18:59:16 <mizmo> #startmeeting
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18:59:20 <tatica> :D
18:59:21 <mizmo> #topic roll call
18:59:26 * tatica o/
18:59:36 * kirkB o/
19:00:11 <mizmo> hey finalzone
19:00:31 <gnokii> is here
19:00:46 <t2hot> 0/
19:00:51 <finalzone> heya, mizmo
19:00:52 * vinzv too
19:01:45 <tatica> :D
19:01:45 <finalzone> has the meeting begun yet?
19:01:51 <mizmo> we're just starting now
19:01:57 <mizmo> so our first topic is the f16 wallpaper coloring
19:02:02 <mizmo> #topic fedora 16 wallpaper coloring
19:02:09 <mizmo> tatica, what do you think?
19:02:12 <tatica> ok
19:02:51 <tatica> I think we need to keep working with the submarine and the castle
19:03:04 <tatica> both, since people has been investing a TON of time on those
19:03:10 <elad661> sorry I'm late
19:03:15 <tatica> and those are the ones with more potential
19:03:38 <tatica> even if castle is taking more time than the nautilus
19:03:48 <finalzone> elad661, you are on time =)
19:03:59 <mizmo> sounds good to me
19:04:06 <tatica> I saw t2hot new 3d render and I'm amazed
19:04:22 <mizmo> the third one, the jellyfish, then - if anybody is interested in continuing it it could be supplemental, but we'll focus on icebergs and castle for now right?
19:04:25 <tatica> even if has no the same perspective, definitely is amazing
19:05:08 <tatica> yes, and next week we can see progress
19:05:20 <mizmo> okay so we'll check back in next week and maybe make a decision then?
19:05:37 <tatica> going with schedule we have ...
19:05:39 * t2hot is so motivated
19:05:43 <mizmo> #info we'll continue focusing on both the iceberg and the castle designs for the wallpaper
19:05:56 <tatica> july 26, that's almost 3 weeks
19:05:56 <mizmo> #info if anyone is interested in the jellyfish, they can continue working on that one as a supplemental wallpaper
19:06:03 <mizmo> yeh but its not a lot of time for finishing
19:06:05 <tatica> I think we can push  this decition one week more
19:06:07 <mizmo> we have to do the different aspect ratios
19:06:08 <tatica> yup
19:06:13 <mizmo> also we have to color for time of day if we do that
19:06:20 <mizmo> (we don't have to, though.)
19:06:25 * t2hot just booked the steam engines to power the castle.  hehehehehe
19:06:26 <tatica> I think we are already working on this 2 as finals really
19:06:37 <mizmo> okay so next week we'll make a decision
19:06:54 <tatica> :)
19:06:57 <mizmo> #info we'll check in on the iceberg and castle designs next week and see if we can make a final default wallpaper decision then
19:07:09 <mizmo> how is everyone doing on it? does anyone need help or advice?
19:07:27 <tatica> I need help with rocks
19:07:35 <tatica> I'm merging some layers and upload the xcf file
19:07:37 <elad661> Just one comment, both the castle and the iceberg are AWESOME!
19:07:39 <mizmo> i used a program called alchemy to make some rocks
19:07:44 <tatica> ohhhhh
19:07:51 <mizmo> see in the lower left http://publictest04.fedoraproject.org/artboard/post/view/65
19:08:28 <mizmo> alchemy is pretty good for that sort of thing
19:08:48 <mizmo> http://al.chemy.org/ it's not too hard to install
19:09:42 <elad661> mizmo: if it's not in the repos I'll make a package for it tomorrow :)
19:10:09 <mizmo> elad661, that would be awesome!
19:10:16 <mizmo> the only thing -it's java o_O so it might be hard to package
19:10:30 * tatica checking the link
19:10:45 <elad661> I'll try and see, I know we have a lot of information on java packaging
19:10:47 <mizmo> i've been adding bubbles to the iceberg one http://publictest04.fedoraproject.org/artboard/post/view/68
19:10:47 <tatica> I think I can go further with clouds and stuff and ask help with rocks
19:11:11 <mizmo> tatica, if you want i can make some rocks for you; i got some experience doing it for the iceberg one
19:11:19 <tatica> thank you :D
19:11:28 <tatica> I will merge some layers since I have like...200 :S
19:11:32 * tatica doing it now
19:11:34 <elad661> mizmo: wow!
