22:34:24 <mchua> #startmeeting
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22:35:38 <mchua> #chair hiemanshu stickster spevack rbergeron rrix quaid
22:35:38 <zodbot> Current chairs: hiemanshu mchua quaid rbergeron rrix spevack stickster
22:35:43 <mchua> feel free to chair more people.
22:35:49 <mchua> Marketing FAD day 3 evening log: START!
22:35:54 <mchua> And with that, we're all going to dinner.
22:36:01 <mchua> And then bowling, I believe.
22:44:10 <smooge> night
00:01:03 <quaid> more like Fedora Activity Daze by day four
00:01:56 <herlo> yeap
01:09:14 <rrix> evening
01:21:17 <herlo> hi
01:29:39 <rrix> looks as if everyone is dead tonight.
01:31:02 <herlo> imagine that :)
01:31:08 <herlo> it's because of Daylight
01:31:10 <herlo> Savings
01:31:18 <rrix> yeah
01:31:28 <rrix> no one is in the lobby with me, I'm lonesome :o
01:33:57 <herlo> owell
01:34:13 <rrix> yah
01:36:03 <herlo> rrix: here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gigi62/3909598872/sizes/l/
01:36:47 <ianweller> that would be a pain in the ass tom ow
01:36:48 <ianweller> to mow*
01:37:07 <herlo> aye
01:37:15 <rrix> whoa
01:37:33 * rrix is coming up with April 1 prank atm
01:38:24 <hiemanshu> rrix: evening
01:40:11 <rrix> moin moin, hiemanshu
01:40:49 <hiemanshu> rrix: just got back, uploading pics :)
01:42:55 <rrix> cool
01:43:05 * rrix is uploading pics from today
01:43:13 <rrix> mchua_afk ate a 1lb hamburger :)
01:46:29 <rrix> moin stickster
01:46:40 <herlo> whoa!
01:46:53 <wonderer> rrix: done my homework and blogged over the last 2 days (was behind). did came ride along back ;-) ?
01:47:02 <rrix> came?
01:47:33 <wonderer> rrix: she had a ride on her bike to the next store for a new SD Card...
01:47:40 <rrix> oh, she's back
01:47:49 <rrix> heading up to her room, may come back down
01:47:51 <wonderer> hehe
01:48:31 <wonderer> rrix: do not talk to much about the april stuff :-D
01:48:40 <rrix> shush :)
01:48:45 <rrix> what april stuff :)
01:48:45 <wonderer> or the leprecorn gets you ;-)
01:48:50 <rrix> LOL
01:48:56 <rrix> does he spank my ankles? :D
01:49:37 <wonderer> rrix: imagine what pictures I now have in my had if somebody says something about "daddy" ...LOL
01:49:45 <herlo> leprecorn?
01:49:49 <rrix> /nick mchua_daddy
01:50:16 <wonderer> daddy -> "whos your daddy" -> Lepracorn - >ponyride... I HAVE SUCH CRAZY PICTURES IN MY HAD TAKE THEM OUT LOL
01:50:30 <rrix> lol
01:50:49 * rrix has an awesome April 1 idea >:)
01:51:03 <wonderer> http://images.google.de/images?hl=de&source=hp&q=leprecon&aql=&oq=leprac&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wi why is the first one ... well ...you know...
01:51:17 <wonderer> sush, april is soooooo loooooong!
01:51:25 <hiemanshu> wonderer: lol
01:51:27 <rrix> wonderer: lol... wtf
01:51:34 <hiemanshu> rrix: I have a huge list of pranks
01:51:43 <rrix> hiemanshu: dude, you have no idea
01:52:01 <wonderer> rrix: as I said: I can't look mel in the eye anymore without getting red :-D
01:52:08 <rrix> xD
01:52:26 <wonderer> daddy mel is awsome!
01:53:17 <rrix> daddy mel is down here, will be online soon :P
01:53:54 <wonderer> rrix: at the way back to the hotel we drive by some "Texas pancake" bars and Paul asked "mel, do you want some cake for desert" and she said "why not" it was awsome.
01:54:05 <rrix> LOL
01:54:18 * wonderer LOVES the Banana pudding thingy. yumyum
01:54:51 <rrix> omnom
01:55:41 <wonderer> hy daddy mel.
01:55:43 <wonderer> :-D
01:55:51 <daddy> yo.
