11:46:02 <ryanlerch> #startmeeting Fedora Design team
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11:46:03 <skamath> mleonova, ryanlerch : Thanks :)
11:46:13 <ryanlerch> #chair mleonova mshakshober_
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11:46:31 <ryanlerch> #topic general discussion
11:47:09 <mleonova> are you coming to FAD, ryanlerch ?
11:47:10 <ryanlerch> 
11:47:28 <ryanlerch> mleonova: sadly, i am not going to make it in person to the FAD :(
11:47:37 <ryanlerch> but i am going to attend remotely
11:47:54 <mleonova> ryanlerch, oh, ok
11:48:08 <ryanlerch> i am heading to Flock though, so i will be involved in the design clinic for sure at flock
11:48:23 <mleonova> that's great!
11:48:31 <ryanlerch> mleonova: are you getting to the FAD? and or FLock?
11:48:44 <mleonova> I'll see you there =) I'm going to both
11:48:59 <ryanlerch> mleonova: awesome!
11:49:05 <mleonova> need to book hotel for Flock, though ;) it's not easy
11:49:11 <ryanlerch> what else is everyone working on?
11:49:32 <ryanlerch> i have been trying to get in contact with the Flock planners to see what items we need to do for them
11:49:52 <mshakshober_> i'm starting to work on the shirt design for Flock 2016!
11:49:53 <ryanlerch> #chair mizmo_
11:49:53 <zodbot> Current chairs: mizmo_ mleonova mshakshober_ ryanlerch
11:49:56 <mizmo_> I talked to decause yesterday, i think stickster did too
11:50:04 <mleonova> ryanlerch, flock planners - is that Brian, too?
11:50:11 <mleonova> hey mizmo_ !
11:50:15 <ryanlerch> hey mizmo_ !
11:50:22 <mizmo_> He was saying maybe to not do the conference lanyard badges as fancy because $$
11:50:32 <mizmo_> Hello frm my car ;-)
11:50:52 <mshakshober_> hi mimzo :)
11:50:56 <mizmo_> For the t-shirt we will probably use same vendor as the prague shirt
11:51:04 <ryanlerch> mizmo_: fair enough -- we can still do designs and mailmerges for printed out ones for them too
11:51:05 <mizmo_> Morning mshakshober_ :-)
11:51:48 <mizmo_> ryanlerch: yeh i think maybe we design for paper print outs and we get those cheap plastic sleeves. So we need to figure out which sleeves and design for that size
11:52:03 <ryanlerch> mizmo_: awesome.
11:52:21 <mleonova> mizmo_, and what about laminated badges - are those expensive?
11:52:33 <mizmo_> For the booklet - ryanlerch you have a nice setup for generating those right? Can previous years be used as a template? Are those online anywhere?
11:52:34 <ryanlerch> once we have a shirt desing, we tend to use that on the other items too usually
11:52:45 <mizmo_> mleonova: i think decause ws saying too $$
11:52:49 <ryanlerch> mizmo_: yeah i have them in our github
11:52:58 * ryanlerch has not moved them to pagure yet
11:53:04 <mizmo_> Mleonova but maybe simple lamination would be ok
11:53:17 <mleonova> mizmo_, okay)
11:53:18 <ryanlerch> but knowing the size they want to print too is pretty much needed before i start
11:53:22 <mizmo_> Ryanlerch ok sweet. Yeh in general i think we gotta do a mass kigration to pagure
11:53:33 <mleonova> I would imagine it would be cheaper to laminate paper than buy sleeves
11:53:49 <mleonova> but what do I know ;P
11:54:06 <mizmo_> Ryanlerch do you know the size we used for prague? Since they are close i think they were thinking abt using same vendors and keeping things very similar to how Prague went
11:54:28 <mizmo_> Ryanlerch so for booklet maybe we just dictate tothem the size based on what prague was
11:54:58 <mizmo_> Mleonova totally makes sense - do you know any vendors that could do the badges around brno?
11:55:18 <mizmo_> Im assuming we could get someone in brno to bring to krakow
11:55:27 <mleonova> mizmo_, uhm.. not me exactly, but I can ask the person who ordered those for devconf
11:55:48 <mizmo_> mleonova: oooh great idea! That would be awesome.
11:55:50 <ryanlerch> mizmo_: yeha i am not sure who did the booklets for praha
11:57:01 <mizmo_> I wonder if they had booklets. Ryanlerch im not so familiar with the a1 a2 a3 family of paper sizes... i think budget is tight wondering if the one smaller than a4 for booklet would be good (and easy to carry?)
11:57:32 <ryanlerch> mizmo_: a5 is half of an a4 (similar to letter)
11:57:36 <mizmo_> In apac we did... maybe a2? It was like half the size of a4 - versions of the selinux coloring book and it came out neat
11:57:43 <mizmo_> Ah ok it was a5 then
11:57:55 <ryanlerch> mizmo_: that is what i will aim for
11:58:01 <mizmo_> What if we did booklets a5?
