19:06:01 <mizmo> #startmeeting
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19:06:03 <mizmo> woo
19:06:06 <fabsh> yay!
19:06:14 <fabsh> mizmo: quick question
19:06:25 <mizmo> sure
19:06:31 <fabsh> any news on the rpg meeting?
19:06:53 <fabsh> i can't really commit to a timeslot because of rehearsals but i'd love to participate
19:07:21 <mizmo> i got a bunch of responses (thank you all :) )
19:07:29 <mizmo> i am gonna go thru them tonight and figure out what time works best
19:07:37 <mizmo> i haven't gotten a chance to look yet tho :(
19:07:42 <mizmo> the responses are still rolling in
19:08:14 <fabsh> i hope i can make it to most of them but i have acting rehearsals a lot these days....
19:08:20 <finalzone> finalzone here. hello all
19:08:27 <mizmo> it's all good, if you can't make it ill make sure to take good notes for ya
19:08:30 <mizmo> hey finalzone
19:08:31 <msourada> hi finalzone :)
19:08:34 <mizmo> we're just getting started
19:08:37 <mizmo> #topic cd/dvd artwork
19:08:39 <fabsh> mizmo: cool. thanks! :)
19:08:45 <mizmo> so alexander couldn't make it, but he sent his files
19:08:55 <mizmo> #link http://www.alexandersmirnov.ru/Sources/F14/media-artwork/
19:09:21 <mizmo> what do you folks think about the designs? we good?
19:09:35 <fabsh> that rocks!
19:09:39 <nicubunu> i think we have the sleeves
19:09:48 <msourada> oh, they're totally awesome
19:09:56 <fabsh> i love the reflection!
19:09:59 <mizmo> he did such an amazing job
19:10:02 <mizmo> this is all print-ready
19:10:07 <finalzone> are there grayscale version?
19:10:20 <Emichan> looks great! :)
19:10:28 <nicubunu> do we need grayscale?
19:10:51 <mizmo> it doesn't look like it, but it should be easy to generate, he left all his files here
19:11:16 <mizmo> does anyone want to volunteer to greyscale for lightscribe?
19:11:17 <finalzone> nicubunu: think about place that cannot afford colours
19:11:27 <mizmo> probably best to greyscale the full color version
19:11:34 <mizmo> finalzone, greyscale is also good for lightscribe :)
19:11:57 <nicubunu> anything else than open in gimp and desaturate?
19:12:13 <finalzone> what about channel mixer?
19:12:19 <mizmo> nicubunu, i think that's about it lol
19:12:54 <mizmo> so we are in really good shape
19:12:57 <nicubunu> channel mixer is better but you have to know what ate you doing
19:12:59 <mizmo> alexander totally rocks
19:13:06 <fabsh> yep he does
19:13:15 * msourada agrees
19:13:18 <mizmo> #topic f14 artwork
19:13:21 <mizmo> msourada, i am halfway finished
19:13:25 <mizmo> i've been working on them since this morning
19:13:29 <mizmo> i should have them ready in a couple hours
19:13:33 <mizmo> i'll mail you a tarball url?
19:13:40 <fabsh> is is this the animated stuff?
19:13:43 <mizmo> yep
19:13:44 <Schendje> sorry, have what ready?
19:13:49 <Schendje> ah the walls
19:13:49 <fabsh> can we see?
19:13:50 <msourada> mizmo, awesome. Yup, tarball url would suffice
19:13:52 <mizmo> i have morning & day ready, i need to finish sunset and evening
19:14:06 <mizmo> fabsh, i have to upload them. it takes me a while because even with 4gb of ram the files are large and slow to work with :(
19:14:12 <mizmo> (the final files are like 1 mb each)
19:14:13 <fabsh> i installed f14 today. looks already great! :D
19:14:16 <mizmo> yay
19:14:30 <mizmo> but ill uploadthe final pngs to the wiki hopefully in a couple hours or so
19:14:37 <finalzone> are daytime wallpapers back if I understand?
