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19:00:23 <mizmo> #topic Roll call!
19:00:29 * mizmo Máirín Duffy
19:00:44 <kylebaker> here
19:00:46 * nicubunu present
19:01:07 <mizmo> ... surely more folks are around? hehe
19:01:26 * tatica present!
19:01:32 <tatica> finally :D
19:01:35 <nicubunu> ping Schendje, tatica
19:01:47 <mizmo> mbenitez, mchua, pcon, rbergeron, ricky, ryanlerch, Schendje, jreznik, sdziallas  - we're starting :)
19:02:01 <pcon> o/
19:02:07 <nicubunu> next time maybe we will invite jimmac too
19:02:09 <pcon> mizmo: thanks :)
19:02:10 <mizmo> oh geez when i copy/pasted the meeting reminder it said tomorrow lol not today whoops
19:02:10 <Schendje> oh sorry!
19:02:13 * Schendje is present :)
19:02:22 * Schendje is also watching holland play :)
19:02:24 * mbenitez hello, paying attetion now ;)
19:02:28 <mizmo> okay!
19:02:40 <mizmo> #topic Fedora 14 artwork - concept decision
19:02:50 <mizmo> so today's our deadline to decide on a concept to move forward with on the Fedora 14 artwork
19:03:02 <mizmo> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F14_Artwork
19:03:12 <mizmo> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F14_Artwork_Theme_Concepts
19:03:42 <mizmo> kylebaker, do you want us to count all your files as one concept or separate ones?
19:03:51 <nicubunu> i don't have any strong preference
19:03:52 * mizmo trying to get a count of how many concept proposals we have
19:03:57 <kylebaker> same
19:04:10 <Schendje> the first one looks quite different from all the other ones
19:04:22 <Schendje> while the last 3 look sort of the same?
19:04:24 <mizmo> Schendje, visually they're different but conceptually i think the idea is the same
19:04:28 <nicubunu> because is not blue?
19:04:32 <mizmo> which is why im thinking collapse them
19:04:36 <kylebaker> its only a sketch
19:04:40 <mizmo> if we collapse them then we have 10 concepts
19:04:48 <tatica> I think we have several patterns and few complete concepts
19:04:49 <kylebaker> just ignore it
19:04:59 <tatica> kylebaker, noup, I like it
19:05:00 <tatica> :D
19:05:21 <mizmo> okay so
19:05:35 <mizmo> does anyone have strong reservations about any of the concepts on the table, that would be cause for elimination outright?
19:06:01 <nicubunu> i have a BIG problem with the concepts page: the fixed layout table is bigger than my netbook display
19:06:09 <mizmo> some things to consider when thinking about the proposals is
19:06:16 <kylebaker> I think this one https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:F14-SecConcept.jpg is too similar to this http://thesegoto11.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/inception_poster2.jpg
19:06:20 <mizmo> 1) can we make something awesome out of this in the ~4 weeks we have left for alpha?
19:06:25 <mizmo> 2) is the idea behind the concept strong?
19:06:42 <mizmo> 3) does the idea behind the concept relate to fedora and the f14 release name? (laughlin)
19:06:44 <jreznik> nicubunu: same for me... zooming out... today from akademy, tampere
19:06:47 <nicubunu> the cubes one... i don't understand or like it
19:06:51 <mizmo> 4) is the concept suitable for a wallpaper
19:07:07 <mizmo> kylebaker, whoah nice spot
19:07:12 <mizmo> that is a little too close
19:07:27 <mizmo> it also vibrates a lot across the entire image, which is not good for a wallpaper that shuldn't call too much attention to itself
19:07:51 <mizmo> nicubunu, if you know the way to make the table wrap feel free to do it,
19:07:53 <tatica> btw, please don't consider my wallpapers
19:07:55 <mizmo> i dont remember the syntax :(
19:08:01 <tatica> they are already been used for fudcon
19:08:07 <tatica> so I don't think is a good idea
19:08:09 <mizmo> so i think maybe we can eliminate the cube one for now unless anyone has concerns about that
19:08:19 <mizmo> tatica, okay we'll reserve those design ideas for fudcon?
