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13:00:25 <jwf> #topic Agenda
13:00:33 <jwf> #link https://infinote.fedoraproject.org/cgit/infinote/tree/meeting-templates/fedora-diversity-meeting-next
13:00:33 <jwf> #info (1) Roll call / Q&A
13:00:33 <jwf> #info (2) Announcements
13:00:33 <jwf> #info (3) Action items from last meeting
13:00:33 <jwf> #info (4) Tickets
13:00:34 <jwf> #info (5) Open floor
13:00:41 <jwf> #topic Roll call / Q&A
13:00:48 <jwf> If this is your first time at a Diversity meeting, please introduce yourself to everyone and say hello! If anyone has any questions before we get started with the rest of the agenda, now is also a good time to ask.
13:00:51 <jwf> .hello jflory7
13:00:52 <zodbot> jwf: jflory7 'Justin W. Flory' <jflory7@gmail.com>
13:00:59 <bexelbie> isn't this supposed to be in fedora-meeting?
13:01:15 <bexelbie> .hello bex
13:01:19 <zodbot> bexelbie: bex 'Brian (bex) Exelbierd' <bex@pobox.com>
13:01:23 <Amita> .hello amsharma
13:01:24 <zodbot> Amita: amsharma 'Amita Sharma' <amsharma@redhat.com>
13:01:29 <jwf> bexelbie: Read scrollback a bit, some of us were tied up with other commitments and wanted to use the Telegram bridge to participate for today.
13:01:32 <Amita> (partially here)
13:01:34 <bexelbie> ahh, the fedocal entry is incorrect
13:01:39 <bexelbie> ahh, ok
13:01:42 <jwf> Today was an exception than the norm
13:01:47 <bexelbie> we should announce that in #fedora-meeting
13:01:52 * jwf waves to both bexelbie and Amita by the way :-)
13:01:55 <jwf> Okay, I can drop a note.
13:02:06 * bexelbie did it
13:02:12 <jwf> bexelbie++
13:02:15 <jwf> #chair Amita bexelbie
13:02:15 <zodbot> Current chairs: Amita bexelbie jwf
13:02:27 <jwf> We can wait a couple more minutes before getting started.
13:02:32 <jwf> .members diversity-team
13:02:33 <zodbot> jwf: Members of diversity-team: a2batic @amsharma @bee2502 chhavi cprofitt @jflory7 @jonatoni +marinaz +meskarune paulmellors rhea @tatica x3mboy
13:02:47 <jwf> ^ meeting time, if you all are around :-)
13:03:09 <jwf> reCursedd: Now is a good time to introduce yourself, if you would like.
13:03:31 <diversitytg> <reCursedd> Hello everyone, I am new here and I want to be a part of diversity as the idea is very intriguing to me. I like to code for my living and I like to read, sing and play table tennis.
13:04:07 <Amita> nice
13:04:11 <Amita> welcome reCursedd
13:04:20 <x3mboy> I'm here
13:04:23 <diversitytg> <reCursedd> This is my first time as a participant of an open source community and it feels great to be here. :) thanks all of you
13:04:25 <Amita> hi x3mboy
13:04:34 <x3mboy> Hi Amita
13:05:03 <jwf> @reCursedd: Awesome, welcome! What name do you prefer, Dyuti?
13:05:09 * jwf waves to x3mboy
13:05:11 <jwf> #chair x3mboy
13:05:11 <zodbot> Current chairs: Amita bexelbie jwf x3mboy
13:05:29 <x3mboy> .hello2
13:05:30 <zodbot> x3mboy: x3mboy 'Eduard Lucena' <eduardlucena@gmail.com>
13:05:33 <x3mboy> jwf, o/
13:05:38 <diversitytg> <reCursedd> yeah :)
13:05:48 <jwf> @reCursedd: Okay, great!
13:05:56 <x3mboy> Bien
13:05:57 <jwf> We can go ahead and get started with the agenda. Any one else who arrives can chime in when they arrive.
13:06:09 <jwf> #topic Announcements
13:06:12 <x3mboy> Ooops, wrong window
13:06:27 <diversitytg> <jflory> Agh, my desktop just froze AGAIN
13:06:50 <diversitytg> <jflory> Can someone look at the agenda and post the two announcements in the notes while I reboot again?
