16:03:48 <jwf> #startmeeting Fedora CommOps (2018-10-10)
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16:03:52 <jwf> #meetingname commops
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16:03:54 <jwf> #nick commops
16:05:11 <jwf> Hi all!
16:05:15 <jwf> #topic Agenda
16:05:21 <jwf> #link
16:05:24 <jwf> #info (1) Roll call / Q&A
16:05:26 <jwf> #info (2) Announcements
16:05:28 <jwf> #info (3) Action items from last meeting
16:05:30 <jwf> #info (4) Tickets
16:05:32 <jwf> #info (5) Open floor
16:05:34 <jwf> #topic Roll call / Q&A
16:05:36 <jwf> #info Name; Timezone; Sub-projects/Interest Areas
16:05:38 <jwf> #action commops New members, please introduce yourself on the CommOps mailing list [ ]
16:05:41 <jwf> If this is your first time at a CommOps meeting, feel free to introduce yourself to everyone and say hello! If anyone has any questions before we get started with the rest of the agenda, now is also a good time to ask.
16:05:48 <jwf> #info Justin W. Flory; UTC-4; CommOps, D&I, Fedora Badges sysadmin
16:05:56 <jwf> .members commops
16:05:58 <zodbot> jwf: Members of commops: algogator bcotton @bee2502 @bex bt0dotninja cprofitt decause dhanesh95 @jflory7 jonatoni meskarune nb rhea roca @skamath wesleyotugo x3mboy
16:06:08 * jwf will hang out for a bit
16:06:28 <bcotton> #info Ben Cotton; UTC-4; FPgM
16:07:05 <fcommops-tg1> <bt0dotninja> #info Alberto Rodríguez; UTC-5; CommOps and more
16:07:07 * bexelbie is lurking
16:07:21 * jwf waves to bcotton, bexelbie, and @bt0dotninja
16:07:26 <jwf> #info Alberto Rodríguez; UTC-5; CommOps and more
16:07:29 <jwf> #chair bcotton bexelbie bt0
16:07:29 <zodbot> Current chairs: bcotton bexelbie bt0 jwf
16:08:54 <jwf> Okay, let's go ahead and get started.
16:09:03 <jwf> #topic Announcements
16:09:12 <jwf> #info === "FPgM report: 2018-40" ===
16:09:12 <jwf> #link
16:09:12 <jwf> #info This week in Fedora is brought to you in part by bcotton. Featuring Fedora 29 release notes, CFP, and a final infrastructure freeze!
16:09:22 <jwf> #info === "Adding your events to fedocal" ===
16:09:22 <jwf> #link
16:09:22 <jwf> #info A PSA from the Marketing Team (@x3mboy, @bt0dotninja) on adding more Fedora events to Fedocal. The plan is to feature the calendar on the Fedora Magazine. This helps us track and see where and what we are doing across Fedora.
16:09:37 <jwf> #info === "NeuroFedora SIG: Call For Participation" ===
16:09:37 <jwf> #link
16:09:37 <jwf> #info Under the flag of open science and open data, FranciscoD put out a call for participation in the recently-revived NeuroFedora SIG. It focuses on making Fedora a platform for innovation among neuroscientists. Read more on the CommBlog to see what FranciscoD and friends are up to.
16:09:40 <jwf> <eof>
16:09:47 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> Cool!
16:09:48 <jwf> Does anyone else have anything they want to bring up?
16:09:53 * jwf waves to @x3mboy
16:10:16 <jwf> Announcements, going once…
16:10:26 <jwf> Going twice…
16:10:31 <fcommops-tg1> <bt0dotninja> Not from me
16:10:36 <jwf> And thrice.
16:10:41 <jwf> #topic Action items from last meeting
16:10:46 <jwf> #link
16:10:46 <jwf> #info How This Works: We look at past #action items from the last meeting for quick follow-up. If a task is completed, we move on to the next one. If it isn't, we get an update and re-action if needed. If no status, we'll try to get a quick update and move forward.
16:10:56 <jwf> #info === [COMPLETE] "jwf Write a CommBlog article summarizing CommOps @ Flock by Wednesday, Oct. 10" ===
16:10:56 <jwf> #link
16:10:56 <jwf> #info Scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 16th. Closes Flock 2018 planning ticket on Pagure.
