19:01:40 <mizmo> #startmeeting
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19:01:53 <mizmo> we have a very light agenda today :)
19:02:04 <msourada> :)
19:02:08 <nicubunu> :)
19:02:17 <Schendje> light agendas are the best agendas
19:02:24 <inkscaper> :)
19:02:31 <mizmo> #topic F14 release party poster
19:02:35 <mizmo> so Emichan posted her draft design - http://emichan.fedorapeople.org/release_14.png
19:02:38 <mizmo> i think it looks great
19:02:45 * msourada thinks too
19:02:50 <mizmo> she started a thread on the list, so we should make sure any feedback gets posted to that thread
19:02:55 <Schendje> yeah pretty good :)
19:02:57 <mizmo> #link http://emichan.fedorapeople.org/release_14.png
19:02:58 <inkscaper> +1
19:03:07 <nicubunu> +1
19:03:20 <jimmac> I wouldn't do the oblique
19:03:21 <msourada> does this cover #164 (I just noticed zodbot notice about this)?
19:03:32 <mizmo> let me see
19:04:06 <finalzone> hello all
19:04:12 <nicubunu> still, i would like the "bubble" somewhere on the poster
19:04:13 <msourada> hi finalzone
19:04:20 <mizmo> jimmac, yeh i think the light  blue distinguishes it enough without the oblique, it's a good point
19:05:01 <Schendje> jimmac: +1
19:05:31 <mizmo> so ticket 164 (https://fedorahosted.org/design-team/ticket/164) is looking for a panel, 3 x .5 m... certainly the release poster design could be configured for that though
19:06:13 <nicubunu> can we print the background image at that size and still looking nice?
19:06:27 <mizmo> probably not
19:06:35 <nicubunu> replace with plain blue?
19:06:45 <mizmo> yeh i think so
19:06:52 <mizmo> or maybe reverse on a white background, it might be cheaper to print
19:06:54 <mizmo> hey Emichan
19:07:00 <Emichan> hey
19:07:01 <mizmo> we were just discussing the release poster design you did
19:07:06 <mizmo> there were a couple of points of feedback -
19:07:09 <Emichan> cool
19:07:19 <mizmo> - maybe drop the obliques, the blue color differentiates that text enough as is
19:07:27 <mizmo> - maybe work the fedora bubble logomark in there somewhere
19:07:33 <mizmo> but that was it, overall everyone seems to like it
19:07:42 <Emichan> sounds good :)
19:07:46 <mizmo> we were also talking about the possibility of reconfiguring the design for https://fedorahosted.org/design-team/ticket/164
19:07:49 <mizmo> which is a release party banner
19:07:50 <nicubunu> good work Emichan
19:08:00 <Emichan> thanks nicubunu
19:08:05 <mizmo> but maybe replacing the background with blue, or reversing the colors to go on white
19:08:06 <msourada> oh, and I forgot: +1 from me about removing oblique
19:08:39 <Emichan> do we need a grayscale version of the poster too?
19:09:07 <mizmo> it's a good idea Emichan, for folks who only have B&W copiers and hanging them up on campuses or whatnot
19:09:33 <mizmo> it might just work printed out in b&w though, might be worth testing
19:09:45 <nicubunu> i think it has lot more impact printed in colors
19:09:51 <mizmo> yeh
19:09:58 <Emichan> it may be hard to read in b/w
19:10:03 <nicubunu> sure, a laser jet should work
19:10:12 <mizmo> i think it might still work though, if i squint and look at it, the most important info stands right out from the bg
19:10:28 <nicubunu> so i think just to it in color with a simpler background
19:10:41 <mizmo> or maybe fade out the background a bit more?
19:10:55 <Emichan> i can play with it definitely
19:10:57 <mizmo> 50% transparency on a black backdrop or something like that
19:11:20 <nicubunu> the big banner may look pixelated
19:11:23 <mizmo> i think the layout is great though, all the most important information is easy to read, stands out, and it looks like will be able to be read from a distance as well
19:11:34 <mizmo> oh yeh for the big banner, drop the background entirely i think
19:11:40 <mizmo> sorry i was talking just in poster lol
19:11:45 <nicubunu> for the poster i think we are OK
19:12:06 <mizmo> Emichan, do you want to take on the banner in ticket 164 too, or we'll find someone else to take it on using your sources?
