16:06:43 <mizmo> #startmeeting
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16:06:59 <mizmo> #meetingname design team
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16:07:10 <mizmo> okay one thing i want to hit before we do the ticket dive
16:07:11 <mizmo> is the wallpaper
16:07:21 <mizmo> sam isn't here unfortunately, im afraid maybe we didn't give him feedback in time for alpha
16:08:22 * mizmo looks up the latest design
16:09:16 <mizmo> AH HERE WE GO
16:09:17 <mizmo> OOPS CAPS
16:09:19 <mizmo>
16:09:33 <mizmo> what do you think?
16:10:01 <mizmo> i think that version doesn't have the vignette
16:10:33 <mizmo> ive been using it as a wallpaper for the past week and it seems okay, but i think it still needs vignette. the gnome shell thumbnails of it in the overview look a little weird but as a wallpaper itself i think it's okay
16:10:37 <fedmsg-design> -- duffy linked to more information in a meeting in #fedora-design: ""
16:10:39 <mizmo> any thoughts / opinions?
16:10:43 <gnokii> yes
16:11:24 <mizmo> what do you think gnokii?
16:11:28 <gnokii> colors looks better as last version before, I just would resolve the dark areas a little bit more, they look like painted without fun on it
16:12:07 <mizmo> yeh i think thats why the thumbnail previews of the wallpaper look a bit weird
16:12:21 <mizmo> maybe ship this for alpha (or beta as the case may be at this point!) and fix the dark areas later?
16:13:12 <mizmo> let me see if we already missed alpha (probably)
16:13:46 <mizmo> heh freeze is today
16:14:00 <gnokii> for alpha its fine
16:14:03 <mizmo> if someone hauled ass today and found a very, very nice packager
16:14:07 <mizmo> we could get it in maybe
16:14:24 <gnokii> yes speaking about packaging what is with martin?
16:14:33 <mizmo> i haven't heard from him in a while
16:15:03 <gnokii> thats the point F21 supp wallpaper was not packed and there is an open ticket
16:15:15 <gnokii> I would have somebody who packages us the stuff
16:15:36 <mizmo> if we want to try to haul ass and get this in for alpha today i could try to bug spot if hes around
16:15:40 <mizmo> hes helped us with packaging before
16:15:46 <mizmo> but as far as a regular packager i dont know :(
16:15:53 <mizmo> finalzone-laptop, around?
16:16:04 <finalzone-laptop> yes I am
16:16:21 <mizmo> finalzone-laptop, do you have any interest helping us out as a team packager?
16:16:32 <mizmo> (totally feel free to say no, i just think you do a good job with design suite and might be able to do it)
16:17:07 <finalzone-laptop> mizmo, I will do the packaging
16:17:08 <gnokii> mizmo: besser82 wanted to package for us
16:17:23 <finalzone-laptop> hopefully martin has the source rpm
16:17:33 <mizmo> i thikn i can get that, one sec
16:17:47 <mizmo> gnokii, oh really? for the main wallpaper or for the supplementals?
16:17:53 * finalzone-laptop looking at martin page
16:18:27 <gnokii> yes he asked a while ago, but msourada did the job and I told him its not needed, I asked him again right now he is willing doing it
16:18:37 <besser82> Hi Folks!  =)
16:18:49 <besser82> gnokii asked me to come in  ;)
16:18:57 <mizmo> finalzone-laptop, besser82 - the spec for the f22 backgrounds rpm is here:
16:19:01 <gnokii> there his is
16:19:06 <mizmo> if that doesn't work (sometimes it doesn't load properly) i can fpaste, sec
16:19:26 <mizmo>
16:19:43 <besser82> works nicely
16:19:56 <mizmo> finalzone-laptop, besser82 - we have a deadline today for the alpha wallpaper
16:20:08 <mizmo> could either of you package today if we could get the files together?
