18:11:14 <mizmo> #startmeeting
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18:11:15 <tatica> well, I can go quick then with fudcon and leave anaconda for next week
18:11:25 <tatica> then go first with anaconda mizmo :D
18:12:10 <msourada> I'd like you all to look at the schedule changes and say aye or nay to them :-)
18:12:19 <msourada> but can wait
18:12:25 <tatica> msourada, link
18:12:47 <mizmo> i dont have updates on anaconda, mockups are due end of aug
18:13:01 <msourada> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Talk:F16_Artwork/Schedule
18:13:12 <tatica> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Talk:F16_Artwork/Schedule
18:13:13 <mizmo> #chair tatica
18:13:13 <zodbot> Current chairs: mizmo tatica
18:13:53 * tatica checking schedule
18:14:25 <tatica> ok, I'm ok about wallpaper since is almost done
18:14:35 <tatica> but I cannot give you a +1 -1 at the rest
18:14:43 <mizmo> the schedule looks fine to me
18:14:44 <tatica> mayor chances are only for 1 week
18:15:58 <tatica> msourada, any particular worrie about those dates?
18:16:12 <msourada> tatica: two points:
18:16:36 <msourada> a) we usually decide these things on meetings, so it's good to have them on Thursdays
18:17:17 <msourada> b) it needs to be done about 1 week before respective freezes (beta freeze, final freeze) to have big enough time frame for packaging (it needs to go through bodhi)
18:17:53 <tatica> ok, does this schedule includes that 1 week needed?
18:17:54 <msourada> the original schedule was adapted to Tuesdays meetings...
18:18:30 <msourada> 1 week for what exactly? The packaging? If so, then yes.
18:18:51 <tatica> ok
18:19:15 <tatica> then we are good and only need to push everything to try to have things done a bit earlier
18:19:32 <msourada> yep
18:20:05 <tatica> ok, I see it ok
18:20:09 <tatica> mizmo, too
18:20:19 <tatica> so if anyone has any note on this pls step foward
18:21:30 <msourada> oh, and tatica, one marginally related thing -- can you update the colour shortened version of the schedule? All the three dates on the current one are in the past ;-)
18:22:13 <tatica> I can do a new one including anaconda, grub and kdm dates
18:22:14 <tatica> :P
18:22:35 <tatica> #action tatica must do a new color schedule based on msourada new dates https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Talk:F16_Artwork/Schedule
18:22:35 <msourada> that would be great!
18:22:52 <tatica> ok
18:22:58 <tatica> everything done with this topic?
18:23:12 <msourada> I don't have anything else for this.
18:23:19 * jsmith has nothing else either
18:23:30 <tatica> #info mizmo will have some updates  of anaconda at the end of august
18:23:32 <tatica> oka
18:23:37 <msourada> So I'm going to update the schedule page: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F16_Artwork/Schedule
18:23:45 <tatica> msourada, yeap
18:24:13 <tatica> ok, so I will give a quick report of the other issues
18:24:20 <tatica> gnokii, you there?
18:24:28 <tatica> #topic FUDcon artwork
18:24:42 <tatica> first one is FUDcon Milan
18:24:53 <gnokii> here
18:25:08 <tatica> they have all under control afaik so nothing to worry about it
18:25:30 <tatica> only think to note is that, I send files of their site to tuxdna and he hasn upload them
18:25:39 <tatica> if anyone else has admin to fudcon.fp.org pls let me know
18:26:06 <tatica> and Samuele needs to fix the current logo, I send him the guideliness that ianweller and mizmo did, so only need to track that
18:26:17 <tatica> FUDCon India is almost done
18:26:22 <gnokii> what?
18:26:29 <tatica> gnokii, what what?
18:26:48 <gnokii> FUDCon India is almost done?
18:26:53 <tatica> bchakra took the poster modifications, logo was aprooved (after some issues with the henna patterns)
18:27:06 <mizmo> tatica, i dont think milan violated the guidelines, its just that we agreed to only have the cathedral from Milan on list, but then it ended up having Rome landmarks
18:27:08 <tatica> so the things we need there are:
18:27:26 <tatica> mizmo, nop, at t-shirts I saw a mix of colors between the bubbles
18:27:34 <tatica> mizmo, was sent to me yesterday :S
18:27:36 <mizmo> oh i hvaen't seen the tshirt design :(
18:27:41 <mizmo> why wasn't it sent to the list?
18:27:47 <gnokii> thats the point
18:27:48 <tatica> yeap... they haven't been working too openly
18:27:51 <tatica> all process
18:28:08 <gnokii> not fine
18:28:18 <tatica> so I'm aware of things after they are done :S
18:28:24 <mizmo> that's not okay
18:28:35 <tatica> I know...
18:28:44 <tatica> mizmo, not only with artwork
18:28:50 <mizmo> how do we fix this?
18:29:03 <gnokii> simple tatica sends the updates to the list
18:29:07 <tatica> they have a doc and they are not editing the wiki; so has been really hard to catch up the complete FUDcon process
18:30:10 <tatica> I will email a resume of what I knoe
18:30:15 <tatica> I think is the best
18:30:22 <tatica> and believe me... what I know changes every week
18:30:48 <mizmo> that would be awesome tatica
18:30:52 <tatica> they have done an awesome work, but haven't been too open
18:31:06 <tatica> with artwork, activities and other things
18:31:28 <tatica> #action send a mail about FUDcons updates after meeting
18:31:37 <msourada> I have some family matters to attend to so I have to excuse myself. I'll read the backlog later. I already updated the schedule page. See you.