19:11:52 <elad661> mizmo: it's awesome
19:12:13 <tatica> awesome :D
19:12:15 <tatica> bubbles!
19:12:21 <elad661> too much bubbles in the top left IMO
19:12:28 <elad661> but apart from that, wow
19:12:36 <mizmo> yeh it's a work in progress :)
19:13:08 <mizmo> i was thinking about blurring out the ones in the top left and adding more color behind them
19:13:24 <elad661> s/a work/awesome work/ :)
19:14:18 <t2hot> I'll need help with lighting and texturing
19:14:50 <t2hot> floating rock is almost ready ... should upload that in minutes
19:15:30 <mizmo> oh sweet
19:15:42 <mizmo> i've never done 3d texturing before but im happy to try
19:15:51 <mizmo> what textures do you need, t2hot?
19:16:09 <t2hot> not hard really once you understand the unwrapping
19:16:30 <t2hot> grass, rocks, stained steel
19:16:38 <mizmo> can you export the model unwrapped so someone making a texture could use it?
19:16:43 <mizmo> (is that possible?)
19:16:47 <t2hot> sure
19:17:58 <t2hot> same goes for the rear background hills
19:18:12 <tatica> t2hot, can you upload the blender file?
19:18:15 <mizmo> those shouldn't be hard textures to do; if you can export the unwrapped models and upload high-res copies to the artboard i can give it a go
19:18:24 <t2hot> Sure
19:18:26 <tatica> :D
19:20:21 <tatica> am I offline?
19:20:28 <gnokii> no
19:20:30 <t2hot> nope
19:20:58 * t2hot ... that is if she gets our response though
19:20:59 <tatica> oh oh oka
19:21:00 <tatica> :D
19:21:04 <mizmo> anything else on f16 wallpaper?
19:21:38 <tatica> I think more work and upload sources
19:22:06 <mizmo> #info we'll keep working on icebergs and castle, please ask for help as you need it on the list or in IRC
19:22:17 <mizmo> #info upload your source files if you can and post links to the design-team list
19:22:41 <mizmo> #info t2hot needs help with textures: grass, rocks, stained steel, background hills. he'll export some unwrapped models for folks to texturize
19:22:45 <mizmo> cool
19:22:49 <mizmo> pcon, are you around?
19:22:54 * t2hot say 'sure thing'
19:22:59 <pcon> mizmo: sorta, but not really :)
19:23:11 <mizmo> pcon, can you give us a quick update on the supplemental wallpaper status/
19:23:42 <mizmo> the deadline is August 9th 2011
19:23:45 <mizmo> #topic supplemental wallpapers
19:23:50 <mizmo> #info deadline is august 9 2011
19:23:56 <pcon> Deadline is still the same since we didn't move the meeting
19:24:01 <mizmo> #info submit to https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F16_Artwork/Submissions/Supplemental_Wallpapers
19:24:19 <pcon> We have not gotten any new sumissions, but I haven't had a chance to blitz any other sites
19:24:27 <mizmo> pcon, we may move the meeting next week, would it be okay? it would push the deadline further out so i can't see submitters being too upset about it
19:24:53 <pcon> i'm not sure how much further we can push the deadline w/ packaging
19:25:05 <mizmo> ah martin would know
19:25:09 <mizmo> let me look up the master schedule
19:25:19 <mizmo> but its not an issue for you pcon? if not ill check up on the rest of the schedule
19:25:21 <pcon> we've got quite a few from the last release
19:25:46 <elad661> I think we should have it before 2011-08-02 	Alpha Change Deadline
19:26:13 <elad661> I'm not sure if we will be able to get it in after this, but we can try
19:27:11 <elad661> (if you want it on the dvd, if you don't care wether it'll be on the dvd or not, there is no actual deadline for introducing new packages)
19:27:17 <mizmo> ugh the fedora schedule is opening up really odd
19:27:30 <mizmo> we do want it on the DVD
19:27:36 <mizmo> i didn't know alpha change deadline was the due date for that
19:27:36 <mizmo> but
19:27:41 <mizmo> they won't be packaged until later elad661 :(
19:27:47 <mizmo> we have to double-check the licenses etc
19:28:18 <elad661> I'm not quite sure, maybe we can get it in before beta change deadline and it'll be on the dvd
19:28:27 <mizmo> ill ask
19:28:43 <mizmo> #info mizmo to see what the deadline for the DVD is and advise pcon & the team accordingly on the supplemental wallpapers deadline
19:30:27 <mizmo> okay
19:30:37 <mizmo> i have a bunch of photos i want to submit so i'll be doing that soon :)
19:30:42 <mizmo> okay the next topic
19:30:57 <mizmo> #topic abrt
19:31:07 <mizmo> kirkB, any updates on the abrt usability assessment?