16:20:10 <sam08> hey! sorry for being late
16:20:12 <mizmo> sam08!!! glad you are here :)
16:20:26 <mizmo> sam08, did you have a chance to do the wallpaper? the freeze is today
16:20:30 <besser82> sure, just need the tarball in some location
16:20:39 <mizmo> sam08, i think what you did already is great and we should go with it for alpha if we can
16:20:56 <mizmo> sam08, do you have time today or need help?
16:21:00 <mizmo> besser82, awesome
16:21:08 <sam08> i can do it right away
16:21:12 <mizmo> okay great
16:21:17 <mizmo> besser82, how long are you going to be available?
16:21:26 <mizmo> sam08 is going to work on getting the tarball put together
16:21:37 <finalzone-laptop> I will let besser82 do the packaging. I .will see if I can assign the rpm to design-sw group
16:21:42 <mizmo> (it's a matter of resizing / formatting the wallpaper - which is already done)
16:21:46 <mizmo> thanks finalzone-laptop!!
16:21:54 <besser82> mizmo, as long as I'm needed  ;)
16:21:58 <mizmo> (well the wallpaper is done, the resizing/formatting is not)
16:22:08 <mizmo> besser82, you are awesome thank you!!
16:22:13 <besser82> erm…  the will be called f23-backgrounds then?
16:22:15 <mizmo> sam08, let us know if you need any help
16:22:18 <mizmo> besser82, yep that's right
16:22:26 <besser82> mizmo, you're welcome?
16:22:30 <besser82> mizmo, you're welcome
16:23:20 <mizmo> sam08, how long do you think it might take? an hour?
16:23:39 <mizmo> (also, i am very sorry we didn't get you feedback sooner :( it's my fault!)
16:23:50 <sam08> mizmo, my only question is if I need to produce a file for each resolution or for each aspect ratio. i mean: is 3840×2160 enough or shall I do also 1920×1080, 2560×1440, and so on?
16:24:07 <mizmo> sam08, just one per ratio!
16:24:17 <sam08> mizmo, it's all right
16:24:25 <sam08> ok, perfect!
16:24:31 <sam08> any naming pattern?
16:24:42 <gnokii> besser82: but it means packaging all the wallpaper also the supplemental one
16:25:31 <mizmo> sam08, sec
16:25:43 <sam08> mizmo, sure
16:25:45 <mizmo> sam08, so the names we have are
16:25:51 <mizmo> normalish, standard, wide, tv-wide
16:26:15 <mizmo> the wallpaper should be f23.png for all of them sam08
16:26:28 <mizmo> and you mark which is which by putting it in a folder that is named normalish | standard | wide | tv-wide
16:26:35 <mizmo> (if that makes sense?)
16:27:12 <mizmo> i think normalish is 5:4
16:27:35 <mizmo> yes, normalish is 5:4
16:27:37 <sam08> ok, was wondering what the difference was, lol
16:28:19 <sam08> so, shall i go with or with mizmo's?
16:28:47 <sam08> if so i need the plain png w/o vignette!
16:29:18 <mizmo> standard is 4:3
16:29:28 <besser82> gnokii, shouldn't be the problem  ;)
16:29:29 <mizmo> sam08, we'll go with yours + add the vignette
16:29:46 * mizmo is doing some math she's not great at lol
16:30:06 <mizmo> normalish 5:4 // standard 4:3 // wide 16:9 // tv-wide 16:10
16:30:08 <mizmo> i think that's right
16:31:01 <mizmo> er it's not
16:31:02 <mizmo> sec
16:31:26 <finalzone-laptop> besser82, once the wallpaper package review is accepted add InitialCC: design-sw for fedora-cvs
16:31:29 <gnokii> sam08: can you try to remove that painted areas and use a layer with a plasma cloud set to overlay?