19:08:24 <nicubunu> tatica: we can evolve them
19:08:36 <Schendje> oh i quite like the atom one, tatica :(
19:08:41 <tatica> lol
19:09:08 <mizmo> well how about we proceed this way
19:09:20 <mizmo> everyone present votes on their favorite three (and please feel free to vote for your own if you believe in it)
19:09:20 <nicubunu> yup, the atom metaphor is very obvious, even if the graphic reminds of FC6
19:09:44 <tatica> btw, I like this effect, but not the concept https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:F14-sec-sprites.jpg
19:09:52 <tatica> I think we can merge some of this test
19:10:08 <mizmo> tatica, same here, i like the visual effect but i dont quite understand the concept so much
19:10:32 <tatica> yup, most of Cata wallpapers are patterns
19:10:34 <jreznik> it's matrix like
19:10:42 <nicubunu> it made me think about Borealis
19:11:04 <nicubunu> (borealis was a F8 concept)
19:11:05 <tatica> for example, we could add some of this cata-stars to jayme's wallpaper
19:11:16 <tatica> is a mix between lines and spots
19:11:23 <mbenitez> where do we vote? just type our faves here?
19:11:37 <mizmo> yep just type your favs here
19:11:40 <mizmo> i'll start with mine
19:11:51 <mizmo> my #1 fav is kybaker's concept - especially last one: https://fedoraproject.org/w/uploads/thumb/9/93/F14-image2.png/160px-F14-image2.png  many things forming one thing together, very appropriate for fedora
19:12:17 <mizmo> my #2 fav is Schendje 's concept https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:F14Wallpaper2.png - i like how it shows how many things can start from a single source, i think it reflects our project well
19:12:38 <finalzone> hello everyone
19:12:45 <mizmo> my #3 fav is jayme's - https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:F14-Laughlin-wires400x250.png - many wires coming together to form a solid shape - but i worry its a bit plain
19:12:57 <mizmo> hi finalzone! w're going through the f14 concept proposals and picking our top three, each of us
19:13:05 <finalzone> ok
19:13:06 <mizmo> finalzone, there are here https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F14_Artwork_Theme_Concepts
19:13:13 <mizmo> #agreed cubes concept out of the running
19:13:31 <mizmo> #agreed tatica fudcon t-shirt design concept out of the running
19:13:46 <mizmo> i'm keeping a running tally so feel free to put your favorite 3 in here
19:13:46 <Schendje> also the atoms? :(
19:13:57 <mizmo> no ill leave the atoms in if tatica is okay with it :)
19:14:51 <mizmo> do folks need more time to think on it?
19:14:55 <nicubunu> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:Background_concept.png - but more fedora blue
19:14:56 <nicubunu> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:Atomos-thumb.png -but less FC6-like
19:14:56 <nicubunu> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:F14-Laughlin-wires400x250.png - but more alive
19:14:58 <mizmo> should we move to another topic and come back or just wait?