19:12:06 <nicubunu> the white text is visible
19:12:27 <Emichan> hold on let me take a look
19:12:31 <mizmo> kk
19:12:58 <mizmo> we have a lot of great work going on this release, im thinking of doing a blog post highlighting everything - the countdown banners, the disc/sleeve artwork, this release poster
19:13:40 <Emichan> I think i can get the banner done in time, so I'll claim it if no one else wants it
19:13:52 <mizmo> okay awesome :)
19:14:07 <nicubunu> mizmo: wallpapers: simple, animated, extras (props to the packager)
19:14:21 <mizmo> #action Emichan taking a look at https://fedorahosted.org/design-team/ticket/164 from release party poster design
19:14:34 <msourada> totally. BTW. have you caught a glimpse of the issue we have had with the animated backgrounds -- some spins went oversize so I had to make it optional :( we should announce this more in advance to let people prepare for it...
19:14:36 <mizmo> yep!! animated wallpapers and the supplemental / extras are going to be a big hit too
19:14:50 <mizmo> msourada, yeh i forgot how long it has been for us to ship animated ones
19:14:51 <mizmo> :(
19:15:18 <msourada> I believe waves were the last ones... or at least our wiki says so :D
19:15:31 <mizmo> maybe next release, maybe, we could do a transparent-backed svg design and change the background color underneath it, then it won't be any extra file size
19:15:34 <finalzone> yes, wave was the last
19:15:52 <mizmo> waves was kind of a disaster (entirely my fault)
19:16:01 <finalzone> hmm, are svg cpu intensive?
19:16:02 <mizmo> i think we've come a long way from then
19:16:22 <mizmo> finalzone, i think it depends how complex they are. right now we ship some in the default wallpaper capplet and they are pretty light-weight
19:16:28 <msourada> mizmo: SVGs are a no-no. Too much issues I can think of and not all of them are CPU related :(
19:16:48 <mizmo> finalzone, ohhhh
19:16:52 <mizmo> they are transparent PNGs not SVGs
19:16:59 <mizmo> okay
19:17:02 <mizmo> well transparent PNGs then :)
19:17:03 <nicubunu> we can have *very simple* SVGs
19:17:32 <msourada> nicubunu: that would mean minimalistic design... hard to do to look as awesome as f14 wallpaper...
19:17:52 <mizmo> #action mizmo to do a blog post highlighting the design work for f14 - countdown banners, disc/sleeve artwork, release poster, animated backgrounds, supplemental wallpapers,
19:17:55 <nicubunu> msourada: correct
19:17:56 <mizmo> ^ forgetting anything?
19:18:06 <mizmo> three design ninjas this past release cycle :)
19:18:15 <finalzone> maybe some desktop team should take a hint to enlightenment
19:18:20 <msourada> just noticed your post about the third one :)
19:18:24 <mizmo> finalzone, what does enlightenment do?
19:18:52 <finalzone> mizmo, animated wallpapers
19:18:53 * mizmo hasn't used enlightenment since 1999 or thereabouts o_O
19:19:02 <mizmo> finalzone, do you know what format they are in?
19:19:06 <msourada> isn't enlightenment really memory hungry?
19:19:39 <finalzone> a mix of png and e custom format
19:20:06 <mizmo> well
19:20:14 <mizmo> i wonder if we did a transparent png
19:20:21 <msourada> finalzone, so something similar to what we have -- mix of PNGs and some custom XML...
19:20:24 <mizmo> could the slideshow xml format change the gradient underneath
19:20:29 <mizmo> i *think* it can
19:20:45 <mizmo> i might do a proposal, if only for the experiment of it, to see if it'd be workable
19:20:54 <mizmo> maybe with some cleverness it could look cool
19:21:00 <nicubunu> well... we can make a RFE for that :)
19:21:08 <msourada> mizmo, I think the gradient bellow is specified in "the other XML"...
19:21:15 <mizmo> yep! maybe if we ask this early on if could be done
19:21:20 <finalzone> msourada, I think enlightenment is fairly light. I will do the test on my XO laptop
19:21:55 <mizmo> #action RFE to ask for color/gradient change in xml for slideshows?
19:22:01 <msourada> finalzone: I might be wrong, but I believe I heard something about that being much worse than both GNOME and KDE in terms of memory... :D
19:23:16 <finalzone> msourada, then it is time to verify E claim about good on 1GHZ CPU and 1Gb memory
19:24:09 <mizmo> hehe
19:24:20 <msourada> 1GB is quite a lot for a requirement :D my gnome usually manages with <800MB with lots of apps running :D
19:24:25 <mizmo> we had a couple of new folks ask about joining the team today
19:24:34 <mizmo> is anyone new to the team around and want to say hi?