16:11:01 <jwf> ^^ finally!!!!! :P
16:11:11 <jwf> #info === [COMPLETE] "jwf Set up Discourse and announce migration from mailing list before Monday, Oct. 8" ===
16:11:11 <jwf> #link
16:11:11 <jwf> #link
16:11:11 <jwf> #info Officially migrated to Discourse. Let's start populating the category with some posts! (coming soon, today's meeting minutes as a next post!)
16:11:12 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> xD
16:11:16 <bcotton> jwf++
16:11:17 <jwf> ^^ also finally!!!!! :P
16:11:32 <jwf> @bt0dotninja: Any updates here? Create a draft of a FAW announcement for the Fedora Magazine to review at next meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 10
16:11:37 <fcommops-tg1> <bt0dotninja> Action me for the Monday, please :(
16:11:45 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> I created the first one about the CommBlog article but it was finally attended by ML
16:11:45 <jwf> Yep, no problem.
16:12:15 <fcommops-tg1> <bee2502> Hi everyone!
16:12:24 <jwf> #action bt0 Create a FAW announcement draft for the Fedora Magazine to review by Monday, Oct. 15
16:12:28 <fcommops-tg1> <bt0dotninja> o/
16:12:45 <jwf> #info === [SKIP] "bt0 Complete a first draft of new CommOps docs page on suggested Pagure tags by Wednesday, Oct. 17" ===
16:12:45 <jwf> #action bt0 Complete a first draft of new CommOps docs page on suggested Pagure tags by Wednesday, Oct. 17
16:12:52 <jwf> And that's all action items from last time
16:13:06 <jwf> @x3mboy: Created the first what? Sorry, I'm missing context.
16:13:11 <fcommops-tg1> <bee2502> o/ bt0
16:13:12 * jwf waves to @bee2502
16:13:15 <jwf> #chair bee2502 x3mboy
16:13:15 <zodbot> Current chairs: bcotton bee2502 bexelbie bt0 jwf x3mboy
16:13:42 <jwf> Let's jump into tickets
16:13:52 * jwf hopes Pagure is slower than the snail speed it was for me yesterday
16:13:57 <jwf> #topic Tickets
16:13:57 <jwf> #link
16:14:15 <jwf> #topic Ticket #110: "Fedora Appreciation Week 2018"
16:14:15 <jwf> #link
16:14:15 <jwf> #link
16:14:27 <jwf> Okay… so I forgot to put a comment update in the ticket after last week's meeting
16:14:35 * jwf goes to the minutes to get an idea of where we left off
16:15:08 <jwf> nb: Ping, are you around still?
16:15:31 <jwf> We had the Nuancier discussion last time…
16:15:51 <jwf> I still want to use it, but I'm not really sure if this is something we will work through in less than a month
16:16:13 <jwf> I think we could get around the photo release, but I also want to heed mizmo's cautionary note (that I still haven't replied to yet)
16:16:27 <jwf> s/photo release/photo release rights
16:17:05 <jwf> @bt0dotninja: I think it was you that had the idea of collecting photos from HDYF articles. However, it only applies if we have a Contributor Story for someone who was featured on the Magazine
16:17:22 <jwf> Which is biasing, but… it's better than nothing, I think
16:17:34 <fcommops-tg1> <bt0dotninja> And the wiki
16:17:38 <jwf> Ah, yeah!
