14:36:57 <Amita> #startmeeting Women in Open Source - Speaker: Amita Sharma (amsharma)
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14:37:09 <Amita> jflory7 filling in for Amita today
14:37:25 <Amita> #topic Introduction
14:37:40 <Amita> #info Diversity initiative started last year
14:37:58 <Amita> #info Fedora Diversity Adviser position created to support this
14:38:12 <Amita> #info Diversity Team helps support Diversity Adviser
14:38:47 <Amita> #info Fedora Women Day, July 15 (and a few other dates across the world), four total events in India, Albania, and Greece
14:39:01 <Amita> #topic Myths
14:39:03 <Amita> #chair jflory7
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14:39:50 <Amita> #info Women not interested in tech
14:39:54 <Amita> #info Women can't progrma
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14:39:59 <Amita> #info Women can't program
14:40:11 <Amita> #info Men developers more talented than women developers
14:40:28 <Amita> #info No work-life balance for women who work in the tech industry
14:40:31 <Amita> #info And so on...
14:40:49 <Amita> nardasev: Feel free to add in anything too if I miss something. :)
14:40:58 <Amita> Err, if you're here, not sure
14:41:07 <Amita> #topic Women in Technology
14:42:27 <Amita> Going over some mothers of technology, who invented and innovated in the tech field
14:45:41 <Amita> #info === Women contributors in our communities ===
14:45:47 <Amita> #info Marina Z., Outreach Specialist at Red Hat
14:45:58 <Amita> #info Denise Durmas
14:46:19 <Amita> #info Marie Nordin, badges.fedoraproject.org
14:46:30 <Amita> #info Mo Duffy, mizmo, Design Team lead
14:47:09 <Amita> #info Director of Tech @ Dropbox, contributor in open source
14:47:18 <nardasev> Amita, I am in Monet
14:47:21 <nardasev> :)
14:47:40 <Amita> #info Point of these is not women from history, but contributors from everyday life
14:47:44 <Amita> #topic Facts
14:47:59 <Amita> #info Women are creative, versatile, powerful and intelligent
14:48:05 <Amita> #info Diversity increases success
14:48:11 <Amita> #info Magical numbers
14:48:13 <Amita> Diversity in the ideas
14:48:35 <Amita> Year by year, diversity is imporoving and outreach is growing
14:48:45 <Amita> #info Women in Flock: 6 in 2015, 15 in 2016
14:48:50 <Amita> #topic Initiatives
14:48:58 <Amita> #info Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing
14:49:06 <Amita> #info Women in Open Source Award
14:49:09 <Amita> #info Outreachy
14:49:15 <Amita> #info Google Summer of Code
14:49:17 <Amita> #info And more...
14:49:23 <Amita> #topic Gaps
14:49:31 <Amita> #info 1. Lack of knowledge
14:49:34 <Amita> #info 2. Encouragement
14:49:38 <Amita> #info 3. Support
14:49:43 <Amita> #info 4. Time commitment
14:50:03 <Amita> At Fedora Women Day, common question was can  Icontribute in this area and still help, I have children, working full-time job, etc.
14:50:14 <Amita> "If I contribute two hours on the weekend, does that count to anything?"
14:50:16 <Amita> Yes!
14:50:37 <Amita> You don't know how much or where that help can be used and appreciated
14:50:57 <Amita> For encouragement, don't tell women in your life to avoid the tech field
14:51:03 <Amita> They can be part of this industry as well
14:51:15 <Amita> Encouragement is significant
14:51:36 <Amita> Time is often a major commitment: women have many things to handle and time is a concern
14:51:43 <Amita> Looking at small chunks of things and how those are counted
14:51:50 <Amita> #topic Helping Pyramid
14:51:56 <Amita> #info "Let us help ourselves"
14:52:01 <Amita> Let's work on improving our numbers
14:52:33 <Amita> By next time, talk to at least one woman and help provide mentorship and advice and guidance for a woman
14:52:40 <Amita> Brings more people into the "Flock:
14:52:50 <Amita> #topic Conclusion / Live Q&A
14:53:46 <Amita> #info Q: "At Fedora Women Day, you said many were interested but didn't know what to do or where to get involved. But men also could use encouragement / better to have genderless event?
14:54:41 <Amita> #info A: Event is welcome to all participants and invite was open to men. Point isn't to have a majority of the minority group. Many conferences and get-togethers where everyone is participating, but participation of women is less. Environment where women can work with others can be encouraging and motivating to participate.
14:55:25 <Amita> <ongoing discussion>
15:28:29 <Amita> I didn't do that good of a job transcribing the discussion over the past hour... this was definitely the majority of the talk. Video will be out soon that will hopefully cover better than these notes!
15:28:35 <Amita> #endmeeting