19:24:53 * mizmo looks a dottedfish and winks
19:24:56 <mizmo> s/a/at
19:25:26 <mizmo> well, the only other thing we have on our agenda is the RPG
19:25:30 <mizmo> #topic RPG
19:25:36 <mizmo> ive been really bad and never set the time for the meeting -
19:25:56 <mizmo> this week is the final crunch for getting the new www.fedoraproject.org ready to go and it's eaten up more time than i thought it would :(
19:26:09 <mizmo> but nicubunu wrote up a nice document for the rpg
19:26:26 <nicubunu> mizmo: should i blog that to raise interest?
19:26:37 <mizmo> #link http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/design-team/2010-October/003411.html
19:26:46 <msourada> mizmo: meaning the stg.fp.o will go to www.fp.o soon?
19:26:51 <mizmo> nicubunu, yeh i think that would be awesome!!!
19:27:02 <mizmo> msourada, yep, next week!
19:27:08 <mizmo> we are trying to launch the week before F14 goes lives
19:27:10 <nicubunu> ok, doing it after the meeting
19:27:41 <msourada> mizmo: oh, awesome (sorry for hijacking the agenda item) :)
19:27:43 <mizmo> Schendje put together a list of the bugs in the site we've been working to fix in #fedora-websites https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Website_redesign/WwwfpoFixes
19:27:50 <mizmo> oh no it's all cool, no hijacking here :)
19:28:38 <msourada> looks like a quite a long list...
19:28:40 * Schendje is sort of working on it right now
19:28:46 <mizmo> i really like your writeup nicubunu, im looking over it again to see if there are any points we could clarify now
19:28:55 <nicubunu> ok
19:28:59 <mizmo> user name/nick <= the person's FAS id, right?
19:29:10 <nicubunu> ideally
19:29:12 <Schendje> mizmo: most of it seems to be coming together nicely, but we still need to discuss the front page slideshow :/
19:29:27 <nicubunu> the name the person is known with, IRC an such
19:29:29 <Schendje> whether or not we're gonna chance that, and how it'll look
19:29:48 <mizmo> sometimes people's irc nick isn't the same as their FAS account though. maybe we should offer a choice between the two
19:29:57 <mizmo> or automatically fill in FAS, but let the user change it to something custom if they want
19:30:40 <msourada> lol, I can already imagine people having one name in fas, another nick in irc and yet another nick in fedora rpg... >:-)
19:31:00 <finalzone> side note for msourada: http://www.enlightenment.org/p.php?p=about&l=en
19:31:14 <mizmo> well
19:31:28 <mizmo> if we do it based on IRC nick in FAS.... they can change their IRC nick in FAS if they need to because it's an editable field
19:31:31 <nicubunu> i think we should encourage using the same name but not force that
19:31:35 <mizmo> so maybe it's better to just go off of FAS-listed IRC nick
19:31:40 <mizmo> if they want to change that, they can in FAS
19:31:44 <mizmo> so they aren't totally locked in
19:31:52 <mizmo> i know that my FAS name is duffy, but most people know me by mizmo
19:31:53 <nicubunu> sound good
19:32:00 <mizmo> also i am getting married soon and 'duffy' won't be my real name anymore lol
19:32:07 <msourada> finalzone: nice, thanks
19:32:17 <mizmo> okay so...
19:32:29 <mizmo> #info RPG username is pulled from the editable FAS IRC nick field
19:32:48 <mizmo> so customizations...
19:32:59 <mizmo> are customizations just how the avatar is dressed up? maybe the background behind the avatar?
19:33:05 <Wasp> Sorry.. i am late
19:33:06 <nicubunu> both
19:33:19 <Schendje> Wasp: no worries, welcome :)
19:33:24 <nicubunu> but they will have different prices
19:33:32 <mizmo> okay cool
19:33:42 <nicubunu> changing the background would cost more than a pair of glasses
19:33:46 <mizmo> maybe we can make a plainer set for cheapest, and the most elaborate ones are more expensive
19:33:53 <mizmo> but make sure there are full sets at each price point
19:33:54 <nicubunu> sure
19:34:04 <mizmo> i mean, we dont want people to have to go pantless until they make 10000 points lol
19:34:08 <mizmo> (unless they want to anyway)
19:34:13 <Emichan> everyone can just start out naked like in manaworld ;)
19:34:13 <mizmo> they can wear a potato sack for 1 point
19:34:16 <mizmo> lol
19:34:19 <nicubunu> if the avatar is a panda...