19:15:00 <tatica> mizmo, oka
19:15:12 <kylebaker> I agree with your order just #2 jaymes #3 schendje though
19:16:19 <tatica> #1 I think has potential, and is easy to work because is svg https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:F14-Laughlin-wires400x250.png
19:16:39 <tatica> #2 Even if I like it, I think it needs more "shinny" things https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:F14-image2.png
19:16:45 * mbenitez #1  Schendje's F14Wallpaper2.png, #2 kyle's/tatica's Background concept maybe in shades of blue? #3 kyle's F14-image2 but would prefer fedora blues instead of black
19:17:09 <tatica> #3 I like the concept, but I think the shape is to rough... can be fixed (I don't like the position either) https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:F14Wallpaper2.png
19:17:37 * nicubunu notes how we could use some better voting system, so we can see thumbnails and know what is about
19:17:52 <finalzone> schendje concept has potential, it will be interested with a combination of first kyle concept and jaymes Ayre
19:18:23 * mbenitez agrees with nicubunu, it's getting confusing :D
19:18:51 <mizmo> if i have my counts right (i have to go back and double check)
19:19:03 <tatica> what?!?! you people can draw fractals and can have a vote on irc with some easy links? </joke>
19:19:04 <tatica> :D
19:19:06 <mizmo> so far it is 4 for kybaker's,3 for schendje's, 3 for jayme's, 1 for tatica's atomos
19:19:37 <finalzone> atomos is interesting but it remains solar somehow
19:19:55 <finalzone> I mean remind*
19:20:08 <jreznik> I like Schendje's F14Wallpaper2 - but fractal should be smaller and placed in different position
19:20:19 <mizmo> yeh i double-checked my count
19:20:36 <mizmo> oh i forgot to add in kylebaker's votes one sec
19:20:52 <kylebaker> same as yours
19:21:16 <tatica> we must remember that the wallpaper concept that we choose still need work
19:21:20 <Schendje> so the order doesn't matter?
19:21:22 <mizmo> so it's 5 for kybaker, 4 for schendje, 4 for jayme, 1 for tatica. voters counted: mizmo, nicubunu, tatica, kylebaker, mbenitez
19:21:28 <mizmo> no, do you think it should?
19:21:29 <tatica> so also get your mind set to do some improves
19:21:38 * mizmo is not sure how to add them up, some folks didn't provide order
19:21:47 <Schendje> no, i don't mind either way really...
19:22:02 <mizmo> of course any backgrounds not used for default can be used for supplementals
19:22:20 <finalzone> there is my vote: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:F14Wallpaper2.png, https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:Background_concept.png, https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:F14-Laughlin-wires400x250.png
19:22:25 <mizmo> tatica, yep none of these wallpapers are ready for final, they all need some work
19:22:48 <Schendje> haha definitely... mine is just the shape + changed color + texture stolen from the last wallpaper, haha
19:22:51 <Schendje> anyway...
19:22:54 <Schendje> my votes...
19:23:07 <Schendje> i'd pick tatica's atom one
19:23:21 <Schendje> and.. kybaker's, but the very last one
19:23:49 <finalzone> schendle, does not matter =)
19:24:11 <Schendje> and then a vote for my own one (if that's okay ;) ) i think i can make it work with a little more time :)
19:24:17 <mizmo> Schendje, of course it's okay :)
19:25:05 <Schendje> i also like jayme ayres's one, but i feel its kind of... general? it's used so often in wallpapers
19:25:09 <mizmo> okay count so far is 7 for kybaker, 6 for schendje, 5 for jayme, 2 for tatica. voters counted: mizmo, nicubunu, tatica, mbenitez, kybaker, finalzone, Schendje
19:25:55 <mizmo> anyone else want to vote?
19:26:18 <mizmo> we're 25 minutes in so we can give this 5 more minutes or we can move on and save the last 5 minutes for any last minute design team member votes
19:26:36 <nicubunu> let's allow people to vote while we still talk about the other topica
19:26:41 <mizmo> sounds good
19:26:43 <Schendje> agreed
19:26:46 <finalzone> +1
19:26:55 <mizmo> okay
19:26:59 <tatica> +1
19:27:00 <mizmo> #topic Fedora branding fonts change
19:27:01 <jreznik> thanks, I need some time :)
19:27:19 <mizmo> so since we met last week
19:27:25 <mizmo> i set up a wiki page to summarize our font discussion
19:27:26 <mizmo> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Design/Fedora_Branding_Fonts
19:27:49 <mizmo> we also started a thread on the design team list about it
19:27:52 <mizmo> #link http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/design-team/2010-July/002726.html
19:28:06 <mizmo> i think ianweller is going to make a blog post on it
19:28:16 <mizmo> what we need to do right now is gather proposals for the fonts
19:28:27 <mizmo> did anyone have time since last week to look for some suitable replacements for mgopen modata?