16:31:38 <mizmo> normalish 5:4 // standard 4:3 // wide 16:10 // tv-wide 16:9
16:31:40 <besser82> finalzone-laptop, sure
16:31:43 <finalzone-laptop> besser82, see
16:31:44 <mizmo> i got wide vs tv-wide reversed
16:32:22 <besser82> finalzone-laptop, I know about process, I'm provenpackager  :P
16:32:37 <finalzone-laptop> besser82, excellent =D
16:33:05 <sam08> gnokii, which painted areas? btw, that image is in jpeg, so compression mail spoil it a bit
16:33:28 <gnokii> wait I make it visible
16:34:00 <mizmo> sam08, i've been using the wallpaper for the past week - you can see the darker areas kind of stand out in the gnome shell overview thumbnail images on the right side? but if it's a big effort to fix now we can wait until beta
16:36:25 <gnokii> sam08:
16:36:52 <gnokii> the areas where I rounded one in red, they stand out to much, I dont know how you have done them
16:37:59 <sam08> mizmo, well, the best way to fix that would be to render it again in blender -- i.e. it takes hours. we can try to paint it in gimp, but i'm afraid it would look like a badly retouched pic then...
16:38:27 <gnokii> sam08: for alpha its fine
16:38:34 <mizmo> sam08, gnokii - why dont we wait until beta and try to rerender for then?
16:38:46 <gnokii> ++
16:39:12 <gnokii> sam08: can you send me the *.blend?
16:39:19 <mizmo> sam08, do you think you'd have time later on for beta? (i hope it's not a lot of effort and mostly just waiting on re-rendering)
16:39:23 <besser82> erm…  deadline for supplemental-wp is for today, too?
16:39:33 <gnokii> besser82: no
16:39:35 <mizmo> gnokii, i think it's in github
16:39:41 <besser82> gnokii, a'ight!
16:39:46 <mizmo> gnokii,
16:39:49 <mizmo> the blend is there
16:39:53 <sam08> mizmo, gnokii, okay -- i'll be happy to do that, i think that if we can stick on this one for alpha and then rerender it would be better
16:40:04 <mizmo> awesome
16:40:06 <mizmo> thank you sam08
16:40:23 <M1C4HTRON13> sam08, I have can throw it up on a render farm if you need it faster
16:40:46 <gnokii> sam08: you can use a kind of cloud and overlay mode in the blender composite editor to
16:44:55 <mizmo> okay while sam08 works on the wallpaper should we try to hit a few tickets?
16:45:09 * finalzone-laptop nods
16:46:07 <gnokii> aah sam08 I found it out can it be you used a material on the first plane to produce it?
16:46:45 <gnokii> mizmo: yes we should
16:46:53 <mizmo> #topic tickets
16:47:03 <mizmo> ill do tickets needing a response first
16:47:06 <sam08> gnokii, found the .blend in gh?
