20:05:22 <mchua> #startmeeting
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20:05:24 <mchua> #chair rbergeron
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20:05:26 <mchua> #chair stickster
20:05:26 <zodbot> Current chairs: mchua rbergeron stickster
20:05:28 * stickster here, but only partly. Fires to be put out.
20:05:30 <mchua> (for good measure) :)
20:05:34 <mchua> stickster: I'm sure!
20:05:40 <mchua> #info HAPPY F13 RELEASE DAY!
20:05:40 <ianweller> is this the party
20:05:45 <mchua> this is teh partay
20:05:50 <ianweller> i liek partyz
20:06:04 <heffer> interesting :)
20:06:14 <rbergeron> oh, hi
20:06:16 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_meetings#Agenda
20:06:17 <rbergeron> you already started
20:06:18 <rbergeron> lol
20:06:38 * rbergeron looks at the agenda to see what she hasnt' gotten done... augh
20:06:39 <heffer> rbergeron, most things happen when you least expect them
20:06:51 <mchua> rbergeron: you and me both... I think we're both (all?) somewhat dead today
20:06:55 <mchua> BUT! F13 is out!
20:07:00 <mchua> And and and....
20:07:03 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing#Release_deliverables
20:07:13 <rbergeron> lol
20:07:17 <mchua> #info We have... deliverables... WIN. Everything we needed to get done before release is done and BEAUTIFUL.
20:07:29 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F13_one_page_release_notes
20:07:48 <ianweller> i did have to cut a bit of content out of the PDF
20:07:51 <mchua> as a special call-out and thank-you to everyone who pitched in to finish these (ianweller posted the pdf last night and it's lovely)
20:07:54 <ianweller> to keep it "one page"
20:07:54 * mchua noticed that
20:07:58 <mchua> nice editing.
20:08:23 <mchua> #info Still remaining for F13: keeping track of and responding to press, press kit, post-mortem
20:08:48 <rbergeron> yep.
20:08:53 <rbergeron> When shall we post-mortem? Next week?
20:09:03 <ianweller> +1
20:09:07 <mchua> rbergeron: I think that makes a nice transition point, yes :)
20:09:09 <rbergeron> excellent.
20:10:16 <mchua> #agreed F13 post-mortem to be next week's meeting
20:10:18 <rbergeron> stickster: who was your interview subject for the boot.fp.o interview?
20:10:27 <stickster> rbergeron: I already fixed the page. mmcgrath
20:10:50 <mchua> This is a good time to bring up something real quick...
20:10:54 <mchua> #topic leadership transition
20:11:21 <mchua> This probably won't come as a surprise to anyone in the room (who may also have heard us talk about it in #fedora-mktg over the past few months)
20:11:39 <mchua> #info rbergeron will be the new Marketing Team lead starting with F14 - "official" switch date June 1st
20:11:50 <mchua> #info mchua will still be around, but will be rbergeron's minion ;)
20:12:19 <mchua> That way we have some time for me to clean up stuff from F13 so Robyn can focus on F14 and beyond. I plan on carrying as much of the F13 stuff as possible, making sure press kit gets done etc.
20:12:47 <rbergeron> :D
20:12:51 <rbergeron> MINIONS
20:12:52 <rbergeron> nomnom
20:13:02 <rbergeron> stickster: thank you, sir.
20:13:19 * rbergeron was wondering for her own personal purposes :)
20:13:30 <rbergeron> WHEW, no objections
20:13:32 <rbergeron> lol
20:13:52 <stickster> I fully concur with the leadership change. And I would encourage us to try and get the deliverables onto a release schedule for F14 if possible -- which I think makes rbergeron's job that much easier.
20:14:00 <mchua> Yep yep.
20:14:27 <rbergeron> indeed. I think that's part of the postmortem discussion, a bit, for next week, and maybe more officially the week after.
20:14:33 * mchua nods and agrees.
20:14:36 <rbergeron> at least as far as getting buy-in from everyone else on the team.
20:14:40 <rbergeron> :)
20:16:41 * mchua looks around for more questions
20:16:52 * rbergeron has none.
20:16:58 <mchua> rbergeron: also, I'd say that one of the most important parts of your upcoming job is to figure out how you will in turn pass it on to the next person. ;)
20:17:01 <mchua> whoever that ends up being!
20:17:05 <mchua> Mmm, new leadership cultivation.
20:17:11 <mchua> Anyhoo! Let us move on to tickets.
20:17:15 <mchua> #topic Tickets!
