14:30:32 <jwf> #startmeeting Fedora CommOps (2018-04-30)
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14:30:32 <jwf> #meetingname commops
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14:30:32 <jwf> #nick commops
14:30:37 <jwf> #topic Agenda
14:30:44 <jwf> #link
14:30:44 <jwf> #info (1) Roll call / Q&A
14:30:44 <jwf> #info (2) Announcements
14:30:45 <jwf> #info (3) Action items from last meeting
14:30:48 <jwf> #info (4) Tickets
14:30:50 <jwf> #info (5) Open floor
14:30:55 <jwf> #topic Roll call / Q&A
14:30:57 <jwf> #info Name; Timezone; Sub-projects/Interest Areas
14:30:57 <jwf> #action commops New members, make sure you introduce yourself on the CommOps mailing list [ ]
14:31:01 <jwf> If this is your first time at a CommOps meeting, feel free to introduce yourself to everyone and say hello! If anyone has any questions before we get started with the rest of the agenda, now is also a good time to ask.
14:31:23 <jwf> #info Justin W. Flory; UTC-5; CommOps, Diversity & Inclusion Team, Ambassadors, Mindshare
14:31:35 <jonatoni> .hello2
14:31:36 <zodbot> jonatoni: jonatoni 'Jona Azizaj' <>
14:31:37 <jwf> We'll hang out for a bit and see who is around
14:31:40 * jwf waves to jonatoni
14:31:41 <jwf> #chair jonatoni
14:31:41 <zodbot> Current chairs: jonatoni jwf
14:32:01 <jonatoni> hey jwf o/
14:32:33 <fcommops-tg> <Anna> I'm here!
14:32:51 * jwf waves to @Anna
14:32:54 <jwf> Hey, welcome!
14:33:05 <jwf> What is your FAS account username again, Anna?
14:33:35 <bt0> #info Alberto Rodriguez Sanchez;UTC-5; CommOps, Marketing, dotNet sig, Ambassadors and more
14:33:40 <fcommops-tg> <Anna> I think it's algogator
14:33:42 * jwf waves to bt0
14:33:52 <jwf> #chair algogator bt0
14:33:52 <zodbot> Current chairs: algogator bt0 jonatoni jwf
14:34:23 <jwf> @Anna: If you are on the Telegram side, it might also help to set a Telegram username so people can ping you from the IRC side too :)
14:34:56 <jonatoni> nice to see you here algogator :)
14:35:09 <jonatoni> hello bt0 :D
14:35:21 <fcommops-tg> 'Something like this for username option.' uploaded by jflory:
14:35:30 <bt0> hello jonatoni Anna :)
14:35:37 <fcommops-tg> <algogator> I've set it
14:35:59 <jwf> Awesome \o/
14:36:37 <jwf> @algogator: Have you been to one of our meetings before? I can't remember. If not, want to do a quick introduction?
14:36:58 <fcommops-tg> <algogator> Sure
14:38:00 <fcommops-tg> <algogator> Hi everyone I'm Anna and I'm the GSoC intern working on the happiness packets :)
14:38:25 <fcommops-tg> <algogator> Nice to meet you all ^^
14:38:52 <jwf> Awesome, welcome @algogator! Looking forward to seeing you around this summer. :)
14:39:05 <jwf> With that, we can go ahead and push on ahead
14:39:12 <jwf> #topic Announcements
14:39:18 <jwf> I have three today!
14:39:26 <jwf> #info === "Commitment to community: Fedora CommOps FAD 2018" ===
14:39:26 <jwf> #link
14:39:27 <jwf> #info The 2018 CommOps FAD event report is now published. Understand your Fedora sub-project with charts / graphs and see how to thank other contributors for Fedora Appreciation Week.
14:39:39 <jwf> #info === "How to use Fedora Wiki as your wiki whiteboard" ===
14:39:40 <jwf> #link
14:39:40 <jwf> #info Get a quick overview of using the Fedora Wiki and its syntax from wesleyotugo.
14:39:46 <jwf> #info === "Top Badgers of 2017: Carl George" ===
14:39:47 <jwf> #link
14:39:47 <jwf> #info Check out the last post in 'Top Badgers of 2017' series by lroca. roca++ for creating and driving this interview series!
14:39:56 <jwf> wesleyotugo++ roca++ for sure
14:39:59 <jwf> <eof>
14:40:04 <jwf> Anyone else have any announcements or news to share?
14:40:17 <jonatoni> Release date of F28 :)
14:40:18 <jwf> Going once…
14:40:19 <jwf> Oh!
