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12:33:00 <nardasev> originally we were going to do a cool demo for this talk using a bunch of devices...
12:33:12 <nardasev> but we didn't have enough time
12:33:38 <nardasev> instead we're going to do an update of a talk I did 2 years ago
12:33:54 <nardasev> where things are now compared to a few years ago
12:34:23 <nardasev> fadora has the basis of it all:
12:34:42 <nardasev> end point devices, gateways, messaging systems, data gathering, storage and analytics...
12:35:12 <nardasev> an overview of what an average IoT stack looks like (a chart)
12:35:33 <nardasev> #topic End point devices
12:36:29 <nardasev> the IoT endpoints need to be low cost, low power devices
12:36:35 <nardasev> "disposable" in many cases
12:36:44 <nardasev> ARM devices are driving this revolution
12:37:00 <nardasev> Arduino or more capable ARM devices like the BeagleBone
12:37:29 <nardasev> a number of open and closed OS IoT Stacks: Contiki-OS, TinyOS, Poky/OpenEmbedded/Yocto
12:39:18 <nardasev> there is an amazing array of IoT devices and products out there
12:39:34 <nardasev> #topic Fedora IoT endpoints
12:39:50 <nardasev> Fedora (x86, ARMv7 and aarch64)
12:40:00 <nardasev> Atomic images are an excellent fit!
12:40:34 <nardasev> 802.15.4, Bluetooth LE: Radio, Topology, Frame formats, Media Access Control, Security
12:40:58 <nardasev> 6LoWPAN: IPv6 over 802.15.4/BT-LE
12:41:14 <nardasev> RPL: IPv6 routing protocol for LLN
12:41:27 <nardasev> higher stacks like MQTT/CoAP
12:41:43 <nardasev> management of Device firmware and security fixes
12:42:10 <nardasev> I've played around and tested Atomic images
12:43:19 <nardasev> a few weeks ago, it's been discovered that the Linux implementation of bluetooth LE with 6LoWPAN is not compatible with anything
12:43:30 <nardasev> it's being worked on in the moment
12:44:04 <nardasev> We don't have anything in Fedora currently because the standard needs to evolve more
12:45:13 <nardasev> the IEEE 802.15.4 standard offers phys & MAC layers for low cost/speed/power WPANs
12:45:31 <nardasev> used for zigbee and other prop protocols
12:45:48 <nardasev> #topic 6LoWPAN
12:46:10 <nardasev> open Layer 3 standard is 6LoWPAN a cut down IPv6 protocol
12:46:45 <nardasev> 802.15.4/6LoWPAN stack supported by groups Threadgroup (Google/Nest) to keep IoT open
12:47:05 <nardasev> RPL (IPv6 Routing protocol for LLNs)
12:47:41 <nardasev> 802.15.4/6LoWPAN Upstream in kernel/Fedora but support in NM/systemd-network support still coming
12:47:49 <nardasev> #topic Gateways
12:48:04 <nardasev> 802.15.4 PAN Controller and ethernet bridge
12:48:27 <nardasev> BT-LE bridge (IP support coming with BT 4.2)
12:48:33 <nardasev> we're not quite there yet
12:48:45 <nardasev> #topic IoT software stacks
12:48:58 <nardasev> Stacks of interest that are open source:
12:49:07 <nardasev> Node-RED (node-js)
12:49:19 <nardasev> OpenHAB (java OSGi)
12:49:30 <nardasev> Home Assistant (python 3)
12:49:55 <nardasev> IoTivity (C/C++) (Open Interconnect Consortium)
12:50:39 <nardasev> I've used node.js quite a bit on Fedora
12:53:12 <nardasev> there is a lot of low-level stuff coming along
12:54:04 <nardasev> if you have smart lights or smart switches, you can use OpenHAB
12:55:13 <nardasev> #topic messaging
12:55:23 <nardasev> MQTT for Telemetry
12:55:48 <nardasev> a lightweight publisher-subscriber messaging protocol being starndardized at OASIS
12:55:59 <nardasev> a number of open endpoints and server implementations
12:56:07 <nardasev> open projects include:
12:56:20 <nardasev> broker/server: Active MX 5.10
12:56:34 <nardasev> CoAP - interesting protocol
12:56:54 <nardasev> has a few issues in building, but not very used
12:57:10 <nardasev> OMA lightweight M2M doesn't have a lot of traction
12:57:34 <nardasev> lots of discussion about IPSO smart objects, but lots of talk and no real movement
12:57:56 <nardasev> Data analytics: lots of big data style platforms for analytics:
12:58:05 <nardasev> elastic search is a feature for Fedora 22
12:58:11 <nardasev> Dashboards with Kibana
12:58:24 <nardasev> Hadoop and other similar tools and platforms
12:58:35 <nardasev> Use of data for trending, monitoring and alerting
12:58:49 <nardasev> mobile client alerting, reporting and notifications
12:59:03 <nardasev> a number of NodeJS dashboards (freeboard)
12:59:41 <nardasev> there doesn't seem to be a lot of open source IoT data analytics stuff
13:00:38 <nardasev> #topic security
13:00:50 <nardasev> "internet of other people's things"
13:00:57 <nardasev> SELinux everywhere!!
13:01:13 <nardasev> Network security (802.15.4 Security...)
13:01:32 <nardasev> Is it a problem? Gartner: 26 billion
13:01:39 <nardasev> Cisco: 50 billion
13:01:49 <nardasev> Intel: 200 billion
13:01:54 <nardasev> IDC: 220 billion
13:02:10 <nardasev> so yes, whichever way you look at it, there is going to be a problem!
13:02:25 <nardasev> important is that there is diversity in IoT platforms
13:02:38 <nardasev> I don't think it's improved, but there is more awareness about it
13:04:27 <nardasev> every IoT device is different
13:06:32 <nardasev> a lot of people don't even know there are security risks
13:06:49 <nardasev> people should do updates, but how do you update you IoT door lock?
13:07:17 <nardasev> the numbers above are numbers of IoT devices online by 2020
13:07:27 <nardasev> #topic Summary
13:07:40 <nardasev> Fedora has got better in the past few years for IoT
13:08:03 <nardasev> still a lot to do: use Atomic for endpoint/gateway deployments
13:08:17 <nardasev> Enhancements to network stack for standards based comms
13:08:30 <nardasev> new/updated packages higher up the stack needed
13:08:43 <nardasev> end to end testing and fixing of bugs
13:09:08 <nardasev> pbrobinson on IRC
13:09:21 <nardasev> @nullr0ute on Twitter
13:09:40 <nardasev> pbrobinson@fedoraproject.org
13:09:48 <nardasev> #endmeeting