16:08:23 <jwf> #startmeeting Fedora CommOps (2018-10-03)
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16:08:27 <jwf> #meetingname commops
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16:08:29 <jwf> #nick commops
16:08:33 <jwf> #topic Agenda
16:08:39 <jwf> #link
16:08:42 <jwf> #info (1) Roll call / Q&A
16:08:44 <jwf> #info (2) Announcements
16:08:46 <jwf> #info (3) Action items from last meeting
16:08:48 <jwf> #info (4) Tickets
16:08:50 <jwf> #info (5) Open floor
16:08:52 <jwf> #topic Roll call / Q&A
16:08:56 <jwf> #info Name; Timezone; Sub-projects/Interest Areas
16:08:58 <jwf> #action commops New members, please introduce yourself on the CommOps mailing list [ ]
16:09:01 <jwf> If this is your first time at a CommOps meeting, feel free to introduce yourself to everyone and say hello! If anyone has any questions before we get started with the rest of the agenda, now is also a good time to ask.
16:09:12 <nb> .hi
16:09:13 <zodbot> nb: nb 'Nick Bebout' <>
16:09:14 <jwf> #info Justin W. Flory; UTC-5; CommOps, D&I, Mindshare, and more
16:09:20 * jwf waves to nb
16:09:26 * jwf will be back in a few minutes!
16:09:51 <JohnMH> Sorry I'm late, got confused by the changed date/time
16:10:22 <JohnMH> #info John M. Harris, Jr.; UTC-5; CommOps, Games SIG, Millennium Remix
16:10:28 <fcommops-tg> <bt0dotninja> #info Alberto Rodríguez; UTC-5; CommOps and more
16:10:34 <jonatoni> .hello
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16:10:56 <jonatoni> .hello jonatoni
16:10:57 <zodbot> jonatoni: jonatoni 'Jona Azizaj' <>
16:11:42 <jonatoni> #info jonatoni; UTC+2; CommOps, D&I, Ambassadors etc
16:11:57 <fcommops-tg> <bt0dotninja> Hi o/
16:12:03 <jwf> #info Alberto Rodríguez; UTC-5; CommOps and more
16:12:06 <jonatoni> hi :)
16:12:16 <jwf> #chair nb JohnMH bt0 jonatoni
16:12:16 <zodbot> Current chairs: JohnMH bt0 jonatoni jwf nb
16:12:19 * jwf waves
16:12:21 <jwf> Hi all!
16:12:47 <jwf> Let's go ahead and get started since we're running a little late. We'll improvise as we go with tickets.
16:12:52 <jwf> #topic Action items from last meeting
16:12:57 <jwf> #link
16:12:58 <jwf> #info How This Works: We look at past #action items from the last meeting for quick follow-up. If a task is completed, we move on to the next one. If it isn't, we get an update and re-action if needed. If no status, we'll try to get a quick update and move forward.
16:13:25 <jwf> #info === [INCOMPLETE] "jwf Write a CommBlog article summarizing CommOps @ Flock by Wednesday, Oct. 3" ===
16:13:31 <jwf> #action jwf Write a CommBlog article summarizing CommOps @ Flock by Wednesday, Oct. 10
16:13:50 <jwf> This week and the last was the start of our midterm period, so I haven't had a chance to really work on this
16:13:55 <jwf> But hoping for another shot this weekend
16:14:08 <jwf> @bt0dotninja: Collect info on current Pagure issue tags used in fedora-commops / fedora-marketing and add proposal as comment to ticket #168 (by Wednesday, Oct. 3)
16:14:14 <jwf> @bt0dotninja: Any updates here?
16:14:56 <fcommops-tg> <bt0dotninja> I update the ticket a little list of the current official tags supported by easyfix
16:15:10 <fcommops-tg> <bt0dotninja> And some others than I see in the wild
16:15:33 * jwf nods
16:16:31 <jwf> #info === [COMPLETE] "bt0 Collect info on current Pagure issue tags used in fedora-commops / fedora-marketing and add proposal as comment to ticket #168 (by Wednesday, Oct. 3)" ===
16:16:31 <jwf> #link
16:16:31 <jwf> #info Need to follow up on next steps on what to do with the gathered info.
16:16:42 <fcommops-tg> <bt0dotninja> Thanks
16:16:47 <jwf> Yup!