13:07:56 <bexelbie> #info === "Mindshare Monthly Report – FAD and First Actions" ===
13:07:57 <bexelbie> #link https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/mindshare-monthly-report-fad-first-actions/
13:07:57 <bexelbie> #info The Mindshare Committee is running a monthly column on the Community Blog. See the results and outcome from the FAD and what is ahead for Fedora outreach teams.
13:07:57 <bexelbie> #info === "Top Badgers of 2017: Alessio Ciregia" ===
13:07:57 <bexelbie> #link https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/top-badgers-2017-alessio-ciregia/
13:08:10 * bexelbie will brb have to step away for 5 min
13:10:27 <jwf> bexelbie: Thanks, I am back now
13:10:29 <jwf> Those were the only two announcements I had in advance.
13:10:33 <jwf> Anyone else have anything to share before moving to action items?
13:10:46 <x3mboy> !
13:10:57 <jwf> x3mboy: Go for it!
13:11:00 <x3mboy> === Podcast Episode 004 is out ===
13:11:19 <x3mboy> #link https://fedoramagazine.org/fedora-podcast-004-fedora-documentation/
13:11:21 <x3mboy> eof
13:11:50 <jwf> x3mboy++ Awesome work, as always :-)
13:12:04 <jwf> .thank x3mboy
13:12:04 <zodbot> jwf thinks x3mboy is awesome and is happy they are helping! (Please don't forget to x3mboy++ also)
13:12:05 <x3mboy> I'm pretty exited about next episode
13:12:12 <jwf> x3mboy: Who is next?
13:12:17 <x3mboy> Paul
13:12:23 <x3mboy> Magazine
13:12:28 <jwf> Ahh, that should be a good one :-)
13:12:36 <x3mboy> And next should be diversity, but we can discuss it in the ticket
13:12:40 <x3mboy> ;)
13:12:42 * jwf nods
13:12:44 * bexelbie is back
13:12:46 <jwf> Any other announcements?
13:12:52 <jwf> Going once…
13:13:01 <jwf> Going twice…
13:13:06 <jwf> And thrice!
13:13:10 <jwf> #topic Action items from last meeting
13:13:14 <jwf> #link https://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/teams/diversity/diversity.2018-03-23-13.07.html
13:13:19 <jwf> #info How This Works: We look at past #action items from the last meeting for quick follow-up. If a task is completed, we move on to the next one. If it isn't, we get an update and re-action if needed. If no status, we'll try to get a quick update and move forward.
13:13:28 <jwf> #info === [COMPLETE] "jwf Work with chhavi_ on getting video source to upload to YouTube" ===
13:13:29 <jwf> #link https://youtu.be/4gwRPetwUYs
13:13:29 <jwf> #info Video is now uploaded to the Fedora YouTube channel; will do a follow-up with a Fedora Magazine soon
13:13:33 <jwf> chhavi_++
13:13:41 <jwf> #info === [COMPLETE] "jwf Prepare draft of primary / secondary goals, impact from larger pad of team goals, prepare in format for a potential FAD proposal" ===
13:13:41 <jwf> #link https://etherpad.persephone.cloud/p/diversity-fad-2018
13:13:41 <jwf> #info Bee worked on a draft and needs review; will discuss during ticket section of meeting
13:13:51 <jwf> #info === [COMPLETE] "diversity-team Cast vote for sticker request in #59: https://pagure.io/fedora-diversity/issue/59" ===
13:13:51 <jwf> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-diversity/issue/59#comment-503318
13:13:51 <jwf> #info Stickers produced, ticket closed.
13:14:04 <jwf> Those were the only three action items I could dig out from the last meeting.
13:14:15 <jwf> So we can keep on ahead. :-)
13:14:20 <jwf> #topic Tickets
13:14:24 <jwf> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-diversity/issues?status=Open&tags=meeting
13:14:46 <jwf> There are five tickets on the agenda, which is a lot – let's see what we can get through!
