16:00:32 <msourada> #startmeeting
16:00:37 <mythcat> ok! you are the man
16:00:37 <tatica> I need to upload some images
16:00:40 <tatica> do I have time?
16:00:44 * ianweller rolls in
16:00:49 <msourada> #meetingtopic F12 Theme Selection
16:00:51 <tatica> but isn't finish
16:00:53 <ianweller> wow, i woke up just in time :P
16:00:57 <tatica> I didn't have time
16:00:57 <tatica> :S
16:00:58 * mizmo may be slow to type im eating lunch
16:01:04 <msourada> tatica, just upload what you have
16:01:10 <tatica> ok
16:01:20 <msourada> now... to start... Who'se present?
16:01:20 <mythcat> is not rush
16:01:26 * ianweller 
16:01:27 * mizmo raises hand
16:01:28 <mythcat> mythcat !
16:01:51 * msourada too ;-)
16:01:57 * jreznik is here waiting for final selection and ready to start KDE theming ;-)
16:02:03 * nicubunu too
16:02:17 * mchua here
16:02:50 * mchua is new and learning, so mostly watching to learn about how Design does stuff and waiting for a good entry point to help ;)
16:03:01 <tatica> done
16:03:03 * tatica here
16:03:36 <tatica> ok, I'll paste the last links
16:03:40 <tatica> http://tatica.fedorapeople.org/Themes/Fedora12_mosaic-glow-2.png
16:03:42 <tatica> http://tatica.fedorapeople.org/Themes/Fedora12_mosaic-glow-4.png
16:03:43 <msourada> nice, so starting the actual meeting, currently noted about 8 people present, if I'm counting right
16:03:59 <tatica> http://tatica.fedorapeople.org/Themes/mosaic-blender.jpg <== blender, but unfinish :(
16:04:00 <msourada> #topic Intro
16:04:42 <mythcat> http://tatica.fedorapeople.org/Themes/mosaic-blender.jpg good ideea , my ideea is so good , but mosaic of tatica is more complex
16:04:43 <msourada> We're discussing here the final wallpaper selection for Constantine release. In the run are three concepts:
16:04:47 <msourada> mosaico https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:Wallpaper-mosaico6.png
16:04:53 <msourada> underwater mosaic https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:Fedora12_mosaic-glow_mo.png
16:04:59 <msourada> constantine statue https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:Fedora-wall-jayme-VII.jpg
16:05:42 <mizmo> just to be clear, when we're making a selection here today, we're selecting a *concept* not any particular rendering
16:05:43 <mizmo> right?
16:05:51 <ianweller> that's what i think correct
16:06:07 <msourada> now, over the past week, a lot of artwork based on mosaico appeared. Apart from what tatica posted already:
16:06:13 <msourada> cata's mosaico http://www.imagehosting.ro/images/apuo7aaipib4w9ual8lq.jpg
16:06:18 <msourada> cata's mosaico2 http://www.imagehosting.ro/images/aucvixjjfecgdzximyp2.jpg
16:06:26 <msourada> mizmo's perspective mosaic http://duffy.fedorapeople.org/temp/f12%20mosaic/
16:06:45 <msourada> I think most people here are familiar with those concepts, right?
16:06:57 <tatica> yeap
16:07:30 <mizmo> i honestly think there isnt much distinction between mosaico and underwater mosaic conceptually
16:07:31 <mythcat> good job !
16:07:32 <nicubunu> yes
16:07:37 <mizmo> so to me it's confusing to consider them two different concepts
16:07:47 <msourada> #topic discussion
16:08:18 <msourada> yup, I think as well, especially with the new sketches for mosaico those two concepts has been brought together much more
16:08:38 <nicubunu> i am going the opposite direction, i think the two are different enough in looks and implementation
16:08:46 <mythcat> I think the most important thing is us give some ideea , and someone make better wallpaper on this dessign
16:09:45 <nicubunu> i propose we drop jaymeayres statues from the defaults and move to extras, since is too obvious, not metaphorical
16:09:57 <msourada> yup, today we need to select the final concept the actual work starts after that. It would be also helpful to suggest which pictures would be featured on desktop live as default, and which would go to KDE at this point.
