17:12:26 <quaid> #startmeeting
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17:12:39 <quaid> #chair pcalarco hiemanshu itbegins
17:12:40 <zodbot> Current chairs: hiemanshu itbegins pcalarco quaid
17:13:04 <quaid> #info Design/skin needs packaging
17:13:33 <quaid> #info hiemanshu packaged zikula 1.2.2 and has it in staging
17:13:47 <pcalarco> quaid: great, thanks!
17:13:51 <quaid> #info work on pagemaster package for 1.2.x is next/in progress
17:14:16 <quaid> #link http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=2017913
17:14:39 <hiemanshu> quaid: Zikula is not yet in staging, but should be soon
17:14:45 <pcalarco> #info hiemanshu will work on this ticket tonight https://fedorahosted.org/design-team/ticket/85
17:15:09 <hiemanshu> also design will be in a package once me and itbegins are done working on pagemaster
17:16:11 <pcalarco> #info Zikula 1.2.2 needs packaging; ke4qqq emailed with link to scratch package
17:17:16 <hiemanshu> #info Zikula 1.2.2 is packaged, ke4qqq needs to update package in the repos before we can use it
17:18:53 <quaid> do we have anyone who can put packages in Infrastructure's repo?
17:19:05 <quaid> or is it worth doing that if we can just get ke4qqq to update?
17:20:27 <quaid> btw, I have the power of SMS to ke4qqq if we don't see him around today; what is the actual blocker date for 1.2.2 update?
17:20:34 <quaid> i.e., it's staging that needs it, right?
17:21:01 <quaid> so we can get things working on pt6 today and when David updates the package, we can use that for staging in the next day?
17:21:18 <pcalarco> quaid: yes, I think so
17:21:38 <hiemanshu> quaid: itbegins updated pt6 to 1.2.2 by hand
17:22:00 <hiemanshu> quaid: and only members of sysadmin-main have write access to the infra rpeo
17:22:09 <hiemanshu> .members sysadmin-main
17:22:10 <zodbot> hiemanshu: Members of sysadmin-main: @ausil jkeating jstanley lmacken mdomsch mikeb @mmcgrath nigelj ricky +skvidal smooge spot @toshio
17:22:14 <quaid> right, and since the rpm is pretty much automating that manual process ... we shouldn't be concerned about the different methods, right?
17:22:39 <hiemanshu> You ll have to ask itbegins about that, I think it shouldn't really matter
17:24:39 <pcalarco> itbegins will be back in a few hours, probably 2.5
17:50:47 <hiemanshu> brb in an hour, getting too late, need to have dinner soon
18:01:44 <itbegins> hi everyone
18:07:03 <itbegins> quaid, you're right that deploying the new version to staging is simple
18:07:44 <itbegins> we take the database from pt6, and install the packages on stg and we're done
18:10:36 <pcalarco> Itbegins: hi again
18:10:44 <itbegins> pcalarco, hi
18:13:11 <quaid> has anyone submitted a theme package for review?
18:13:21 * quaid hasn't seen a bug # or such yet
18:19:29 <pcalarco> hiemanshu has one more ticket open, which he is going to finish tonight; then we'll see how the pagemaster workflow and templates look
18:22:14 <hiemanshu> pcalarco: the ticket is part of pagemaster
18:22:29 <hiemanshu> quaid: There is one in infra repo, I made it
18:22:35 <quaid> ah!
18:22:45 <pcalarco> hiemanshu: ok, thanks for the clarification
18:22:52 <quaid> hiemanshu: is that where it should be longer term? i.e., Infra doesn't think we should have a general package for it?
18:23:07 * quaid vaguely recalls such a discussion perhaps maybe vaguely
18:23:39 <hiemanshu> quaid: Yes thats where its going to be long term, and not having a general package wasn't was my decision, anyone who wants to use it is more than happy to clone the git repo with the theme
18:23:50 <hiemanshu> s/wasn't//
18:24:13 <quaid> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/How_to_set_up_a_Zikula_sandbox
18:24:29 <quaid> so that page says DON'T use PHP 5.3
18:24:43 <quaid> which is about to change, yes
18:25:11 * quaid realizes he is on an F11 system and it's using 5.2
18:25:16 <hiemanshu> quaid: https://fedorahosted.org/released/fedora-insight-theme/ you can find f11 and f12 packages there, but thats an older version
18:25:31 <hiemanshu> quaid: I added dont run PHP 5.3 because 1.1.x doesnt support it
18:25:32 <quaid> staging is running Fedora 12?
18:25:43 <hiemanshu> RHEL 5 IIRC
18:25:45 <quaid> hiemanshu: right, and I see we are on the custp
18:25:46 <quaid> oh
18:25:59 <quaid> s/custp/cusp/
18:26:24 <quaid> ok, I'll leave those instructions as-is until zikula 1.2.2 is in
18:26:49 <quaid> so we can enable people make a sandbox for theming
18:27:12 <quaid> do we know if a theme written to zikula 1.1.x will work as-is on 1.2.x?
18:27:32 <quaid> or should we be updating those instructions to "use php 5.3 now and here is how to update to zikula 1.2.2"?
18:27:44 * quaid actually thinks the latter
18:28:01 <hiemanshu> Yup and the lastest theme is at git://git.fedoraproject.org/fedora-insight-theme.git
18:30:30 <hiemanshu> quaid: is my system running Zikula 1.2.2 (installed via the package I made) and the theme copied over from the git repo
18:31:29 <hiemanshu> It will be a little slow due to the reason that I only have a 1Mbit line, but enough to show that it is working
18:33:05 <quaid> ok, I'm going to make sandbox with all the new bits and update the instructions
18:33:35 <pcalarco> ke4qqq: Hi!