13:14:52 <jwf> #info === Ticket #24: "Wiki gardening" ===
13:14:52 <jwf> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-diversity/issue/24
13:14:56 <jwf> Needs a look through the updated pages
13:15:06 <jwf> Let me see if I can get a link to the updated changes
13:16:09 <jwf> #link https://fedoraproject.org/w/index.php?title=Diversity&type=revision&diff=512240&oldid=505632
13:17:23 <jwf> I think bee2502 mostly wanted us to review the changes she made, since we discussed them in depth before
13:17:35 <jwf> I can't find anything more recent than this link with revisions.
13:17:54 <jwf> I think this is done, so we can close it as complete.
13:18:13 <jwf> I put this one up front first because I thought it would be a quick one.
13:19:06 <diversitytg> <amisha3> Checking link
13:19:46 <diversitytg> <amisha3> Ok
13:19:50 <diversitytg> <amisha3> Good to close
13:19:52 <diversitytg> <amisha3> +1
13:19:53 <jwf> @amisha3: Let us know if you have any comments, I just closed the ticket since it looks done.
13:19:55 <jwf> #info === Ticket #48: "Diversity Team Goals - From Jan, 2018 to Jan, 2019" ===
13:19:56 <jwf> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-diversity/issue/48#comment-503687
13:19:56 <jwf> #link https://etherpad.persephone.cloud/p/diversity-fad-2018
13:20:06 <jwf> This is probably the biggest item on the agenda today
13:20:42 <jwf> bee2502 wrote up team goals to focus on for the remainder of 2018 and put together a timeline of the work for each goal
13:21:27 <jwf> There was some chatter on the mailing list, but I don't think it was discussed in depth:
13:21:29 <jwf> #link https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/diversity@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/QBPWXDOYXNT3NQQD2OBAY2PL3DIO653Q/
13:22:01 <jwf> What do you all think of the write-up, did you get a chance to review before the meeting?
13:22:17 <diversitytg> <amisha3> I read it
13:22:26 <diversitytg> <amisha3> But not completely
13:22:37 <jwf> I felt that the goals were scoped well, but I thought it was a lot of work for this team to accomplish all together.
13:22:38 <diversitytg> <amisha3> I liked the way it is written
13:22:45 <diversitytg> <amisha3> And the details
13:22:54 <diversitytg> <amisha3> O agree
13:22:59 <jwf> I think we could keep the timelines @bee2502 put together, but I think we have enough bandwidth to only focus on one thing fully at a time
13:23:09 <diversitytg> <amisha3> But we can spread them for more than a year
13:23:25 <jwf> I thought we could focus in on Fedora Women Day now leading up to Flock because that is the most urgent task and will be immediately after Flock
13:23:47 <diversitytg> <amisha3> We should definitely want to come back to the rest which we can't complete in this year
13:23:54 <jwf> @amisha3: Right, I think it makes more sense to stagger them a little more.
13:24:02 <diversitytg> <amisha3> Nice point
13:24:06 <diversitytg> <amisha3> I agree
13:24:21 <diversitytg> <amisha3> Little steps are always better
13:24:25 <jwf> @amisha3: I think some of these things might be best to wait for 2019 before we invest the time and effort. I think FWD will take up most of our time and we also have a month of following up with event reports too.
13:24:25 <diversitytg> <amisha3> Than a huge one
13:24:42 <diversitytg> <amisha3> I to totally agree Justin
13:24:44 <jwf> Anyone else have any opinions or had a chance to read through too?
13:24:45 <jwf> #chair
13:24:45 <zodbot> Current chairs: Amita bexelbie jwf x3mboy
13:24:51 <diversitytg> <amisha3> We can revisit
13:24:59 * bexelbie added a bunch of notes and now needs to read the replies
13:25:28 <jwf> Oh! I didn't know there were replies.
13:25:35 <x3mboy> I need to read it. It's on my list for today's readings
13:25:43 <diversitytg> <reCursedd> I read it and got some pointers on where we are headed.
13:26:53 <jwf> I didn't know there were new comments in the Etherpad. I am going to take a quick scroll-through now for a moment.
13:27:02 <jwf> x3mboy: Understandable – your feedback is always welcome!