19:34:36 <nicubunu> do the pandas really need pants?
19:34:37 <mizmo> ah i guess the panda icons i did for the website are pantless
19:34:40 <Emichan> are we going to offer different avatars too?
19:34:43 <Schendje> naked pandas, what is this madness?
19:34:45 <mizmo> if donald duck doesnt need pants, panda doesnt
19:34:52 <mizmo> +1 no pants
19:34:55 <mizmo> but it can be an option
19:34:59 <mizmo> i want to have a panda in a dress
19:35:16 <pcon> on a unicycle?
19:35:17 <Emichan> I want a panda in a three-piece suit with a monocle :)
19:35:26 <mizmo> oooh that sounds cute Emichan :)
19:35:34 <mizmo> pcon, lol that could be a sweet upgrade
19:35:37 <nicubunu> ok guys, but you will have to draw those accessories
19:35:50 <Schendje> Emichan: who doesn't! :(
19:36:10 <mizmo> nicubunu, should we do 5-6 bodytypes total, or 5-6 per gender? (~10-12 total?)
19:36:15 <nicubunu> any crazy idea is accepted as long as it is backed by graphics. in SVG
19:36:22 <mizmo> #info Pantless avatars are okay because they are pandas
19:36:30 <Emichan> i think we should also offer penguins and zonies as avatars
19:36:30 <nicubunu> let's start simple, 6 in total
19:36:35 <nicubunu> KISS
19:36:40 <mizmo> ZONIES!!!!
19:36:45 <Schendje> kiss zonies?
19:36:51 <nicubunu> if we go with pie in the sky we may get stuck in implementation
19:37:07 <mizmo> http://www.hemmy.net/images/animals/zony01.jpg  <= an upgrade will be wings and a unicorn horn
19:37:28 <Emichan> omg now i want an invisible pink zonicorn!
19:37:29 <mizmo> #info KISS to start, but maybe expand to zonies and penguins at some point
19:37:30 <Schendje> nicubunu: yeah this is fun but i think we need to think carefully about the actual concept
19:37:31 <mizmo> how about that
19:37:32 <mizmo> lol
19:37:47 <mizmo> #info 5-6 base panda options to start
19:38:00 <mizmo> maybe as people earn points we'll make more advanced base avatars as upgrades
19:38:09 <Emichan> mizmo ++
19:38:16 <nicubunu> if the body type is that different (panda and zony) we will need a lot more graphics for accessories
19:38:24 <mizmo> oh has anybody seen this: http://avatars.yahoo.com/
19:38:40 * msourada would like to have ninja avatar, pants included ;-)
19:38:43 <nicubunu> yes
19:39:01 <Emichan> We're sorry, Yahoo! Avatars doesn't currently support your operating system and/or browser.
19:39:20 <mizmo> #info outfit ideas: 3-piece-suit monocle panda, ninja panda, panda in a pretty dress, panda in overalls
19:39:31 <Schendje> yahoo wants me to sign in >=(
19:39:36 <mizmo> #info outfit ideas: panda with wings, panda with zony T-shirt
19:39:51 <mizmo> yahoo has a few types of avatar accessories
19:39:55 <mizmo> they have full outfits, which you can't split
19:40:01 <nicubunu> i think i showed you a similar avatar builder (but 3D) in facebook
19:40:07 <mizmo> they have pieces you can assemble together
19:40:15 <mizmo> they have accessories (from a panda doll to a scarf to sunglasses)
19:40:57 <mizmo> http://avatar.yahoo.co.jp/  this one is older, it might work on your browser Emichan
19:41:01 <msourada> mizmo: the ninja outfits could be special rewards for design (and other) ninjas ;-)
19:41:06 <Emichan> thanks mizmo!
19:41:10 <mizmo> pandas!!!!