19:14:38 <fabsh> mizmo: ok, you'll post them on the list i guess :)
19:14:43 <mizmo> fabsh, yeppers
19:14:51 <mizmo> finalzone, yep! we'll do morning / noon / sunset / night
19:14:53 <fabsh> awesome
19:14:57 <sijis> meeting?
19:15:01 <Schendje> sijis: yes
19:15:03 <msourada> so I'll package them probably tomorrow
19:15:15 <finalzone> at last
19:15:22 <mizmo> sijis, website is in two topics!
19:15:29 <mizmo> #topic release party posters
19:15:41 <mizmo> Emichan, did you have a chance to look at these? (there is still two weeks left so plenty of time)
19:15:53 <mizmo> oct 25 is the due date
19:16:02 <Emichan> I started them this weekend - I'm going to try to get something up for feedback later today
19:16:08 <mizmo> sweet :)
19:16:23 <mizmo> look forward to it!
19:16:24 <mizmo> okay
19:16:29 <mizmo> i think that's the rest of our f14 items
19:16:32 <Emichan> mizmo do you have the wallpaper sources posted anywhere?
19:16:41 <mizmo> Emichan, yep one sec i have the url handy
19:17:15 <mizmo> Emichan, http://fedorapeople.org/groups/designteam/Resources/Fedora%20Release%20Themes/F14/Wallpaper/
19:17:22 <Emichan> mizmo thanks
19:17:26 <mizmo> there will be updated ones with the morning / noon / sunset/ night though
19:17:30 <mizmo> hopefully by the end of today
19:17:45 <Emichan> yay :)
19:17:58 <fabsh> that is so awesome!
19:18:05 * fabsh is happy like a baby bunny
19:18:10 <mizmo> #f14 anything else?
19:18:15 <mizmo> can anybody think of anything we're missing for f14?
19:18:20 <Emichan> what about updated splash art?
19:18:43 <mizmo> is there anything about them we need to change?
19:18:54 <mizmo> so far the feedback we got on them has been overwhelmingly positive, i haven't seen a single complaint
19:19:05 <Emichan> with the wallpaper finalized, do we want to change them to go more with the new wallpapers?
19:19:08 <mizmo> but if you think they could use improvement now would be the time
19:19:14 <Emichan> just asking
19:19:16 <mizmo> hmm let me look
19:19:31 <fabsh> are you talking about anaconda?
19:19:32 <mizmo> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F14_Artwork
19:19:44 <mizmo> i think the common palette helps them hang together pretty well
19:19:47 <Emichan> for instance we're using the darker color scheme in the wallpaper
19:20:02 <mizmo> it's darker at night, but it's light in the morning
19:20:15 <mizmo> hehe the cleverness of day-night wallpapers
19:20:44 <fabsh> the anaconda stuff looks amazing
19:20:53 <fabsh> i was totally blown away by that today
19:21:04 <fabsh> having been somewhat idle here lately...
19:21:21 <mizmo> my favis the firstboot banner
19:21:24 * finalzone reminds oneself to look into graphical installer redesign
19:21:27 <mizmo> i think we're good
19:21:28 <Emichan> well i haven't seen the latest ones obviously, but the walls you had last week all had the darker color scheme
19:21:28 <fabsh> mizmo: +1
19:21:35 <mizmo> finalzone, yep that was a topic on devel-list this week
19:21:36 <Emichan> but the morning one was lighter in the middle
19:22:00 <mizmo> let me see how quickly i can upload wha ti got
19:22:09 <finalzone> mizmo: I am checking mail list right now
19:22:46 <Emichan> what's the deadline for packaging art for the next release?
19:23:21 <mizmo> let me see
19:23:23 <msourada> finalzone: I believe it's the flame about ubuntu installer... I gave up half-way reading through it...
19:23:46 <mizmo> Fri 15-Oct Emichan
19:23:47 <fabsh> lol
19:23:59 <fabsh> imho our installer is better looking :)
19:24:04 <mizmo> at FUDcon tempe the whole anaconda team is gonna be there brainstorming about a next gen anaconda UI
19:24:27 <Schendje> finalzone: can you give me a link?