13:27:13 <bexelbie> However, I am very in favor of focusing on one thing to ensure we do it great and only adding more if we know for sure we have enough people.  contributor attention is our most constrained resource :D
13:27:27 <diversitytg> <amisha3> Yipp
13:27:33 <diversitytg> <bee2502> Hi!
13:27:36 <jwf> @reCursedd: I'm glad you were able to read through it and it all made sense! I think that is a good sign. :-)
13:27:46 <diversitytg> <bee2502> I got stuck in a work meeting but I am here now
13:27:52 * jwf waves to @bee2502
13:27:57 <jwf> bexelbie: +1.
13:27:59 <diversitytg> <bee2502> So glad meeting is happening in channel
13:28:00 <x3mboy> @bee2592 o/
13:28:12 <diversitytg> <amisha3> Same here
13:28:32 <diversitytg> <amisha3> I think we can do something about it that we can join meetings via telegram
13:28:57 <diversitytg> <bee2502> Just reading through logs now..
13:29:19 <jwf> @bee2502 / @amisha3: If this is helpful, we can make this a permanent change too. Can discuss that at open floor too
13:29:22 <diversitytg> <reCursedd> yes. though I need to check certain things.
13:29:34 <diversitytg> <amisha3> Sure
13:29:59 <jwf> My overall take on the goals is that I think we should follow through with the Fedora Women Day (FWD) timeline @bee2502 drafted, but I think we should stagger some of the other work.
13:30:17 <diversitytg> <amisha3> ,+1
13:30:21 <jwf> I will not be active in Fedora from May until August, so I cannot contribute much time to helping during the summer months
13:30:34 <diversitytg> <amisha3> Ok
13:31:50 <diversitytg> <bee2502> How much bandwidth do we need just to put emergency kits and flyers at FLOCK?
13:32:18 <jwf> bexelbie: Not sure if you saw the comments yesterday in channel about some of the Flock questions
13:32:19 <diversitytg> <bee2502> Or do we assume that the organizers/hotel will already have them.
13:32:23 <diversitytg> <amisha3> It's not about just that
13:32:38 <diversitytg> <amisha3> I think
13:32:45 <diversitytg> <amisha3> It's about making a norm
13:32:52 <diversitytg> <amisha3> For all the future events
13:33:17 <bexelbie> jwf I did not
13:33:23 <jwf> bexelbie: Quick recap: https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/bLJEA2~-a~~dJxzsQClz2A
13:33:31 <diversitytg> <bee2502> @amisha3 I think we can start small. It's good to show a good example to community about why it is useful.. before we go around publishing a document
13:33:50 <bexelbie> bee2502, that needs to be defined.  As an event organizer am I required to audit the emergency kit?
13:33:55 <bexelbie> provided by a third party I mean
13:34:36 <diversitytg> <bee2502> Hmm I would say no
13:34:57 <jwf> @reCursedd: re, if there is anything you are curious about or want clarification, we are happy to do that too.
13:34:58 <bexelbie> re: Flock - I am happy to work from a draft document to try and test it while trying to implement it
13:35:42 <bexelbie> and this goes to the point I just added about quiet rooms.  The room contract is set.  Should we be forced to negotiate the extra costs (if it is even possible) to add a quiet room?  Are we forced to cancel and start over because we don't have one?  What if there is no extra space in the facility?
13:36:05 <diversitytg> <reCursedd> actually I didn't get much time before the meeting. I will let you know about the questions in another 8-10 hours.
13:36:14 <bexelbie> bee2502, then we need to cleanly define that.  Are we saying that if a facility doesn't have an emergency kit, say for liability reasons, are we requiring that the event owner take on that liability?
13:36:22 <diversitytg> <bee2502> I think we can definitely do a draft document to test at flock with our bandwidth. I can take responsibility for it.
13:36:32 <bexelbie> bee2502, this isn't blokcing, but we need to find some logical edges
13:36:58 <jwf> @reCursedd: That's fine too. :-)
13:37:29 <jwf> Time check, we have about 25 minutes left
13:37:31 <diversitytg> <reCursedd> thanks.. :)
13:37:37 <diversitytg> <amisha3> I understand what logical edges ..the questions you have just asked bex
13:37:58 <jwf> To drive back to the ticket topic about the goals, what do we think we can realistically accomplish then, if we want to keep some event organizing guidelines in scope before Flock?