19:28:43 <Schendje> i must admit i haven't looked around...
19:28:46 * tatica just need to say that arista is too ubuntu
19:29:04 <mizmo> so far on the table we have: comfortaa, quicksand, arista 2.0
19:29:06 <Schendje> tatica, they changed the font actually
19:29:06 <nicubunu> do we have any hope for fonts other than "big names" (droid) to ever support all the needed glyphs?
19:29:08 <mizmo> tatica, eeeh it does a littl ebit
19:29:16 <Schendje> it looks like the old one, but not the new one
19:29:19 <tatica> the fonts I use when I can't use mgopen is folks, that could work too
19:29:19 <jreznik> https://fedoraproject.org/w/uploads/thumb/8/81/F14-Laughlin-wires400x250.png/192px-F14-Laughlin-wires400x250.png
19:29:22 <tatica> mizmo, lol... a lot
19:29:30 <jreznik> sorry :(
19:29:36 <mizmo> jreznik, if you're making a final vote decision maybe can you do vote: on your message?
19:29:48 <tatica> let me do a quick search between my fonts
19:29:49 <finalzone> freesans from GNU, but mizmo seems to have issue on that font package
19:29:49 <Schendje> tatica, they're using a new one for the logo and use for the desktop, which looks a lot less like arista :)
19:30:14 <mizmo> finalzone, would that be for headline for for body text (screen or print?)
19:30:19 <mizmo> we have three types of fonts we need:
19:30:28 <mizmo> #1 headline/titles (Screen and print)
19:30:36 <mizmo> (that is what we use mgopen modata for now)
19:30:41 <finalzone> mizmo: oh ok
19:30:44 <mizmo> #2 on-screen body text
19:30:52 <mizmo> (liberation sans is commonly used for this)
19:30:57 <mizmo> #3 print body text
19:31:05 <mizmo> (liberation sans is commonly used for this as well)
19:31:23 <Schendje> mizmo, any clarity on the accents already?
19:31:26 <nicubunu> #3 should not be serif?
19:31:35 <mizmo> nicubunu, i think it can be serif, serif works well on print
19:31:36 <Schendje> the one downloaded from the website doesn't have accents, but it does in their picture?
19:31:48 <Schendje> and that's the reason we're changing it, right?
19:31:53 <mizmo> nicubunu, i think if we have a serif it should be related to the screen / sans one
19:32:00 <nicubunu> Schendje: it have *some* accents
19:32:08 <mizmo> Schendje, yeh AFAIK there is no actual font file with the basic latin acute accents
19:32:15 <Schendje> ah okay, like that...
19:32:19 <nicubunu> we can use sans in print too...
19:32:28 <tatica> check this one http://www.dafont.com/bpreplay.font?nb_ppp=50&l[]=10
19:32:37 <mizmo> nicubunu, yeh we can if that's how we decide to go
19:32:54 <mizmo> tatica, i like that one!
19:32:54 <kylebaker> If we use serif I think there will be too many font styles going on
19:33:07 <mizmo> kylebaker, serif for print sans for screen?
19:33:18 <mizmo> kylebaker, you were saying last week a font that works on screen doesn't always work in print?
19:33:30 <tatica> gpl font
19:33:32 <Schendje> tatica, it looks cool but doesn't have any accents either, or am i wrong? :(
19:33:39 <mizmo> tatica, bpreplay is gpl???
19:33:43 <nicubunu> are we going to adopt a font without the accents? then why move from modata?
19:33:44 <tatica> yes
19:33:44 <kylebaker> If we use the many variations on and off screen it will be too many
19:33:57 <tatica> Schendje, look down, they are with a gray scale
19:34:04 <kylebaker> Stick to sans or serif
19:34:22 <mizmo> okay we probably want to stick with sans then
19:34:30 <mizmo> nicubunu, we have to check if it has the accents
19:34:37 <mizmo> nicubunu, getting the accents is the main goal
19:34:41 <kylebaker> I think that makes sence
19:35:01 <kylebaker> sense
19:35:18 <nicubunu> i bet you no font on sites like dafont have better coverage than modata
19:35:29 <mizmo> nicubunu, comfortaa does
19:35:31 <mbenitez> I don't know about the details designers pay attention to, but comfortaa is really nice and seeing it makes me think Fedora
19:35:33 <Schendje> did comfortaa have accents?