16:47:11 <gnokii> yes
16:48:05 <mizmo> okay we have
16:48:12 <mizmo> Need logo design for the Fedora Security Team(FST)
16:49:41 <mizmo> okay it looks like the security team is okay with the logomark
16:49:44 <mizmo> but iffy on the text placement
16:49:46 <sam08> gnokii, i think that the issue of the darker areas is something related to the displacement of the mesh. i'll do it from scratch next time and hopefully it won't have them again
16:50:03 <mizmo> so im going to suggest Yogi try doing the text as 2 lines, and also centered underneath
16:50:19 <gnokii> ++
16:51:21 <finalzone-laptop> ditto
16:52:33 * mizmo drafting up response to yogi in ticket
16:54:19 <fedmsg-design> trac.ticket.update -- duffy updated a ticket on the Design Team trac instance
16:54:21 <mizmo> okay phew
16:54:23 <mizmo> next ticket
16:54:30 <mizmo>
16:54:31 <fedmsg-design> -- duffy linked to more information in a meeting in #fedora-design: ""
16:54:33 <mizmo> Fedora security / CVE appreciation sticker
16:54:53 <mizmo> i think we're good and done on this one
16:54:57 <mizmo> mleonova, great work :)
16:55:07 <mizmo> i'm going to close it with a note that if they have any issue with the printers they can reopen for help
16:55:09 <mleonova> mizmo, thank you)
16:55:38 <fedmsg-design> trac.ticket.update -- duffy closed a ticket on the Design Team trac instance as 'fixed'
16:56:26 <mizmo> next ticket
16:56:32 <mizmo> this is another great job by mleonova :)
16:56:42 <mizmo> let's leave it open until mbriza downloads the icons and tests them out
16:56:52 <mleonova> mizmo, ^_^ hope they are all in order
16:57:06 <mizmo> next ticket
16:57:07 <mizmo>
16:57:07 <fedmsg-design> -- duffy linked to more information in a meeting in #fedora-design: ""
16:57:11 <mizmo> Fedora Server / Workstation / Cloud Logo Guidelines needed
16:57:18 <gnokii> note
16:57:23 <gnokii> for 360
16:57:29 <mizmo> kirkb was working on the design team wiki ticket so im guessing that's still the case for this one
16:57:40 <mizmo> gnokii, sure
16:58:01 <gnokii> there is another one needed for Astronomy spin, which comes with next version
16:58:15 <gnokii> I told the guy he shall do the tickets for them
16:58:47 <mizmo> gnokii, oh is it all approved any ready for f23?
16:58:50 <mizmo> or is this for f24?
16:59:07 <gnokii> its approved for f22
16:59:27 <mizmo> huh okay
16:59:38 <mizmo> mleonova, have some time to do another icon for it?
16:59:40 <finalzone-laptop> saw that few days ago
16:59:50 <mleonova> mizmo, yeah, sure!
17:00:02 <mizmo> mleonova, ill add a note in 360 that astronomy is coming, we'll just keep it in that ticket
17:00:04 <mizmo> well
17:00:12 <mizmo> yeh that might be easier since mbriza is already on that ticket
17:00:26 <mizmo> if the astronomy guy opened up a new ticket i'll just reference 360
17:00:44 <mleonova> mizmo, gnokii astronomy would mean smt like an astronaut?
17:01:06 <mizmo> mleonova, i think it has tools for doing stuff like stargazing - eg there's a star map tool
17:01:10 <mizmo> so a telescope might be better?
17:01:15 <gnokii> mleonova: thats something else, astronomers stay mostly on earth and rely on telescopes
17:01:45 <fedmsg-design> trac.ticket.update -- duffy updated a ticket on the Design Team trac instance
17:02:16 <mleonova> gnokii, uhm, cosmonaut?)
17:02:35 <gnokii> haha mleonova indeed for me is Kosmonaut
17:02:45 <mizmo> astronomer is more like this guy:
17:02:46 <mizmo> hehehe
17:02:53 <mleonova> gnokii,  mizmo, okay, I'll draw a couple sketches =)
17:03:17 <gnokii> mleonova: there is another spin coming up, geo spin
17:04:18 <mleonova> gnokii, okay, lets put them all together in a ticket ;)
17:04:18 <mizmo> okay guys
17:04:23 <mizmo> i gotta run, i haven't eaten lunch yet lol
17:04:31 <mizmo> do you want to keep going or should i end meeting?
17:04:44 <gnokii> how many tickets have we open?
17:04:49 <mizmo> the tickets i had in the queue to review are
17:05:16 <mizmo> 350, 279, 362, 393, 394
17:05:38 <mizmo> ill scurry off and grab some grub, and endmeeting when i get back so you guys can still chat
17:05:41 <mizmo> #chair gnokii
17:05:41 <zodbot> Current chairs: gnokii mizmo
17:05:45 <mizmo> #chair mleonova
17:05:45 <zodbot> Current chairs: gnokii mizmo mleonova
17:05:49 <mizmo> #chair sam08
17:05:49 <zodbot> Current chairs: gnokii mizmo mleonova sam08
17:05:50 <mizmo> :)
17:06:02 <sam08> almost done, anyway!