19:24:32 <Emichan> we should have some design team people sitting in on that, no?
19:24:40 <fabsh> yep
19:24:51 <finalzone> Schendje: http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/devel/2010-October/144105.html
19:24:54 <fabsh> devs brainstorming ui might look scary in the end ;)
19:25:01 <mizmo> Schendje is applying for sponsorship, i'll deifnitely be there
19:25:10 <fabsh> nice
19:25:17 <mizmo> tatica will be there too!!
19:25:25 * mizmo can't wait to meet tatica in-person
19:25:26 * Schendje hopes he can get in
19:25:28 * Schendje is expensive
19:25:30 <mizmo> hehe
19:25:39 * fabsh is cheap
19:25:39 <mizmo> but you are an intern
19:25:44 <mizmo> maybe you can apply for the fedora scholarship
19:25:54 * Schendje knows the redhat money is gone already :)
19:25:54 * finalzone is too busy in Vancouver and have to check budget =(
19:26:10 <mizmo> okay i think we are good for f14 then
19:26:16 <mizmo> i will have those wallpapers totally done by the end of today
19:26:25 <fabsh> nice
19:26:28 <msourada> cool
19:26:29 <fabsh> great work
19:26:33 <fabsh> f14 looks cool
19:26:45 <mizmo> some of the ones i have so far - http://fedorapeople.org/groups/designteam/Resources/Fedora%20Release%20Themes/F14/Wallpaper/animted%20comps/
19:26:49 <nicubunu> msourada: i found entertaining that flame
19:26:49 * nicubunu has no life
19:26:52 <mizmo> night will probably be lightened a bit, sunset i still have to do
19:27:00 <mizmo> #topic f15 codename
19:27:05 <mizmo> i have no idea what is going on with f15's codename
19:27:09 <mizmo> i thought the deadline was oct 8
19:27:09 <mizmo> o_O
19:27:23 <msourada> nicubunu: I too, at first... today it's getting too deep (too many messages) for me
19:27:30 <mizmo> i'll email the logistics list now to see what is going on there
19:27:36 <sijis> wasn't the winner already determined?
19:27:50 <mizmo> sijis, it was supposed ot be oct 8 but there isnt any signs of it
19:27:52 <fabsh> not according to the wiki
19:28:07 <fabsh> says suggestion period hasnt opened
19:28:14 <mizmo> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Name_suggestions_for_Fedora_15
19:28:45 <fabsh> but there are names in there
19:28:48 <fabsh> wierd
19:28:50 <sijis> ohh. i was looking at F14's list.. DOH!
19:29:16 <mizmo> okay i just sent an email
19:29:21 <mizmo> okay
19:29:25 <mizmo> so next topic is the websites :)
19:29:29 <mizmo> #topic f14 new www.fpo
19:29:38 <mizmo> http://stg.fedoraproject.org/
19:29:39 <fabsh> lol
19:29:46 <fabsh> i am still confused
19:29:49 <mizmo> pretty much all the strings are set, translation's already begun
19:30:05 <mizmo> same here http://stg.fedoracommunity.org/
19:30:30 <fabsh> the websites look good to me, although i didnt have enough time to go into the details like grammar etc
19:30:35 <nicubunu> i feel the new website has a bit too much Red Hat branding
19:30:39 <msourada> http://stg.fedoraproject.org/ is sure to crash webkitgtk on f14, not sure why though...
19:30:46 <Schendje> nicubunu: only three logos on frontpage! ;)
19:30:47 <nicubunu> header, footer and sidebar
19:30:49 <mizmo> msourada, it's crashing?
19:31:03 <fabsh> msourada: works in chromium
19:31:03 <mizmo> Schendje, it's only two, the hosting provider rotates
19:31:07 <sijis> nicubunu: the sponsors list eventually will rotate
19:31:11 <Schendje> mizmo: 2.5
19:31:14 <msourada> mizmo, yup try opening it in f14's epiphany or midori
19:31:22 <mizmo> well red hat pays for me, i can't complain
19:31:31 * mizmo not running f14
19:31:33 <Schendje> mizmo: hehe yeah i'm okay with it, just joking
19:31:35 <mizmo> what does it say when it crashes
19:31:40 <nicubunu> and honestly " A Red Hat Community Project" does not sound well for PR... aren't we an open community?