19:35:37 <Schendje> mizmo, ah :)
19:35:42 <mizmo> nicubunu, finalzone was able to use comfortaa for french language.... modata couldn't be used
19:35:43 * tatica checking the accents
19:35:49 <Schendje> that one is pretty great for headlines, no? (comfortaa)
19:35:57 <mizmo> Schendje, yeh i like it a lot
19:36:00 <mizmo> what would be cool too
19:36:05 <Schendje> remember that someone (don't remember who) used it for the french magazine?
19:36:09 <Schendje> and we didn't even notice it lol
19:36:16 <mizmo> because our logotype is bryant2 (very proprietary and $$) it would be cool to replace it with the font we choose here
19:36:18 <finalzone> schendje, it was me
19:36:20 <kylebaker> It looks nice print and screen
19:36:21 <mizmo> Schendje, that was luya, finalzone
19:36:24 <nicubunu> ok, mizmo, i'll check it and probably will owe you some beer when we'll meet next
19:36:37 <mizmo> nicubunu, lol no beer!! strawberry cocktail
19:36:43 <nicubunu> deal
19:36:55 <mizmo> :( bpreplay no accents for my name :(
19:36:56 <Schendje> finalzone, ah yes :)
19:37:05 <tatica> forget bpreplay, has some of the accents, not all
19:37:05 <finalzone> I also think comfortaa may be suitable to replace bryant2 font on fedora wordmark
19:37:43 <tatica> Comfortaa +1
19:37:45 <mizmo> Schendje, did you put together some comps/mockups using the various proposed fonts?
19:38:01 <Schendje> mizmo, errr, somewhat, very quickly
19:38:05 <kylebaker> It may look weird if we dont change the logo to match the text we are using
19:38:27 <tatica> we can keep the logo as it is
19:38:44 <mizmo> comfortaa +1 from me too
19:38:59 <mizmo> is anyone opposed to droid sans for the body text?
19:39:00 * tw2113 throws out a random +1
19:39:16 <kylebaker> no
19:39:26 <Schendje> i agree with kylebaker... won't it look inconsistent? or is it just not possible to change the logo?
19:39:30 <Schendje> tw2113: lol
19:39:47 <tatica> I like more Quicksand, but is to thin I think
19:39:57 <kylebaker> why no change it now as we move forward
19:40:00 <tw2113> oh hey guys/gals
19:40:07 <nicubunu> now we are using the logo and modata and are not that inconsistent
19:40:12 <mizmo> we could possibly change the fedora logotype font, Schendje. because the logo is trademark red hat, we might have to get RH approval
19:40:18 <kylebaker> we dont need to recall everything with the old logo
19:40:19 <Schendje> nicebunu: yeah that's true too...
19:41:00 <kylebaker> Why shouldn't we change it?
19:41:07 <stickster> Important fact to consider is that Red Hat has registered the logo and wordmark in a lot of places.
19:41:19 <stickster> Changing the design is not impossible, but it's not something we can do unilaterally here
19:41:49 <stickster> We'd need to work through that process collaboratively with Red Hat's legal department
19:41:56 <Schendje> we could create some mock-ups to look how comfortaa+current logo looks, right?