19:31:09 <mizmo> (it's cool if no)
19:31:31 <mizmo> if there's any concerns, issues, or anything you want to get feedback on we're happy to help
19:31:38 <kirkB> Nothing of great import - still working on it when I can.  I uploaded my most recent work to the Sparkleshare, but haven't notified the devs yet (as very little changed).
19:32:12 <finalzone> kirkB, Sparkleshare crashed when I tried to add design-team.git
19:32:29 <elad661> finalzone: the ABRT work is done in fedora-ux
19:32:36 <mizmo> ooh okay
19:32:44 <mizmo> ive had sparkleshare shut off because of network problems, i will check it out today
19:32:51 <finalzone> elad661, I noticed that
19:32:55 <mizmo> is the best way to give you feedback to just comment on the ticket?
19:33:08 <elad661> finalzone: also, I advice using git directly when sparkleshare fails
19:33:13 <mizmo> finalzone, i think the design-team repo is screwed up. i would say remove it and just stick with fedora-ux for now
19:33:31 <kirkB> mizmo, that'll be fine thanks
19:33:39 <mizmo> cool
19:33:54 * elad661 will look at it tomorrow
19:33:55 <finalzone> for now fedora-ux is the only repo I have on sparkleshare
19:33:59 <mizmo> #info kirkB uploaded an update to the ABRT assessment to the fedora-ux sparkleshare; if you have feedback please leave in ticket #180 on the design team trac
19:34:05 <mizmo> finalzone, is it working okay for you now?
19:34:34 <finalzone> mizmo, yest. only design-team repo failed to connect
19:34:40 <finalzone> yes*
19:34:44 <mizmo> ah okay
19:34:49 <mizmo> yeh i need to fix that :(
19:34:52 <mizmo> i think the repo is just too large
19:34:59 <mizmo> we may need multiple smaller repos to make it manageable
19:35:04 <elad661> I agree
19:35:05 <mizmo> well
19:35:08 <mizmo> we have the anaconda topic left
19:35:10 <mizmo> then open floor
19:35:13 <mizmo> #topic anaconda ux
19:35:45 <elad661> afaik we don't have any updates on this, am I right?
19:35:53 <mizmo> i think the mac stuff is new isnt it
19:35:56 <mizmo> or did we do that last week
19:36:04 <elad661> we did it last week iirc
19:36:33 <finalzone> I saw that
19:36:38 <mizmo> h right
19:36:40 <mizmo> we did that on monday
19:36:43 <mizmo> last week
19:36:44 <mizmo> okay
19:36:49 <mizmo> nothing new then on anaconda
19:36:57 <mizmo> my plans for anaconda this week
19:37:05 <mizmo> is to do a blog post on the mac dual-boot thing we worked out
19:37:13 <mizmo> and to try to figure out more storage stuff
19:37:30 <elad661> we still have network and timezone to figure out
19:37:34 <mizmo> and, reply to the thread on the devel list since nobody really got to it yet :)
19:37:46 <mizmo> yeh, i think timezone depends on what the devs are willing to do
19:38:00 <mizmo> it seems like if gnome 3 stuck with the olsson DB we might stick to that as well
19:38:10 <mizmo> although i would much prefer a better solution
19:38:22 <mizmo> network... what are the issues with network again, do you have them fresh in mind elad661?