19:31:43 <fabsh> chromium on f14 works
19:31:45 <msourada> fabsh: chromium isn't webkitgtk...
19:31:48 * Schendje is worried about the translations
19:31:52 <mizmo> nicubunu, how about A Red Hat sponsored community?
19:31:58 <fabsh> msourada: its webkit tho ;)
19:32:01 <Schendje> with longer words the entire thing breaks
19:32:07 <msourada> mizmo, probably bug in webkitgtk, I have to look in abrt...
19:32:09 <mizmo> Schendje, that's a css fix
19:32:22 <nicubunu> the current text sounds, IMO, as we are owned
19:32:27 <msourada> fabsh, yeah, but different svn revision, javascript, ...
19:32:28 <sijis> Schendje: yeah, that was brought up by finnish trans group today
19:32:31 <mizmo> nicubunu, does "A Red Hat sponsored community" work better?
19:32:43 <fabsh> mizmo: worse!
19:32:47 <mizmo> really?
19:32:47 <mizmo> :(
19:32:51 <mizmo> what should it say
19:32:53 <fabsh> that sounds like we are all in rh's pocket
19:33:07 <fabsh> i think whats on there is fine
19:33:09 <mizmo> "Sponsored by Red hat"
19:33:27 <mizmo> "A Red  Hat sponsored community project"
19:33:29 <sijis> would it be better if we remove it and just depend on the footer link that say "read about RH and Fedora relationship.."?
19:33:29 <ianweller> i personally think having red hat in the footer is sufficient
19:33:30 * finalzone is impressed with typography: Cantarell and Comfortaa work well
19:33:31 <fabsh> it says that at the bottom
19:33:34 <msourada> mizmo, SIGSEGV... one of these days I'm going to fill a bug report about that... (and verify with F12 whether it's a regression)
19:33:44 <fabsh> sijis: +1
19:33:47 <fabsh> ianweller: +1
19:33:54 <mizmo> msourada, is it only stg.fpo that triggers it?
19:33:59 <mizmo> finalzone, yeh they were good choices
19:34:08 <Emichan> i agree - footer seems sufficient
19:34:46 <msourada> mizmo, stg.fedoracommunity seems to be ok
19:34:48 <nicubunu> the sidebar is OK too
19:34:59 <mizmo> msourada, no other websites trigger it?
19:35:11 <mizmo> we were asked to add the logo at the top
19:35:16 <msourada> mizmo, nope, I haven't noticed other websites yet
19:35:17 <mizmo> it's not really negotiable at this point, unfortunately
19:35:44 <fabsh> can we just add a logo?
19:35:57 <sijis> i think that would just look out of place
19:36:04 <mizmo> add which logo
19:36:05 <fabsh> being asked as non-negotiable... sopranos tactics! ;)
19:36:24 <fabsh> leave it as it is then, i'd say
19:37:05 <sijis> if you look at another page (for example) http://stg.fedoraproject.org/en/using/
19:37:13 <mizmo> considering the % of $$ Red hat provides to the project (e.g., fudcon & travel funding) i think it's fair RH gets more space as a sponsor
19:37:16 <sijis> have 2 rh logos on it doesn't seem like too much
19:38:02 <nicubunu> is not about that... is that we reinforce the opinion people have about fedora being just a RHEL beta
19:38:12 <mizmo> how does having the RH logo enforce that?
19:38:30 <mizmo> does the tons of home user directed content not completely overweigh a 15x15 pixel RH logo?
19:38:40 <mizmo> none of the users or tutorials on the site have anything to do with rhel
19:38:45 <ianweller> hold on guys.