13:38:00 <bexelbie> @amisha3 can you rephrase that?
13:38:05 <diversitytg> <amisha3> So may be bex can put all those questions in the doc
13:38:20 <diversitytg> <bee2502> bexelbie I understand. Your points are valid and we need to discuss this in depth. I also feel that we shouldn't miss flock as an opportunity because I don't think it would be right to launch a common guidelines without actually testing it.
13:38:37 <diversitytg> <amisha3> I meant ..do you mean the questions you just asked are the logical edges you  mentioned
13:38:48 <bexelbie> @amisha3 I have, afaik
13:38:55 <diversitytg> <amisha3> Ok
13:38:59 <bexelbie> @bee2502 huge +1
13:39:56 <jwf> How should we scope these goals in the context leading up to Flock?
13:40:14 <jwf> I think at Flock, we can aim to have a similar session to last year and reevaluate where we are then for the next few months
13:40:21 <bexelbie> @amisha3 yes
13:40:32 <jwf> So for now, I think we should try to effectively scope what we want to accomplish leading up to Flock / FWD 2018
13:41:00 <diversitytg> <amisha3> Right
13:41:15 <diversitytg> <amisha3> Kind of 6 months plan
13:41:44 <diversitytg> <bee2502> jwf I think we can work on a draft doc this month and bex can add his perspective as a former flock organizer and current FCAke
13:42:26 <jwf> @bee2502: Is what you have in the Etherpad not the draft?
13:42:29 <diversitytg> <amisha3> I can help in that
13:42:50 <diversitytg> <bee2502> jwf I was talking about the event inclusion guidelines
13:42:53 <diversitytg> <bee2502> Not overall goals
13:43:00 <diversitytg> <amisha3> I think she means to answer questions
13:43:09 <jwf> Ahh, got it
13:43:09 <diversitytg> <bee2502> @amisha3 yes
13:43:31 <jwf> I think the FWD timeline is something we can stick too, although I also agree with bexelbie's comment at the top:
13:43:31 <jwf> https://screenshots.firefox.com/mHAajjsCGKt6gjLF/etherpad.persephone.cloud
13:44:04 <jwf> @bee2502: Do you want to take an action item to re-scope the event guidelines by the next meeting?
13:44:12 <diversitytg> <bee2502> Also, since flock is soon.. I guess it can be our priority for this month. I assume it will take less time after May
13:44:59 <diversitytg> <amisha3> Ok
13:45:01 <diversitytg> <bee2502> jwf yes, I will create a draft for event guidelines and bex can tear it apart.
13:45:15 <bexelbie> @bee2502 I'll only provide gentle feedback and guidance :D
13:45:16 <diversitytg> <bee2502> Also @amisha3 and I can do this together?
13:45:50 <jwf> @bee2502: I can action both of you for the event guidelines if that works for @amisha3?
13:46:05 <jwf> I will also try to recap some of the discussion for the minutes. Correct me if anything seems incorrect.
13:46:45 <diversitytg> <bee2502> Bex I would prefer if you tear it apart. The draft can go over multiple iterations but once it is out to community ..
13:46:56 <jwf> #agreed Fedora Women Day 2018 timeline seems realistic for what Diversity Team can accomplish leading up to Flock 2018; will adopt bee2502's timeline for planning and make modifications if needed as we go
13:47:03 <bexelbie> @bee2502 I was kidding.  It will receive the fullest attention I can give it
13:47:51 <jwf> #agreed Event guidelines need some re-consideration for logical considerations if we want to run a test-case at Flock 2018; will work on a draft to share for review with FCAIC (bexelbie) leading into May
13:48:07 <diversitytg> <amisha3> Yes u can jwf
13:48:14 <jwf> #agreed Will revisit other goals and plan for following months at a planning session at Flock 2018
13:48:21 <jwf> #nick bee2502
13:48:23 <jwf> #nick Amita
13:48:46 <jwf> @bee2502 @amisha3: When do we want to set the first deadline on this action item?