11:58:35 <ryanlerch> at the very least someone can print them out in the office in BRNO
11:58:41 <ryanlerch> if budget is tight
11:59:37 <mizmo_> Ryanlerch if you can make a design without any bleeds... so a white margin.... could print on a5 in brno office then staple
11:59:52 <mizmo_> But i dont know if budget is *that* tight
12:00:23 <mizmo_> Lets assume not, from what I remember printing in brno is a lot cheaper than us
12:00:52 <mizmo_> mshakshober_: so you are on tshirts
12:01:01 <ryanlerch> okay, either way, it should be okay i think
12:01:03 <mizmo_> ryanlerch: you are on booklet right?
12:01:08 <mshakshober_> yea definitely!
12:01:16 <ryanlerch> mizmo_: yes!
12:01:17 <mizmo_> mleonova: you are on getting info about devconf badges?
12:01:27 <mleonova> mizmo_, trying, yeah
12:01:34 <mizmo_> Anything else we need?
12:01:37 <ryanlerch> #action ryanlerch to open ticket for Flock booklets, and do them
12:01:53 <mizmo_> Oh yes we need tickets for everything
12:02:06 <mizmo_> #action open tickets for lanyard badges and tshirt
12:02:29 <mizmo_> Gnokii did all of the fedora badges we need except party badge
12:02:40 <mizmo_> I opened a ticket for that, dont have it handy :-(
12:02:40 <gnokii> huhu
12:02:47 <mizmo_> Hey gnokii
12:02:49 <ryanlerch> awesome
12:03:04 <mizmo_> Do you want to do the party badge too? The party is going to be on a boat
12:03:36 <mizmo_> I feel like we might be forgetting smtg - was there anything else in your list in the email ryanlerch?
12:03:37 <gnokii> if I would go for the brewery boat we had in prague with the pirate party badge
12:04:49 <ryanlerch> ah signs!
12:04:58 <mizmo_> gnokii: I don't know the specifics but iirc decause said it would be similar to the prague boat
12:05:05 <ryanlerch> but that we will need more input from the organizers
12:05:08 <gnokii> there is a thing to do before, all the flock stuff
12:05:10 <ryanlerch> on room numbers, names
12:05:33 <mizmo_> ryanlerch: room numbers / room name signs... anything else? "Registration" ?
12:05:40 <gnokii> ryanlerch: https://flock2016.sched.org/
12:05:52 <gnokii> makes the room names clear ;)
12:06:05 <mizmo_> Oh good
12:06:14 <ryanlerch> yeah, i usually just put them on an a3 size, or something
12:06:20 <ryanlerch> we def need a ticket for it
12:06:26 <mizmo_> Is there going to be a lounge area? Open hackfest area?
12:06:38 <mizmo_> #action mizmo create ticket for flock signs
12:06:41 <ryanlerch> #action open ticket for signs for flock
12:06:45 <ryanlerch> #undo
12:06:45 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: ACTION by ryanlerch at 12:06:41 : open ticket for signs for flock
12:06:47 <mizmo_> Haha great minds...
12:06:55 <ryanlerch> :)
12:07:16 <mizmo_> Who knows what our deadlines are :-/ we're at 5 weeks out now right
12:07:25 <ryanlerch> yeah, i think ASAP
12:07:36 <ryanlerch> but the shirt design is the first i think
12:07:49 <ryanlerch> since its going to be the one that will def need to be printed
12:08:01 <mizmo_> mshakshober_: can you put aside all your other work items and focus on the tshirt only today?
12:08:02 <ryanlerch> and we re-use that desing on other things
12:08:27 <mizmo_> mshakshober_: did bex reply to the email i sent last night asking about krakow?
12:08:45 <gnokii> can we take care before all this on the DVD for f24?
12:09:08 <mizmo_> gnokii: i thought inkscaper did that - did he only do sleeves?
12:09:09 <mshakshober_> sure, i'll make shirts my priority today
12:09:21 <mshakshober_> and i'll check my mail right now
12:09:43 <mizmo_> mshakshober_: great! (I totally get that its super early now lol, sorry)
12:09:45 <gnokii> well the sleeves but they fit not to what pjp needs on the end but he doesnt realize it
12:10:07 <mizmo_> gnokii: oh boy, what size does pjp need?
12:10:16 <mshakshober_> it didn't look like i had any mail from a "bex"
12:10:33 <gnokii> see the ticket I measured it, he is really to stupid to communicate it
12:10:36 <ryanlerch> mshakshober_: brian exelbeird i think
12:10:55 <mizmo_> mshakshober_: there was a woman on the ticket too cant remember her name. Subject line had "flock" in it. They may not have gotten back to us yet.
12:11:04 <ryanlerch> i think we are sorted with flock stuff now, right?
12:11:29 <mizmo_> gnokii, mleonova - as the resident europeans here can you suggest any krakow highlight to incorporate in design?
