taken the action item with a deadline of Wednesday, and you all know my opinion, which I summarized earlier.
18:43:09 <kital> spevack: and therefore should get the chance
18:43:17 * spevack is happy to be the one to make the decision, and thus take all the hate :)
18:43:37 <kital> spevack: so there will no vote today on a location ?
18:43:40 * ke4qqq is happy to have famsco to vote
18:43:42 <igorps> kital: there are no venue costs in Chile as well
18:43:44 <ke4qqq> and share some hate
18:44:00 <igorps> and there is also sponsorship from the university
18:44:33 <tatica> spevack: ke4qqq: I can take just a little :P
18:44:47 <Wolnei> spevack the problem is this: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:LATAM_2011_Bid_Panama#Cons
18:44:51 * ke4qqq wouldn't be offended if tatica abstained
18:44:56 <Wolnei> As Panamá is in the middle of LATAM, maybe bring people from the bottom side of SouthAmerica will be too expensive.
18:44:59 <kital> igorps: yes all 4 location are on the same good level
18:45:09 <spevack> kital: we can vote.  But I think that a vote like this also demands a longer explanation, or else people will get angry.  So if we vote, someone also has to have the action item to write up an explanation.
18:45:32 <tatica> ke4qqq: even so... I'm already part of this for help
18:45:32 * ke4qqq is happy to write an explanation as well - I can burn whuffie :)
18:45:44 <rbergeron> lol
18:46:11 <spevack> Wolnei: I think we fix that problem in two ways.  (1) We make sure that we set aside a lot of budget to help with sponsorship of travel.  (2) We set aside plenty of budget to have a large Fedora gathring (Fedora Activity Day) at an event in South America as well.  Maybe FISL, maybe something else, maybe 2 things.
18:46:27 <spevack> kital: so sure, let's vote, with the action item to explain the vote assigned to me.
18:46:50 <aeperezt> Wolnei, yes that is right but it almos the same the other way around on Chile or Brasil, it is more people from central America to go there
18:46:55 * spevack votes for Panama, making sure that we address all the concerns/cons that are part of that bid as part of the planning.
18:47:07 * ke4qqq votes for Panama as well.
18:47:09 <spevack> There will never be a FUDCon bid that doesn't have some cons or issues
18:47:13 * kital for Panama
18:47:14 <Wolnei> but the most of developers its from south
18:47:50 <rbergeron> can we invite van halen???? :)
18:47:58 <ke4qqq> Wolnei: that's great - they get to make a trip, and we hopefully grow CEAM community a bit in the process.
18:48:08 <tatica> rbergeron: only if AC/DC goes :P
18:48:16 <ke4qqq> rbergeron: you can do whatever you want, as long as you do it. :)
18:48:24 <kital> Wolnei: so a FUDCon in the North is a good opportunity to teach and grow in that region as well -
18:48:30 <igorps> if we can afford that, there is no problem for me
18:48:32 <ke4qqq> tatica: vote or abstain?
18:48:36 <kital> Wolnei: i hope at least -
18:49:03 <Wolnei> i agree to group the comunity but dont agree to exclude the most active people of latam to travel to our major event
18:49:14 <igorps> I just don't want to see another FUDCon with few technical activities
18:49:16 <tatica> ke4qqq: how many votes are missing?
18:49:22 <ke4qqq> just yours
18:49:37 <tatica> igorps: another fudcon with few technical activities?
18:49:48 <Wolnei> i agree with igor
18:49:53 <tatica> igorps: how can you say that if the only 2 fudcon where held in south america where the largest amount of developers are?
18:50:10 <igorps> tatica: yes, I mean coding
18:50:12 <spevack> I don't want this to turn into an argument.
18:50:14 <tatica> so you're saying that the last 2 fudcon had few technical activities?
18:50:17 <tatica> wow :\
18:50:23 <kital> Wolnei: so let the most active people travel to that location - to develop others into active contributors as well
18:50:28 <spevack> There are *many* factors that go into a FUDCon, and that go into growing Fedora in a region as large as LATAM
18:50:44 <spevack> There are also many opportunities for lots of leaders, and for lots of important events.
18:50:45 <igorps> that's my point, organizers didn't think about that by forehand
18:50:56 <tatica> I won't vote, is unfare being part of latam and famsco member
18:51:09 <spevack> But if we *never* have FUDCons in different areas, then we will never grow contributors in different areas, and the argument of "you have to hold FUDCon where the contributors are" will apply forever.
18:51:22 <spevack> We're purposefully moving the NA FUDCon to a different side of the country this year for the same reason.
18:51:26 <spevack> EOF
18:51:29 <tatica> I need to give all the people of my region the same oportunity, and if I vote, I will be saying that X is best than Y
18:51:30 <spevack> kital: anything else for today?