19:42:06 <stickster> Schendje: I'd prefer that those not appear on the wiki
19:42:07 <finalzone> sure
19:42:12 <tatica> a logo is not a font
19:42:16 <stickster> Because if they are there, people will think they're official
19:42:24 <finalzone> wordmark
19:42:25 <tatica> is an "isologotipo" (I don't know how is in english, sry)
19:42:32 <nicubunu> beside the red hat trademark we would have to hunt all the logo instances (3-rs party sites and such) and change them
19:42:33 <stickster> But sure, someone could do a mockup of a new wordmark in their fedorapeople.org space
19:42:34 <Schendje> stickster: do you mean an edited logo? because i didn't mean that :)
19:42:50 <stickster> Schendje: Oh, I see -- my misunderstanding
19:43:05 <mizmo> nicubunu, that might be a good thing though lol. some sites still use one of the draft logos that was never official. and some other, really twisted tainted logo versions we never made official
19:43:06 <stickster> Schendje: You mean, the *current* logo, with additional comfortaa text, to see how they fit together
19:43:13 <stickster> correct?
19:43:23 <Schendje> stickster: yes, correct
19:43:23 <finalzone> that is right stickster
19:43:37 <stickster> Schendje: Perfect -- that would be absolutely fine and dandy :-)
19:43:48 * stickster was just concerned about having "unofficial" logos floating around
19:44:05 <tatica> lol
19:44:07 <Schendje> stickster: haha yes, I try to be careful around logo's and such :)
19:44:10 * mizmo quickly hides glowing sparkle pink pony fedora logo variant, stuffing it under her desk
19:44:11 <stickster> We already have that one infinity-bubble logo that we still see around, because someone made a different version a long time back :-D
19:44:38 <tatica> mizmo, pink pandas with a huge fedora-bubble purple candybar
19:44:39 <tatica> :D
19:44:43 <mizmo> yes!
19:44:46 * stickster puts away silly+ugly "trademark monitor" hat
19:44:47 <mizmo> i mean, no! it doesn't exist!
19:44:55 <mizmo> ;-)
19:44:58 <mizmo> okay
19:44:59 * stickster turns up the Xanadu soundtrack and backs away slowly
19:45:04 <mizmo> so here's the thing
19:45:16 <mizmo> i have the next fedora design bounty blog post almost ready to go
19:45:36 <mizmo> but im wondering what fonts should the next design bounty ninja use?
19:45:57 <mizmo> should we have him or her use comfortaa to see how it would look? or stick with modata for now?
19:46:08 <mizmo> also, for the body text, should he or she use droid sans?
19:46:09 <tatica> Comfortaa <== is the most like mgopen that I see
19:46:24 <mbenitez> it would be a good test for comfortaa
19:46:36 <kylebaker> maybe use this as the trial
19:46:43 <nicubunu> and we can fall back to modata later?
19:46:48 <mizmo> okay cool
19:47:02 <mizmo> i'll write it up for them to use comfortaa and droid sans
19:47:28 <mizmo> aiight
19:47:43 <mizmo> so we'll wait to see how that comes out
19:47:48 <mbenitez> mizmo, I don't recall what the body text was before... it was different from modata?
19:48:02 <nicubunu> we didn't have one officially
19:48:17 <mizmo> mbenitez, right now it's inconsistent. folks sometimes use modata for body text, sometimes liberation sans, sometimes deja vu
19:48:28 <mbenitez> nicubunu, ok, the idea is to standardize now, cool
19:49:05 <kylebaker> consistent design is really important for us
19:49:14 <kylebaker> It makes us look united
19:49:39 <mizmo> agreed!
19:49:46 <mbenitez> it totally makes sense! and it makes it easier for us newbies to know what to use
19:49:46 <finalzone> indeed, the use of comfortaa and droid sans is planned for French Fedora Magazine Muffin 3
19:49:54 <mizmo> #agreed we'll try out comfortaa as the headline / titling font, and droid sans for the body text
19:50:04 * mchua reads up
19:50:12 <mizmo> #agreed both muffin and the new design bounty for our default presentation template will be our trial of comfortaa / droid sans
19:50:22 <mizmo> aiight lets move on
19:50:23 <kylebaker> muffin=awesome work
19:50:30 <mizmo> #topic any votes?
19:50:33 <nicubunu> mchua: if you move vast, you can vote for the wallpaper
19:50:36 <mizmo> anybody have votes to throw down?