18:34:49 <hiemanshu> quaid: just the link to the scratch build to get the updated rpm
18:34:55 <hiemanshu> s/just/use
18:35:41 <itbegins> I recommend only installing 1.2.2 from now on
18:36:15 <itbegins> there's no need to "upgrade" to 1.2 unless you have data in 1.1 you want to keep
18:36:37 <hiemanshu> and since stg doesnt have anything we need, we can just redo it
18:36:40 <itbegins> yep
18:36:47 <ke4qqq> hi pcalarco
18:37:13 <itbegins> hiemanshu, are you ready for some theme work?
18:37:30 <hiemanshu> itbegins: Sure
18:37:57 <itbegins> ok, so the templates we use for pagemaster are in config/templates/pagemaster as you know
18:38:07 <itbegins> the first task has to be the index page
18:38:13 <itbegins> http://publictest6.fedoraproject.org/zikula/index.php
18:39:15 <quaid> ke4qqq: did you get a ping about updating Zikula?
18:39:21 <ke4qqq> yes, reviewing it now
18:39:26 <quaid> yay!
18:39:30 <itbegins> pcalarco, we've got the workflow working
18:39:30 <ke4qqq> itbegins: did zikula strip out the forked gettext?
18:39:35 <itbegins> there are a couple of things I'm not happy with
18:39:51 <pcalarco> itbegins: on pt6?  I can look now
18:40:02 <ke4qqq> that was the blocker (and the reason 1.2 never hit fedora)
18:40:06 <itbegins> ke4qqq, I think the end decision was that although it derives from the other gettext library, it has been changed so much that it's effectively a zikula library now
18:40:23 <itbegins> i.e the current source code will only work on Zikula, and is not a library usable in any other circumstances
18:40:45 <itbegins> pcalarco, yes, that's right
18:40:52 <itbegins> pcalarco, lots of template work still to do
18:41:11 <itbegins> ke4qqq, 1.2 is important for FI because it saves us using a hacked pagemaster release
18:41:20 <quaid> #topic Working on theme, templates in config/templates/pagemaster
18:41:27 <ke4qqq> my last conversation with drak was actually to the contrary - he said that it was forked contrary to zikula policy but was considered a temporary hack until it was going to be deprecated
18:41:43 <ke4qqq> which was rapidly expected
18:42:33 * ke4qqq goes to find the conversation with Toshio and Drak to reread it
18:42:45 <itbegins> ke4qqq, right, but it's not going to be removed as part of the 1.2 release
18:43:09 <ke4qqq> yes - which is why it's not in Fedora
18:43:10 <itbegins> ke4qqq, at least, as I understand it at the moment
18:44:52 <itbegins> ke4qqq, well, the way I see it there are two main points: 1.  This is not a library anymore, it's zikula-only code  2. This is not going to change until the release of Zikula 1.3 in a number of months.
18:45:24 <itbegins> My view would be that the normal library guidelines with respect to libraries wouldn't apply if the code is not reusable elsewhere
18:45:42 <itbegins> this is no different to the DBUtil libraries, the core API etc etc
18:45:54 <ke4qqq> yeah - I'll want to circle back with toshio and see if we can talk through this.
18:45:54 <itbegins> regardless of the fact that it's derived from php-gettext
18:46:12 * mchua looks at backlog - didn't realize we were in this channel, thanks to hiemanshu for the tip.
18:46:33 <quaid> mchua: there's a meeting log that captures the up-to-then status
18:46:58 <itbegins> hiemanshu, if you can handle the news templates at the moment, I will handle the Fedora news template
18:47:05 <quaid> #link http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting-1/2010-02-27/fedora-meeting-1.2010-02-27-17.12.log.txt
18:47:19 <itbegins> hiemanshu, this template needs a fair bit of attention: http://publictest6.fedoraproject.org/zikula/index.php?module=pagemaster&func=viewpub&tid=3&pid=3
18:47:23 <quaid> mchua: at the start of that log we did a quick capture of what had gone on before
18:47:23 <mchua> quaid: I <3 zodbot
18:47:32 <quaid> mchua: I can send you the full log but I think that summary does it
18:47:37 <quaid> zodbot++
18:47:46 <quaid> zodbot-- for not tracking karma yet
18:47:53 <gsieranski> ++zodbot
18:49:15 <hiemanshu> itbegins: Ah I see, this is in the output folder in c/t/pagemaster right?
18:49:23 <itbegins> yep, that's the one
18:49:38 <hiemanshu> publist_News.htm ?
18:49:47 <ke4qqq> give me a bit to reread the conversation - we exchanged in excess of 50 emails on this topic back in December. I remember at the time the decision from Fedora's perspective was to wait it out - but let me see if sometihng has changed there.
18:49:56 <itbegins> hiemanshu, that's the list template, which controls the index page
18:50:13 <hiemanshu> ah viewpub_News.htm
18:50:24 <itbegins> hiemanshu, that's the one that controls the page I last linked to
18:50:37 <hiemanshu> So we need to work on that one right
18:52:08 <hiemanshu> itbegins: what is all the cr_* stuff doing on the page?
18:52:27 <itbegins> cr_ are "core" fields
18:52:37 <itbegins> these tell you stuff like who made the article, at what time
18:52:53 <itbegins> any fields in paticular you're not sure about?