16:10:12 <msourada> +1 to nicubunu's proposal
16:10:29 <mizmo> +1 to nicubunu's proposal from meas well
16:11:23 <nicubunu> note: i am not bothered by the sword, and i think it can do just fine in extras
16:11:44 <mizmo> nicubunu: (but we did have complaints about the sword being a violent object even in the f10 proposal)
16:12:20 <mythcat> nicu -1 is to empty wallpaper , maybe put something new
16:12:27 <msourada> yeah, we did have such complaints, but by then it was the main theme of the wallpaper, this time it's "just part of it"
16:12:37 <mizmo> yeh
16:12:39 <mythcat> @ what do you thing ?
16:12:44 <ianweller> +0 to nicubunu's proposal, no opinion either way...
16:13:18 <mythcat> men ! the wallpaper is to empty without statue
16:13:25 <mizmo> msourada: the next wallpaper package update is due friday right?
16:13:31 <mythcat> maybe put something else ?!
16:13:46 <mizmo> mythcat: that's why we propose to drop it, unless someone is willing to work on it. it seems jaymeayres maybe has dropped it out
16:14:04 <mizmo> mythcat: at least out of defaults
16:14:11 <msourada> mizmo, yup, but I've promised KDE guys to have one default wallpaper by tomorrow for them to use it in the KDE Spin
16:14:11 <mizmo> mythcat: we still need someone to work on it if it'll be in extras
16:14:32 <mythcat> i think the wallpapers is very good on this stage ...
16:14:33 <mizmo> msourada: why do they need it so soon?
16:14:37 <mizmo> msourada: this is not on our schedule
16:14:44 <mizmo> msourada: it needs to be added to our schedule if they need it
16:14:52 <mizmo> msourada: we had an open call for schedule additions a long time ago...
16:15:03 <mythcat> some feedback is need , but to give out is to ...
16:15:44 <msourada> mizmo, They'd like to have a Constantine wallpaper in Alpha in KDE Spin too, but they need only one, we cannot make slideshows for kde
16:16:10 <mizmo> msourada: they have wallpaper in time for alpha. that's from the initial package you already checked in, no?
16:16:22 <msourada> mizmo, these are three, they need one
16:16:26 <mizmo> msourada: that was the point of that very first package being on the schedule where it was - for it to be the alpha
16:16:35 <mizmo> msourada: so we just need to tell them which one of the ones that are *already* packageD?
16:17:36 <msourada> mizmo, basically yep. I was thinking more about the lines of selecting the final concept today, update the packages so that the default one contains only the selected wallpaper(s) and tell KDE which one to use
16:17:41 <mizmo> it sounds like we have two different things to decide here then
16:17:47 <mythcat> KDE !
16:17:52 <mizmo> (1) which of the wallpapers already packaged right now should be default for kde alpha
16:17:58 <mizmo> (2) which wallpaper concept should we pick moving forward
16:18:12 <mizmo> out of what is already packaged (1) i would propose we go with mosaico
16:18:18 <nicubunu> welcome back everyone!
16:18:30 <ianweller> wb nicubunu
16:18:31 <mizmo> but for (2) i think some of the blender work tatica and cata have been doing with the mosaico design should be considered moving forward
16:18:46 <nicubunu> for tatica's mosaico, i think the initial take is a bit plain so we better go for an "improved" version, be it perspective or underwater
16:18:48 <msourada> mizmo, when we chose (2), we'll automatically know, which is the candidate for (1)
16:19:07 <msourada> mizmo, definitely
16:19:14 <msourada> wb nicubunu...
16:19:24 <mizmo> nicubunu: for the kde alpha which would you propose then?
16:19:28 <mythcat> ok ! i think is tatica , my and jaymeayre
16:19:49 * tatica reading.. lost after netsplit
16:20:02 <mythcat> my with last wallpaper , tatica with last wallpaper ...