13:48:56 <diversitytg> <bee2502> Next meeting
13:49:08 <diversitytg> <amisha3> Fine
13:49:20 <jwf> Okay – we didn't discuss yet if we want to switch to weekly meetings or continue with every other week for meetings.
13:49:27 <diversitytg> <reCursedd> When is the next meeting?
13:49:27 <jwf> April 13 or April 20?
13:49:32 <diversitytg> <bee2502> Then 2 weeks
13:49:39 * jwf nods
13:49:42 <diversitytg> <reCursedd> oh okay!
13:50:15 <jwf> #action bee2502 Amita: Create a first draft of event guidelines for testing at Flock 2018; share with bexelbie for feedback (DUE: 2018-04-20 meeting)
13:50:22 <diversitytg> <bee2502> @reCursedd usually the meeting is after 2 weeks
13:50:39 <diversitytg> <reCursedd> yeah just got that!
13:50:41 <jwf> @bee2502: Do we also want to discuss really quick some of the outreach for FWD this month?
13:51:00 <jwf> I see you filed the ticket already 👍
13:51:03 <diversitytg> <bee2502> Does anyone have a hard stop after one hour?
13:51:07 <jwf> I do
13:51:27 <diversitytg> <amisha3> Me too
13:51:41 <jwf> I also wanted to save the last five minutes for checking in on meeting frequency and location
13:52:05 <jwf> We can coordinate more for FWD on the mailing list / in channel after the meeting?
13:52:05 <diversitytg> <bee2502> Till next meeting, I think we should concentrate on event inclusion draft
13:52:13 <diversitytg> <bee2502> And podcast questionare
13:52:16 <x3mboy> !
13:52:26 <x3mboy> Yes, I need to talk about the Podcast
13:52:29 <x3mboy> Please
13:52:30 <jwf> @bee2502: Okay. Does the timeline for FWD need changes?
13:52:41 <jwf> x3mboy: Okay, we can switch topics really fast for end of time, thanks for the reminder
13:52:48 <jwf> We can jump back around to this after meeting
13:52:55 <jwf> #info === Ticket #64: "Diversity Team Podcast session" ===
13:52:55 <jwf> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-diversity/issue/64
13:52:56 <jwf> Needs ideas, suggestions for podcast
13:52:58 <jwf> x3mboy: Go for it!
13:53:21 <diversitytg> <bee2502> jwf not really, I don't think those are hard deadlines for those tasks and it still seems manageable
13:53:47 <jwf> @bee2502: Sounds good to me 👍
13:54:17 <x3mboy> Independent of the topics, If you really want to be the next episode (April 27th) we need to do the interview at most the week before that
13:54:26 <x3mboy> To have one week for editing
13:54:36 <x3mboy> That's the timing I'm managing with the podcast
13:54:55 <x3mboy> I commented that on the ticket
13:54:57 <jwf> Oh, I didn't realize this was so soon
13:55:09 <diversitytg> <bee2502> I see. How about the episode after?
13:55:22 <diversitytg> <bee2502> I think the questionare will need time for feedback
13:55:45 <diversitytg> <bee2502> x3mboy do u have a slot in may for us?
13:56:00 <x3mboy> I have May free
13:56:01 <jwf> Yeah, +1 if May is not impossible to do. :P
13:56:09 <jwf> End of April will challenging
13:56:41 <jwf> x3mboy: We can work on getting that drafted this month for you then, and then work with you on a date at the next meeting in two weeks?
13:56:44 <jwf> Does that sound okay?
13:56:48 <x3mboy> May 11th and 25th should be the dates of publishing
13:56:54 <jwf> Perfect
13:57:02 <diversitytg> <bee2502> We can target may 11
13:57:04 <x3mboy> So, the same, recording the week before the publishing date
13:57:17 <x3mboy> At the most, if we can do it before, then better
13:58:04 <diversitytg> <bee2502> If we have meetings every week, earlier will definitely be manageable
13:58:05 <jwf> #agreed Diversity Team will work on questions / focus for podcast on Fedora Diversity in April; aiming for publish date of 11 May, which means a preferred due date of 30 April
13:58:25 <jwf> ^^ all, does this sound alright?