18:53:06 <gsieranski> where in pt6 are you guys?
18:53:22 <hiemanshu> http://publictest6.fedoraproject.org/zikula/index.php?module=pagemaster&func=viewpub&tid=3&pid=3
18:53:31 <hiemanshu> [root@publictest6 output]# pwd
18:53:32 <hiemanshu> /usr/share/zikula/config/templates/pagemaster/output
18:53:39 <ke4qqq> itbegins: hiemanshu: toshio's last email on the subject - and I asked him into the conversation as he was the person who initially filed the bug about zikula bundling libraries, and sits on FPC - was that shipping the forked gettext would require an exception from FESCo to be granted. I'll circle back with him today and see if he still holds that opinion.
18:53:55 <gsieranski> hiemanshu: thanks
18:54:08 <itbegins> ke4qqq, ok, thanks.
18:54:13 <hiemanshu> ke4qqq: Sounds good
18:54:28 <hiemanshu> itbegins: Do we want to keep the tags as a part of the Page?
18:54:55 <itbegins> hiemanshu, remove / use whatever you'd like to
18:55:01 <itbegins> whatever it needs to look good
18:55:13 <itbegins> there's no functional requirement to keep anything
18:55:30 <hiemanshu> I see
18:55:40 <hiemanshu> mchua, pcalarco : Your comments on it please
18:55:50 <hiemanshu> DO you want to keep the values ?
18:56:21 <quaid> ok, so can we request our 1.2.2 package be tucked in Infrastructure repo in the meantime?
18:56:29 <pcalarco> hiemanshu: II do not think we need o keep those on http://publictest6.fedoraproject.org/zikula/index.php?module=pagemaster&func=viewpub&tid=3&pid=3
18:56:31 <itbegins> pcalarco, unfortunately I'll have to clear out the fedora news articles you've added previously
18:56:41 <pcalarco> that's perfectly fine
18:57:12 <hiemanshu> pcalarco: just leave the date and time of Creation on? or remove that too?
18:57:34 <hiemanshu> pcalarco: now does http://publictest6.fedoraproject.org/zikula/index.php?module=pagemaster&func=viewpub&tid=3&pid=3 look any better?
18:58:00 <pcalarco> hiemanshu: yes, much!
18:58:17 <gsieranski> hiemanshu: i would duplicate that
18:58:31 <hiemanshu> I just commented the remaining part out, and change cr_date to Date of Creation
18:58:42 <hiemanshu> if you have any thing else I should name it to let me know
18:59:04 <ke4qqq> jds2001: thoughts on quaids proposal?
18:59:50 <quaid> jds2001: we'd like to be ready to move from staging on 3/3, which is probably the same day FESCo meets next :)
18:59:55 <pcalarco> hiemanshu: are there fields for the tags as well for that pubtype?  If so, it would be good to display those as well
19:00:17 <pcalarco> tags meaning something we can create RSS feeds from
19:00:25 <pcalarco> or aggregate content
19:00:36 <hiemanshu> pcalarco: I think itbegins can answer that better
19:00:51 <hiemanshu> itbegins: ^^ and also is there a way to display author name instead of number?
19:00:54 <ke4qqq> given their recent voting stance - I feel almost certain they are likely to reject the idea it once everything is taken in context, which is one of the several reasons I haven't asked for an exception
19:02:04 <itbegins> pcalarco, not sure what you're after?  We can provide differnet styles of templates for RSS feeds
19:02:17 <hiemanshu> pcalarco: refresh the page, and feedback please
19:02:20 <pcalarco> itbegins: okay, that's all we need
19:02:21 <itbegins> hiemanshu, yes, there is
19:02:45 <hiemanshu> itbegins: whats the hook for that?
19:03:09 <itbegins> <!--[pnusergetvar name="uname" uid=$cr_uid]-->
19:03:16 <itbegins> or similar, I forget what the name of the variable is
19:03:25 <itbegins> you can also get real name, which might be nicer
19:03:26 <pcalarco> hiemanshu: looks good
19:03:33 <itbegins> just requires everyone to enter their real name in their profile
19:04:39 <hiemanshu> pcalarco: one more refresh (Author name working now)
19:04:55 <ke4qqq> there is a licensing problem as well - zikula has stripped the existing license header - which claimed GPLv2+ and now it only claims GPL (which is technically GPL+) ughhhhh
19:05:11 <gsieranski> looks good
19:05:14 <pcalarco> hiemanshu: very nice
19:05:55 <hiemanshu> itbegins: what is the Extended Text part?
19:07:29 <itbegins> hiemanshu, you would, for example, display the summary text on the homepage and the summary + the extended text when viewing the full article
19:08:17 <hiemanshu> itbegins: ah ok, so I'll remove the summary part (leave it for homepage) and only extended text for the full view
19:08:23 <hiemanshu> pcalarco: ^^ Seem fine?
19:08:35 <itbegins> hiemanshu, more an editoral decision I think :)
19:09:19 <pcalarco> hiemanshu: yes, sounds good here
19:09:30 <hiemanshu> itbegins: can you just replace the wop with dummy text?
19:11:20 <itbegins> pcalarco, could you oblige hiemanshu by editingthe article and/or creating a few more?