20:17:20 <mchua> #link https://fedorahosted.org/marketing-team/query?status=new&status=assigned&status=reopened&keywords=%7Emeeting&order=priority
20:17:23 <mchua> Behold the glory.
20:17:57 <mchua> #info #84, #104 I will take point on - they're press kit stuff - to make sure stickster has things before the Summit
20:18:14 <mchua> #info #92 - one page release notes - is done, closing
20:18:27 <mchua> #info #114 - f13 postmortem - is next week
20:19:09 <mchua> #info #115 - adding f14 milestones to trac - is administrivia, rbergeron has it (and she and I will be pow-wowing after this meeting on transition stuff in #fedora-mktg, for anyone who wants to ride along)
20:19:16 <rbergeron> #info #118 & #115 - i will be ....
20:19:20 <rbergeron> what she said, for 115
20:19:24 <rbergeron> #undo
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20:19:35 <mchua> #info #113 no comments on Zonker's class... should we ping again?
20:19:40 * mchua can at least take a pass through those logs herself
20:19:43 <rbergeron> yes, we should.
20:19:56 <rbergeron> maybe just contributing something to that mail will spur something.
20:20:09 <rbergeron> #118, actually, i do'nt have anything to say on that atm. :)
20:22:46 <mchua> #action mchua take a pass through jwb's log, post notes, wrap #113
20:23:14 <mchua> #info 118 - clean up F13 deliverable SOPs... mchua plans on sprinting on that towards the end of this week
20:23:24 <mchua> #action mchua schedule time for sprinting on #118, announce to list
20:25:15 <mchua> That's all for tickets. Anything else?
20:25:24 <mchua> #action mchua rbergeron look at trac tickets right after this meeting during handoff sprint
20:25:32 <mchua> ...and actually, that's pretty much all I had for this meeting.
20:25:44 <rbergeron> #info robyn would like to thank everyone for kicking ass on F13.
20:25:46 <mchua> Any other business? It's release day - we get to catch our breaths a bit and watch the press roll in.
20:25:50 <mchua> #info mchua +1 rbergeron!
20:26:47 * mchua looks around
20:26:53 <mchua> We... might just be able to wrap early today, actually
20:26:55 <mchua> and PARTAY
20:26:56 * rbergeron has nothing.
20:27:00 <rbergeron> indeed.
20:27:04 <mchua> and gear up for postmortem next week and get some much-deserved sleep. :)
20:27:08 <rbergeron> oy
20:27:09 <mchua> #action everybody please get some rest
20:27:14 * stickster would like to mention one thing
20:27:34 <stickster> We should keep our eyes on community news sites, and try to respond with useful information in a consistent, clear, and cordial way wherever possible
20:27:56 * rbergeron agrees
20:28:00 <stickster> Also, use the link tracking for download and join links:
20:28:06 <stickster> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Link_tracking
20:28:18 <stickster> OK, that was two things.
20:28:58 <rbergeron> :)
20:29:10 <rbergeron> #info We should keep our eyes on community news sites, and try to  respond with useful information in a consistent, clear, and  cordial way wherever possible
20:29:20 <rbergeron> #info Also, use the link tracking for download and join links
20:29:27 <mchua> #link http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/POSSE_California_CS_Planning#Syllabus_planning
20:29:27 <rbergeron> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Link_tracking
20:29:30 <mchua> #undu
20:29:32 <mchua> ARGH
20:29:33 <mchua> #undo
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20:29:35 <mchua> #undo
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20:29:43 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Link_tracking
20:29:46 * mchua has TOTAL FAIL
20:29:48 * rbergeron grins at mchua
20:29:48 <mchua> there we go.
20:29:58 <mchua> And... with that, I think we are... a wrap!
20:30:04 * rbergeron ntoes that stickster sent a very helpful email on link tracking this morning - thank you for that!
20:30:28 <stickster> my pleasure!
20:31:48 <mchua> Aaaaand.... closing in
20:31:52 <mchua> (ianweller, jet packs!)
20:31:53 <mchua> 5...
20:31:56 <mchua> 4...
20:31:58 <mchua> 3...
20:31:59 * ianweller boots his up
20:32:00 <mchua> 2...
20:32:04 <rbergeron> :)
20:32:08 * mchua straps on helmet, jetpack
20:32:10 <mchua> 1...
20:32:12 * ianweller jetpacks through the pane glass windows
20:32:14 <mchua> 0.5...
20:32:17 <rbergeron> lol
20:32:17 <mchua> *blastoff*
20:32:19 <mchua> ROCK IT!
20:32:19 <rbergeron> rock it!
20:32:21 <ianweller> rock it.
20:32:21 <mchua> #endmeeting