13:58:28 <diversitytg> <bee2502> jwf draft is due next week :)
13:58:32 <jwf> I want to cover our meetings before I have to jump out
13:58:37 <diversitytg> <bee2502> And feedback and revision one week
13:58:40 <x3mboy> +1
13:58:46 <jwf> @bee2502: Oh! Are you working on that too?
13:58:46 <diversitytg> <bee2502> And then filming?
13:58:49 <jwf> I can action you for it
13:58:59 <diversitytg> <bee2502> I started it 🙈
13:59:11 <jwf> Okay, we can work with you on the draft
13:59:28 <diversitytg> <bee2502> I will send an email with etherpad link :)
13:59:45 <jwf> #action bee2502 Work on podcast questionnaire / interview draft for x3mboy podcast by next week, 13 April 2018; work with Diversity Team on collecting feedback
13:59:52 <jwf> Going to switch to open floor really quick!
13:59:54 <jwf> #topic Open floor
13:59:58 <jwf> I wanted to bring up two topics:
14:00:12 <jwf> 1) Do we want to permanently host our meetings in #fedora-diversity from now on for the Telegram bridge?
14:00:13 <jwf> And:
14:00:25 <jwf> 2) How often should we meet? Once a week or once every other week?
14:00:43 <x3mboy> 1) Yes for me
14:00:44 <jwf> A caveat about #2, I didn't realize but the new CommOps meeting time intersects with our Friday meeting time, so I will be split attention
14:00:50 <x3mboy> 2) Bi-weekly for me
14:00:51 <jwf> #1 is a +1 for me too
14:01:05 <jwf> #2, I am flexible for either, but I think our workflow is largely meeting / ticket-driven
14:01:12 <jwf> So I could see weekly working well for us
14:01:34 <diversitytg> <bee2502> I am +1 for 1
14:01:50 <diversitytg> <bee2502> For 2.. let's start with weekly till we have fwd
14:01:54 <jwf> @amisha3, bexelbie, any thoughts here? ^^
14:01:55 <diversitytg> <bee2502> Then we can switch
14:02:07 <jwf> @bee2502: Sounds good to me
14:02:23 <diversitytg> <bee2502> @amisha3 @jonatoni ?
14:02:36 <diversitytg> <bee2502> Weekly might be too much for some 🙈
14:02:47 <diversitytg> <bee2502> And we will skip a few weeks in may for oscal
14:02:53 <diversitytg> <bee2502> I am not so sure anymore
14:03:02 <jwf> Let's move #2 to the mailing list for discussion
14:03:05 <diversitytg> <bee2502> Anyway, how about a special meeting next week instead?
14:03:08 <jwf> I think #1 is safe to agree on
14:03:17 <diversitytg> <jonatoni> +1
14:03:24 <jwf> #agreed Meetings will be held in #fedora-diversity from now on to take advantage of Telegram bridge
14:03:32 <jwf> #action jwf Update Fedocal meeting room location
14:03:38 <diversitytg> <jonatoni> We can start with weekly meetings
14:03:45 <jwf> #info Will take discussion on meeting frequency to the mailing list
14:03:49 <bexelbie> bee2502, no specific thoughts.  As long as fedocal is accurate, I am happy :)
14:03:51 <diversitytg> <jonatoni> If we think is too much we can switch
14:03:54 <jwf> I am okay to meet next week but I am chairing the CommOps meeting
14:04:01 <jwf> At the same time
14:04:06 <diversitytg> <jonatoni> 👋👋 btw hello
14:04:13 <diversitytg> <bee2502> Jwf how could u betray us :P
14:04:17 <jwf> Okay, I have to run, I'm late for a work meeting! Will end minutes, but discussion does not have to end :P
14:04:19 <diversitytg> <jonatoni> Sorry I missed the meeting
14:04:32 <jwf> @bee2502: When I was planning the CommOps meeting, I was looking at a week where there was no Diversity meeting. :-(
14:04:40 <diversitytg> <bee2502> Jwf pls add next week's meeting to fedocal
14:04:41 <jwf> So I misjudged when I would normally be free
14:04:44 <jwf> #endmeeting