11:42:15 <bexelbie> #startmeeting How to use personal kanban for better organization
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11:42:20 <bexelbie> bkm - started hte meeting for you
11:44:26 <bkm> How organize work efficiently
11:45:59 <bkm> Context switching reduces productivity
11:47:31 <bkm> KanBan means visual card in Japanese
11:47:58 <bkm> Originally from Toyota for just in time manufacturing
11:49:43 <bkm> Principles: visualize, limit work in process, manage flow
11:51:01 <bkm> step 1: define value stream; to do; doing; done
11:52:02 <bkm> step 2: fill your backlog
11:52:47 <bkm> step 3: limit work in process
11:53:59 <bkm> Study bottlenecks to improve workflow
11:56:52 <bkm> step 4: begin to pull tasks
11:57:34 <bkm> step 5: retrospective - evaluate workflow, eg 1 hour every 2 weeks
12:00:46 <bkm> Cumulative flow diagram to evaluate productivity
12:03:02 <bkm> More information at
12:03:43 <bkm> Learn to say no at times
12:05:07 <bkm> Visualize capacity and throughput
12:05:17 <bexelbie> #chair bkm
12:05:17 <zodbot> Current chairs: bexelbie bkm
12:06:56 <bkm> Aim to improve: time management, efficiency, effectiveness
12:07:08 <bkm> QA tends to be a time sync
12:09:17 <bkm> Timboxing is helpful - pomodoro cycles, speaker uses 25minute cycles
12:10:44 <bkm> Other tools: trello,, cantas or paperboard pens etc
12:11:04 <bexelbie> kanboard in php too
12:12:55 <bkm> References: Personal Kanban by J. Benson; Kanban in Action by M. Hammarberg and J. Sunden, The Toyota Way to Continuous Improvement by J. Liker and J. Franz, Scrum and XP from the Trenches by H. Kniberg and Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change by K. Beck
12:13:36 <bkm> #Q/A
12:13:54 <bkm> 1) What software: Team uses Trello
12:14:22 <bexelbie> A: He uses trello personally as his team is using trello so he can link easily.  Used to use Kanboard and a board.
12:14:32 <bexelbie> most things are good enough .. use the simplest tool
12:15:12 <bexelbie> 2) Context switching is bad, can you elaborate on this?
12:15:38 <bexelbie> he suggests blocking no-meeting hours to create time to focus
12:17:18 <bexelbie> try to say "soft-no" and move things to the next day so you can focus .. and tell them why and what you are focusing on
12:18:14 <bkm> create habits for quiet development time
12:19:26 <bexelbie> negotiate meetings to work better
12:19:30 <bexelbie> be open about sharing your backlog
12:19:45 <bkm> set limits on how many unplanned tasks take on but solve them once given
12:20:07 <bexelbie> 3) Imagine you are working on several upstream projects and they are using lots of different technologies.  what do you do that isn't a manual sync?
12:20:34 <bexelbie> he originally used his own board with links to hte various bug trackers ... this was done on a physical wall at first and is now done in trello
12:21:13 <bexelbie> 4) Is there an extension for trello that will auto-create bugs
12:21:29 <bexelbie> not yet - but there are scripts that exists.  And you can use the email for your board as a default CC
12:21:43 <bexelbie> #endmeeting