16:20:09 <msourada> so, seems like more people are for nicubunu's proposal than against, so moving jaymeayres design out of default to extras considered to be decided
16:20:40 <mythcat> i think me and tatica will make more wallpapers with blender . Is good and nice
16:20:44 <nicubunu> i am split between mosaico6c_mo and underwater... still i think underwater has not the best implementation, being too blurry and having large file size
16:21:12 <mythcat> nicu have a point
16:21:31 <mythcat> msourada , take  oppinion of nicu ,
16:21:45 <msourada> I'd go with one of the designs based on mosaico, with the prospects of incorporating some of the ideas form underwater mosaic
16:21:59 <mizmo> +1 msourada
16:22:04 <mythcat> tatica you know nicu and is wise man
16:22:04 <mccann> I don't think we should consider the sword image, the mosaic glow seems a bit too antique, mosaico is nicely done and matches many of the tones I described.  Only problem may be the sharpness of the edges in it.
16:22:37 <mythcat> sword is a nothing , but wallpaper is not ideea of sword
16:22:46 <nicubunu> mccann: we already voted for the sword image to be moved in extras
16:22:52 <mythcat> nicu ,  should consider the sword image, the mosaic glow seems a bit too antique, mosaico is nicely done and matches many of the tones I described.  Only problem may be the sharpness of the edges in it.
16:23:01 <mccann> shouldn't be in extras either
16:23:12 <nicubunu> mythcat: i can read myself
16:23:37 <nicubunu> mccann: as for edge sharpness, there are a number of variations for mosaico
16:23:44 <mizmo> do we have a decision yet for the kde alpha wallpaper?
16:23:52 <mizmo> since thats from a constrained set
16:24:02 <tatica> I send a lot of mockups of the wallpaper :S
16:24:04 <mythcat> ok! maybe you tell what is funny ideea about sword ! lol
16:24:09 <tatica> I don't know if any of those works :\
16:24:12 <msourada> mizmo, depending on which we choose as the concept, we have these choices:
16:24:15 * nicubunu thinks antique is not necessarily a bad thing, especially when talking about Constantine
16:24:28 <msourada> 1.a) go with current mosaico
16:24:40 <msourada> 1.b) go with some of the updated mosaico
16:24:47 <msourada> 2 go with underwater mosaic
16:24:59 <mizmo> msourada: so we can package *new* artwork for kde alpha if needed? which means we can pick from more than the 3 defaults that shipped already?
16:25:25 <nicubunu> i wpuld go for an updated mosaico, since there are some implementation details i'm not very happy about in underwater
16:25:27 * jreznik votes for 1a - I like it - it's alive
16:25:43 <msourada> mizmo, I'd prefer choosing one of the three and update post-alpha
16:25:47 <mythcat> men ! i wach wiki an search google , is hard time on Constantine , and art is more important , but to give guilt on sword ?!
16:25:53 <mizmo> okay to make this very clear then
16:26:00 <nicubunu> jreznik: some 1.b) are alive as well
16:26:22 <nicubunu> what is the deadline for KDE?
16:26:23 <mizmo> we are choosing between
16:26:26 <jreznik> mizmo: I'm not sure it's only about KDE... it's default for Fedora ;-)
16:26:26 <mizmo> 1A https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:Wallpaper-mosaico6.png
16:26:34 <mizmo> 1B https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:Fedora12_mosaic-glow_mo.png
16:26:38 <mizmo> er
16:26:39 <mizmo> arghhhh
16:26:41 <mizmo> let me start over
16:26:43 <mizmo> 1A https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:Wallpaper-mosaico6.png
16:26:52 <mizmo> 1B (many various images posted on the list lately)
16:26:55 <mythcat> +1
16:26:55 <mizmo> 2 https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:Fedora12_mosaic-glow_mo.png
16:27:04 <msourada> jreznik, do you have any info past which date you cannot make it into Alpha (even considering freeze break requests)?