19:11:29 <itbegins> pcalarco, I'm a bit in the middle of something here, sorry
19:11:50 <pcalarco> itbegins: certainly, on it
19:13:11 <itbegins> thanks, appreciated
19:14:35 <itbegins> pcalarco, if you don't mind, and could create a few sample FWN articles in the FWN section for various beat/date combinations that would be great
19:15:12 <pcalarco> threw an error when I created a new FWN beat: http://publictest6.fedoraproject.org/zikula/index.php?module=pagemaster&func=viewpub&tid=4&pid=1
19:16:07 <pcalarco> may just be verbose debugging: error was 'Exit handler:Exiting after SQL-error'
19:17:46 <pcalarco> the xinha editor isn't displaying in the FWN submission forms
19:21:31 <hiemanshu> damn the pt3 fas doesnt like me, It wont let me create an account, it says captcha wrong, no matter what
19:22:10 <gsieranski> keep refreshing until you get lucky enough to be able to read it
19:22:31 <hiemanshu> I can read it right
19:22:33 <hiemanshu> every time
19:22:38 <hiemanshu> but it wont accept it
19:23:14 <itbegins> pcalarco, my fault
19:23:17 <itbegins> working on it
19:23:32 <pcalarco> itbegins: no worries, thanks
19:23:46 * quaid is going to pack up and head back to the office; house just got invaded by girls returned from sleepover with the neighbor friend
19:23:56 <quaid> and make some coffee, bbi 15min
19:24:51 <hiemanshu> gsieranski: finally it works :)
19:25:10 <itbegins> pcalarco, SQL error should be done
19:26:44 <pcalarco> itbegins: verified, thanks!
19:27:19 <hiemanshu> I get a access denied error now
19:27:53 * mchua has to head out for the day but will read backlog upon return, feel free to #action me on things.
19:28:09 <gsieranski> :)
19:28:21 <hiemanshu> and its pt6 zikula, after I logged in
19:29:12 <hiemanshu> gsieranski: you can see it fine?
19:29:42 <gsieranski> hiemanshu: Yep!
19:29:51 <hiemanshu> Damn :(
19:30:16 <gsieranski> hiemanshu: the xinh?
19:30:19 <gsieranski> xinha
19:30:41 <hiemanshu> gsieranski: I cant see anything, just gives me a access denied after I logged in
19:30:47 <hiemanshu> even index.php wont show
19:31:19 <gsieranski> let me check
19:32:21 <hiemanshu> http://hiemanshu.fedorapeople.org/zikula.png
19:32:24 <pcalarco> hiemanshu: I went into administration on pt6 and updated your account as administrator, and reset your password to your username
19:32:35 <pcalarco> see if you can login now?
19:32:36 <gsieranski> i can't log in either
19:33:10 <hiemanshu> pcalarco: better, I can see it
19:33:13 <hiemanshu> now
19:36:32 <hiemanshu> pcalarco: http://publictest6.fedoraproject.org/zikula/index.php?module=pagemaster&func=viewpub&tid=3&pid=3 with some dummy text content
19:37:19 <gsieranski> hiemanshu: good job!
19:39:43 <pcalarco> the xinha editor looks good; the icons are a bit off on my browser, though?
19:39:53 <hiemanshu> pcalarco: for me too
19:40:23 <gsieranski> back shortly
19:40:55 <hiemanshu> pcalarco: refresh the page again, see a difference?
19:41:37 <pcalarco> hiemanshu: with the editor icons? no.
19:41:52 <hiemanshu> pcalarco: I meant http://publictest6.fedoraproject.org/zikula/index.php?module=pagemaster&func=viewpub&tid=3&pid=3
19:43:01 <pcalarco> hiemanshu: yes, it looks good.  Is there a queue yet for moderating comments?
19:43:51 <hiemanshu> pcalarco: I am not sure
19:47:59 <hiemanshu> pcalarco: would you like any more changes to that template or it seems to be fine?
19:48:20 <pcalarco> seems very good!
19:50:06 <pcalarco> excepting the '_PAGEMASTER_GENERIC_VIEWPUB' which is at the top; I think this is debugging mode, which I assume will be turned off when we go to staging
19:53:15 <hiemanshu> itbegins: publist_News.htm is the one that shows on the front page right?
19:55:55 <itbegins> hiemanshu, sorry, went to eat
19:56:47 <hiemanshu> itbegins: no problem
19:57:49 <hiemanshu> pcalarco: Another edit, it now shows the real name of the Author on the full article, if no real name, it shows the username
19:57:59 <itbegins> hiemanshu, that's correct
19:58:46 <hiemanshu> itbegins: why isnt it getting any data? (There is atleast one post and that should be shown right)
19:59:22 <itbegins> hiemanshu, it has to be in "published" state
19:59:24 <itbegins> and set as online
19:59:25 <pcalarco> hiemanshu: I think the workflow requires review of submitted news
19:59:28 <itbegins> one of those isn't true
20:01:16 <pcalarco> I will edit some of the submissions
20:01:39 <itbegins> pcalarco, xinha should be working now i hipe
20:02:31 <hiemanshu> ah, I am not that good with zikula yet
20:03:06 <pcalarco> itbegins: yes, works nicely, although the icons are off-center; minimize/maximize is quite nice
20:03:41 <pcalarco> all of the submitted pubs have state=published but are not showing on front page
20:03:57 <pcalarco> Array
20:03:57 <pcalarco> (
20:03:57 <pcalarco> [id] => 17
20:03:57 <pcalarco> [metaid] => 0
20:03:57 <pcalarco> [module] => pagemaster
20:03:58 <pcalarco> [schemaname] => draft_ready_publish
20:04:00 <pcalarco> [state] => published
20:04:02 <pcalarco> [type] => 1
20:04:04 <pcalarco> [obj_table] => pagemaster_pubdata4
20:04:06 <pcalarco> [obj_idcolumn] => id
20:04:08 <pcalarco> [obj_id] => 10
20:04:10 <pcalarco> [busy] => 0
20:04:12 <pcalarco> [debug] =>
20:04:16 <pcalarco> )
20:04:20 <itbegins> hmm
20:04:25 <itbegins> are they set as online?