19:41:14 <mizmo> they added pandas, they are so cute
19:41:23 <Emichan> nope still doesn't work :(
19:41:28 <nicubunu> look: http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs406.snc4/46933_137942159584193_100001052307750_216219_4292760_n.jpg
19:41:28 <mizmo> ohhhh :( suck
19:41:36 <Schendje> interesting links: http://www.slideshare.net/dings/just-add-points-what-ux-can-and-cannot-learn-from-games
19:41:39 <Schendje> http://www.slideshare.net/dings/pawned-gamification-and-its-discontents
19:42:03 <mizmo> that one kind of looks like a mii from nintendo nicubunu
19:42:10 <Emichan> we should have a sad panda avatar too
19:42:42 <nicubunu> sure, happy panda, sad panda, serious panda, all boys and girls
19:43:06 <Schendje> mizmo: also looks like the Sims game for wii
19:43:29 <Schendje> mizmo: "mysims" http://technabob.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2007/09/mysims_beach.jpg
19:43:57 <mizmo> Schendje, 'NRA varmint hunter' och lol
19:44:05 <mizmo> oh those are so cute
19:44:23 <mizmo> this is one of the yahoo.jp ones http://k.yimg.jp/images/avt12/anm_newcoordinate1_20101013_1f806580.gif
19:44:28 <mizmo> we could totally do animation like that
19:44:54 <mizmo> this is another one http://k.yimg.jp/images/avt12/anm_contestwin1_389_a90fff75.gif
19:45:24 <Schendje> uh, isn't animation a little over the top? :P
19:45:39 <Emichan> yeah the animation is a little ... um...
19:45:49 <nicubunu> yes, i want to go with cartoon graphics, like mizmo's pandas
19:45:52 <mizmo> lol but sparkling zonies....
19:46:06 <msourada> lol
19:46:09 <mizmo> a little zony unicorn horn that sparkles every 30 sec
19:46:10 <Emichan> ooo shiny!
19:46:50 <mizmo> Schendje, so the discontents preso - i think we kind of fit with his model, because his complaint is that if the game lacks any concept of challenge or mastery, people won't want to play
19:47:02 <WaspStung> Kitsch
19:47:09 <mizmo> Schendje, but when you do things like a design bounty or learning how to package software, you're learning something new, building mastery
19:47:41 <davelab6> hello! sorry i was at dinner andit ran over, id like to raise LibreGraphicsMag.com again, they didnt get any submissions related to Fedora for issue 1, and issue 2 is in 3.5 months so there is more time for that :)
19:48:09 * mizmo sad, she didnt have time to write up her proposal
19:48:22 <mizmo> i will send it for issue 2!
19:48:54 <davelab6> :)
19:48:58 <mizmo> #info *maybe* animation for avatars, but not over-the-top like this one: http://k.yimg.jp/images/avt12/anm_newcoordinate1_20101013_1f806580.gif
19:49:08 <davelab6> mizmo: the girl guides thing could be rad
19:49:28 <mizmo> davelab6, oh true! ill have two proposals then :)
19:49:32 <nicubunu> there used to be a gimp icon on slashdot with Wilber blinking
19:49:34 <mizmo> our first class was on friday
19:49:44 <mizmo> nicubunu, yeh something subtle like that i think might be a good animation
19:50:00 <mizmo> where the character blinks occasionally (not constnatly!)
19:50:22 <nicubunu> once every 10-20 seconds
19:50:38 <mizmo> #info subtle animation like blinking every 10-20 seconds is good
19:50:56 <mizmo> okay let me look at the doc again
19:51:03 <mizmo> i think we have some good outfit ideas
19:51:07 <jimmac> davelab6: i have a fontforge question once you have a free second ;)
19:51:36 <mizmo> okay so the medals are gonna be separate from the avatars like in the playstation network widgets
19:52:12 <mizmo> how do we want the medals to look?
19:52:23 <mizmo> should they be like trophies? or medals hanging on a ribbon? both?
19:52:57 <mizmo> this is what the Playstation one looks like http://fp.profiles.us.playstation.com/playstation/psn/pid/mairin.png
19:53:08 <Emichan> I think both - trophies for some things, medals for others
19:53:09 <mizmo> they have 4 different trophy levels, and they show on the graph how many you received of each
19:53:19 <mizmo> something like that might be good, because then there's a limited amount of artwork
19:53:30 <nicubunu> look here and wait a little: http://images.slashdot.org/topics/topicgimp.gif
19:53:53 <mizmo> lol i had never noticed that nicubunu, its very neat :)
19:54:07 <mizmo> someone on planet fedora had a blinking avatar at one point
19:54:24 <mizmo> so if we had say 5 trophy levels
19:54:27 <mizmo> maybe the bottom 2 would be medals
19:54:34 <mizmo> #3 and #4 would be trophies
19:54:37 <Emichan> trohpies > medals
19:54:38 <mizmo> and maybe #5 would be something awesome
19:54:55 <mizmo> something fancy
19:54:58 <nicubunu> mizmo: this one? http://nicubunu.ro/gfx/bleeding.gif
19:55:12 <mizmo> nicubunu, lol did you ever have that one set?