16:27:09 <mccann> are 1B on the wiki?
16:27:10 <mythcat> +0,5
16:27:15 <mizmo> jreznik: no they are two different decisions
16:27:41 <nicubunu> mccann: some are at http://duffy.fedorapeople.org/temp/f12%20mosaic/
16:27:43 <mizmo> mccann: 1B is as martin said a number of different wallpapers we could choose from that are iterations on mosaic, but as he said he'd prefer to pick from one of the wallpapers already packaged since it' sless work for him i think
16:27:51 <mizmo> we are *just* talking about KDE's default for tomorrow right now
16:28:07 <mizmo> i propose we go with 1A (https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:Wallpaper-mosaico6.png) for KDE's default needed tomorrow
16:28:19 <tatica> O_O
16:28:26 <jreznik> msourada: no, I have prepared constantine-kde-theme for your constantine-backgrounds package, but it has to go through review first... so for alpha we can hardcode one wp
16:28:27 <mizmo> since msourada who is the packager would rather go with something already packaged and update it later
16:28:41 <nicubunu> +1 if KDE people don't mind to have a (potentially plain) early WIP
16:28:44 <mythcat> what do you think about this Ș
16:28:52 <mythcat> http://tatica.fedorapeople.org/Themes/Fedora12_mosaic-glow-4.png
16:28:55 <msourada> +1 to mizmo as well
16:28:55 <mythcat> or
16:29:05 <mythcat> http://www.imagehosting.ro/images/aucvixjjfecgdzximyp2.jpg
16:29:05 <jreznik> nicubunu: what do you have in Gnome? we should have the same
16:29:18 <mythcat> is clear image , not smog or glow
16:29:28 <mizmo> mythcat: can you hold off until we make the KDE decision first?
16:29:33 <msourada> jreznik, in gnome we have all the three concepts as slideshow
16:29:42 <mythcat> if https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:Fedora12_mosaic-glow_mo.png is clear you have my vote
16:29:44 <nicubunu> right now in GNOME is a slide show of mosaico, underwater and sword, with sword going to be dropped
16:30:18 <jreznik> that's not a problem to have it as slideshow in KDE
16:30:20 <mizmo> just to make it really clear since it seems a lot of people are confused
16:30:20 <tatica> did my last links got to the thread?
16:30:41 <jreznik> it's in one directory so we can set this directory as slideshow directory
16:30:45 <mizmo> we are talking about the default kde alpha wallpaper right now. we need to choose one of the old set of proposals for that since it's already packaged. we can update it later.
16:31:01 <msourada> jreznik, really? that's cool than. I never knew that!
16:31:26 <mizmo> msourada: so do we not need to pick a kde default?
16:31:47 <jreznik> msourada: it should be possible to do it (I'm not 100% sure if we can do it from kde-settings)
16:32:02 <jreznik> but this feature is already there
16:32:25 <msourada> jreznik, is it OK with you guys than to make images /usr/share/backgrounds/constantine/default/{standard/wide} as slideshow, or would you rather we chose just one of those for you?
16:33:03 <jreznik> msourada: if you can choose one as fallback option and I'll try to set it up as slideshow as primary option
16:33:07 <mythcat> If we sent our propunerele without being seen by someone I am sure that we win I was
16:33:25 <msourada> jreznik, cool
16:33:47 <mizmo> okay we have 3 votes for setting 1A (https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:Wallpaper-mosaico6.png) as the fallback for KDE alpha then. does anyone else want to agree with this proposal or disagree?
16:33:58 <msourada> mizmo, so we still need to pick one for kde default as fallback in case the slideshow isn't working
16:34:13 <nicubunu> msourada, 1A is that
16:34:20 <tatica> omg
16:34:25 <msourada> yup, I voted for that already ;-)
16:34:29 <tatica> i didn't vote!!!!!