01:55:54 <daddy> BURGERS, PHEAR ME
01:55:58 <wonderer> LOL
01:56:36 <wonderer> daddy is back in da house! WHO'S YOUR DADDY?! WOOWOOWOO
01:56:47 * wonderer ducks and crawls away ...
01:56:58 <daddy> So, for context for remotees, we stopped by a burger place called... MoJoe's, I believe.
01:56:58 <rrix> lol
01:57:16 <daddy> And they had this thing where if you ate their one-pound burger in one sitting they'd put your picture on their wall of fame and call you "daddy."
01:57:26 <daddy> Now, since this was only a one-pound burger, naturally I had to go for it.
01:57:28 <daddy> It was delicious.
01:57:38 <wonderer> rrix: DO NOT try out "who is your daddy" on images.google.de ... :-D
01:57:41 <daddy> (For more context, I have eaten one-pound burgers for my second dinner before, with no problem.)
01:57:45 <rrix> wonderer: ;)
01:57:50 <daddy> Hence the IRC nick change.
01:58:36 <wonderer> daddy: I would like to have such Banana pudding ... how about you ?!
01:58:47 <rrix> [21:58] <wonderer> daddy: I would like to have such Banana pudding ... how about you ?! <-- LOL
01:58:52 <hiemanshu> daddy: I can eat more than 1 1lb burgers
01:59:29 <daddy> I would be up for banana pudding.
01:59:33 * hiemanshu had a Barbeque Chicken, Hamburger and Original BLT sandwitch for dinner many times
01:59:36 <daddy> hiemanshu: Yeah, it's not *that* big
01:59:47 * daddy prefers the Pru Frappe, which is a milkshake with 12 scoops of ice cream.
01:59:55 <herlo> wonderer: lol, who's your daddy images
02:00:13 <wonderer> herlo: as I said before DO NOT DO IT ... LOL
02:00:13 <daddy> I'm not going to look for them.
02:00:50 <wonderer> :)
02:00:59 <wonderer> daddy, you not want to :-D
02:01:06 <rrix> :-)
02:01:26 <daddy> all right, time to switch back.
02:01:41 <wonderer> daddy, maybe you want to look for leprecon ... NOT
02:02:44 <rrix> wonderer: i showed her :)
02:03:43 <herlo> leprechaun :)
02:03:51 * herlo teaches everyone how to spell tonight...
02:04:03 <kanarip> t-o-n-i-g-h-t ?
02:04:15 <herlo> kanarip: very good
02:04:16 <rrix> herlo: google.de didn't spell check correct leprocon
02:04:19 <mchua> kanarip: nonono, 2-n-i-t-e!
02:04:32 <rrix> t-u-n-y-t
02:04:38 <herlo> rrix: that's germany for ya
02:04:48 <rrix> no u
02:05:27 * herlo mocks rrix a bit more before getting bored
02:05:36 <rrix> mock's not here.
02:06:07 <herlo> are you sure?
02:06:17 <herlo> look behind you....
02:06:17 <rrix> yah
02:06:18 <herlo> BOO!!!
02:06:21 <mchua> Ah, what to do. Blog yet more about the day? Do a ticket spree? Catch up on other work? Grad school applications? Video editing? KDE?
02:06:26 <rrix> herlo: I'm in a chair against a wall
02:06:32 <mchua> Oh wait, video editing. Okay, uploading two things and *then* KDE.
02:06:35 <herlo> rrix: he goes through walls
02:06:49 <rrix> herlo: OHSHI-
02:13:37 <mchua> Wow. This connection... is... molasses.
02:13:47 <mchua> Never mind the video uploading.
02:14:00 <rrix> hehe
02:14:51 <herlo> mchua: do it overnight :)
02:16:22 <rrix> she'll still be up hacking :P
02:18:28 * mchua embarking on a KDE adventure in #fedora-kde
02:20:48 <ianweller> mchua: if i am in RDU during my internship again
02:20:55 <ianweller> mchua: i will find my way to that burger place.
02:22:27 <rrix> haha
02:22:31 <rrix> MoJoes, ianweller
02:22:42 * ianweller notes taht for further reference
02:23:09 <mchua> ianweller: I'll be in Raleigh for at least some of the summer.
02:23:13 <mchua> By that I mean "I am living in Raleigh"
02:23:20 <mchua> which really means "my plane will leave from Raleigh"
02:23:33 <ianweller> i don't know what any of those really mean
02:23:34 <mchua> so time your visit to overlap with some date I'm actually in town, and I shall take you there.