16:17:40 <jwf> Right
16:18:02 <jwf> Since I forgot to get the ticket updated, I'll repeat some lines from the last meeting:
16:18:04 <jwf> #idea Using user-uploaded photos on the wiki as an alternate since the Creative Commons license allows this type of use with attribution
16:18:36 <jwf> #info Need to more closely consider implications of using Nuancier for our purpose of using photos on CommBlog posts – might not happen before FAW launches (we need at least a week to collect photos, and at least a week for voting)
16:18:42 <jwf> #link
16:18:51 <jwf> ^^ link is more info on using people in pictures
16:18:57 <jwf> s/using/featuring/
16:19:08 <jwf> #idea Another photo source: cprofitt's "How do you Fedora?" series on the Fedora Magazine
16:19:14 <jwf> Okay, so…
16:19:48 <jwf> I think we could probably prep some of the Contributor Story articles now, and then add pictures as needed to the posts
16:20:05 <jwf> That way, we can line them all up on an automatic schedule once we have the pictures
16:20:09 <fcommops-tg1> <bt0dotninja> Sure
16:20:31 <jwf> So maybe this is my October action item for FAW, to get all CS articles prepped on the CommBlog
16:20:50 <jwf> I'm traveling later this month so I'll be MIA for a week, but I still think it's feasible for me to get the articles done by the end of the month
16:21:04 <jwf> It would be helpful if someone else could search for good photos we could use
16:21:06 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> Can you ping me on OF or if you start talking about hacktoberfest
16:21:07 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> ?
16:21:17 <jwf> @x3mboy: ACK :+1:
16:21:22 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> Thanks
16:22:12 <jwf> Hmm… @bt0dotninja, you also have a heavy load for this month, so I think we should try to solicit help on the mailing lis— Discourse for gathering photos
16:22:27 <jwf> And actually, Discourse makes a great place to collect the photos before we put them in a CommBlog thread…
16:23:08 <jwf> #action jwf Prepare all contributor story CommBlog articles (to automatically publish during FAW) before Wednesday, Oct. 31 meeting
16:23:23 <jwf> #action jwf Start a Discourse thread to solicit and gather photos we can feature in these articles later
16:23:46 <jwf> #help Send us your favorite Fedora community photos to feature on the CommBlog! Look for the Discourse thread, coming soon.
16:23:46 <commops-bot> -- jflory7 called for help in the "Fedora CommOps (2018-10-10)" meeting in #fedora-commops: "Send us your favorite Fedora community photos to feature on the CommBlog! Look for the Discourse thread, coming soon."
16:23:59 <fcommops-tg1> <bt0dotninja> +1 for the discourse photo collection
16:24:15 <jwf> \o/ It's a workable compromise
16:24:30 <jwf> @bt0dotninja: I think if you get the Fedora Magazine article draft by next week, we will be in excellent shape for FAW
16:24:36 * jwf is really excited!!
16:24:40 <jwf> Everything is starting to come together
16:25:09 <jwf> #info Design Team is starting work on design assets for Appreciation Week
16:25:41 * jwf is also amazed FAW is finally coming together after talking about this since 2016!!
16:26:00 <jwf> Okay, that's all I had in mind for FAW… does anyone else have anything they want to discuss or bring up?
16:26:02 <fcommops-tg1> <bt0dotninja> It's true 👌
16:26:17 <jwf> If people have questions about FAW, feel free to point them here too:
16:26:19 <jwf> #link
16:26:46 <jwf> Ticket #110 / FAW, going once…
16:26:56 <jwf> twice...
16:27:06 <jwf> and thrice.
16:27:17 <jwf> #topic Ticket #190: "CommBlog idea: Fedora project on GitHub for Hacktoberfest"
16:27:18 <jwf> #link
16:27:18 <jwf> #idea A quick CommBlog article to promote some of Fedora's GitHub projects and point to starter tasks for Hacktoberfest
16:27:18 <jwf> #link
16:27:22 <jwf> cc: @x3mboy
16:27:27 <jwf> This was bcotton's ticket and it's a cool idea
16:27:37 <jwf> I have no personal bandwidth to work on this now, though. :(
16:27:53 <jwf> @x3mboy: Did you have something you wanted to mention about Hacktoberfest?
16:28:46 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> Yes
16:28:57 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> I don't remember where, but I remember we mention this
16:29:06 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> I think it was at join channel
16:29:45 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> And some of the ideas where:
16:29:45 <fcommops-tg1> 1. Adding a call for participation with our GitHub repos
16:29:58 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> 2. Do our own initiative using pagure
16:30:24 <jwf> @x3mboy: Specifically here, we're looking for help writing a CommBlog article to point to some of Fedora's GitHub projects that have "good starter tasks" for Hacktoberfest contributions
16:30:28 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> 3. Do a documentFest inviting people to participate with the do s' repo
16:30:46 <jwf> I'd like to do something with Pagure now too, but I think since we're almost halfway through October, it will be hard to mobilize in time
16:31:11 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> Maybe 2 and 3 can be implemented next year, done we are already at half october
16:31:14 <jwf> @x3mboy: The docs fest sounds a lot like a ticket we have too!