16:34:32 <tatica> i voteeeee
16:34:36 <tatica> +1
16:34:37 <msourada> for what? XD
16:34:49 <tatica> I don't know
16:34:51 <jreznik> ok, I think 1A is best for now
16:35:08 <mizmo> it doesn't look like there are strong feelings against 1A so i think you should go with that jreznik
16:35:12 <msourada> ok, that makes 4+, I think we can tell KDE guys to use 1A if slideshow isn't working
16:35:29 <mizmo> okay so then our next decision is which is the default wallpaper moving forward
16:35:34 <mizmo> we need to have one packaged for friday
16:35:36 <msourada> yup
16:35:56 <mizmo> i feel like we have a lot of good progress on mosaico but im not sure if any are ready for friday yet
16:36:08 <nicubunu> what are our options here?
16:36:19 <mythcat> @tatica what do you thing ”let this ” and ” take a breath ” , i think my work is not good
16:36:35 <mizmo> nicubunu: well we have tatica's work here http://tatica.fedorapeople.org/Themes/
16:36:50 <mizmo> nicubunu: some of the ones i did (much more simple, need more work) http://duffy.fedorapeople.org/temp/f12%20mosaic/
16:36:55 <jreznik> ok, thanks...
16:36:55 <mizmo> nicubunu: and mythcat's, let me get the url
16:37:05 <nicubunu> http://www.imagehosting.ro/images/apuo7aaipib4w9ual8lq.jpg
16:37:09 <mizmo> http://www.imagehosting.ro/images/apuo7aaipib4w9ual8lq.jpg
16:37:10 * jreznik is talking to rdieter, he is going to try it now
16:37:14 <mizmo> http://www.imagehosting.ro/images/aucvixjjfecgdzximyp2.jpg
16:38:05 <mizmo> i love the work tatica has put into this: http://tatica.fedorapeople.org/Themes/Fedora12_mosaic-glow-1.png
16:38:12 <mizmo> but i think the palette should be adjusted
16:38:14 <tatica> I'm in the middle of the workshop; but I'm still adding the last bricks to the .blend mosaic
16:38:16 <msourada> back to where I left... my initial proposal was to go with mosaico with added elements form underwater mosaico for our default concept. I think it would be better to make this one clear and then try to choose the best approach
16:38:25 <mizmo> and it needs maybe a bit more blending
16:38:30 <tatica> yeap, I group the mosaics by color to fix that easily
16:38:37 <mizmo> cool
16:38:43 <nicubunu> Fedora12_mosaic-glow-1.png i am curious to see with an underwater effect, not sure if it will work or not
16:39:08 <tatica> http://tatica.fedorapeople.org/Themes/mosaic-blender.jpg <== this isn't finish
16:39:31 <tatica> http://tatica.fedorapeople.org/Themes/Fedora12_mosaic-glow-4.png <== here I was doing that, but I miss to aply blur to the center light
16:39:32 <nicubunu> tatica: i like the SVG better
16:39:34 <msourada> tatica, the perspective seems odd, but good start
16:39:37 <tatica> oka
16:39:44 <mizmo> i think maybe the most polished/easy-to-polish right now mosaico version we have is http://duffy.fedorapeople.org/temp/f12%20mosaic/wallpaper-mosaico6c_mo.png  so i would propose that as a friday fallback
16:39:52 <msourada> +1 to nicubunu's opinion
16:39:53 <tatica> 1 or 2?
16:39:54 <mizmo> but moving forward i would like to see both what tatica and mythcat come up with in blender
16:39:58 <tatica> http://tatica.fedorapeople.org/Themes/Fedora12_mosaic-glow-1.png http://tatica.fedorapeople.org/Themes/Fedora12_mosaic-glow-2.png
16:40:05 <nicubunu> +1 to mizmo, i like that a lot
16:40:09 <mizmo> and i would like to spend time on http://duffy.fedorapeople.org/temp/f12%20mosaic/wallpaper-mosaico6c_mo.png to add the glow and update the palette
16:40:27 <mythcat> http://tatica.fedorapeople.org/Themes/Fedora12_mosaic-glow-2.png best
16:40:27 <mizmo> i can put time into that this week, and maybe if it's good enough we could use that for friday instead
16:40:30 <brejc8> +1 on the 6c
16:40:50 <mizmo> mythcat: okay i'll work from that one then
16:40:57 <msourada> +1 for mizmo
16:40:57 <mizmo> the lighting is better in that one
16:41:02 <tatica> so we are using the base mosaic I made with some perspective ideas?