18:31:42 <tatica> I think a general mail talking about 3 fudcons artwork might work
18:31:48 <tatica> msourada, np
18:32:26 <tatica> ok, so India
18:32:57 <tatica> we only need the t-shirt design, wait for bchakra modifications of the poster and some posters for the talks
18:33:17 <tatica> if I miss something, guess will be pointed out at list
18:33:24 <tatica> :\
18:33:30 <gnokii> tatica: so far I see he didnt notice all mails from yesterday at that topic
18:33:41 <tatica> gnokii, about t-shirt?
18:34:45 <gnokii> yes
18:35:10 <tatica> maybe
18:35:32 <tatica> we can wait till tomorrow and see if he catch up the idea
18:36:07 <Ryan__> Sorry I'm late.
18:36:14 <tatica> gnokii, can you work on some ideas for that?
18:36:15 <gnokii> means maybe he works without success
18:36:27 <tatica> gnokii, yeap, he might need help
18:36:37 <gnokii> tatica: I dont work on anything right now, I fight to become f15 running
18:36:41 <tatica> Ryan__, welcome :)
18:37:01 <tatica> gnokii, bad burned cd
18:37:26 <gnokii> no, is installed but I dont like my /home partition
18:37:41 <tatica> ouch
18:38:04 <tatica> well, that's a ticket to work on
18:38:43 <tatica> beyond that, I don't know if India needs more artwork
18:39:00 <tatica> oh yeah... all fudcons need "I'm going/not" buttons
18:40:49 <tatica> and about Blacksburg, we need to work a bit more on logo ideas
18:40:50 <gnokii> mmh for that all need a logo first and blacksburg is still a yes its ok from the organizers open
18:41:01 <tatica> gnokii, is going with that so, any idea might help
18:41:36 <tatica> gnokii, yeap, you might get in touch with Ben, so he can let know the commite about the artwork progress
18:41:41 <gnokii> tatica: there is an idea that maybe works but they have to say its OK or not
18:41:47 <tatica> yup
18:42:56 <Ryan__> Since I was here late, I didn;t hear about everything that is going on. What is this conversation about? Again, sorry :)
18:43:02 <tatica> so that's everything about fudcon's right now
18:43:08 <tatica> Ryan__, about fudcons :)
18:43:21 <Ryan__> Oh. Thanks.
18:43:39 <tatica> any other topic?
18:44:05 <Ryan__> tatica: are you talking to me or to everyone?
18:44:10 <tatica> everyone
18:44:57 <tatica> gnokii, anything else?
18:45:44 <gnokii> for me only is from interest to hear from blacksburg an yes or no
18:45:52 <tatica> oka
18:46:13 <tatica> that will be directly with Southern_Gentlem
18:46:55 <gnokii> haha, I asked him directly and got no useful answer ;)
18:47:04 <tatica> lol....
18:47:19 <tatica> then will have to be adressed directly to fudcon-planning maillist
18:47:24 <tatica> or point out at next meeting
18:47:32 <gnokii> that I did but my mail was rejected
18:47:57 <tatica> o_O weird
18:48:07 <tatica> send it to me and I will re-send it
18:48:43 <gnokii> tatica: its in my /home on fedorappl
18:48:49 <tatica> link
18:48:57 <Ryan__> If possible, could we talk about the default F16 wallpaper real quick? unless you are talking about something else right now.
18:49:07 <tatica> Ryan__, sure
18:49:09 <gnokii> http://gnokii.fedorapeople.org/logo-blacksburg.png
18:49:13 <tatica> Ryan__, go ahead
18:49:57 <Ryan__> Okay. Could someone (after the meeting) explain to me how to add a glow effect under the submarine in Inkscape or GIMP? I have both installed.
18:51:20 <Ryan__> Oh, one more question if you don't mind.
18:53:04 <tatica> sure
18:53:06 <Ryan__> I would like to create a website where I can put Non-default Fedora wallpapers that weren't packaged in Fedora. Is there some way I could notify everyone without using email?
18:53:27 <Ryan__> You don't have to answer it right now if you don't want to
18:53:36 <tatica> Ryan__, well, I guess you could
18:53:54 <tatica> Ryan__, do you have something in mind already? a domain or a design for it?
18:54:29 <Ryan__> If it is legal, I would like to have the default Fedora (current version) wallpaper as the background for my site.
18:54:41 <Ryan__> Or would I have to have permission to do that?
18:55:08 <tatica> I think you don't
18:55:20 <tatica> but I would love if you can write a mail and send it to the list
18:55:24 <tatica> with some ideas
18:55:27 <Ryan__> Okay.
18:55:44 <mizmo> Ryan__, there is a site where you can post non-defaults
18:55:45 <Ryan__> If somebody (anyone in the design team) would like to create some can
18:56:02 <tatica> Ryan__, create some wallpapers you mean?
18:56:15 <Ryan__> I can set up a landing site, and then upload non-defaults to Skydrive or the cloud.
18:56:29 <Ryan__> Yes, create some wallpapers
18:56:48 <tatica> there are several sites already with some wallpapers
18:56:59 <mizmo> Ryan__, http://fedora-art.org/
18:57:45 <tatica> mizmo, :S http://www.wallpaperlinux.com/v/Fedora/
18:58:04 <Ryan__> I have been to that site and other sites under open.org (KDE-Look.org, GNOME-Look.org, Ubuntu-artwork.org, etc.), but I don't know how to upload images.
18:58:37 <mizmo> Ryan__, http://fedora-art.org/content/add.php
18:58:44 <mizmo> there's an 'add artwork' button in the nav bar towards the left
18:58:59 <Ryan__> Thanks
18:59:36 <tatica> mizmo, I think you can close meeting now
18:59:41 <mizmo> kk
18:59:42 <mizmo> #closemeeting
18:59:45 <mizmo> #endmeeting