19:38:41 <elad661> mizmo: we don't have it integrated yet, and the gnome UI is too complicated
19:38:49 <elad661> we need to figure out what to trim out
19:38:52 <mizmo> ah right
19:39:22 <mizmo> #info we need to integrate the networking in anaconda without all of the complexity of the gnome ui, but not differ too much for maintainability's sake
19:39:27 <finalzone> what kind of engine anaconda use? gtk2?
19:39:32 <mizmo> #info we need to figure out timezone for anaconda; olsson db is the best fallback
19:39:38 <mizmo> finalzone, i think we'll use gtk3 for the rewrite
19:39:46 <mizmo> #info we need to finish up storage ui
19:39:47 <elad661> mizmo: yeah, we have to
19:39:55 <elad661> if we want to use the gnome stuff
19:39:59 <mizmo> #info anaconda is using gtk3
19:40:11 <elad661> for timezone, we can use the IP to find out where the user is, but that will only work if the user is connected
19:40:22 <finalzone> good to know, we should take advantage of new gtk3 feature
19:40:24 * tatica join all layers, 17mb :S
19:40:28 <mizmo> #info for timezone, we can use the IP to find out where the user is, but that will only work if the user is connected
19:40:54 <mizmo> maybe we could have some screen at the beginning prompting the user to plug in network or connect to a wifi access point if we don't automagically detect one
19:41:01 * tatica needs to excuse herself for about 15min :S
19:41:04 <mizmo> we'll figure it out. we had some discussion before
19:41:07 <elad661> mizmo: good idea.
19:41:10 <mizmo> okie doke tatica
19:41:23 <mizmo> ill have to find our old notes and we can investigate that with the anaconda devs this week hopefully
19:41:33 <mizmo> okay anything else on anaconda?
19:41:42 <finalzone> by doing so, maybe a screen that will detect the location of that user
19:42:15 <mizmo> yeh, maybe after you plug in network, 'hey we think you're here, is that correct?'
19:42:31 <elad661> yep
19:42:50 <finalzone> kinda like geotag of something
19:43:06 <mizmo> oh i just had a really weird idea
19:43:16 <mizmo> timezones are normally listed out linearly
19:43:20 <elad661> finalzone: we can't use anything more than IP to detect the location, unless you have a gps reciver connected
19:43:30 <mizmo> but what if we listed them out in a circular fashion
19:43:44 <mizmo> so it's easier to get to one timezone over than it is 10 timezones over
19:44:05 <mizmo> i dont know if it makes sense, but make it so those timezones that are most likely are easier to click on than those least likely to be yours
19:44:08 <mizmo> based on your IP location
19:44:30 <mizmo> something to think on :)
19:44:33 <mizmo> okay time for open floor!
19:44:35 <mizmo> #topic open floor
19:44:43 <finalzone> elad661, ok, reducing complexity should be priority
19:44:47 * mizmo queues up some dance floor music
19:45:45 * gnokii brings his banjo and playing some blue grass sound :D
19:46:10 * finalzone is thinking about JLo "on the floor" song...
19:46:10 <mizmo> lol
19:46:21 <mizmo> thats the one i had in my head finalzone lol
19:46:26 <mizmo> but banjo is good too
19:46:35 <mizmo> does anybody have any issues they'd like to bring up
19:46:37 <mizmo> or any awesome ideas
19:46:50 <mizmo> or any pet martians or trained attack ninja squirrels they'd like to introduce everyone to?
19:46:57 <elad661> lol
19:47:32 <mizmo> this is my attack squirrel https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-MF-5njRqpGY/ThKdBCBwMOI/AAAAAAAAARs/fa5rpsntI8Y/s288/IMG_4959.JPG
19:47:35 <mizmo> he lives on my balcony
19:47:43 <mizmo> he attacks the birds, it's really funny
19:47:44 <elad661> lol
19:48:05 <mizmo> he also ate all my plants, but he's cute so i will forgive him
19:48:06 <finalzone> fascinating
19:48:25 <mizmo> when we say open floor we mean it lol
19:48:40 <kirkB> Anyone heard of this Google+ thingy?  ;)
19:48:51 <elad661> kirkB: yeah, I'm in it
19:48:54 <finalzone> yes, through Nicu
19:49:02 <mizmo> im on it too
19:49:18 <kirkB> The circles UI sounds like an interesting case study in what Facebook should have done.