16:41:19 <mizmo> tatica: if it can be polished in time, we'll use that on friday
16:41:20 <tatica> I have some ideas with that too, but I want to know wich concept will finally got there
16:41:29 <mizmo> tatica: if it can't we could use http://duffy.fedorapeople.org/temp/f12%20mosaic/wallpaper-mosaico6c_mo.png
16:41:41 <mizmo> tatica: but that's only a fallback option
16:41:41 <mccann> so do you normally choose the kde background independently from the default?  Sorry not clear on the process here
16:41:49 <msourada> although I'd rather not the mosaics to be tilled in final, the other concepts seems better, but less polished
16:41:57 <mizmo> mccann: no the problem was that gnome supports slideshows and we are not sure if kde does.
16:42:14 <mizmo> msourada: what do you mean by tilled?
16:42:17 <mccann> ah ok
16:42:30 <mizmo> mccann: jreznik is going to work it out with rdeiter
16:42:32 <msourada> mizmo, you us a table-like layout
16:42:40 <msourada> s/us/use/
16:42:58 <mizmo> msourada: you dont like the table-like layout right? but tactica's perspective is okay?
16:43:12 <mccann> ok going to go grab some lunch.  btw, I'm going to check in with the ubuntu wallpaper contest today and see what we can use there... bbiab
16:43:46 <msourada> mizmo, that's about it. But tatica's is a bit rough, so I'd go with yours for Friday
16:44:09 <mizmo> msourada: okay cool, yeh, i think me and tatica could work on hers this week to try to polish it more for friday. what do you think tatica?
16:44:23 <tatica> +1
16:44:34 <tatica> I have a lot of time this week at night to work
16:44:45 <mythcat> +1 work
16:44:51 <tatica> and I'm with a lot of designers here
16:44:58 <msourada> nice
16:45:03 <tatica> so I can as their opinions and help this week
16:45:04 <mizmo> does anyone have any alternative proposals? or, are we okay with my proposal of using /wallpaper-mosaico6c_mo.png on friday in case we cannot polish tatica's /Fedora12_mosaic-glow-2.png in time?
16:45:17 <tatica> we are arround 40 designers on a "campus"
16:45:17 <mizmo> it seems like we have a lot of agreement with that proposal
16:45:25 <msourada> yup, +1 to that
16:45:29 <brejc8> yeah +1
16:45:31 <mythcat> i have a question , do you like last wallpapers ?
16:45:51 <mythcat> ițm new and not ...very good on this
16:46:12 <msourada> mythcat, you mean those? http://www.imagehosting.ro/images/apuo7aaipib4w9ual8lq.jpg
16:46:20 <mythcat> my wallpapers :)) yes
16:46:34 <jreznik> msourada: how often do you change wp in slideshow?
16:46:42 <mythcat> i working and is first time and i work on this
16:47:01 <msourada> jreznik, it's in the .xml files, but IIRC I've set it to 30 min
16:47:38 <mizmo> mythcat: i really like your blender work! i think it needs a bit more polishing but it's a great start
16:47:45 <brejc8> mythcat: They are possibly a little too bright, but with wallpapers it is very hit and miss as to whether something turns out suitable or not
16:47:51 <msourada> yup, I think as well
16:48:37 <mythcat> thank you , i have many projects and all is free
16:48:48 <rdieter> msourada: is this a random slideshow, or like time-of-day wallapapers like in the past?