20:06:29 <pcalarco> core_online = no
20:07:01 <pcalarco> FWN Pubtype
20:07:01 <pcalarco> core_title: 10
20:07:01 <pcalarco> core_pid: 3
20:07:01 <pcalarco> id: 10
20:07:01 <pcalarco> Beat Name: Interviews
20:07:01 <pcalarco> Date: 2010-02-27 00:00:00
20:07:03 <pcalarco> Text: Interview text Fedora Project
20:07:05 <pcalarco> core_author: pcalarco [22]
20:07:07 <pcalarco> core_hitcount: 2
20:07:09 <pcalarco> core_revision: 0
20:07:11 <pcalarco> core_online: No
20:07:15 <pcalarco> core_indepot: No
20:07:17 <pcalarco> core_showinmenu: No
20:07:19 <pcalarco> core_showinlist: Yes
20:07:21 <pcalarco> core_publishdate: 2010-02-27 00:00:00
20:07:23 <pcalarco> core_expiredate: 2010-03-31 00:00:00
20:07:25 <pcalarco> obj_status: A
20:07:27 <pcalarco> cr_date: 2010-02-27 19:19:38
20:07:29 <pcalarco> cr_uid: pcalarco [22]
20:07:31 <pcalarco> lu_date: 2010-02-27 19:26:14
20:07:33 <pcalarco> lu_uid: pcalarco [22]
20:07:35 <pcalarco> __WORKFLOW__:
20:07:37 <pcalarco> Array
20:07:39 <pcalarco> (
20:07:41 <pcalarco> [id] => 17
20:07:45 <pcalarco> [metaid] => 0
20:07:47 <pcalarco> [module] => pagemaster
20:07:49 <pcalarco> [schemaname] => draft_ready_publish
20:07:51 <pcalarco> [state] => published
20:07:53 <pcalarco> [type] => 1
20:07:55 <pcalarco> [obj_table] => pagemaster_pubdata4
20:07:57 <pcalarco> [obj_idcolumn] => id
20:07:59 <pcalarco> [obj_id] => 10
20:08:01 <pcalarco> [busy] => 0
20:08:03 <pcalarco> [debug] =>
20:08:05 <pcalarco> )
20:08:08 <hiemanshu> pcalarco: trying not be rude, please use http://fpaste.org :)
20:08:55 <pcalarco> hiemanshu: apologies, newbie to all of this . . . thanks for the suggestion!
20:09:17 <hiemanshu> pcalarco: np :)
20:09:34 <hiemanshu> pcalarco: if you did this in #fedora, you would have been kicked out of the channel
20:13:29 <jds2001> quaid: huh?
20:13:39 <jds2001> is there something that needs thrown in the infra repo?
20:13:42 <itbegins> pcalarco, it;'s not online
20:13:43 <ke4qqq> jds2001: welcome - soooo
20:13:47 <ke4qqq> here's the thing
20:13:47 * jds2001 has the power to do that....
20:13:59 <ke4qqq> zikula forked/bundled a library
20:14:00 <itbegins> hopefully, if you edit the article, and hit the go online button should fix it
20:14:39 <jds2001> ke4qqq: that's not new news :/
20:14:39 <ke4qqq> back in december - toshio and I decided that we could 1. patch the existing php-gettext package with zikula changes (it's an option, not a good one, but an option)
20:14:57 * quaid listens
20:15:07 <ke4qqq> or we could have them maintain zikula-php-gettext separately and package it separately
20:15:15 <ke4qqq> or 3. we could aske fesco for an exception
20:15:32 <jds2001> how substantially is it modified?
20:15:43 <itbegins> very as I understand it
20:15:46 <ke4qqq> the changes (/me has been going through the source) and there are two files - in the first file - they have two additional functions
20:15:57 <itbegins> ke4qqq, you know better than me then :)
20:16:02 <ke4qqq> but we aren't talking the same version - iirc they were on 1.0.7 and we are 1.0.9
20:16:13 <ke4qqq> I haven't gotten to the second file
20:16:19 <ke4qqq> the rest of the changes are whitespace changes
20:16:54 <ke4qqq> though they did clean things up quite a bit and make it more eadable
20:16:56 <ke4qqq> readable
20:17:35 * ke4qqq is not inclined to ask fesco for an exception (and made that choice back in december) because zikula plans to drop this package when they hit 1.3
20:17:49 <jds2001> so i guess the question revolves around the second file, and why this wasnt done with php-gettext upstream?
20:18:53 <itbegins> pcalarco, did you get anywhere with creating FWN articles?
20:19:01 <ke4qqq> the initial claim was that upstream was dead - though they have done two releases since december, and two other reasons - 1. is that upstream wouldn't/didn't accept the patches, and 2. they already plan on dropping it because it's not licensed as they want it long term. (they want libs licensed lgplv2)
20:19:21 <pcalarco> itbegins: they are all listed as online, but not showing up on the frontpage for some reason
20:19:21 <ke4qqq> (though upstream appeared dead - aside from the two most recent releases they haven't had a release in three years)
20:19:49 <jds2001> i guess it's just that good :)
20:20:09 <ke4qqq> well I think a lot of the recent stuff was centered around making it work with php5
20:20:14 <ke4qqq> but I don't know
20:20:21 <jds2001> so what part is this for?
