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12:31:25 <nardasev> statistics: 50k+ projects
12:31:33 <nardasev> 3TB packages
12:31:51 <nardasev> one project is usually one repository
12:32:13 <nardasev> Power PC 4LE Builders
12:32:31 <nardasev> ^it's experimental, not in Fedora yet
12:32:48 <nardasev> but it will change soon because wehave PPC machines in Copr stack
12:33:10 <nardasev> DNF: we started using it in Copr quite soon, base work was done by Michal Simacek
12:33:22 <nardasev> you probably didn't notice when DNF was deployed in Koji
12:33:29 <nardasev> because there were no problems
12:33:48 <nardasev> when we have problems, people usually email us
12:34:03 <nardasev> Distgit: you cannot push directly
12:34:19 <nardasev> github.com/release-engineering/dist-git
12:34:39 <nardasev> fedpkg copr-build [-h] [--nowait] project
12:34:51 <nardasev> not open to normal users for writing
12:35:09 <nardasev> we had performance issues (150k+ gits)
12:35:25 <nardasev> just rendering the front page took 30 minutes
12:35:31 <nardasev> Groups:
12:35:38 <nardasev> ACL existed previously
12:36:04 <nardasev> you were able to assign someone else and give him permission to edit your project, but the owner was still visible in the name of the project
12:36:11 <nardasev> people didn't like it
12:36:26 <nardasev> now we have groups, they are related to FAS groups
12:36:39 <nardasev> we didn't want to write another system because we have FAS
12:36:57 <nardasev> if you have account in FAS, you can create a group under that
12:37:42 <nardasev> if you want to use that feature, there is one problem because you cannot create a group, it is ticket-driven. You need to send a ticket to Fedora people and ask them to create a group, say you need it for Copr...
12:38:02 <nardasev> but if more people will request it, it's more likely someone will create a button for it
12:38:07 <nardasev> Webhooks:
12:38:13 <nardasev> github.com
12:38:21 <nardasev> every commit can initialize package rebuild
12:40:10 <nardasev> the biggest work we're doing right now: we're rebuilding some native modules
12:40:37 <nardasev> copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/g/copr/PyPI3
12:41:01 <nardasev> https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/g/copr/PyPI2
12:41:13 <nardasev> pyp2rpm
12:41:23 <nardasev> 70k+ modules
12:41:34 <nardasev> 22% success rate (15k pkgs)
12:42:31 <nardasev> we have 15k Python packages available
12:42:44 <nardasev> but honestly, we don't know what quality it is. It may work or not.
12:42:54 <nardasev> You can try it, and if it works, good.
12:43:07 <nardasev> Or, someone from Fedora QA can step in and test them.
12:43:14 <nardasev> It's a playground for you.
12:43:24 <nardasev> The Python packages were just built for Rawhide
12:43:52 <nardasev> I'm waiting for a few improvements in pyp2rpm
12:44:04 <nardasev> if it fails for a dependency, it fails
12:44:16 <nardasev> python2 + python3
12:44:22 <nardasev> setup.py parsing
12:44:55 <nardasev> Rubygems:
12:45:23 <nardasev> https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/g/rubygems/rubygems
12:45:27 <nardasev> gem2rpm
12:45:46 <nardasev> 100k+ gems (80k done)
12:46:01 <nardasev> 43% success rate (we have 28k packages!)
12:46:12 <nardasev> this process has taken 1 month
12:46:18 <nardasev> we're trying to improve the speed
12:46:49 <nardasev> Issues with Rubygems:
12:47:08 <nardasev> one has a very very looooong name
12:49:51 <nardasev> I didn't have license issues with Python like in Ruby
12:50:15 <nardasev> I may ask the Ruby people to send some spam to the maintainers to add a license
12:50:19 <nardasev> Forks:
12:50:32 <nardasev> Copy last RPMs into your own project
12:50:35 <nardasev> devel -> stable
12:50:58 <nardasev> you have your projects where you have your night builds;
12:51:41 <nardasev> you update you project night rebuilds and fork it to your project stable
12:52:24 <nardasev> to see the fork button, you need to be logged in
12:52:47 <nardasev> (at the fedora copr page)
12:53:43 <nardasev> Q: what will happen if the project to which I am forking already exists?
12:55:27 <nardasev> If it exists, it will copy the packages
12:56:46 <nardasev> the name fork can be a bit misleading; we're open to suggestions
12:58:28 <nardasev> if I go to PyPI and click fork, will I disable Copr for months?
12:58:47 <nardasev> You will probably disable the signing for 1-3 days, but not months :)
12:59:05 <nardasev> showing some cool things you can do with copr cli interface
12:59:11 <nardasev> create a new project
12:59:31 <nardasev> create mycopr --chroot fedora-23-x86_64
12:59:41 <nardasev> new project was successfully created.
13:00:21 <nardasev> copr modify --unlisted-on-hp on
13:00:39 <nardasev> ^will make it not visible on the jome page
13:00:43 <nardasev> *home page
13:01:33 <nardasev> the purpose is - if the RPM team is using continuous integration for the project, they will spare the home page
13:02:05 <nardasev> we introduced priorities
13:02:21 <nardasev> copr-cli build --background
13:02:39 <nardasev> background job will happen only if there is no other job
13:03:36 <nardasev> copr buildgem --gem A_123 mycopr --background --nowait && copr
13:04:54 <nardasev> $copr buildgem --gem A_123 mycopr --background --nowait && copr build mycopr randompkgs/prunerepo-1.1/
13:06:27 <nardasev> you can create and add packages directly from command line
13:06:30 <nardasev> copr add-package-tito --git-url https://github.com/clime/example.git --name example
13:06:50 <nardasev> copr add-package-tito --help
13:07:44 <nardasev> you can submit an image with background priorities and it will be built in a month
13:09:00 <nardasev> there are no different types of background, we have only 2 categories
13:10:25 <nardasev> Future:
13:13:49 <nardasev_> redesign queue logic t better utilize resources
13:13:57 <nardasev_> rpm creation tools
13:14:26 <nardasev_> package ordering, bootstrapping
13:14:31 <nardasev_> fedora modules
13:14:41 <nardasev_> mock with systemd-nspawn
13:14:44 <nardasev_> fedora modularity
13:15:12 <nardasev_> I am open to any ideas concerning continuous integration or building directly from upstream
13:16:07 <nardasev> #buildsys, copr-devel@lists.fedorahosted.org
13:18:48 <nardasev> Q: do you have an example project that uses Copr to produce RPM artifacts automatically?
13:19:03 <nardasev> A: copr/coprdev
13:19:59 <nardasev> A: RPM have a setup on Github, and every time a pull request comes in, they have Travis set up which will create a project in Copr,
13:20:30 <nardasev> the main problem is how you build the rPM
13:20:36 <nardasev> the best way is to use tito
13:20:49 <nardasev> only few projects use tito, not everybody is a fan
13:21:11 <nardasev> if you help me find a way to build source RPM from github, we may add that feature into Copr.
13:21:20 <nardasev> right now, everyobe has their own way.
13:21:25 <nardasev> *everyone
13:24:26 <nardasev> #endmeeting