16:49:13 <mythcat> blender is my first love , but in romania is hard to make stuff only free
16:49:27 <msourada> rdieter, like the time-of-day ones, I'm not sure we can do random one in gnome
16:49:39 <rdieter> sigh, ok.  kde only has random
16:50:02 <mizmo> rdieter: for alpha it's okay if it's random though
16:50:06 <nicubunu> rdieter: we have only 2 images in the slideshow...
16:50:07 <mizmo> rdieter: since the wallpapers there are unrelated
16:50:08 <msourada> rdieter, I don't think that would be a problem, given it's slideshow
16:51:22 <rdieter> worksforme
16:51:24 <msourada> rdieter, actually it's 3, but we decided in this meeting to drop the one with statue
16:53:11 <mizmo> so it seems like we made both decisions we needed to, right?
16:53:14 <msourada> so... to draw some conclusion. First the decision about the concept for Constantine theme: go with (perspective) mosaico and add some ideas from underwater mosaic. Anyone against this?
16:54:17 <nicubunu> nope, +1 from me
16:54:20 <brejc8> mizmo: do you have the svg for 6c?
16:54:23 <mizmo> +1
16:54:32 <mizmo> brejc8: yep lemme grab it
16:54:49 <brejc8> +1 on that
16:55:10 <msourada> ok, this one is decided.
16:55:11 <tatica> +q
16:55:12 <tatica> +1
16:55:17 <tatica> :D
16:55:17 <msourada> and the second one being that we target /Fedora12_mosaic-glow-2.png for Friday and if not ready, use /wallpaper-mosaico6c_mo.png
16:55:35 <nicubunu> +1 msourada
16:55:45 <tatica> cool!! :D :D :D :D
16:55:57 <brejc8> any decisions abut the anaconda artwork?
16:55:57 <mizmo> +1
16:57:02 <msourada> ok, marking this one as decided too
16:57:12 <nicubunu> brejc8: is early IMO
16:57:28 <msourada> Does anyone to discuss something more?
16:57:43 <msourada> s/anyone/anyone want/
16:57:50 <nicubunu> how about web banners? we have 3 proposals
16:58:01 <msourada> good point
16:58:10 <nicubunu> from tatica, brejc8 and deepsky
16:58:26 <tatica> yeap
16:58:37 <msourada> are they all for alpha specifically, I don't remember exactly?
16:58:41 <tatica> but I think we can make the banners according to this weeks proposals
16:58:48 <tatica> or we need one now?
16:58:59 <nicubunu> the one form deepsky is for alpha and using the "sword" image
16:59:15 <nicubunu> the other two are counters, but can be adapted for beta/alpha
16:59:37 <tatica> oka
16:59:40 <tatica> let me find the mine
17:00:02 <tatica> http://tatica.fedorapeople.org/Themes/fedora12-banner_1-rounded.png
17:00:04 <msourada> so, considering the discussion about the wallpapers -- is the sword a problem in the counter?
17:00:09 <nicubunu> oand http://www.cs.man.ac.uk/~brejc8/temp/banner.png
17:00:30 <brejc8> and https://fedoraproject.org/w/uploads/4/46/Deepsky-fedora12alpha-banner1.png
17:00:52 <tatica> I need to go for a minutes
17:00:53 <nicubunu> brejc8, it was updated to https://fedoraproject.org/w/uploads/5/5a/Deepsky-fedora12alpha-banner2b.png
17:00:59 <mythcat> +1
17:01:08 <brejc8> nicubunu: an right
17:01:33 <tatica> what else is left?
17:01:54 <nicubunu> i vote +1 for brejc8's mosaic, it fit with the theme and i like it a lot
17:01:59 <tatica> gone
17:02:45 <mizmo> brejc8: here's that source you were asking for http://fedorapeople.org/groups/designteam/Resources/Fedora%20Release%20Themes/F12/Sources/Alpha%20Proposals/wallpaper-mosaico6c_mo.svg
17:02:45 <msourada> +1 for brejc8's or tatica's
17:02:48 <mizmo> +1 nicubunu
17:02:53 <mizmo> (for brejc8's)
17:02:54 <mizmo> but
17:03:00 <mizmo> brejc8: can you update it to say alpha?