20:21:00 <itbegins> jds2001, this lbirary is used almost everywhere for gettext (i.e multilingualism in the UI)
20:21:17 <jds2001> ahh, so in the core, not a module.
20:21:24 <ke4qqq> yeah - I tried just unbundling back in december and it just pukes all over itself
20:22:29 <ke4qqq> so quaid proposed putting the 1.2.2 build hiemanshu did into infra repo while fedora waits on 1.3.x to fix this issue or we come up with something equally brilliant
20:23:26 <jds2001> yeah, but how long does this last?
20:23:43 <jds2001> im not opposed, but i'd like to get mike's blessing on that.
20:23:51 <ke4qqq> well drak has promised it's going away with $somethingbetter at 1.3 - but no idea on 1.3 timeline.
20:24:29 <itbegins> I would guess 1.3 is a few months away
20:24:38 <itbegins> but things may move faster
20:24:58 <itbegins> having said that, development priorities changed recently so I can't guarantee we will see movement on the gettext library issue in 1.3
20:25:34 <jds2001> :(
20:27:45 <ke4qqq> itbegins: any chance drak is on irc now?
20:28:19 <itbegins> ke4qqq, don't think so, he's in Nepal I believe
20:28:50 <ke4qqq> ahhhh ok
20:29:42 <quaid> ke4qqq: yes,that is summary what I proposed
20:29:57 <itbegins> pcalarco, bug in the workflow still, I'm looking at it now
20:31:08 <pcalarco> itbegins: thanks!
20:31:29 <jds2001> quaid: im the fng in sysadmin-main - while I technically can put whatever i want in the infra repo, I'd like Mike's signoff before doing that since the package is unacceptable for inclusion otherwise.
20:32:00 <quaid> jds2001: agreed
20:32:03 <jds2001> but i think that this  is a good case for it, especially since it should be going away next upstream version
20:32:28 <quaid> and it's not entirely clear if it is unfixeable,i.e. a way to make it acceptable
20:32:34 <quaid> but not by Wed.
20:32:52 <quaid> ok, should we file up a ticket or email mike or #fedora-admin?
20:33:07 <jds2001> i pinged him in #fedora-admin, but he's probably away
20:36:35 <itbegins> pcalarco, so I think the reivison control is broken at the moment.  I've turned it off which may fix the problem
20:36:40 <itbegins> longer term we can fix it properly
20:36:57 <pcalarco> itbegins: great, thanks
20:37:15 <pcalarco> I will edit a couple articles again and re-publish
20:38:11 <quaid> jds2001: sounds like a ticket, so we can get input from all
20:38:33 <quaid> you, ke4qqq, abadger,  mmcgrath, itbegins, mchua_afk etc.
20:38:41 <jds2001> quaid: you wanna open it?
20:38:46 <quaid> am doing it now :)
20:38:53 <jds2001> cool :)
20:39:16 * quaid being all project managerial and stuff
20:41:12 <pcalarco> itbegins: no difference with new published articles
20:41:31 <itbegins> pcalarco, looking
20:56:48 * ke4qqq notes he is going offline for a few hours, but will be back
20:57:09 <itbegins> pcalarco, it's working for the FWN pubtype
20:57:23 <itbegins> ke4qqq, goodnight then, I'll be in bed when you're back!
20:57:31 <itbegins> thanks for your help
20:57:47 <ke4qqq> wish I had actually been of help
20:58:56 <pcalarco> itbegins: should these be showing at http://publictest6.fedoraproject.org/zikula/index.php ?
20:59:09 <itbegins> pcalarco, nope, working on that one
21:11:14 <itbegins> http://publictest6.fedoraproject.org/zikula/index.php
21:11:19 <itbegins> how are we looking?
21:12:15 <hiemanshu> itbegins: sweet need to fix the link though, what do I link it to?
21:12:21 <hiemanshu> the hook?
21:12:38 <hiemanshu> <a href="<!--[pnmodurl modname="pagemaster" func="pubview" tid=$core.tid pid=$core.pid]-->"> ?
21:13:21 <itbegins> <a href="<!--[pnmodurl modname='pagemaster' type='user' func='viewpub' tid=$tid pid=$pubitem.core_pid]-->">
21:13:30 <itbegins> close though :)
21:13:51 <itbegins> that would do for the publist pages
21:14:13 <hiemanshu> yes
21:14:55 * hiemanshu wonders whether to link title or add a read more
21:16:03 <hiemanshu> itbegins: works :) [This closes the blocker ticket]
21:16:08 <hiemanshu> .design 85
21:16:10 <zodbot> hiemanshu: #85 (need 'read more' link for bottom of article previews on front page of insight) - Design Team - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/design-team/ticket/85
21:16:34 <pcalarco> itbegins: great!
21:17:14 <hiemanshu> itbegins: btw what country are you in?
21:17:22 * hiemanshu always hits the wrong channel :(
21:17:39 <itbegins> UK
21:17:44 <hiemanshu> ah
21:19:39 <itbegins> hiemanshu, how about you?