19:55:18 <mizmo> the one i saw was a bit more subtle lol
19:55:21 <nicubunu> don't remember, is old
19:55:24 <mizmo> that is some cool animation though
19:55:33 <mizmo> reminds me of oblivion which i just started playing :)
19:55:46 <nicubunu> made frame by frame in inkscape
19:55:58 <Schendje> mizmo: i can never get past the create-your-character screen in that game
19:56:03 <Schendje> mizmo: that's the best part lol
19:56:32 <mizmo> Schendje, oh i know we spent almost an hour on it lol
19:56:40 <dottedfish> could anyone summarize the topic real quick? :p I was out and I'll be back in a minute
19:56:52 <mizmo> dottedfish, we're talking about the Fedora RPG right now
19:57:10 <mizmo> so i think it would be good for next week maybe to have some rough mockups of what the widget will look like
19:57:13 <dottedfish> there'll be an rpg? what engine
19:57:19 <mizmo> dottedfish, we're building it :)
19:57:28 <mizmo> it'll be a new engine i think
19:57:28 <dottedfish> iso styled?
19:57:50 <mizmo> dottedfish, what does iso mean?
19:57:59 <dottedfish> iso is 45° perspective
19:58:07 <mizmo> ohhhh isometric...
19:58:19 <mizmo> well we were thinking it would be more like yahoo avatar style i think
19:58:26 <nicubunu> no, it won't be like that
19:58:27 <mizmo> the actual 'game' is contributing to free software
19:58:46 <nicubunu> our game will be mostly a website badge :)
19:58:47 <dottedfish> mhh, so it's a vector animation based platformer?
19:58:53 <dottedfish> yahoo avis are pretty much flat
19:59:00 <mizmo> yeh it's going to be flat
19:59:05 <mizmo> the avatar is just going to show status mostly
19:59:19 <mizmo> it'll be similar to the playstation network widgets
19:59:22 <mizmo> http://fp.profiles.us.playstation.com/playstation/psn/pid/mairin.png
19:59:26 <mizmo> #link http://fp.profiles.us.playstation.com/playstation/psn/pid/mairin.png
19:59:40 <mizmo> another big piece to this
19:59:42 <mizmo> i think will be some website
19:59:47 <mizmo> where people can look for 'quests' to join
19:59:53 <mizmo> look at other players' rankings
19:59:55 <mizmo> and team rosters
20:00:15 <dottedfish> are there any outlines yet for the project? because I find it hard to imagine a platformer RPG - reminds me of maple story a bit
20:00:19 <mizmo> that could be similar to open hatch, maybe an open hatch instance?
20:00:23 <mizmo> dottedfish, it's not a platformer -
20:00:35 <mizmo> dottedfish, see nicubunu's writeup http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/design-team/2010-October/003411.html
20:00:51 <dottedfish> are you thinking of real players actually moving around or rather an accumulation of points from posts etc. to build up a character much like in gaja online
20:01:16 <mizmo> dottedfish, more the latter! you build up points by doing activities in fedora, then the character reflects your points
20:01:23 <mizmo> does that make more sense?
20:01:50 <mizmo> nicubunu, any ideas on how big the characters should be?
20:02:00 <mizmo> should they be usable as hackergotchi? so maybe 120x120px?
20:02:11 <nicubunu> yes, that sounds fair
20:02:17 <dottedfish> you'd have to evaluate if you want it to be mobile or not I assume
20:02:27 <mizmo> #info characters will be 120x120 px and usable as hackergotchi
20:02:33 <dottedfish> also if it should be done static, in flash or html5
20:02:41 <nicubunu> but the background  may be larger...
20:02:46 <nicubunu> NO FLASH
20:02:54 <mizmo> dottedfish, ah thats a good point, we could design an alternate stylesheet for mobile viewing, maybe have a script to generate smaller image versions
20:02:59 <mizmo> yeh no flash :) html5++ :)
20:03:08 <mizmo> that's where we will kick yahoo avatars butt :)
20:03:15 <nicubunu> or it may be a JS widget
20:03:27 <finalzone> no FLASH, awesome
20:03:28 <dottedfish> with html5 you wouldn't have to worry that much about avatar size initially I assume
20:03:39 <dottedfish> you can pretty much scale by using vectors
20:03:49 * finalzone had to keep windows because of Flash development =(
20:04:11 <nicubunu> i wait for feedback on that from who will do  the coding
20:04:31 <mizmo> well i think maybe to start we'd keep it simple and stick to png, but maybe i'm overestimating the complexity svg introduces
20:04:42 <mizmo> i mean, we could start with tagged-up SVGs and have scripts to generate the pngs
20:04:43 <Emichan> it will probably make the most sense to use a server-side image library like imagick to create pngs
20:05:25 <mizmo> so we upload an avatar SVG file, and the script automagically walks through the svg to png-ize them?
