16:02:16 <x3mboy> #startmeeting Fedora i3 (2021-02-09)
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16:02:33 <x3mboy> #meetingname i3
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16:02:47 <x3mboy> #topic Agenda
16:02:56 <x3mboy> #link https://hackmd.io/4zxgTIRLSuGQXEtBECvRJg
16:03:07 <x3mboy> #topic Roll Call
16:03:11 <x3mboy> Hello guys
16:03:18 <x3mboy> .members i3-sig
16:03:19 <zodbot> x3mboy: Members of i3-sig: aegorenk +defolos +jflory7 kcwitt ludwigd +nasirhm odilhao siddharthvipul1 sumantrom @x3mboy
16:03:21 <defolos> 👋
16:03:25 <defolos> .hello2
16:03:26 <zodbot> defolos: defolos 'Dan Čermák' <dan.cermak@cgc-instruments.com>
16:03:29 <x3mboy> .hello2
16:03:32 <zodbot> x3mboy: x3mboy 'Eduard Lucena' <eduardlucena@gmail.com>
16:03:37 <x3mboy> #chair defolos
16:03:37 <zodbot> Current chairs: defolos x3mboy
16:04:47 <x3mboy> #topic thunar and lightdm-gtk are part of the ks since the repo failure
16:04:53 <x3mboy> Well, no much to say here
16:05:09 <defolos> 👌
16:05:11 <x3mboy> Basically last backup was when I messed up
16:05:18 <x3mboy> I think we were agreed in having those
16:05:31 <x3mboy> But my idea was to put it in different PR's to gather comments
16:06:02 <x3mboy> Should we keep these 2 packages?
16:06:24 * defolos doesn't remember anymore…
16:06:50 <x3mboy> Ok, thunar was to elect because no file browser was offered
16:07:22 <odilhao> .hello2
16:07:22 <x3mboy> ligthdm-gtk is being installed as a dependency, but releng (I think) is requiring us to select a greeter explicitely
16:07:22 <zodbot> odilhao: odilhao 'Odilon Junior' <odilon.junior93@gmail.com>
16:07:32 <x3mboy> #chair odilhao
16:07:32 <zodbot> Current chairs: defolos odilhao x3mboy
16:08:17 <defolos> so lightdm?
16:08:27 <x3mboy> I think
16:08:35 <x3mboy> It's already being installed
16:08:57 <defolos> +1 from me
16:08:59 <defolos> * +1 from me then
16:09:01 <odilhao> it's already there, but we need to declare on the ks
16:09:03 <odilhao> +1 from me
16:10:46 <x3mboy> +1
16:11:11 <x3mboy> wdyt about thunar?
16:11:18 <x3mboy> It's pretty lw
16:11:33 <x3mboy> * It's pretty lightweight
16:11:59 <defolos> I use pcmanfm so +-0 from me
16:12:00 <defolos> never used thunar
16:12:20 <x3mboy> But pcmanfm use qt, am I right?
16:13:05 <defolos> yes
16:13:53 <x3mboy> I think we are shipping only gtk apps and applets
16:14:01 <x3mboy> That's my understanfing
16:14:23 <x3mboy> And the three of the main GTK DE are way too heavy
16:14:40 <defolos> then thunar it is
16:14:58 <x3mboy> +1 for thunar
16:15:36 <x3mboy> #agreed to keep lightdm-gtk in the ks as greeter
16:15:57 <x3mboy> #agreed to keep thunar in the ks as File Browser
16:16:58 <x3mboy> #topic Releng needs a PR to https://pagure.io/fedora-kickstarts
16:16:59 <x3mboy> I don't remember why I put this in the agenda
16:17:47 <x3mboy> But there is an issue about it
16:17:51 <x3mboy> So I will move to ticket triage, and there we can discuss it
16:17:53 <x3mboy> #topic Content for Fedora Spins’ website
16:17:57 <x3mboy> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-websites/issue/1056
16:18:57 <x3mboy> #link https://pagure.io/design/issue/727
16:19:20 <x3mboy> #link https://pagure.io/design/issue/709
16:19:34 <x3mboy> We have a a header and a logo requested on Design
16:19:53 <x3mboy> But for content, Ben told us that we need an App list
16:20:23 <x3mboy> I think we need to keep this on hold, but we have until march 9th to have it
16:21:02 <x3mboy> You can comment
16:21:13 <x3mboy> on the ticket
16:21:24 <x3mboy> Sorry, that message wasn't intended to be splitted
16:21:31 <x3mboy> Next topic
16:21:43 <x3mboy> #topic Ticket triage
16:21:55 <x3mboy> #link https://pagure.io/i3-sig/Fedora-i3-Spin/issues
16:22:36 <x3mboy> Ticket #37 Include uresourced?
16:22:44 <x3mboy> #link https://pagure.io/i3-sig/Fedora-i3-Spin/issue/37
16:22:59 <x3mboy> @defolos ?
16:23:10 <defolos> I stumbled over it on devel
16:23:20 <odilhao> do we already ship this on Gnome workstation?
16:23:32 <defolos> wanted to put it there whether it's wort adding?
16:24:33 <odilhao> I think that we should test this before
16:24:33 <defolos> haven't looked into it yet, so no rush on that one imho
16:24:45 <x3mboy> Me too
16:24:52 <odilhao> maybe next release, no rush
16:24:54 <x3mboy> Maybe targeting to F35?
