13:22:32 <bexelbie> #startmeeting Zanata
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13:22:40 <bexelbie> <bkm> acts as interface to git repository
13:22:43 <bexelbie> <bkm> to use: get an account on Zanata, become a member of a language team
13:22:45 <bexelbie> <bkm> For project security, invite only
13:22:47 <bexelbie> <bkm> This is useful when want high quality control eg corporate project
13:22:49 <bexelbie> <bkm> Has editor to support translators and prevent conflict translations in progress
13:22:51 <bexelbie> <bkm> New editor mobile friendly
13:22:53 <bexelbie> <bkm> Helper with translation memory and glossary
13:22:55 <bexelbie> <bkm> #topic upcoming
13:22:57 <bexelbie> <bkm> In 3 months release of 4.0
13:22:59 <bexelbie> <bkm> Improved UI, docker image, project glossary, fedora integration
13:23:01 <bexelbie> <bkm> Want a project based glossary for context specific translation
13:23:03 <bexelbie> <bkm> Still evaluating whether keeping history for glossaries
13:23:05 <bexelbie> <bkm> Storage an issue - still considering best software engineering practice for this
13:23:07 <bexelbie> <bkm> Adding new plugins for Zanata sync
13:23:09 <bexelbie> <bkm> Want to support CVS, SVN etc.
13:23:13 <bexelbie> <bkm> contributions welcome
13:23:15 <bexelbie> <bkm>
13:23:17 <bexelbie> <bkm> #topic questions
13:23:19 <bexelbie> <bkm> Several file formats supported
13:23:21 <bexelbie> <bkm> Need to think of internationalization when writing program
13:23:23 <bexelbie> <bkm> Also supports ODT, HTML formats
13:23:25 <bexelbie> <bkm> Upcoming json file support
13:23:27 <bexelbie> <bkm> Browser allows multiple file type uploading, but at the moment command line does not
13:23:29 <bexelbie> <bkm> To be able to contribute - see wiki page
13:23:31 <bexelbie> <bkm> Has a feature to show how much each person has contributed
13:23:33 <bexelbie> <bkm> allows you to see statistics of translations done
13:23:35 <bexelbie> #chair bkm
13:23:35 <zodbot> Current chairs: bexelbie bkm
13:23:37 <bexelbie> #endmeeting