02:23:40 <ianweller> keke
02:23:58 <ianweller> hoping to be there for more than a week at least
02:24:31 <mchua> ianweller: all summer maybe?
02:25:05 <ianweller> perhaps!
02:25:36 <rrix> ianweller: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rrix/4437251248/in/set-72157623490906135/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/rrix/4437250962/in/set-72157623490906135/
02:25:54 <rrix> mchua: too of course
02:27:18 <mchua> Nom.
02:27:32 <ianweller> mchua: i would assume it'd be easier to find a place to stay in RDU than in BOS like i tried last year
02:28:19 <mchua> ianweller: Depending on how long you'll be here, and when, there are probably student sublets around the NCSU campus.
02:28:25 <mchua> That's what I'm probably going to do.
02:28:39 <hiemanshu> rrix: the burger isnt that big
02:28:53 <mchua> Then I'll be within biking distance of the office and the farmers' market, which is all I need.
02:28:53 <rrix> it's pretty big
02:29:01 <hiemanshu> rrix: I have eaten a 1kg burger, that is 2x1lb burgers
02:29:09 * rrix nods
02:29:25 <ianweller> mchua: oh dude.
02:29:29 <ianweller> mchua: that would be perfect.
02:29:44 <EvilBob> See hiemanshu's is ALWAYS bigger
02:30:10 <hiemanshu> EvilBob: we dont have lbs here, only kgs :P
02:30:19 <mchua> ianweller: If I remember, I'll forward you my searches when I start looking, in case it helps you scout around.
02:30:33 <mchua> Getting a summer sublet is a good way to first experience the "having an apartment" thing.
02:30:39 <ianweller> that would be immensely helpful
02:30:52 <mchua> You'll probably end up getting one room in a multi-bedroom apartment.
02:31:01 <mchua> So making sure you can live with the other people there is uberimportant.
02:31:34 * mchua has lived in dormitories since the age of 14, and has been doing that for quite some time.
02:32:04 <mchua> Well, not so much the dormitories any more, but... same skills apply to determining apartment-mate capability.
02:34:05 <ianweller> yeh.
02:34:45 <mchua> ianweller: For the record, I'll probably start hunting towards early/mid April; that's when stuff tends to open up, because people begin to make their summer plans in earnest.
02:34:58 <mchua> So that's what I'd advise as well. And craigslist is your friend.
02:35:02 <ianweller> a'ight.
02:35:10 <ianweller> that's what i found by googling, yes, craigslist could be quite helpful
02:35:17 <mchua> And the most important thing to figure out with any potential housemate is how *bad* it could possibly get with them, and how you'd resolve conflict.
02:35:34 <mchua> don't focus on the good stuff, focus on the bad stuff; if you can't live with the bad stuff, then don't do it.
02:35:47 <hiemanshu> rrix: pics in my fb acount
02:35:50 <hiemanshu> account**
02:35:55 <rrix> hiemanshu: i saw
02:36:31 <threethirty> so i heard we are getting a fedora dating service :)
02:36:51 <hiemanshu> threethirty: rrix is mine !
02:36:56 <threethirty> lol
02:37:03 <rrix> what?
02:37:08 <rrix> lol
02:37:15 <rrix> threethirty: Fedora Friend Finder? yeah, we're working on it
02:37:30 <rrix> we have to get the board to approve another F for our foundations though, if you catch me drift.
02:37:38 <rrix> it's one of spevack's action items.
02:37:45 <threethirty> lol
02:37:58 <yn1v> the codename suposed to be FIXME, isn't it ?
02:38:24 <ianweller> i think that'll be the colloquial name when it's release to  *rimshot*
02:38:31 * ianweller doesn't even know what we're talking about
02:38:37 <ianweller> s/release to/released too/
02:38:46 <rrix> lol
02:38:50 <hiemanshu> ianweller: good job, now go back to your corner
02:39:08 <mchua> Freedom, Friends, Features, First, FIXME
02:39:11 <mchua> I like.
02:39:12 <hiemanshu> anyone care for some Indian Breakfast?
02:39:18 <mchua> hiemanshu: what does that entail?
02:40:19 <hiemanshu> http://365daysveg.files.wordpress.com/2008/02/poha-2.jpg
02:40:41 <hiemanshu> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poha_%28rice%29
02:41:08 <mchua> ooh.
02:41:19 <mchua> I would go for that!
02:41:28 <hiemanshu> I am going to have it soon
02:41:33 <hiemanshu> almost time for breakfast
02:42:07 <yn1v> there will be a late_late show for FAD tonight ?