18:51:51 <kital> no -
18:52:17 <kital> not from my side - i will send my stuff by mail
18:52:31 <igorps> spevack: that's a good point, if we can afford traveling I'm ok with that
18:52:49 <spevack> igorps: I agree.  That's why travel sponsorships are such an important part of FUDCon.
18:53:20 <Wolnei> i agree
18:53:26 <tatica> :)
18:53:27 <igorps> spevack: ok, I think we have consensus here
18:53:54 <igorps> I just would like to support organizers to not avoid the mistakes from the past
18:54:04 <spevack> #agreed FAMSCO supports FUDCon LATAM 2011 in Panama as the first choice.  General agreement and consensus by all who were in the meeting.  spevack to write a longer email to the mailing lists addressing the concerns and with plans on how to make sure those concerns can be handled.
18:54:11 * tatica will help with this fudcon organization
18:54:17 <spevack> igorps: i think that's great, thanks for the offer
18:54:24 <spevack> ok, I think this was a successful meeting.
18:54:28 <spevack> Any other concerns?
18:54:31 * spevack moves to adjourn
18:54:34 * ke4qqq +1s
18:54:54 <rbergeron> does jsmith need to stamp this in any way?
18:55:03 <spevack> rbergeron: i think he just needs to be informed.
18:55:04 <ke4qqq> per the bid process it would seem no
18:55:10 <aeperezt> thanks and we  will work to make the best for fudcon Panama
18:55:20 <ke4qqq> not that he would be ignored - just it seems it's budget holders decision largely
18:55:30 <tatica> aeperezt: I will make you work :P
18:55:32 <ke4qqq> spevack: I'll write the explanation if you want
18:55:36 <ke4qqq> I know you have a ton on your plate
18:55:44 <kital> aeperezt: all the best ;)
18:55:45 <spevack> ke4qqq: that would be great, thanks.  I was going to send it to ambassadors and fudcon-planning
18:55:45 <ke4qqq> even with the new and larger plate :)
18:55:54 <spevack> #action ke4qqq to write the summary, not spevack
18:55:56 <ke4qqq> ok - feel free to #task me
18:56:00 <aeperezt> tatica yes, but there will be small team to work on it
18:56:05 <tatica> ke4qqq: if you need help just ping me
18:56:05 <spevack> kital: ready to adjourn?
18:56:07 <igorps> aeperezt: If you need something please let me know ;)
18:56:10 <tatica> aeperezt: noup, there wont :)
18:56:13 <kital> spevack: yep
18:56:14 <spevack> igorps: thanks!
18:56:18 <spevack> thanks to everyone!!!
18:56:26 <aeperezt> tanks: igorps
18:56:27 <ke4qqq> tatica: I may need you to translate to es for me and post to the appropriate lists
18:56:35 <kital> thanks spevack for taking that topic ;)
18:56:36 <Wolnei> i well need the people too
18:56:42 <Wolnei> will
18:56:44 <rbergeron> speaking of fudcon planning. that meeting is up next i think
18:56:44 <igorps> I can translate to portuguese
18:56:54 <ke4qqq> igorps: I'll send you a copy as well then
18:56:57 * tatica will like to ask about ticket 97 :$
18:57:02 <tatica> igorps: sure, excellent
18:57:25 <igorps> ke4qqq: ok
18:57:55 <tatica> https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/ticket/97
18:59:07 <ke4qqq> tatica: what's actionable?
18:59:51 <tatica> just a reminder for that ticket
19:00:03 <ke4qqq> is he just looking for blessing - or does he have receipts to be reimbursed?
19:00:18 <kital> we speak about 200 $ for that release party - so he need a +1 right?
19:00:22 <tatica> yn1v:
19:00:39 <yn1v> just looking for approval before go ahead with that
19:00:41 <ke4qqq> he's gonna get reimbursed in PHX right?
19:00:47 <ke4qqq> yn1v: consider yourself blessed
19:00:48 <tatica> :)
19:00:51 <tatica> lol
19:00:53 <ke4qqq> go forth and spend
19:01:01 <yn1v> thanks!
19:01:16 <kital> agreed in the ticket as well
19:01:29 * tatica check her mail
19:01:30 <ke4qqq> thanks kital
19:01:36 * yn1v is going for meditation and self instrospection after the blessing
19:01:42 <ke4qqq> yn1v: :)
19:01:44 <kital> yn1v: ;)
19:01:47 <tatica> lol
19:01:55 <kital> so endmeeting?
19:01:59 <tatica> I guess
19:02:00 <ke4qqq> kital: worksforme
19:02:02 <kital> #endmeeting