16:25:23 <odilhao> +1 for F35
16:25:55 <defolos> +1 from me
16:28:11 <x3mboy> +1
16:28:29 <x3mboy> #agreed check uresourced to F35
16:29:03 <x3mboy> Ticket #36 Total lack of any file manager
16:29:11 <x3mboy> #link https://pagure.io/i3-sig/Fedora-i3-Spin/issue/36
16:29:17 <x3mboy> We already choose thunar
16:29:20 <x3mboy> So to close
16:29:31 <x3mboy> Ticket #32 Welcome to i3 app
16:29:41 <x3mboy> #link https://pagure.io/i3-sig/Fedora-i3-Spin/issue/32
16:29:52 <x3mboy> This was decided to focus next release (I think)
16:30:05 <x3mboy> Yes
16:30:07 <x3mboy> It was
16:30:32 <x3mboy> Ticket  #30 Collect screenshots of F34 i3 Spin for spins.fp.o
16:30:34 <x3mboy> #link https://pagure.io/i3-sig/Fedora-i3-Spin/issue/30
16:30:41 <x3mboy> This one is to close
16:30:54 <x3mboy> Thanks to aashu23 who took the screenshots
16:33:14 <x3mboy> Ticket #29 Submit i3 kickstarts to fedora-kickstarts releng repo
16:33:15 <x3mboy> #link https://pagure.io/i3-sig/Fedora-i3-Spin/issue/29
16:33:23 <defolos> iirc nasirhm wanted to take care of that?
16:33:34 <x3mboy> I remember that too
16:33:43 <x3mboy> And it's assigned to him too
16:33:59 <x3mboy> I think the problem here is that we need to finish the ks
16:35:11 <x3mboy> So, let's try to finish the ks this week
16:35:36 <x3mboy> Ticket  #28 Ask websites for the needs in the Spin's site
16:35:42 <x3mboy> #link https://pagure.io/i3-sig/Fedora-i3-Spin/issue/28
16:37:02 <x3mboy> I think we can close this one, since we are already working in the site
16:37:08 <x3mboy> wdyt?
16:37:56 <defolos> +1
16:40:18 <hedin> hey
16:40:43 <odilhao> +1
16:40:48 <x3mboy> +1 to close
16:41:00 <x3mboy> Hey hedin
16:41:08 <hedin> I would like to test the i3 spin asap. will an iso(alpha or otherise) get releaesd anytime soon ?
16:41:17 <x3mboy> Ticket  #27 Create a Fedora i3 Logo
16:42:09 <x3mboy> <hedin "I would like to test the i3 spin"> We are in the middle of a meeting. But no, you can build the iso yourself following https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/i3/kickstart/#build-iso
16:42:18 <x3mboy> 27 is on hold waiting for Design
16:42:43 <hedin> okay, sry for disturbing your meeting, I'l keep quiet for now
16:42:49 <x3mboy> Ticket #26 Creation of tradition user directories
16:42:57 <x3mboy> #link https://pagure.io/i3-sig/Fedora-i3-Spin/issue/26
16:43:10 <x3mboy> Well, odilhao  you did a comment here
16:44:19 <odilhao> x3mboy, we can use the xdg-user-dirs-update to create the directories
16:45:01 <odilhao> but we need to have a way to create the directories for new user, I need to take a look at the ks to see if we can put this command there, or if we will need to create the dir after the first login
16:45:19 <defolos> odilhao: it will have to be after first login
16:45:24 <x3mboy> But we need to have xdg-user-dirs package?
16:45:26 <defolos> the user can create new users
16:45:38 <defolos> and those will end up withotu the dirs in ~
16:45:40 <odilhao> this would be nice to have on #32
16:46:31 <odilhao> x3mboy, yes we will need the xdg-user-dirs package
16:46:54 <x3mboy> Ok
16:46:59 <x3mboy> Can you take this one?
16:47:15 <odilhao> yes, I'll insert into our ks
16:47:16 <x3mboy> We should have everything ready to ship the ks to releng
16:47:26 <x3mboy> So this is clearly a blocker to #29
16:48:12 <x3mboy> #action odilhao  to add necessary stuff to create user directories
16:48:15 <x3mboy> Thanks
16:48:28 <x3mboy> Ticket  #15 Collaboration With QA Team for a Test Day / Week
16:48:38 <x3mboy> #link https://pagure.io/i3-sig/Fedora-i3-Spin/issue/15
16:48:52 <x3mboy> That's a great idea, but I think is blocked by #29
16:49:14 <x3mboy> #29 should mark the final version of our ks/iso
16:49:24 <x3mboy> Any comment here
16:49:26 <x3mboy> ?
16:49:56 <defolos> would be nice to have, but defer after we have the kickstart finalized
16:50:13 <odilhao> Do we have a due date for this Test Day?
16:55:37 * defolos needs to drop out for now
16:56:45 <x3mboy> Not sure
16:57:07 <x3mboy> Well the last ticket is from jwf (he/him)  se we can skip it
16:57:25 <x3mboy> Also, it's not needed before beta release, so it's not blocking
16:57:37 <x3mboy> Ticket #13 Create a @i3 package group
16:57:43 <x3mboy> #link https://pagure.io/i3-sig/Fedora-i3-Spin/issue/13
16:57:57 <x3mboy> #topic Open floor
16:58:10 <x3mboy> Nothing from me
16:58:26 <x3mboy> Well, apologize again for deleting the repo
16:58:44 <x3mboy> 2 minutes to close
16:58:48 <x3mboy> So any comment is welcome
16:59:43 <x3mboy> 1 minute to clse
17:00:14 <odilhao> Thanks for today guys
17:00:45 <x3mboy> Thanks for coming people
17:00:47 <x3mboy> #endmeeting