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14:31:18 <Rhea> #meetingname dotnet
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14:31:20 <Rhea> #nick dotnet
14:31:37 <Rhea> #chair crummel tmds aslice omajid
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14:31:43 <Rhea> Is Omair here? o.o
14:32:05 <Rhea> Seems not then.
14:32:59 <Rhea> Well, I'll start by the little issue we have with build system on Fedora, we can't build anything non-native. Meaning, that if we build on F29, we can not build dotnet for F28, F30, ... only the F29 build passes.
14:33:15 <Rhea> Soooo... only F29 packages are up to date basically.
14:33:36 <Rhea> Dunno if Omair opened a ticket with infra about it or communicated it somewhere...
14:33:57 <crummel> I don't remember seeing it, let me check GitHub quick
14:34:20 <Rhea> That's a Fedora issue really, I believe that he tried running old build and it didn't work either.
14:34:32 <Rhea> Not 100% sure but yeah.
14:35:11 <Rhea> And of course fedora websites take 5 minutes to load.
14:35:23 <crummel> oh, I see.  I know we do some RID wonkiess so I thought that might be related
14:36:03 <Rhea> Oh amazing seems that the build the other day actually passed all:
14:36:21 <Rhea> SO it may have been resolved... I admit I was a bit out of picture this week with my presentation and stuff...
14:36:51 <crummel> oh, that's good
14:37:22 <Rhea> Okay nevermind all that then, as long as it works..
14:37:24 <Rhea> :D
14:37:54 <crummel> I created anyway since it might be helpful once we're working on ARM
14:38:07 <Rhea> This issue is why we were unable to do the 3.0 preview yet...
14:38:12 <Rhea> Lots of failed things.
14:38:31 <Rhea> Heh I like that "build time 14 days" on that one.
14:38:58 <crummel> ha, never a good sign
14:39:05 <tmds_> crummel, what's the relationship with arm?
14:40:06 <crummel> I know we can't cross-target long-term but I think that might be our first step just to get the ARM build working again
14:40:34 <crummel> I think Dan said he mentioned that'll be what I'm looking at next after this set of releases and the daily build work
14:41:23 <tmds_> on what os would you try to build for what os?
14:43:06 <crummel> I'm not sure, in the past when we've built for ARM I believe it was always Ubuntu but I'd prefer to do it on CentOS
14:44:28 <Rhea> Hmm...
14:44:56 <tmds_> so, for example on a centos arm machine, you'd build for fedora arm?
14:45:32 <Rhea> Well we would want to build arm for arm, on fedora for fedora... in the end.
14:45:55 <tmds_> yes, that's what we want, I'm trying to understand where the issue fits in
14:46:17 <Rhea> Issue with that is the source build as whole in the first place
14:46:27 <Rhea> IIRC there wasn't a way to use source build for arm, I don't remember why was that?
14:47:08 <crummel> source-build used to support ARM as a cross-build but we had issues with the build and ARM wasn't a priority at the time so we dropped it
14:47:43 <crummel> we're still waiting on hardware so I think I might end up reviving that just so I can actually progress on it while we wait
14:48:05 <crummel> definitely the final goal is to build on ARM for ARM
14:48:38 <Rhea> "Budget for hardware will be in Q1.... no in Q2... no in Q3..." something like that? ;P
14:49:02 <crummel> haha, it's actually the supplier from what I've heard, they're super backordered
14:49:16 <Rhea> oh? That's interesting.
14:49:25 <Rhea> Out of curiosity what hardware are we talkinga bout if you do know?
14:50:11 <crummel> I'm not sure on the exact details, sorry.  I know DanL said they were looking at a different SKU that we should be able to get sooner though
14:50:38 <Rhea> We were looking at something for our aarch64 ci and stuff, I think it was something with ThunderX, I don't'have the reference handily available...
14:51:31 <Rhea> Okay nevermind then, I was just wondering if maybe you found something better I didn't :P
14:53:36 <Rhea> Closing in on our end time, aslice tmds_ do you have anything to add?
14:54:36 <aslice> Nothing here.
14:54:38 <rtarik> does the meeting still open?
14:54:54 <tmds_> nothing here either
14:54:57 <Rhea> Hi rtarik iirc you wanted to join dotnet-sig?
14:55:28 <rtarik> Peace be upon those who follow guidance
14:55:45 <rtarik> yes Rhea
14:56:00 <Rhea> rtarik: feel free to introduce yourself then :)
14:57:36 <rtarik> I'm tarik a .NET freelancer from Morocco I started freelancing near 2010 on
14:58:09 <Rhea> Oh cool
14:58:22 <Rhea> Welcome :P
14:59:30 <Rhea> #endmeeting