16:31:21 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> Since*
16:31:50 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> <eom>
16:31:54 <jwf> @x3mboy: #2 would be good to plan for next year. #3, I am hoping to circle back to in 2019. However, that is if it is me taking lead on it. I would be very happy to work with others to mobilize an effort there, since I think the Fedora Docs side is finally unblocked
16:32:16 <jwf> I could do a short write-up about the ticket and invite some folks to discuss and participate
16:32:22 <jwf> Discourse makes a good forum for this
16:32:29 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> Yeah, but I would love to have the ideas written down
16:32:40 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> And mote is good at it
16:32:43 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> :D
16:32:43 <jwf> And to the actual topic of bcotton's ticket, I could throw a call for help out on Discourse too for the Hacktoberfest article for this month
16:32:55 <jwf> Yeah, good idea. Let's get some of this into the minutes.
16:32:55 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> Cool!
16:33:12 <bcotton> my concern is that today is the 10th. i should have thought of this in early september :-)
16:33:24 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> Or August
16:33:27 <jwf> #info Fedora Join SIG recently held similar conversations about these things (hinting we should probably collaborate closer with Join SIG to avoid duplication of work)
16:33:28 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> ;-)
16:33:31 <bcotton> but i am also 0% of the way to my t-shirt this year, so i guess it's still time
16:33:51 <jwf> bcotton: Also fair. Even if we mobilize someone to write the article, if they are a new contributor, it could be until the end of the month before we publish…
16:34:08 <jwf> And it would be a frustrating experience to only have five to ten days of value for the blog post before Hacktoberfest ends
16:34:27 <bcotton> agreed
16:34:31 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> My BW with WordPress-based stuff is almost null
16:34:40 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> I can help with any pagure stuff if needed
16:34:42 <jwf> Perhaps that is a better option? To close this ticket as stale (since it is so late and we don't have immediate volunteers), but we can open the thread about the Docs hack-fest on Discourse and point Join SIG members to it
16:34:50 <jwf> What do you all think of this #proposed? ^^
16:34:51 <jwf> #chair
16:34:51 <zodbot> Current chairs: bcotton bee2502 bexelbie bt0 jwf x3mboy
16:34:54 <bcotton> i just added a reminder to my wunderlist for 1 Sep 2019
16:35:00 <bcotton> jwf +1
16:35:06 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> +1
16:35:18 <fcommops-tg1> <bt0dotninja> +1
16:35:31 <jwf> bcotton++ (maybe a conversation for after meeting, but what is a Wunderlist and how do you maintain tasks / reminders for things so far out??)
16:35:44 <jwf> Okay, awesome. I'm going to mark this as #agreed and then write another action item for me
16:36:23 <jwf> #agreed Close ticket #190 (CommBlog / Hacktoberfest ticket) as stale, since it is so late and we don't have immediate volunteers. However, we can open a new thread about the Docs hack-fest on Discourse and invite Join SIG members to participate and discuss there
16:36:56 <jwf> #action jwf Start Discourse thread about Ticket #159 (Docs hack-fest) and post to Join SIG + Docs mailing list asking for participation
16:37:19 <jwf> Alrighty… my mind is cleared here
16:37:30 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> Mine too
16:37:32 <jwf> Does anyone else have anything specific to Ticket #190 to bring up before we switch to open floor?
16:37:39 <fcommops-tg1> <bt0dotninja> Nop
16:37:46 <jwf> Ticket #190 / CommBlog+Hacktoberfest, going once…
16:37:54 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> /me is ready for dancing on the open floor
16:37:56 <jwf> Going twice…
16:38:06 <jwf> And thrice.
16:38:11 <jwf> #topic Open floor
16:38:17 * jwf does the post-meeting boogie with @x3mboy
16:38:27 <jwf> :D
16:38:32 <jwf> Anyone else have anything to bring up?
