13:28:44 <bkm> #startmeeting electronic/robotics with nodejs
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13:30:46 <bkm> speaker Onralp Sezer
13:31:37 <bkm> #topic intro outline
13:31:51 <bkm> Node js, robotics, electronics
13:32:00 <bkm> #topic what is it
13:32:26 <bkm> javascript engine, lightweight,efficient
13:32:57 <bkm> #topic electronics/robotics
13:33:25 <bkm> usually custom, so no magic library that solves everything
13:34:19 <bkm> Can connect hardware using SPI,I2C, serial port, web server, socket, modbus,bacnet(RTU,IP)
13:35:35 <bkm> Hardware: arduino with firmdata, embedded cards (Pi, Beagleboard etc), microchip (PIC series with manual code), OpenWRT devices
13:37:24 <bkm> No general library for I2C and SPI, but can use multiple connections on the same line using addresses
13:38:52 <bkm> Example project using PCA9685 I2C chip which has its own npm package
13:40:11 <bkm> Example code for controlling motors
13:41:04 <bkm> Serial port also easy to use
13:42:35 <bkm> Can also connect to multiple devices on the internet using web socket/server
13:43:27 <bkm> Example code for connecting to internet
13:43:53 <bkm> Shorter simpler code using Web server express
13:45:25 <bkm> Cyclon makes it easy to try out many addons, well documented
13:48:23 <bkm> Example live demo showing position detection of a hand
13:49:02 <bkm> Industrial connections are Modbus and Bacnet protocols
13:49:18 <bkm> Bacnet newer, easier to use
13:49:33 <bkm> Bacnet fast
13:50:15 <bkm> Modbus used more on sensor, counters, converters. Needs less space.
13:51:50 <bkm> #topic robotics
13:52:30 <bkm> Can use cylon on Arduino and Raspberry Pi
13:54:23 <bkm> Video of robotic hand manipulation
13:55:01 <bkm> Using sensor of muscles.
13:55:10 <bkm> Code to follow on github
13:55:15 <bkm> #topic questions
13:55:55 <bkm> Uses 8 electromagnetic pulse detectors to determine muscle movement
13:58:04 <bkm> Can also use camera
13:58:37 <bkm> Camera more sensitive, but needs more processing power
13:59:27 <bkm> Related project for prosthetic robotic arm.
14:00:42 <bkm> Bluetooth looks promising due to low latency
14:02:26 <bkm> github user name: thunderbirdtr
14:03:00 <bkm> #endmeeting