19:50:49 <mizmo> eek 10 minutes left
19:51:13 <Schendje> what other topics do we have?
19:51:14 <mizmo> okay let's move on to next topic
19:51:18 <mizmo> #topic trac status
19:51:27 <mizmo> so nicubunu finished Ticket 141 https://fedorahosted.org/design-team/ticket/141
19:51:31 <mizmo> #link https://fedorahosted.org/design-team/ticket/141
19:51:37 <mizmo> awesome blog post
19:51:48 <nicubunu> it was looooong
19:51:55 <mizmo> but it was good it looks like you got a lot of comments
19:52:11 * mchua feels uninformed re: voting, but likes the "fractal" idea Schendje put up
19:52:22 <mizmo> Schendje, do you remember what ticket # the hackergotchi banners were?
19:52:28 <Schendje> err ill look it up
19:52:30 <mizmo> mchua, can you pick two others?
19:52:30 <jreznik> last time vote #1 Schendje's F14Wallpaper2 not so big fractal, #2 kybaker F14-image2 but not so dark, #3 jaymeayers F14-Laughlin-wires
19:52:37 <Schendje> https://fedorahosted.org/design-team/ticket/55
19:52:39 <nicubunu> mchua: you are supposed to pick 3 you like
19:52:41 <mchua> mizmo: sure, one sec
19:52:44 <mchua> sorry, catching up
19:53:14 <mizmo> Schendje, awesome great job
19:53:19 <mizmo> #link https://fedorahosted.org/design-team/ticket/55
19:53:21 <Schendje> yes so i finished the ribbons
19:53:25 <mizmo> so two tickets closed since last meeting is awesome
19:53:25 <Schendje> did a blog post and wiki page
19:53:42 <mizmo> so i think some tickets we should work on ovre the next few days
19:53:43 <nicubunu> too bad pierros isn't here, he said is going to make a list with bad hackergotchi and start contacting people
19:53:45 <Schendje> and now we should send emails to the current GSoC students? do we have any?
19:53:46 <mizmo> are the other hackergotchi ones
19:53:49 <mchua> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:F14-Concept.jpg is another - again, not the particular execution maybe, but... the bubbly threads, like trails, weaving together, uh... not sure exactly what it is but it reminds me of stigmergic collaboration wrt ants and such
19:53:50 * Schendje is uninformed
19:53:55 <mizmo> yeh i think pierros is going to do tickets 138 and 139
19:54:23 <mchua> and https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:Atomos-thumb.png - the sort of physics/atom theme
19:54:25 <mizmo> nicubunu, did you do a wiki post or just blog on the hackergotchi design?
19:54:48 <mizmo> https://fedorahosted.org/design-team/ticket/142 <= ticket for writing hackergotchi guidelines / documentation into the wiki
19:54:57 <nicubunu> didn't do anything on wiki, just talked with Schendje we need to write on wiki
19:55:02 <mizmo> okay cool
19:55:16 <mizmo> Schendje, nicubunu - do either one of you (or both :) ) want to grab ticket 142 ?
19:55:47 <nicubunu> Schendje should create the page and i will contribute to it
19:55:53 <Schendje> yep, sounds good
19:55:58 <mizmo> cool
19:56:01 <nicubunu> so as no, he owner and me CC
19:56:08 <nicubunu> as now
19:56:10 <mizmo> aiight let me see what other topics we have
19:56:27 <mizmo> we were going to talk with rbergeron on scheduling interviews
19:56:31 <mizmo> rbergeron, around?
19:56:31 <tw2113> has the join page that i started been discussed?
19:56:45 <rbergeron> indeed!
19:56:51 <mizmo> tw2113, no, it didn't make the agenda, we can add it for next week?
19:57:01 * rbergeron has 4 minutes till mktg-meeting :)
19:57:02 <mizmo> #topic marketing interviews of design team folks
19:57:15 <tw2113> that works, i have no preference
19:57:17 <mizmo> rbergeron, how about we find you a vict^W willing volunteer for the first interview?