17:06:15 <gnokii> ok mizmo I continue handeling the tickets, for some other things we can speak later
17:07:03 <gnokii>
17:07:03 <fedmsg-design> -- gnokii linked to more information in a meeting in #fedora-design: ""
17:07:27 <gnokii> think we should reind jurankdankkal again
17:08:38 <finalzone-laptop> +1
17:08:56 <fedmsg-design> trac.ticket.update -- gnokii updated a ticket on the Design Team trac instance
17:09:01 <gnokii> ok done
17:09:34 <gnokii>
17:09:35 <fedmsg-design> -- gnokii linked to more information in a meeting in #fedora-design: ""
17:09:49 <ChrisWambugu> Is it too late to submit another wallpaper suggestion? Or is there any other design ticket open?
17:10:09 <gnokii> its one of the points on design clinic so, I would not touch the ticket until after it
17:10:25 <gnokii> ChrisWambugu: we are in the middle of an meeting!
17:10:55 <ChrisWambugu> Ok... Connection problems. Next time. Sorry.
17:11:12 <finalzone-laptop> #279 needs to wait then
17:11:13 <fedmsg-design> trac.ticket.update -- gnokii updated a ticket on the Design Team trac instance
17:11:43 <gnokii>
17:11:44 <fedmsg-design> -- gnokii linked to more information in a meeting in #fedora-design: ""
17:11:58 <gnokii> this one is fixed
17:12:23 <gnokii>
17:12:23 <fedmsg-design> -- gnokii linked to more information in a meeting in #fedora-design: ""
17:12:31 <gnokii> mleonova: that is yours any comment?
17:12:57 <mleonova> gnokii, yeah, we are currently working on that
17:13:17 <gnokii> ok, anything to show until yet?
17:14:10 <mleonova> gnokii, there should be something to discuss next meeting, now I'm working on pencil sketches and discussing them with Jiri
17:14:27 <gnokii> ok, so we leave it like it is
17:14:54 <gnokii>
17:14:55 <fedmsg-design> -- gnokii linked to more information in a meeting in #fedora-design: ""
17:15:34 <gnokii> thx that gets fixed with besser82
17:16:16 <fedmsg-design> trac.ticket.update -- gnokii updated a ticket on the Design Team trac instance
17:16:22 <finalzone-laptop> yeah, tried to set package as group
17:16:42 <finalzone-laptop> so that way, one of packagers can fix
17:16:44 <gnokii> ok, that are all tickets that mizmo had
17:17:13 <sam08> are we done with tickets?
17:17:21 <finalzone-laptop> it looks like it
17:17:21 <gnokii> finalzone-laptop: he made a bug in the bugzilla to, I think a month ago.
17:17:32 <sam08> okay, i'm done with the wp
17:17:33 <gnokii> yes, we done with tickets anything else?
17:17:36 <sam08>
17:17:37 <fedmsg-design> -- sam08 linked to more information in a meeting in #fedora-design: ""
17:18:11 <gnokii> besser82:
17:19:00 <gnokii> ok, if nobody has something to speak about we could close
17:19:45 <finalzone-laptop> sam08: why not normal rather than normalish?
17:21:33 <sam08> finalzone-laptop, idk, mizmo told me that's the right name. i think it's because the "normal" or base image for the wallpaper should be a square, and this is the closest to that aspect ratio
17:22:35 <gnokii> finalzone-laptop: does that answer your question?
17:22:58 <finalzone-laptop> gnokii: yes. no further question
17:23:16 <gnokii> so last chance for inside meeting I close it otherwise
17:23:51 <finalzone-laptop> I think the meeting is ajourned
17:23:59 <gnokii> ok, I close it
17:24:05 <gnokii> #endmeeting