19:39:02 <fabsh> i think its fine as it is
19:39:18 <mizmo> i understand im compltely and totally non objective as my livelihood is provided by RH
19:39:19 <sijis> what if it says "a redhat sponsored project".. is that inaccurate
19:39:43 <Schendje> the current text seems fine to me, fwiw
19:39:57 <Emichan> fabsh +1
19:40:00 <mizmo> if RH wasn't paying my paycheck i probably couldn't afford to do even half the work i do on fedora now
19:40:07 <Emichan> the relationship between RH and fedora isn't a big secret
19:40:08 <sijis> i'm fine with it too.. maybe itsjust the actual text
19:40:29 <mizmo> i understand the concern about it furthering the misconception that fedora is just a rhel beta (and ricky brought that up last week)
19:40:33 * stickster points out, FWIW, that at our community Marketing FAD event, we had an independent marketing expert in attendance... he told us that Fedora
19:40:35 <stickster> oops
19:40:45 * stickster points out, FWIW, that at our community Marketing FAD event, we had an independent marketing expert in attendance... he told us that Fedora's link to Red Hat is seen as a great strength of Fedora, though not the only one
19:40:57 <stickster> And hiding that or de-emphasizing it is actually counterproductive for us
19:41:02 <mizmo> but i feel like the content of the website, is so overwhelmingly desktop-user oriented that i don't think there's a whole lot of room for RHEL confusion
19:41:26 <fabsh> stickster: depends on who the target is, imho
19:41:29 <mizmo> i understand my saying that is a lot less meaningful given where my dinner comes from
19:41:33 <mizmo> but i hope youll consider it
19:41:47 <fabsh> stickster: many community people seem to see it negative. that said, i think we shouldn't hide it too
19:42:32 <fabsh> i agree with mizmo, we need to empahize fedora as a desktop os to set it apart from rhel and we are doing that
19:42:33 <Emichan> rh may be a corporate overlord, but at least they're benevolent ;)
19:42:41 <stickster> fabsh: It doesn't, really -- Red Hat has a brand built on values that are very much compatible with us. If Red Hat is known by the person viewing the site, it's a positive. If they're not, we also end up helping educate them a little through the link, which is also a plus
19:42:53 <sijis> i agree.. RH provides a ton of funds towards making Fedora run
19:42:54 <mizmo> red hat's brand helps us too though, it legitimizes fedora a bit
19:42:54 <stickster> fabsh: Sorry, "doesn't depend..."
19:43:00 <mizmo> 'what's this free hippie thing?'
19:43:05 <Emichan> i think most people won't really notice it frankly
19:43:10 <stickster> mizmo: I think it's more that it's a very productive symbiosis.
19:43:10 <mizmo> 'oh red hat, i saw that on jim cramer the other night, that's a good company'
19:43:12 <finalzone> fabsh: fedora is more than desktop. I now use if for video editing =)
19:43:35 <nicubunu> that depends on the audience and target, around here a lot of people go to debian and run away from corporations
19:43:43 <fabsh> stickster: the only problem i see is that people think rhel is only for servers and crap on the desktop and the project that on fedora --- but we can't help that much either way
19:43:57 <fabsh> finalzone: which is desktop use ;)
19:43:58 <stickster> nicubunu: We can't really do anything about that, though. We shouldn't hide our relationships, that would be dishonest.