21:20:19 <hiemanshu> itbegins: India
21:20:30 <itbegins> hiemanshu, it's pretty late for you then
21:20:57 <hiemanshu> itbegins: I usually sleep at 5AM, my $dayjob is from 8PM to 4AM my time
21:21:25 <hiemanshu> and also I am suffering from insomnia
21:22:20 <itbegins> hiemanshu, that's not great, hope you get better soon
21:22:31 <hiemanshu> itbegins: yup I wish too
21:23:43 <pcalarco> itbegins: ok, so generic news type is publishing correctly to front (I just submitted one there), but FWN pubtype not yet
21:24:49 <hiemanshu> pcalarco: Summary goes on front page and full article in Extended text
21:25:32 <itbegins> http://publictest6.fedoraproject.org/zikula/index.php?module=pagemaster&tid=4
21:27:06 <itbegins> hiemanshu, I think the FWN template needs work - I'll explain
21:27:40 <itbegins> the way we envisioned FWN working is that beat writers would submit articles to the FWN page (each beat being a separate article)
21:28:08 <itbegins> using some template magic on the FWN publist page, we concatenate articles for the same issue into a single "article"
21:28:39 <itbegins> then, separately, pcalarco can post an article (When the FWN issue is done) linking to the publist page for the FWN articles
21:28:48 <itbegins> hiemanshu, pcalarco does that make sense?
21:29:05 <hiemanshu> itbegins: makes complete sense to me
21:29:11 <hiemanshu> itbegins: you want to work on it now?
21:29:14 <pcalarco> itbegins: yes
21:29:19 * hiemanshu has to go out in about 20 minutes
21:29:30 <itbegins> hiemanshu, on the logic side, I've changed the FWN publist template code
21:29:40 <itbegins> it should print an <hr> between articles with different dates
21:29:51 <itbegins> pcalarco, I was wondering, should we move to an issue nubmer, or keep the date field?
21:29:53 <hiemanshu> Yup I see that
21:30:13 <pcalarco> probably an issue number
21:30:28 <pcalarco> but the date field is still relevant and useful I thinkl
21:30:47 <itbegins> hiemanshu, so, if you or another designer can design some sort of display for that (aggregating same-issue submissions together in a visually-clever way) that would be ideal
21:31:23 <pcalarco> we could defer to tomorrow if you two would like; this has been phenomenally productive today; you gents are awesome!
21:31:44 <hiemanshu> itbegins: I can do that with a little help from you
21:32:37 <itbegins> hiemanshu, I'm trying to get some stuff in there to start you off
21:32:48 <itbegins> unfortunately I am completely talentless when it comes to design stuff
21:32:49 <hiemanshu> itbegins, pcalarco: If you can give me a test copy of the setup you want, I can work on fixing the template
21:35:05 <quaid> ok, I'm throwing the entire channel on this ticket :)
21:35:16 <pcalarco> hiemanshu: the workflow is explained at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FWN/FIWorkFlow
21:35:29 <quaid> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/2008
21:35:47 <hiemanshu> pcalarco: I understand that part, but if you set it up it would easier for me to fix it when I come back later
21:35:47 <quaid> feels like it was 2008 when we started this
21:35:52 <pcalarco> lol
21:36:47 <pcalarco> hiemanshu: what precisely do you mean by 'set it up'?
21:36:51 <hiemanshu> quaid: looks right to me :)
21:36:58 <hiemanshu> pcalarco: write a few test articles
21:37:07 <hiemanshu> and link me to the publist
21:37:10 <pcalarco> ah ok, sure no problem
21:37:41 <hiemanshu> I have to go to the lake nearby, I spend my early sunday morning there
21:37:42 <pcalarco> I will take last week's issue and repost these as new articles
21:37:51 <hiemanshu> pcalarco: yes that would work
21:38:13 <pcalarco> perfect;  have a wonderful sunday morning, hiemanshu!
21:38:30 <itbegins> pcalarco, we'll need a range of issue #s and beats for each issue
21:38:46 <pcalarco> itbegins, sure will do
21:38:53 <itbegins> hiemanshu, enjoy yourself - I am heading to bed in a couple of hours so catch me by email if there's anything you need
21:39:12 <hiemanshu> itbegins: Sure, Sleep well
21:39:29 <pcalarco> I will start on this now
21:39:30 <itbegins> quaid, thanks for adding that ticket
21:40:07 <itbegins> is anyone blocked on me for anything?
21:40:16 <itbegins> if so, I'll attempt to look at it in the next hour
21:45:16 <pcalarco> itbegins: the only thing I have is the FWN pubtype not publishing to the front page
21:45:27 <pcalarco> that may be a known issue though
21:45:59 <itbegins> pcalarco, I dont' think we ever planned for that?
21:46:09 <itbegins> pcalarco, meaning, posting a message on the front page is manual
21:46:17 <itbegins> then you link to the FWN page from there
21:46:44 <itbegins> so rather than posting the full FWN on the front page, we post an article with the summary and link to the full version
21:46:50 <pcalarco> oh, I see; so I would create a generic news pub for the entire FWN
21:46:58 <itbegins> the full version link points to the FWN list page
21:47:19 <itbegins> pcalarco, so the process is this:
21:47:35 <itbegins> beat writers submit articles to the FWN pub list
21:47:48 <itbegins> through template magic these are aggregated in to a "FWN issue"
21:47:50 <pcalarco> okay, makes sense; so it would point to this page then: http://publictest6.fedoraproject.org/zikula/index.php?module=pagemaster&tid=4
21:48:15 <pcalarco> assuming these are aggregated separate FWN issues
21:48:27 <itbegins> then when the issue is complete, you post the summary in the news publist pointing to the link you just sent
21:48:37 <itbegins> that sound ok?