02:42:33 <hiemanshu> mchua: If I do meet you, in exchange for my *huge* box of cookies, I can cook you some poha :)
02:42:39 <rrix> mchua: not the right F :P
02:42:42 <mchua> yn1v: I... don't think so, unless you had something in mind?
02:42:59 <mchua> I'm just trying to figure out KDE, but putzing around instead of reading docs like I was supposed to.
02:43:09 <mchua> hiemanshu: Deal.
02:43:15 <yn1v> not really, just tormenting people at front desk when we take over the lobby
02:43:27 <mchua> yn1v: FEDORA INVASION
02:43:49 * hiemanshu is gonna have breakfast and sleep :)
02:43:52 <rrix> yn1v: I think david's knocking off for a few hours. driving home tonight
02:44:02 <rrix> yn1v: come over here and help torture :>
02:44:15 <yn1v> are you at the lobby ?
02:44:51 <yn1v> rrix, here = lobby ?
02:44:55 <mchua> yn1v: rrix and I are in the lobby.
02:44:56 <rrix> ach
02:45:29 * hiemanshu is off
02:45:31 <yn1v> mv neville /lobby
02:45:32 <hiemanshu> See ya guys tomorrow
02:45:48 <hiemanshu> /dcc send neville lobby
02:45:58 <rrix> hiemanshu: bye
02:46:20 * stickster is camping on his bed because he has some internal, non-mktg deliverables to finish
02:46:41 * mchua has decided that she isn't going to do any more work tonight, and is just going to play with KDE instead.
02:46:58 <mchua> I'm sleeping before midnight, though, and waking up in the morning to do non-FAD work I have to do.
02:47:13 <yn1v> what can be better to talk on irc when you are on reach of people?
02:47:20 * mchua can haz be good personz!
02:47:49 <wonderer> stickster: does it haz something to do with a 1-Dollar bill? :-D
02:48:00 <stickster> heh, unfortunately not!
02:48:10 <wonderer> oh, then go on...
02:49:41 <rrix> rbergeron: someone left me your guest pass for RH office, i forget who, but remind me tomorrow i haz eet
02:50:01 <rrix> stickster: I will be you 1 American Dollar that my April Fools will one up yours.
02:50:10 * rrix is serious :)
02:57:09 <rrix> that dude who just walked in, we need to harass him to see if he used the livecd ;)
03:01:24 * ianweller comes out from his corner
03:02:38 * rrix hits ianweller with a ruler
03:02:46 <rrix> back!
03:02:47 <ianweller> everyone in here who runs gnome: hit alt-F2 and type 'free the fish'
03:03:39 * rrix whistles innocently. KDE is too professional to have easter eggs :)
03:03:59 <ianweller> or not  http://arstechnica.com/open-source/news/2010/03/cracking-open-five-of-the-best-open-source-easter-eggs.ars?comments=1#comment-12368
03:04:33 <threethirty> ianweller: lol i forgot about that
03:04:46 <threethirty> rrix: KDE's easter egg is not being complete
03:04:54 <ianweller> *rimshot*
03:05:10 * rrix throws threethirty into a featureless pit
03:05:11 <ianweller> /topic Welcome to #gnome-vs-kde | we also have a FAD going on
03:05:19 <rrix> undefined here, ianweller
03:05:26 <threethirty> ianweller: lol
03:06:00 <threethirty> ianweller: i am actually a fluxbox man but when i try setting it up on this box x hangs
03:06:07 <wonderer> ianweller: cute fish.
03:06:19 <wonderer> can we haz a pony PLEEEEAAAZZZZEE!!!!!!
03:06:33 <rrix> i can go hunt the commit that removed it of course ;)
03:07:03 <threethirty> wonderer: submit that as a feature request :)
03:07:04 <mchua> I used to be a fluxbox user. This was also back in the day when my box ran gentoo.
03:07:35 <mchua> And then I went from "overloading classes" to "good lord, man!" and ran out of time to keep it up.
03:08:18 <wonderer> threethirty: by the time THIS time of requests gets in ... I will be probably an really old man ;-) but at the other hand .... I ca haz own packagez now *smile*
03:08:31 <threethirty> people that use gentoo have too much free time, they should go get a job or something :)
03:08:48 <mchua> wonderer: congrats! which one?