16:16:58 <jwf> This week was not a productive Fedora week for me:
16:17:00 <jwf> #info === [INCOMPLETE] "jwf Send an email announcement to CommOps list to boost awareness of upcoming Mailman => Discourse migration experiment by end of day Wednesday, Sept. 26" ===
16:17:00 <jwf> #info === [INCOMPLETE] "jwf Set up auto-email response for new threads on CommOps list to explain Discourse migration by Sunday, Sept. 30" ===
16:17:00 <jwf> #action jwf Set up Discourse and announce migration from mailing list before Monday, Oct. 8
16:17:12 <jwf> I totally slipped on the Discourse action items but will make another attempt this week too
16:17:37 <jwf> #info === [COMPLETE] "bt0 Update Ticket #168 (Pagure tags ticket) by next meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 3" ===
16:17:37 <jwf> #link
16:17:37 <jwf> #info Need to follow up on next steps on what to do with the gathered info.
16:17:39 <jwf> bt0++
16:17:53 <jwf> Okay, cool. That's all of the past action items from last time.
16:18:29 <jwf> Let's jump to tickets. I didn't have time to prep anything, so I will be a minute to see what is highlighted for the meeting
16:18:38 <jwf> #topic Tickets
16:18:41 <jwf> #link
16:18:58 <jwf> #topic Ticket #110: "Fedora Appreciation Week 2018"
16:18:58 <jwf> #link
16:18:58 <jwf> #link
16:20:16 <jwf> mizmo left a lot of helpful feedback in the Design Team ticket about Nuancier / collecting photos:
16:20:18 <jwf> #link
16:20:44 <fcommops-tg> <bt0dotninja> Yeah
16:20:51 <jwf> I only had a chance to skim this morning before my commute this morning, but her point on release forms for people included in photos needs consideration
16:21:35 <jwf> Ideally I'd like to avoid complicating the process if there is any workaround since we are not using the photos for anything more than a blog post (and we probably have not collected consent for every published photo of every event report we've published), but I'm not sure how to proceed
16:21:39 <jwf> I want to read Mo
16:22:02 <jwf> * Mo's full comment before I make a decision, but not sure if any of you had a chance to read through it yet
16:22:14 <jwf> (Oh, and we are one month away from FAW!!!)
16:23:28 <fcommops-tg> <bt0dotninja> I did read it, maybe we can use the photos in the user wiki
16:23:54 <jwf> @bt0dotninja: Not a bad idea. All of those fall under a Creative Commons license too.
16:24:01 <fcommops-tg> <bt0dotninja> As a short process, basically the license allow us to use it
16:24:14 <jwf> #idea Using user-uploaded photos on the wiki as an alternate since the Creative Commons license allows this type of use with attribution
16:24:24 <fcommops-tg> <bt0dotninja> And in that photo I don't look fat :)
16:24:29 <jwf> bt0++ nice idea actually! That would be a really good workaround if we can't use Nuancier.
16:24:31 <jwf> lolol!
16:24:41 <jwf> I'll bet you like fine in any photo ;)
16:24:45 <jwf> s/like/look
16:24:55 <nb> well, there *are* exceptions  to needing a model release
16:25:08 <nb> IIRC it depends on if the person is in a location with an expectation of privacy
16:25:14 <nb> and if the person is the main focus of the photo
16:25:34 <jwf> nb: Yeah… that's what we need to consider, but I don't know if we will be able to figure it out in this meeting.
16:25:48 <jwf> I wish we had thought of this idea over the summer instead of the month before :D
16:25:58 <jwf> But perhaps an idea for next time if it doesn't pan out in time for FAW
16:26:20 <jwf> #info nb: May be some exceptions to needing a model release, e.g. if the person is in a place with expectation of privacy and if the person is main focus of photo
16:26:56 <jwf> #help Need to more closely consider implications of using Nuancier for our purpose of using photos on CommBlog posts
16:26:56 <commops-bot> -- jflory7 called for help in the "Fedora CommOps (2018-10-03)" meeting in #fedora-commops: "Need to more closely consider implications of using Nuancier for our purpose of using photos on CommBlog posts"
16:27:08 <fcommops-tg> <bt0dotninja> Yeah, we can take a look of the contributor stories and find in the wiki to know if has a photo and if is suitable for faw
16:27:10 <nb> The general answer is no you don’t need a release when photographing a public location, however, it is always best to error on side of caution and obtain a model release. This may not always be feasible and is appropriate to photograph even without a release in the case of street photography. An individual who is knowingly exposing themselves to the public does not have what is called a “reasonable expectation of privacy”. In
16:27:10 <nb> this situation, for their face and body.  The no-model-release-situation only covers photographing a public location, not standing in a public location and photographing into someone’s home. There is no reasonable expectation of privacy for individuals walking down the street, but there is for individuals in their own homes – even if they leave their curtains open for the world to see. Not only is it unlawful, it is creepy to
16:27:10 <nb> be photographing into private homes.