21:48:49 <pcalarco> yes, that works, thanks for the clarification
21:48:54 <itbegins> it would be quite a technological challenge to get FWN issues to automatically post to the front page, hence the above workflow
21:49:40 <pcalarco> the titles that post on the above pages should be more descriptive than they presently are then
21:50:16 <pcalarco> these are just the categories of the individual beats and don't denote date or issue, etc
21:50:51 <itbegins> pcalarco, so there will be a header "Fedora Weekly News Issue 212"
21:50:57 <itbegins> then the individual beats listed
21:51:02 <pcalarco> yes, precisely
21:51:13 <itbegins> pcalarco, that will all be done through template magic
21:51:33 <pcalarco> okay great, I start adding content then; thanks so much!
21:51:39 <hiemanshu> pcalarco: before I go, have you seen the way distrowatch.com releases Issues?
21:52:04 <pcalarco> Yes
21:52:11 <hiemanshu> Use that workflow
21:52:39 <hiemanshu> frontpage only links to issue
21:52:54 <pcalarco> will do; thanks for the suggestion
21:53:25 <hiemanshu> anyways I am gonna run now
21:53:35 <hiemanshu> see you guys tomorrow (or later if you are awake)
21:53:46 <pcalarco> hiemanshu: bye for now!
21:55:07 <itbegins> pcalarco, hve you added anything to FWN yet?
21:55:11 <itbegins> I might have to clear it out again
21:55:16 <itbegins> hiemanshu, thanks for all your help again
21:55:43 <pcalarco> itbegins: I have been clearing them out; just have one in there now; no problem to clear
21:55:51 <itbegins> pcalarco, thanks
21:56:13 <itbegins> pcalarco, actually, don't think i need to
21:56:24 <itbegins> pcalarco, just got confused because you were deleting things  :)
22:01:44 <itbegins> pcalarco, I've just improved the FWN form a bit
22:03:09 <pcalarco> itbegins: thanks, I see the issue field now
22:08:01 <itbegins> pcalarco, we are getting somewhere: http://publictest6.fedoraproject.org/zikula/index.php?module=pagemaster&tid=4
22:12:21 <itbegins> pcalarco, including text now: http://publictest6.fedoraproject.org/zikula/index.php?module=pagemaster&tid=4
22:15:20 <pcalarco> itbegins: looks good!  It would be useful if there was a way to explicitly order each beat within an issue, as writers are going to be submitting these at different times
22:15:41 <itbegins> pcalarco, I can add a "weight" field and order by that
22:15:55 <pcalarco> yes, that would work, thanks
22:18:12 <itbegins> pcalarco, done
22:26:47 <pcalarco> itbegins: Okay, so this seems to be working well now; a couple questions as I am thinking through this:
22:27:29 <itbegins> pcalarco, shoot
22:27:45 <pcalarco> there are going to be a lot of individual beats on this FWN pub page; what's a reasonable number before they should be cleared out?
22:28:27 <itbegins> pcalarco, they can stay forever - the latest 25 beats will always be displayed, then a pager will be available to show the rest
22:28:38 <pcalarco> also, what's the syntax for when I am creating the generic news page for the front page, so I can point to the identifier for the individual beat
22:29:08 <itbegins> pcalarco, that gets a bit more difficult - I'll have to figure that out, give me a sec
22:29:17 <pcalarco> for example from this page: http://publictest6.fedoraproject.org/zikula/index.php?module=pagemaster&type=admin&func=publist&tid=4
22:29:31 <pcalarco> title appears to be the key
22:30:38 <pcalarco> or, use the PID there and then we could use the title field for something more descriptive?
22:32:01 <pcalarco> publish date or issue along with beat category would be helpful on thi spage as well
22:32:39 <itbegins> http://publictest6.fedoraproject.org/zikula/index.php?module=pagemaster&tid=4&filter=issue:eq:213
22:32:46 <itbegins> that shows only issue 213
22:32:50 <itbegins> does that help?
22:36:43 <pcalarco> yes, that's great
22:37:14 <pcalarco> so on the frontpage I would just have one link to this page?
22:38:26 <pcalarco> also, comments will be enabled for frontpage items, but not for these FWN pages, right?  I think that is fine
22:41:30 <pcalarco> Okay, generic news article pointing to FWN 213 now on frontpage: http://publictest6.fedoraproject.org/zikula/ Is this what you were thinking?
22:43:16 <itbegins> yes, you link to that page
22:43:33 <itbegins> comments would be fontpage only yes
22:44:14 <itbegins> pcalarco, that's exactly it
22:44:25 <pcalarco> excellent!
22:44:55 <itbegins> pcalarco, I am going to head off now
22:45:02 <itbegins> should be around a bit tomorrow, not much
22:45:21 <pcalarco> yes, thanks so much simon, accomplished almost everyhting today
22:45:30 <pcalarco> great job
22:45:32 <itbegins> pcalarco, no problem, thanks for your help
22:45:39 <itbegins> pcalarco, it's good to get so close
22:45:46 <pcalarco> I will report back to the lists
22:45:58 <pcalarco> have a good night and weekend!
22:58:43 * quaid reads the back log and considers closing the meeting log
23:22:18 <quaid> #link http://publictest6.fedoraproject.org/zikula/index.php?module=pagemaster&tid=4
23:22:19 <pcalarco> quaid: yes, we are done for today; thanks so much for your help!
23:22:24 <quaid> that's one worth glancing at
23:22:35 <quaid> aye, pcalarco, thanks for organizing and running, quite good stuff today
23:22:46 * quaid closing log
23:22:55 <quaid> #endmeeting