17:03:03 <jreznik> +1 tatica ;-)
17:03:11 <brejc8> yeah, it is just standard text
17:03:22 <nicubunu> it looks like we have a tie :p
17:03:32 <mizmo> we need a tie breaker
17:03:40 <mizmo> somebody vote who hasnt voted
17:03:43 <mizmo> quick! ehe
17:03:45 <nicubunu> Constantine's sword?
17:05:38 <nicubunu> it looks like we have mizmo and nicubunu +1 for brejc8's, jreznik +1 for tatica and +1 for both from msourada, not exactly a tie but very close
17:05:44 <nicubunu> please vote :p
17:05:53 <brejc8> poke someone
17:06:08 <mizmo> mythcat: ote!
17:06:11 <mizmo> vote even
17:06:16 <mizmo> ianweller: vote!!
17:06:17 <mythcat> +1
17:06:23 <mizmo> mythcat: lol +1 to which
17:06:34 <mythcat> man ! i so ...
17:06:44 <mythcat> if you want this
17:07:42 <mythcat> tatica work hard +2 , and wallapaper with statue this is good , my oppinion
17:07:44 <nicubunu> let's get this voted and go forward, is 8:07 PM and i would like to go home....
17:08:06 <nicubunu> mythcat: we don't vote people but designs
17:08:25 <mythcat> ?
17:08:40 <brejc8> who voted for what?
17:08:40 <nicubunu> http://www.cs.man.ac.uk/~brejc8/temp/banner.png or http://tatica.fedorapeople.org/Themes/fedora12-banner_1-rounded.png
17:09:38 <mythcat> http://tatica.fedorapeople.org/Themes/fedora12-banner_1-rounded.png this is mdern and good
17:09:38 <mythcat> modern
17:09:47 <msourada> well... tatica's design is more tightly tied to what we have decided to go with for the theme, but brejc8 mosaic is awesome... I'll change my vote for brejc8's banner, it's 'shouts' Constantine. It would help people connect F12 with Constantine ;-)
17:09:59 <mizmo> maybe we can discuss this on the list so nicubunu can go home
17:10:02 <mythcat> http://www.cs.man.ac.uk/~brejc8/temp/banner.png maybe child
17:10:13 <mizmo> i know stickster liked brejc8's design very much
17:10:38 <mythcat> is good but ... working is low , only one ideea
17:10:50 <msourada> mizmo, that's +10 for brejc8's XD
17:10:57 <mythcat> sorry
17:10:59 <jaymeayres> hello everyone, I just get
17:11:04 <nicubunu> yup, i like it very much for exactly the reasons someone like mccann would go against: it looks very traditional, ancient
17:11:05 <mizmo> okay
17:11:18 <mizmo> i think it's a really fun choice for alpha
17:11:29 <mizmo> okay maybe let's close this meeting since i have to get back to work now
17:11:33 <mizmo> my lunch break is over 10 minutes ago
17:12:00 <msourada> so basically, after my changed vote we have +3 for brejc8's and +1 for tatica, if I'm counting right
17:12:28 <nicubunu> +2 for tatica's, counting mythcat's vote too
17:12:38 <msourada> ah, yup
17:13:02 * jreznik can't go home as it started to rain a lot...
17:13:38 <msourada> With these numbers I don't feel much like making a final decision right now... So, will we finish this one on the list? (give me your votes)
17:13:49 <mythcat> :) working is first place on my oppinion
17:14:11 <mythcat> not only one wallpaper , this is nulll
17:14:50 <mythcat> try more and more and tatica put more wallpapers and ideas , so ...
17:14:52 <brejc8> msourada: close the meeting
17:15:03 * msourada starts with +1 for finishing on list and concluding the meeting
17:15:08 * stickster likes brejc8's
17:15:44 <stickster> Brings in the mosaic tile idea very well
17:15:45 <msourada> ok, stopping with waiting and concluding the meeting now
17:15:52 <msourada> #endmeeting