03:09:14 <wonderer> mchua: the idea is to build a "free the pony" app ;-)
03:09:54 <threethirty> wonderer: write it in c# :)
03:14:36 <rrix> hardly a feww pony ;)
03:14:39 <rrix> free*
03:15:21 <kanarip> so? ponies are not supposed to be free
03:15:48 <kanarip> ponies are supposed to be closely held by little girls screaming for mommy
03:15:57 <rrix> ianweller: found that easter egg; sebastian trüeg added it :P
03:16:02 <rrix> http://websvn.kde.org/?view=revision&revision=917708
03:16:09 <rrix> Fedora pwnies are
03:16:30 <rrix> .whoowns sl
03:16:31 <zodbot> rrix: deebs
03:16:34 <kanarip> remind me again, what's a fedora pwnie?
03:17:05 <kanarip> rrix, btw:
03:17:09 <rrix> .fasinfo deebs
03:17:13 <kanarip> .fasinfo [whoowns deebs]
03:17:15 <zodbot> rrix: User: deebs, Name: None, email: fedora@marcbradshaw.co.uk, Creation: 2007-05-10, IRC Nick: , Timezone: None, Locale: None, Extension: 5101625, GPG key ID: None, Status: active
03:17:20 <zodbot> rrix: Approved Groups: fedorabugs cla_fedora cla_done packager
03:17:24 <zodbot> kanarip: User "No such package exists." doesn't exist
03:17:37 <kanarip> grmbl, that used to work!
03:17:39 <rrix> zodbot: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup
03:17:47 <rrix> kanarip: really? cool beans :)
03:17:51 <kanarip> .fasinfo [whoowns sl]
03:17:52 <zodbot> kanarip: User: deebs, Name: None, email: fedora@marcbradshaw.co.uk, Creation: 2007-05-10, IRC Nick: , Timezone: None, Locale: None, Extension: 5101625, GPG key ID: None, Status: active
03:17:55 <kanarip> ah
03:17:56 <zodbot> kanarip: Approved Groups: fedorabugs cla_fedora cla_done packager
03:17:59 <kanarip> wrong fas name ;-)
03:18:07 <rrix> kanarip: probably have to wait for slowbot catch up :)
03:18:11 <kanarip> wrong package name, rather ;-)
03:18:12 <rrix> yah
03:18:29 <rrix> ahhh :D
03:18:41 <kanarip> so, let me try again; remind me, what is a fedora pwnie exactly?
03:18:47 <rrix> deebs owns deebs i'd hope :D
03:19:33 <ianweller> in the very near future i might add an easter egg to supybot-fedora
03:20:13 <threethirty> like everytime you ask it something it kicks rrix ?
03:20:28 <ianweller> no that'd be too obvious
03:20:42 <threethirty> it would be funny tho
03:21:45 <ianweller> indeed
03:22:37 <rrix> threethirty: disposable what? :)
03:22:54 <rrix> .whosucks?
03:22:59 <rrix> <zodbot> rrix: threethirty
03:23:03 * rrix nods
03:26:11 <wonderer> mchua: I would like to "crosspost" the design-spin things to the design-Mailinglist. Will that be Ok or are someone else is doing this?!
03:26:32 * wonderer hopes somebody can poke daddy
03:26:55 <wonderer> is anybody still alive?
03:27:23 <mchua> wonderer: do it.
03:28:05 <wonderer> done
03:28:43 <wonderer> mchua: because they are talking about the design-spin talking points. it will fit.
03:31:19 <mchua> wonderer: Excellent.
04:16:00 * mchua --> winding down, studying german, doing some reading, zzz --> awake and working again
04:18:49 * herlo lulz
04:19:19 <rrix> well, with my help-me-stay-awake gone, I think I'm out too
04:19:21 <rrix> night herlo
04:41:26 <herlo> night
09:13:03 <kital> wonderer no progress with the secspin presskit?
09:51:27 <hiemanshu> kital: he is mostly speaking its 6 AM for him :)
09:51:32 <hiemanshu> sleeping
12:56:12 <mchua> And it's the morning hooyah!
13:03:57 * mchua heads out
13:30:27 <kital> thanks hiemanshu
13:35:32 <rrix> moin
13:37:21 <rbergeron> oyyyyyy
13:38:43 * mchua has a LATAM shirt now thanks to yn1v
13:38:47 <wonderer> kital: morning. so far hiemanchu has pasted something in and today we are working on video stuff (see agenda) I will work on that when I'm back. I think we are about 70% through
13:38:49 * mchua is going to restart the logs now
13:38:53 <mchua> #endmeeting