19:44:02 <ianweller> i feel like a discussion on whether or not we should have reduced or additional presence of red hat on our website isn't something we should discuss at this meeting, and maybe belongs on the list so we can talk about other things
19:44:26 * ianweller disclaims that he also gets a paycheck from red hat
19:44:29 <finalzone> fabsh: see how vague "deskto" has become =p
19:44:30 <fabsh> stickster: *they project -- sorry
19:44:32 <mizmo> nicubunu, if someone runs debian for that reason they will never run fedora or ubuntu
19:44:47 <fabsh> finalzone: its basically "anything not on the server or the phone"
19:44:55 <ianweller> but it just seems like this conversation is getting out of hand and it's seeming less and less like a design team issue
19:45:05 <fabsh> ianweller: +1
19:45:11 <mizmo> okay
19:45:17 <sijis> we can agree to disagree
19:45:17 <fabsh> we should discuss this at a pub sometime.... ;)
19:45:17 <mizmo> if anybody has lingering concerns please email me
19:45:50 <stickster> ianweller: +1, I think this is a "tempest in a teapot" issue. But I also disclose that I get my paycheck from Red Hat, although I would have said the same thing three years ago :-)
19:46:04 <mizmo> i can try to change things if folks have a good suggestion
19:46:09 <mizmo> so the next topic
19:46:18 <mizmo> #topic recruiting more designres
19:46:26 <mizmo> so diana martin did a study of our community a few months back
19:46:38 <mizmo> and one of the big things she noted is that around the time of a new release is the best time to recruit new community members
19:46:51 <mizmo> because we're starting out on a fresh release, people are less stressed, it's easier to join in then
19:47:02 <mizmo> so i was wondering if anybody had ideas on how we can recruit more designers into the project
19:47:20 <fabsh> lets blog that we want more people
19:47:26 <fabsh> also microblog it
19:47:38 <fabsh> i didn't know we wanted more people
19:47:44 <mizmo> we always need more designers :)
19:47:47 <fabsh> although it's obvious in hindsight ;)
19:47:50 <mizmo> we also traditoinally focus more on artwork
19:47:56 <mizmo> but we'll need UI design for the RPG project as well
19:48:00 <fabsh> what do we need?
19:48:02 <mizmo> (we also need artwork for it!)
19:48:13 <fabsh> can we mention the rpg publicly?
19:48:13 <mizmo> and we'll need UI design for maybe a potential anaconda/installer UI redesign
19:48:19 <mizmo> sure i don't see why not
19:48:21 <mizmo> although
19:48:24 <mizmo> i guess we don't have a name for it ye
19:48:25 <mizmo> yet
19:48:28 <fabsh> ok
19:48:34 <mizmo> we should probably have a name before we start talking too much about it
19:48:37 <fabsh> i'll give it some airtime on LO then
19:48:41 <fabsh> ok
19:48:42 <mizmo> just to lessen confusion
19:48:46 <mizmo> talking about the idea is fine though
19:48:54 * finalzone is looking about ubuntu installer documentation redesign
19:48:57 <mizmo> it's been talked about publicly in fedora for maybe a year now in various board meetings, etc
19:49:01 <finalzone> http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/devel/2010-October/144105.html
19:49:03 <Schendje> "fabsh's world of wonders"
19:49:07 <fabsh> i like FreeWorld
19:49:08 <finalzone> oops, wrong link
19:49:16 <finalzone> https://docs.google.com/View?id=dfkkjjcj_101gnkrpg5v
19:49:21 <fabsh> Schendje: lol. sounds dirty....
19:49:27 <Schendje> fabsh: exactly
19:49:49 <fabsh> Fedora's Wonderful World of Neckbeards ;)
19:49:59 <mizmo> ubuntu's installer fails for technical users though
19:50:02 <Schendje> fabsh: that doesn't sound any cleaner :P
19:50:04 <mizmo> as it has no lvm/raid support
19:50:07 <mizmo> or advanced partitioning
19:50:14 <fabsh> i discovered that this week
19:50:18 <fabsh> that is shocking!
19:50:28 <fabsh> ubufail
19:50:43 <Schendje> the things brought up on the mailing list don't exlucde those features though
19:50:51 <Schendje> exclude, sorry
19:51:26 <mizmo> right so anaconda will be awesomer ux-wise and feature-wise (although it already is the latter)
19:51:33 <fabsh> CommunityCraft?
19:51:45 <finalzone> does Ubuntu ever have installer in the league of Anaconda outside live media?