20:05:35 <mizmo> that could be cool actually
20:05:37 <Emichan> something like that ;)
20:05:40 <mizmo> if we define a set of tags in SVG
20:05:43 <mizmo> to define the avatar format
20:05:55 <mizmo> eg
20:06:00 <mizmo> we define object 'sunglasses'
20:06:16 <mizmo> and maybe panda 1 and panda 2 are different sizes, but each has a sunglasses layer, and if you win sunglasses no matter which panda you have you get them
20:06:38 <nicubunu> if we have objects and coordinates, export to PNG and assemble with imagemagick could work and is simple
20:06:38 <mizmo> is it okay if some pandas have objects other pandas dont?
20:07:05 <Emichan> it should be fine
20:07:06 <mizmo> or should they always be applicable to all?
20:07:17 <nicubunu> that would add complexity to the objects "store"
20:07:20 <mizmo> #info consider imagemagick server-side for generating pngs
20:07:38 <mizmo> so maybe better that if you add one object, all avatars have it available (and maybe it is as simple as changing coordinates)
20:08:05 <nicubunu> is simple if we draw the objects having this in mind
20:10:02 <mizmo> yeh
20:10:08 <Emichan> it'll just be a matter of putting it all together server-side
20:10:08 <mizmo> okay, let's make it a rule for now then
20:10:28 <mizmo> #info each object should be available for each avatar. having objects apply only to certain avatars will complicated the system so we should avoid it
20:10:36 <mizmo> cool
20:10:40 <mizmo> i think we've made some good progress
20:10:43 <mizmo> we're about 10 minutes over now
20:10:45 <mizmo> but
20:10:49 <mizmo> #topic open floor
20:10:54 <mizmo> does anyone have anything else to bring up?
20:11:18 <mizmo> #info note no Fedora proposals for the Libre graphics magazine 1, but we can send a proposal for issue 2
20:12:22 * mizmo eager to start sketching out panda avatars this weekend :)
20:12:28 <dottedfish> ok I have been gone for a few seconds
20:12:41 <dottedfish> the complexity of png isn't much less
20:12:47 * Emichan wants to go draw suits on pandas right now
20:12:49 <dottedfish> if you generate custom avatars that is
20:12:50 <WaspStung> Can someone tell me what open floor is? sorry...
20:13:11 <Emichan> WaspStung you can bring up any topic, the floor is open
20:13:16 <mizmo> WaspStung, hey! open floor just means if you have any questions or ideas you want to bring up, on *any* topic, you should do it now :)
20:13:24 * nicubunu wants to draw small accessories: ice cream, funny hats, tattoos...
20:13:33 <mizmo> i want a strawberry hat for my panda
20:13:50 <mizmo> WaspStung, open floor pretty much means our agenda is over so we can just chat :)
20:14:14 <nicubunu> i expect craziness, each of us implementing his own wild ideas
20:14:26 <mizmo> it's good though
20:14:28 <dottedfish> will anyone summarize todays meeting somewhere? ;P
20:14:31 <mizmo> we each have different styles too probably
20:14:37 <mizmo> dottedfish, yep im going to post it to our mailing list!
20:14:40 <mizmo> dottedfish, are you subscribed to it?
20:14:47 <WaspStung> Super! thanks. well i have a question. I am new around as you saw from my mail last night. i was wondering if it would be ok to take a task from the design spool or it there is something more urgent then i could help.
20:14:49 <dottedfish> wait a sec, I'm working on it
20:15:00 <nicubunu> so the first who draws some panda has the chance to set the style?
20:15:11 <nicubunu> ^^ hint, hint!
20:15:24 <Emichan> dottedfish, you can see meeting minutes here too: http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-design/
20:15:26 <dottedfish> panda hat takes 5 seconds :p
20:15:33 <WaspStung> i am refering to the ticket system
20:15:41 <dottedfish> but I'm not into panda hats so I'll skip on that^^
20:15:44 <nicubunu> WaspStung: yes, take one
20:16:02 <nicubunu> we are relaxed, at the end of a release cycle
20:16:13 <nicubunu> panda bikini?
20:16:28 * nicubunu is a known perv
20:17:20 <mizmo> WaspStung, let me look at the design pool and see what might be good for you to take in terms of urgency
20:17:25 <mizmo> onesec, okay?