16:27:26 <nb> #link
16:27:53 <jwf> #idea If we use the wiki photos as an alternate, we can look at who submitted a contributor story and check if they uploaded any photos we could use for their contributor story
16:28:24 <jwf> nb: It would be really helpful if you could check out the comment in this ticket and take the feedback there:
16:28:34 <jwf> nb: I need to get back to mizmo but I don't think I can do it today :(
16:28:53 <jwf> nb: It would be really helpful if you could help move that conversation forward with this info so we can unblock it if we can
16:29:50 <jwf> Since it's now October, I think we can start thinking of a Fedora Magazine promo for the week before FAW
16:30:21 <jwf> The Magazine team should be already aware of FAW (it came up on the mailing list), but it was a while ago and I would not be surprised if it was forgotten
16:30:44 <jwf> We need a writer to help write a "pointer post" for the Fedora Magazine, intended to publish the week of Oct. 29
16:31:17 <jwf> I'm heavily backlogged on writing already… so I don't think it's a good idea for me to take this one.
16:31:43 <fcommops-tg> <bt0dotninja> Right, another cool photography source is the magazine, if the people do a "how do you Fedora" interview
16:31:44 <jwf> A pointer post is a quick summary of an event or upcoming $THING, and it references back to a longer CommBlog post for people to read more
16:31:57 <jwf> @bt0dotninja: Yes, good idea again. Those are also CC BY.
16:32:11 <jwf> #idea Another photo source: cprofitt's "How do you Fedora?" series on the Fedora Magazine
16:34:27 <jwf> #help Need help writing a pointer post on the Fedora Magazine to announce FAW during the week of Oct. 29
16:34:27 <commops-bot> -- jflory7 called for help in the "Fedora CommOps (2018-10-03)" meeting in #fedora-commops: "Need help writing a pointer post on the Fedora Magazine to announce FAW during the week of Oct. 29"
16:34:47 <fcommops-tg> <bt0dotninja> I don't have any problem with search and put together all the faw related links
16:34:49 <jwf> I can throw this one out on the mailing list / Discourse
16:35:08 <fcommops-tg> <bt0dotninja> Action me for the article
16:35:19 <jwf> Awesome. :+1:
16:35:20 <jwf> #undo
16:35:20 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: HELP by jwf at 16:34:27 : Need help writing a pointer post on the Fedora Magazine to announce FAW during the week of Oct. 29
16:35:37 <jwf> @bt0dotninja: When do you want to set a deadline for a draft?
16:35:50 <jwf> Does next meeting on Oct. 10 work?
16:36:25 <fcommops-tg> <bt0dotninja> Yes
16:36:32 <fcommops-tg> <bt0dotninja> Please
16:37:48 <jwf> #action bt0 Create a draft of a FAW announcement for the Fedora Magazine to review at next meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 10
16:38:05 <jwf> @bt0dotninja: Feel free to draft this wherever you prefer. Google Drive, in WordPress, etc.
16:38:14 <jwf> Only please don't use Etherpad :D
16:38:38 <fcommops-tg> <bt0dotninja> Ok
16:39:09 <jwf> Cool… so this is all I can think of for now on FAW
16:39:36 * jwf is really just looking at this:
16:40:25 <jwf> Anyone else have anything they want to bring up for FAW?
16:40:33 <jwf> Questions, comments, concerns?
16:40:38 <jwf> Going once…
16:40:48 <jwf> Going twice…
16:40:57 <fcommops-tg> <bt0dotninja> Not from me
16:40:59 <jwf> And thrice.
16:41:33 <jwf> I'm going to skip #178 (Discourse / discussions.fp.o) because there's nothing new to talk about there since I slipped on all my action items this week. :(
16:41:53 * jwf forgot to put these things in my planner
16:42:10 <jwf> #topic Ticket #168: "Propose a set of Pagure tags than help the onboarding process"
16:42:10 <jwf> #link
16:42:10 <jwf> #info Next Steps: find the correct place for this docs (CommOps docs?? another repo, a brand new docs page?)
16:42:41 <jwf> bt0++ thanks for checking this one out
16:43:03 <jwf> It seems like the most valuable thing to document is probably the easyfix tag and how to get featured on the easyfix page
16:43:24 * jwf wishes we had a better interface for the easyfix page, but c'est la vie
16:43:30 <fcommops-tg> <bt0dotninja> Right
16:44:15 <jwf> For other suggested tags, we can demonstrate the way we are using them in our Pagure repo… I'm never seen anyone else use tags like we do, with the teams: and type: tags
16:44:33 <jwf> I always wonder if these are helpful to anyone other than me 😅
16:45:11 <jwf> Off-topic for now, but anyways… let's brainstorm what we can do next and where we can start putting this stuff
16:45:30 <jwf> I forgot, but last week, we actually agreed to host this all within our fedora-commops set of docs instead of its own repo, if I remember right?