19:51:50 <fabsh> just throwing up things here. don't mind me.... ;)
19:51:59 <Schendje> mizmo: ux things are not features? :(
19:52:02 <Emichan> no wow refs please
19:52:12 <fabsh> true
19:52:15 <fabsh> damn it
19:52:16 <mizmo> Schendje, ux things are features, maybe it's better to say functionality
19:52:24 <mizmo> Schendje, because LVM is a functionality i would give up a smooth UX for
19:52:52 <Schendje> we can have both :)
19:52:56 <mizmo> so i guess we can do a blog campaign to get more designers
19:53:09 <mizmo> but i am concerned that once we get them coming to us we won't have anything for them to work on
19:53:11 <mizmo> like
19:53:13 <mizmo> there's tons of work
19:53:14 <fabsh> lets do that
19:53:19 <mizmo> but not a whole lot that's well-documented you know
19:53:26 <Schendje> mizmo: agreed i was thinking about that!
19:53:28 <mizmo> i dont want to be like, 'ooh come join us we are awesome'
19:53:33 <mizmo> and then they show up , 'uh now what'
19:53:41 <mizmo> and we're like, 'uh look around, and figure it out, have fun teehee'
19:53:49 <mizmo> :-/
19:53:56 <mizmo> maybe we need to have a queue of bounties
19:53:58 <fabsh> i think we should encourage people to come to a meeting first
19:54:00 <mizmo> right now they take me a long time to do
19:54:03 <mizmo> oh thats true
19:54:10 <mizmo> because things-to-do pop up during the meeting all the time
19:54:11 <fabsh> the mailinglist can be scary
19:54:39 <fabsh> maybe we should link to the freenode webclient
19:54:44 <mizmo> yeh i think a lot of designers are more accustomed to forums
19:54:53 <fabsh> designers arent necessarily good at irc
19:54:59 <fabsh> yep
19:55:03 <mizmo> we could consider moving to another protocol
19:55:15 <Schendje> the web client is better though, right?
19:55:25 <mizmo> the web client works well enough
19:55:29 <Schendje> i mean for people who don't use irc
19:55:34 <fabsh> mizmo: i would only move if we get feedback that its too hard
19:55:36 <Schendje> it's pretty easy to jump in that way
19:55:46 <Schendje> otherwise you have to download one, configure networks, etc
19:55:56 <fabsh> yep. we shouldnt move on a whim without tangible feedback
19:56:06 <mizmo> kk
19:56:42 <mizmo> well i can keep doing bounties, ill probably be able to do one a month
19:56:48 <mizmo> christoph is pretty much finished with his
19:56:51 <fabsh> that helps
19:56:53 <fabsh> we cya
19:56:58 <fabsh> we can link to that
19:57:12 <mizmo> okay
19:57:20 <mizmo> i think the only topic left was RPG but we'll have a separate meeting for that
19:57:25 <mizmo> so we're pretty much done :)
19:57:29 <mizmo> any other things to discuss?
19:57:36 <msourada> IMHO main problem of mailing lists are web mail clients. I've never been able to easily follow a more rich conversation using gmail, but in evo it's usually smooth...
19:58:06 <fabsh> we need a name for that asap
19:58:21 <fabsh> msourada: other way round for me
19:58:26 <mizmo> fedora the gathering
19:58:27 <mizmo> bwahaha
19:58:31 <fabsh> lol
19:58:34 <fabsh> i like that
19:58:36 <mizmo> maybe we can identi.ca for suggestions fabsh
19:58:40 <mizmo> it should be maybe non fedora specific
19:58:43 <fabsh> we shouldnt have fedora in the name tho
19:58:45 <mizmo> we want other projects to use it too
19:58:46 <mizmo> yep
19:58:52 <fabsh> :)
19:58:59 <msourada> fabsh, lol I always get lost in gmail when the thread branches... sometimes even sooner :D
19:59:09 <nicubunu> i don't see the name as a priority
19:59:10 <fabsh> mizmo: i'll do that identica i mean
19:59:21 <nicubunu> is more important to see if we have a good concept
19:59:24 <fabsh> nicubunu: its important if we want to publicise it
19:59:35 <fabsh> to get more people on board
20:00:05 <mizmo> okei ia m gonna end meeting
20:00:06 <Emichan> plus a name makes it easier to discuss
20:00:09 <mizmo> in 3....
20:00:12 <mizmo> 2 ...
20:00:17 <mizmo> 1 ....
20:00:21 <mizmo> #endmeeting