20:18:02 <mizmo> WaspStung, you are Felipe right?
20:18:47 <mizmo> WaspStung, are you familiar with skinning Drupal?
20:18:54 <dottedfish> ok I just subbed the list
20:18:59 <WaspStung> ya
20:19:01 <WaspStung> yea
20:19:06 <dottedfish> is fedoraproject running on drupal?
20:19:28 <WaspStung> noyea i am felipe, i am not familiar with drupal skinning
20:19:30 <nicubunu> isn't that a bit hard for a first task in the team?
20:19:35 <mizmo> no, right now fedora project is using a system based on genshi
20:19:42 <mizmo> nicubunu, well, if he is familiar it might not be hard :)
20:19:52 <mizmo> i think i found a better task for you though WaspStung, how do you feel about logo design?
20:20:01 <WaspStung> super
20:20:04 <WaspStung> Good
20:20:17 <WaspStung> shoot!
20:20:21 <mizmo> WaspStung, so one of our developers, Kushal, wrote a tool for posting to Wordpress called Lekhonee and he needs a logo for it
20:20:27 <mizmo> WaspStung, the ticket is here: https://fedorahosted.org/design-team/ticket/15
20:21:41 <mizmo> WaspStung, it looks like he'll need a logo and once the logo is set an icon too
20:22:46 <mizmo> dottedfish, do you want a task from the design queue too, to get started?
20:22:52 <mizmo> dottedfish, or do you want to wait for the next design team bounty?
20:23:00 <mizmo> or even just lurk for a while?
20:23:26 <dottedfish> depends on the schedule of the ticket
20:23:39 <dottedfish> if it's not too tight I'd be willing to work on one
20:23:51 * finalzone just updated e17, major revamp in term of design, ability to chose layout for smarphone
20:23:57 <mizmo> dottedfish, most of them are pretty laid-back without a lot of hard deadlines
20:24:19 <dottedfish> I guess I'll skip the bounties - not too keen on first come first served -I like to deliver quality ;)
20:24:24 <nicubunu> oh,  kushal's ticket is still open?
20:24:39 <dottedfish> so that app needs a logo?
20:25:09 <mizmo> dottedfish, well WaspStung claimed that ticket, but let me see what i can find for you
20:25:17 <mizmo> nicubunu, it is! it looks like it got dropped
20:25:32 <mizmo> nicubunu, it doesn't look like he has a logo yet... do you know?
20:26:11 <nicubunu> kushal gets often on #fedora-art, it may be worth checking with him
20:26:31 <nicubunu> i was a bad friend for not making a logo for him...
20:28:37 <mizmo> so one ticket we have open, dottedfish, is a new OpenOffice document template to match the slide template Emichan designed: https://fedorahosted.org/design-team/ticket/161
20:29:39 <dottedfish> interesting
20:29:48 <dottedfish> however, in print you really need some more input
20:30:08 <dottedfish> it can affect the costs a lot after all
20:30:32 <dottedfish> personally I'd probably not merge a general office template with a template for a con
20:31:35 <mizmo> dottedfish, well here is another logo one, for the podcast sig of fedora https://fedorahosted.org/design-team/ticket/40
20:31:35 <dottedfish> as I'd assume for the con you could play with richer colors and for a standard office template you'd want it light and color neutral (for grayscale printing) so it'd be low cost to print
20:31:43 <mizmo> dottedfish, another designer did some work on it but had to drop the ticket
20:32:09 <davelab6> jimmac: ff question? :)
20:32:42 <mizmo> dottedfish, would you rather try that one?
20:34:01 <jimmac> davelab6: when I import SVG shapes I usually get an pen path with the first and last node overlapped
20:34:13 * jimmac takes it off channel
20:34:43 <dottedfish> yeah the podcast one looks fun
20:34:55 <mizmo> sweet! do you know how to claim it in the ticket system?
20:34:56 <dottedfish> seems someone is working on it though, did he drop it?
20:35:03 <mizmo> dottedfish, yep tw2113 dropped it
20:35:30 <mizmo> he wrote a note 'for the next designer' in the SVG and reassigned the ticket to free it
20:35:34 <mizmo> so it's all yours if you want it
20:35:40 <dottedfish> actually I still have to create a fedora account ;) sec
20:35:59 <mizmo> sure thing, i'll be here
20:36:33 <WaspStung> Later everyone! thanks for the help and will be in contact.
20:37:17 <Schendje> bye WaspStung!
20:37:30 * nicubunu is opening the blog to post about the game
20:37:56 <mizmo> #endmeeting