15:32:36 <bkm> #startmeeting University initiatives
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15:33:17 <bkm> #topic introduction of topic and speakers
15:33:43 <bkm> Justin Flory and Jona Aziza
15:34:18 <bkm> Overview of country and campus ambassadors
15:35:17 <bkm> campus ambassadors can be anyone associated with the university - even outside of technical fields
15:35:45 <bkm> Aim to reboot campus ambassador effort
15:37:01 <bkm> Aim of campus ambassador project was to bring in younger contributors and introduce open source software
15:38:21 <bkm> How make effort worthwhile and not just a resume building activity
15:39:35 <bkm> Hard to get idea of what is happening from just web accessible resources
15:41:09 <bkm> #topic current strategy
15:41:58 <bkm> Hackathons and exposing what one can do
15:42:34 <bkm> Show how can empower users
15:43:57 <bkm> Badges give some idea of capability and involvement
15:44:47 <bkm> Analyze information using Datagrepper
15:45:24 <bkm> #topic looking ahead
15:45:35 <bkm> onboarding
15:46:43 <bkm> Clear steps for involvement, mentorship guidelines, making new comers welcome
15:47:44 <nardasev> Onboarding
15:48:04 <nardasev> we need clear steps for students and faculty members to et involved
15:48:17 <nardasev> bringing people in and connecting them
15:48:20 <nardasev> Mentorship
15:48:38 <nardasev> empowering current campus ambassadors and students to mentor each other
15:49:00 <nardasev> "standard" training helps set the right path for interested participants
15:49:23 <nardasev> after they are trained, they can train others if resources + guidance are available
15:49:37 <nardasev> Tl;dr? Teaching how to teach!
15:50:09 <nardasev> Similar to other programs, lightening qualifications on mentorship policy
15:50:17 <nardasev> resources beyond just for students
15:50:40 <nardasev> empowering instructors, teachers, system admins, play huge roles of a new direction
15:50:57 <nardasev> Charles Profitt is a system admin at a school in the USA
15:51:11 <nardasev> he is using FOSS software at his school
15:51:46 <nardasev> having specific guidelines for faculty members would also be useful
15:51:54 <nardasev> sometimes there is resistance to use FOSS
15:52:06 <nardasev> sometimes the ambassador feels powerless
15:52:20 <nardasev> "creating a Fedora lab"
15:52:31 <nardasev> "teaching with Open Source and Fedora"
15:52:50 <nardasev> "Using open source and Fedora in your infrastructure"
15:53:02 <nardasev> "Breaking down proprietary walls in your school
15:53:22 <nardasev> Noting the difference between university/high school level
15:53:40 <nardasev> Q: What is the end goal?
15:55:15 <nardasev> A: Justin: there are many traditional Linux events and we are not having the impact we think we might have
15:55:30 <nardasev> In March, we had burthack (?) at a university
15:56:04 <nardasev> the energy I was picking up there, 5% people were scanning my badge
15:56:31 <nardasev> we were zoning in to a smaller subset of the population
15:56:45 <bkm>
15:56:59 <nardasev> bkm: thanks!
15:59:27 <nardasev> there are geographical differences
15:59:39 <nardasev> visibility is improving
16:00:12 <nardasev> establishing a commons for campus ambassadors is important, even if mailin lists and IRC are not the preferred commons
16:00:41 <nardasev> Fedora hubs is an exciting project which should bring all fedora contributor resources together
16:00:51 <nardasev> it is good for visibility and outreach to students
16:01:04 <nardasev> reports and documenting success are important
16:01:24 <nardasev> current form could be improved
16:02:10 <nardasev> any ideas for outreach?
16:03:03 <nardasev> Q: how are you making sure that the stuff you are creating is relevant and can be reused?
16:03:19 <nardasev> keeping in mind the end goals is important
16:04:06 <nardasev> Q: is any of the start guide information available somewhere?
16:04:17 <nardasev> there is content on the wiki pages
16:04:41 <nardasev> campus outreach has a wiki page, but nothing specific
16:05:01 <nardasev> it is something that's still on the table
16:11:43 <nardasev> Comment: this is a great idea and I am an ambassador and I was expecting to learn what to do from your talk, but it doesn't seem to be the case. Do you have a plan or is this still walking in the dark?
16:12:40 <nardasev> There was going to be a fad and then Remy left. We need to discuss this at the Council and give it a budget
16:14:12 <nardasev> we need to get in touch with specific universities where we have contacts with the faculty
16:21:47 <nardasev> #endmeeting
16:22:44 <bkm> #endmeeting