12:11:44 <gnokii> the wawel
12:11:44 <mizmo_> ryanlerch: yes thank youso much for getting the ball rolling on that
12:12:29 <ryanlerch> mizmo_: awesome! glad we have started!
12:12:34 <mizmo_> gnokii: is it a castle? Do you know anything abt its history / what its known for?
12:12:42 <gnokii> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wawel
12:12:59 <ryanlerch> mizmo_: a castle and church i think
12:13:17 <gnokii> yes its a castle Unesco cultural heritage once seat of the king of poland
12:13:20 <mizmo_> (Thanks)
12:13:59 <mleonova> mizmo_, uhm, not really, never ben
12:14:04 <mleonova> *been
12:14:21 <mizmo_> Ah i think wawel was used for fedora community blog post on flock
12:14:23 <ryanlerch> there are heaps of good cc-liceneced photos of it on wikipedia that we can use as a basis for a vectorization too
12:14:32 <mizmo_> Sweet
12:14:37 <mleonova> Brian should know, though, if anything
12:15:03 <mizmo_> mshakshober_: so i think we should start w research on wawel and come up w some basic concepts and run them by brian
12:15:14 <mizmo_> Sweet
12:15:33 <mizmo_> Oh just as a general announcement
12:15:37 <mizmo_> Ill topic it one sec
12:15:38 <mshakshober_> once i get in today, i'll do some research!
12:15:47 <mizmo_> #topic modularization
12:16:02 <mizmo_> So langdon invited me to the modularization project meeting yesterday
12:16:17 <mizmo_> They are working on modules which are kind of higher level than packages
12:16:39 <mizmo_> It might affect a lot of fedora stuff - our infra web apps, how apps get installed, etc etc
12:16:49 <mizmo_> So they wanted to sync up with us
12:16:54 <mizmo_> I think its early stages
12:17:05 <mizmo_> They have their own ux designer which is exciting
12:17:30 <ryanlerch> mizmo_: nice!
12:17:34 <mizmo_> Thats about what i know, i think after the red hat summit they are going to be in touch with us
12:17:56 <mizmo_> We may need to think about some fedora website changes as a result
12:17:58 <mizmo_> Ok
12:18:12 <mizmo_> Have we hit the ticket queue yet? Weve got about 10 min left right?
12:18:58 <mizmo_> #topic other
12:19:20 <mizmo_> I think the f24 media art is probably the most urgent ticket right now
12:19:48 <gnokii> we definitely have to look at alexanders designs the font looks so strange
12:20:02 <mizmo_> Did he post his sourcesm
12:20:14 <gnokii> not yet just previews
12:20:54 <mizmo_> I guess first step is to ask for his sources
12:21:08 <mizmo_> Do you know the ticket number offhand?
12:22:01 <gnokii> .design-team 542
12:22:01 <zodbot> gnokii: Error: You don't have the rss capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.
12:22:07 <gnokii> aargh
12:22:11 <ryanlerch> https://fedorahosted.org/design-team/ticket/452
12:22:11 <fedmsg-design> meetbot.meeting.item.link -- ryanlerch linked to more information in the "Fedora Design team" meeting in #fedora-design: "https://fedorahosted.org/design-team/ticket/452"
12:22:13 <gnokii> #542
12:22:37 <gnokii> why does .design-team not work?
12:23:43 <ryanlerch> mizmo_: no we hadnt done the queue review yet
12:24:49 <mizmo_> Ugh what a frustrating ticket
12:26:10 <gnokii> yeah, for me is most frustrating he wasnt enabled to tell as last release the exact needs and then I explained to all what is what and what we need and now this
12:26:17 <mizmo_> I dont understand why he wont talk to vendor to get specs
12:26:43 <gnokii> mizmo: the problem is that the vendors there have no idea either
12:27:12 <gnokii> they really want AI files here and editing the shit
12:27:19 <mizmo_> Well it looks like inkscaper is going to work on labels so i think he'll get the design done its just a matter of getting a version pjp can use
12:28:26 * gnokii has here already the first fail print but fortunately it diffs from the proof I signed
12:28:59 <mizmo_> gnokii: is that an f24 print or f23?
12:29:22 <mizmo_> gnokii: can you take a photo of it? It might help to explain to pjp the problem
12:29:36 <mizmo_> gnokii: do you know what vendor did it?
12:30:29 <gnokii> no i dont know which vendor it is, he said he talked with the vendor and the vendor said there is no bleed needed
12:30:47 <gnokii> I know just that the vendor sucks 1/3 of the DVD doesnt work and the sleeve sucks also
12:32:06 <gnokii> but lets make tickets next meeting is soon
12:40:43 <ryanlerch> are we pretty much done?
12:41:26 <mleonova> ryanlerch, I don't think we have time to go through tickets?
12:44:20 <ryanlerch> no, we might need to cover this on the list, or next week
12:44:40 <ryanlerch> i'll end the meeting, but we can keep disciussing of course :)
12:44:44 <ryanlerch> #endmeeting