19:57:25 <mizmo> and work out the full schedule later?
19:57:28 <rbergeron> that would be lovely.
19:57:33 <mizmo> okay!
19:57:38 <mizmo> so who wants to be interviewed first :)
19:57:48 <mizmo> tatica, nicubunu, finalzone, Schendje?
19:58:03 <nicubunu> toll a dice?
19:58:05 <nicubunu> roll
19:58:14 <tw2113> i choose finalzone
19:58:19 <tw2113> there, that's settled
19:58:21 <Schendje> :D
19:58:23 <tw2113> :D
19:58:24 <mizmo> finalzone, are you okay with that?
19:58:35 <finalzone> I am ok
19:58:40 <finalzone> I will go first
19:58:42 <Schendje> poor finalzone being put on the spot like that ;)
19:58:56 <mizmo> finalzone, the topic for your interview is written up as "
19:58:57 <mizmo> - Interview Luya Tshimbalanga on the Fedora-fr Muffin magazine project,
19:58:57 <mizmo> show some screenshots of the design, maybe have a highlight on Scribus."
19:59:01 <mizmo> rbergeron, works?
19:59:02 <nicubunu> yay! we dodged it for a week...
19:59:15 <tw2113> nicubunu is next time
19:59:17 <rbergeron> indeed.
19:59:18 * tatica back
19:59:21 <mizmo> yay
19:59:23 <mizmo> okay
19:59:28 <mizmo> #topic open floor / any last votes
19:59:33 <mizmo> any last votes?
19:59:36 <finalzone> well, doing first is better than finish last =p
19:59:37 <rbergeron> finalzone: i'll mail you later on today, does that work?
19:59:41 <mizmo> anything awesome you want to telle veryone about?
19:59:43 <tw2113> who votes for donuts next time?
19:59:46 <tatica> yes! I want to vote for nicubunu wallpaper
19:59:47 <Schendje> oh btw
19:59:48 <tatica> xD
19:59:48 <finalzone> rbergeron, no problem
19:59:59 <mchua> no last votes, but was wondering if y'all need anything from profs/students thinking about doing things for design class projects starting in the fall term
20:00:02 <Schendje> the GSoC students, should i email them for a ribbon? do we have any? :S
20:00:20 <nicubunu> tatica: and i know about which one are you talking about >:)
20:00:28 * tw2113 sits next to tatica
20:00:38 <tatica> nicubunu, me neither :$
20:00:51 <mizmo> mchua, do the profs have an idea what type of activities they want the students doing?
20:00:56 <nicubunu> the one with water...
20:00:59 <mizmo> mchua, is the emphasis on process? tools? etc
20:01:05 <mizmo> mchua, usability? design?
20:01:08 <tatica> nicubunu, yeah yeah
20:01:14 <mizmo> depending what the prof would prefer we can come up with a lot of different things :)
20:01:28 <mchua> mizmo: Not necessarily - jadudm is the first example I had in mind... actually, I will start by asking them for curricula
20:01:37 <mchua> and what sort of projects etc they're looking for
20:01:39 <mizmo> Schendje, we don't have GSoC students this year, but we do have a Fedora Summer Coding thing going on
20:01:44 <mizmo> mchua, okay cool
20:01:50 <Schendje> mizmo: okay i'll create a ribbon for them then
20:01:50 * mchua waves hands around exhaustedly, is somewhat scatterbrained today, plz carry on :)
20:01:55 <mizmo> lol
20:02:16 <mizmo> Schendje, karsten wade (usually quaid on IRC) is running that program so if he has some acronym or something specific he wants on the banners he can tell you
20:02:30 <Schendje> mizmo, cool i'll contact him
20:02:38 <mizmo> okay im going to double-check the voting on the concept
20:02:41 <mizmo> but i think kyle's won
20:03:09 <mizmo> aiight
20:03:11 <mizmo> see you folks next week
20:03:16 <mizmo> hopefully before then of course :)
20:03:18 <mizmo> #endmeeting