19:49:31 <finalzone> what is the fuss about google +?
19:49:40 <elad661> also the video chat UI is really good
19:49:49 <mizmo> well
19:49:52 <mizmo> diaspora did it first :)
19:49:57 <mizmo> but they called the circles 'aspects'
19:49:57 <elad661> yep
19:49:58 <kirkB> might be interesting to look at it from a UX perspective, might even be a tipping point for Google+'s success (if it succeeds)
19:50:10 <elad661> Google+ copied a lot from diaspora
19:50:25 <elad661> even the name, Google+ vs. Diaspora*
19:50:28 <mizmo> i haven't tried the video chat cuz one of my security friends told me its really bad security wise
19:50:43 <elad661> I have selinux running
19:50:45 <kirkB> Diaspora is the FLOSS Facebook project yes?
19:50:52 <finalzone> yes
19:50:53 <elad661> kirkB: yep
19:50:55 <mizmo> yeh
19:50:57 <mizmo> it's open source
19:51:10 <gnokii> mizmo: I need some help
19:51:12 <elad661> mizmo: I don't see any security risk in the video chat feature
19:51:13 <finalzone> I haven't been able to use Diaspora yet
19:51:25 <mizmo> gnokii, what's up?
19:51:26 <elad661> esp. if you have selinux and don't run firefox as root :)
19:51:33 <gnokii> wait I load it up
19:51:50 <elad661> Well I have to go, see you all later
19:51:51 <elad661> bye
19:52:05 <kirkB> who was the designer that helped Diaspora with the aspects idea?
19:52:11 <kirkB> bye elad661
19:52:31 <mizmo> im not sure
19:52:47 <mizmo> theres actually been an aspects feature in the eclipse UI for some years
19:52:52 <mizmo> they may have gotten inspiration from that
19:52:57 <gnokii> mizmo: so far I know ther are 50 states, but I find not which one I miss http://img.susepaste.org/45d069c0
19:53:22 <mizmo> http://www.eclipse.org/aspectj/
19:54:06 <mizmo> gnokii, i dont see one from my home, new york
19:54:07 * finalzone wonders why google just get involved in diaspora project =/
19:54:11 <mizmo> but the new new york ones are so ugly
19:54:37 <mizmo> rhode island just updated theirs, the one you have is old now
19:54:52 <gnokii> mizmo: 1st row from right 4th from the top
19:55:04 <mizmo> SO UGLY http://wtfoodge.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/newyork_plate.jpg
19:55:12 <gnokii> I know its not the acutal
19:55:29 <mizmo> that's the older one
19:55:31 <mizmo> that one is nicer
19:55:35 <mizmo> but my favorite is the liberty one
19:56:03 <gnokii> yeah but I have to find out which I havent yet
19:56:19 <mizmo> gnokii, how about maine?
19:56:44 <gnokii> maine is there but its some work todo on it
19:56:57 <mizmo> oh i see it
19:57:31 <mizmo> how about virginia?
19:57:36 <mizmo> i see west virginia but im not seeing virginia yet
19:57:54 <gnokii> is also there 1st row from left 4th from top
19:57:55 <mizmo> oh
19:57:56 <mizmo> se eit
19:57:57 <mizmo> yep
20:00:06 <mizmo> new jersey/
20:00:07 <mizmo> ?
20:00:09 <mizmo> it's yellow
20:00:39 <mizmo> i dont see new jersey and i looked a lot
20:00:43 <gnokii> yeah thats it
20:01:11 <mizmo> http://www.netstate.com/states/links/images/nj_license_plate.jpg
20:01:15 <mizmo> there's also a DC plate
20:01:23 <gnokii> i know
20:01:33 <gnokii> taxation without representation
20:02:22 <mizmo> and PR too i think
20:02:49 <mizmo> http://www.hawaiihighways.com/PR-licenseplate.jpg
20:03:18 <gnokii> yeah the virgin island have some too :D
20:03:21 <mizmo> well
20:03:24 <mizmo> time to end meetin gi guess
20:03:25 <mizmo> #endmeeting