16:45:39 <jwf> So things would be kept together and not split across
16:46:06 <fcommops-tg> <bt0dotninja> I don't remember :(
16:46:25 <fcommops-tg> <bt0dotninja> But sounds great
16:46:32 <jwf> I am fairly sure we did, or if we did talk about it, it was out of the meeting. I'll notate it this time :P
16:46:47 <jwf> #agreed We will host the on-boarding guide / contributor guide resources in docs
16:47:06 <fcommops-tg> <bt0dotninja> Cool
16:47:21 <jwf> I think the next step is to create a new submenu on our docs for "on-boarding tips and suggestions", or something similar to that.
16:47:33 <jwf> Then, we can do small, short pages for things like the Pagure tags for example
16:47:47 <jwf> So we create a new page, submit a PR, close ticket
16:48:01 <jwf> Plus, it could be a good chance for others to play around with the docs toolchain we are using too. :)
16:48:10 <jwf> Since it is somewhat undocumented on our end
16:48:42 <jwf> #link
16:49:32 <jwf> The next steps I suggest are:
16:49:49 <jwf> (1) Find some other examples of common tags used, perhaps looking at ours or other repos
16:50:41 <jwf> (2) Write a short page with helpful information about adding useful tags. Could contain three pieces of info: tag name, tag description, color code. Maybe a sentence why it is helpful or what it signals
16:50:56 <jwf> We could definitely brainstorm together on #1
16:51:18 <jwf> @bt0dotninja: Since you are the assignee, what do you think?
16:51:23 <jwf> And anyone else is welcome to input too
16:52:11 <fcommops-tg> <bt0dotninja> Yeah, I can just do a summary of general tags
16:52:37 <jwf> Cool. Do you have bandwidth to get this done before FAW?
16:52:48 <jwf> Or do you want to hold it off / open it up for someone else to jump in if they have time?
16:52:55 <jwf> * hold it off until after FAW
16:53:24 <fcommops-tg> <bt0dotninja> Yes
16:53:39 <fcommops-tg> <bt0dotninja> I can do it before the faw
16:54:14 <jwf> Okay, sounds like a plan. And don't feel like it has to be perfect on first run. :D The whole point with these docs is so we can update them and change them over time. There is no such thing as "done" with these. They are a living document :)
16:54:18 <jwf> bt0++
16:54:45 <jwf> @bt0dotninja: Do you want to set a deadline for a PR to the docs?
16:54:55 <jwf> @bt0dotninja: I can make one to add a new section to our navigation
16:55:06 <jwf> But I will leave the writing to you :)
16:55:07 <fcommops-tg> <bt0dotninja> Give me two weeks
16:55:28 <jwf> Cool. I'll action it for Oct. 17.
16:55:46 <fcommops-tg> <bt0dotninja> Yes
16:55:55 <jwf> #action bt0 Complete a first draft of new CommOps docs page on suggested Pagure tags by Wednesday, Oct. 17
16:55:57 <jwf> .thank bt0
16:55:57 <zodbot> jwf thinks bt0 is awesome and is happy they are helping! (Please don't forget to bt0++ also)
16:56:23 <jwf> Okey dokey…
16:56:30 <jwf> I can't think of anything else to discuss on this one
16:56:39 <jwf> Anyone else want to bring something up before we switch to open floor?
16:56:43 <jwf> Going once…
16:56:53 <jwf> Going twice…
16:57:03 <jwf> And thrice.
16:57:11 <jwf> #topic Open floor
16:57:20 <jwf> Anyone have something they want to bring up before we close?
16:57:44 * jwf had one maybe crazy idea to pitch
16:58:36 <fcommops-tg> <bt0dotninja> Go ahead
16:59:22 <jwf> The idea I had was thinking about the user experience of the Fedora Docs site. I also realized we have a brilliant Design Team that has done a lot of awesome UI/UX work for other projects like with Outreachy. I thought it would be cool if we could facilitate a conversation between Design Team and Docs team on running UI/UX interviews with community members
16:59:37 <jwf> It would mostly depend if the Docs team finds this useful for their development
16:59:54 <jwf> But if so, it would be cool to get some sub-project cross-pollination in this way
17:00:15 * jwf has a hard stop for another meeting right now, but should be back in 30 minutes
17:00:36 <jwf> We're out of time, but since we're in channel, we can continue discussing
17:00:45 <jwf> I'll close the meeting and check back in another 30 minutes :)
17:01:03 <jwf> Thanks everyone for coming out today.
17:01:06 <jwf> #endmeeting