16:38:34 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> Boogie dance
16:38:46 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> I received a comment for a wannabe contributor
16:39:10 <jwf> (ノ^o^)ノ
16:39:13 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> About how visible is the work under the hood of the community
16:39:32 <jwf> @x3mboy: What were their thoughts?
16:39:33 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> To start a reputation and be able to participate later in technical teams
16:39:51 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> Honestly I hadn't idea on how to answer her
16:40:23 <fcommops-tg1> <bt0dotninja> Share us the context or/and message
16:40:36 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> The final question should be something like: Is CommOps a good team to make you known in the community?
16:40:56 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> My way inside was quite different, so IDK
16:41:17 <bcotton> @x3mboya wannabe contributor to #fedora-commops specifically or to the project generally?
16:41:22 <fcommops-tg1> <bt0dotninja> I'm know in the community??
16:41:41 <jwf> @x3mboy: Hmmm. I challenge that question – I would want to know what the person's goal or wish is. Why is being known in the community important? Different people have different motivations to contribute
16:41:53 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> The context is: women in tech (generally) have a harder way to make a name and be recognized
16:42:08 <jwf> Ah, I see
16:42:27 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> So, her thoughts were: work hard until people know your name and then work where you want to work really
16:42:57 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> I think that's not necessarily true in Fedora community, but I'm not a woman, so I can't tell
16:43:14 <bcotton> @x3mboy i've never been a woman, so maybe this isn't great advice, but i'd say it's better to start out where you want to be and build your reputation in that space. reputations don't necessarily translate from one area to another
16:43:34 <jwf> bcotton typed it for me
16:43:43 <fcommops-tg1> <bt0dotninja> Bcotton +1
16:43:44 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> Oh yeah, you just missed Flock, but a lot of people know the dotninja guy
16:43:48 <jwf> I also feel like Fedora strives to do a good job of welcoming people in all aspects of the project
16:43:56 <jwf> @x3mboy: :D
16:44:51 <jwf> @x3mboy: Perhaps pointing her to the Join SIG would be helpful too
16:45:06 <jwf> Since the individual person helping / mentoring someone can be valuable
16:45:10 <fcommops-tg1> <bt0dotninja> +1 for that too
16:45:14 <jwf> I wonder if the Join SIG has ever considered an informal mentorship program
16:45:18 <jwf> Similar to the Fedora Ambassadors
16:45:21 <jwf> But more generally
16:45:27 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> Yeah, we are
16:45:31 <jwf> Oh, awesome!
16:45:34 <jwf> Good to know. :)
16:45:52 <jwf> @x3mboy: Does this conversation clarify how to answer for you?
16:45:58 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> Ok, so I think we need to help ambassadors to know how to answer this kind of issues
16:46:09 <fcommops-tg1> <x3mboy> Oh sure, for me it's clear
16:47:04 * jwf nods
16:47:29 <jwf> Yeah, and that's a question that might be answered vastly different depending on country / culture
16:47:49 <jwf> Not necessarily a bad thing… but it's worth noting that the initial experience to get into Fedora can be different because of that same reason
16:48:02 <jwf> Specialization of knowledge and what-not…
16:48:19 <jwf> Anyone have anything else to bring up before closing out the meeting?
16:48:29 <jwf> I might try to use these extra ten minutes to get the Discourse threads up :)
16:49:31 <jwf> Open floor, going once…
16:49:41 <jwf> Going twice…
16:49:46 <jwf> And thrice.
16:49:50 <fcommops-tg1> <bt0dotninja> Bee is writing in the telegram
16:49:51 <fcommops-tg1> <bee2502> +1 to what bcotton said. I also think that your experience was a newcomer to fedora varies depending on your skills and area you are interested in. If someone new wants to join infra Vs commops, I am sure they would get different responses..
16:49:56 <jwf> Thanks everyone for coming out and participating today!
16:50:04 <fcommops-tg1> <bt0dotninja> Uff, just in time
16:50:11 <jwf> bee2502++
16:50:13 <fcommops-tg1> <bee2502> Haha jwf is too fast
16:50:26 <jwf> Still made it into the minutes :)
16:50:34 <jwf> Okay, ending meeting now — but discussion doesn't have to end :)
16:50:35 <jwf> #endmeeting