14:40:27 <jwf> That one should have been SO obvious to me
14:40:40 <jwf> #info === Fedora 28 releases tomorrow! ===
14:40:55 <jwf> #link
14:41:16 <jwf> #info Fedora 28 comes out tomorrow! Get ready to try out the latest and greatest that the Fedora community has put together over the last six months.
14:41:21 <jwf> jonatoni++ Good catch :P
14:41:31 <jonatoni> :D
14:41:33 <jwf> Any other announcements?
14:41:43 <jwf> Going once…
14:41:44 <bt0> not from me
14:41:49 <jonatoni> not from my part
14:41:53 <jwf> Going twice…
14:41:58 <jwf> And thrice!
14:42:05 <jwf> #topic Action items from last meeting
14:42:11 <jwf> #link
14:42:11 <jwf> #info How This Works: We look at past #action items from the last meeting for quick follow-up. If a task is completed, we move on to the next one. If it isn't, we get an update and re-action if needed. If no status, we'll try to get a quick update and move forward.
14:42:30 <jwf> #info === [COMPLETE] "@x3mboy File a new ticket in Mindshare Pagure to propose student pack idea and start discussion in Mindshare Committee" ===
14:42:31 <jwf> #link
14:42:31 <jwf> #info x3mboy started this discussion in the Mindshare Committee Pagure. Subscribe to the issue there to keep up with the student pack planning.
14:42:43 <jwf> #info === [COMPLETE] "x3mboy Submit new PR with README for contributor-stories repository" ===
14:42:43 <jwf> #link
14:42:44 <jwf> #info Basic description of Contributor Stories now live on the README.
14:42:53 <jwf> #info === [COMPLETE] "x3mboy File a ticket in CommOps Pagure about a new podcast interview / episode on the CommOps team" ===
14:42:53 <jwf> #link
14:42:53 <jwf> #info Figuring out the plan for the podcast; will discuss later in meeting.
14:43:01 <jwf> #info === [COMPLETE] "bee2502 dhanesh95 jonatoni wesleyotugo x3mboy Review the CommOps FAD event report draft this week, leave feedback in CommOps ticket #125" ===
14:43:01 <jwf> #link
14:43:02 <jwf> #info FAD report is now published.
14:43:03 <jwf> <eof>
14:43:10 <jwf> All past action items completed!
14:43:17 <jwf> Nice work, everyone
14:43:32 <jwf> This makes this section easy and quick today :)
14:43:35 <jwf> #topic Tickets
14:43:39 <jwf> #link
14:43:55 <jwf> #info === Ticket #110: "Fedora Appreciation Week 2017" ===
14:43:55 <jwf> #link
14:43:55 <jwf> #link
14:43:59 <jwf> So, a couple of updates:
14:44:06 <jwf> #link
14:44:06 <jwf> #info Contributor Stories introduction publishes tomorrow morning.
14:44:06 <jwf> #help We can support the publishing of the post with social media and posting to the announce- list.
14:44:07 <commopsbot> -- jflory7 called for help in the "Fedora CommOps (2018-04-30)" meeting in #fedora-commops: "We can support the publishing of the post with social media and posting to the announce- list."
14:44:29 <jwf> I can help with the social media part for Twitter, and we can ping a few others for Facebook / G+ help. jonatoni could help with Instagram.
14:44:49 <jwf> It would also be great if someone would post a short and sweet note to the announce@ mailing list too, to help boost visibility.
14:45:16 <bt0> i can do it
14:45:25 <jwf> I was thinking… I can action myself for Twitter / pinging others for other platforms, jonatoni could do an Instagram post tomorrow, and bt0, would you want to make the mailing list post since it's your article?
14:45:28 <jwf> Hah, awesome :)
14:45:33 <jwf> Does that #proposed sound good?
14:45:36 <jonatoni> yes :)
14:45:42 <jonatoni> sounds a perfect plan
14:45:57 <bt0> yes
14:46:09 <dhanesh95> .hello dhanesh95
14:46:10 <zodbot> dhanesh95: dhanesh95 'Dhanesh Bhalchandra Sabane' <>
14:46:43 * jwf waves to dhanesh95
14:46:44 <jwf> #chair dhanesh95
14:46:44 <zodbot> Current chairs: algogator bt0 dhanesh95 jonatoni jwf
14:46:50 <jwf> Excellent, I'll write it to the notes
14:46:50 * dhanesh95 waves back
14:47:27 <jwf> #agreed Article publishes tomorrow and we will do some outreach to build awareness. jwf covers Twitter/FB/G+, jonatoni covers Instagram, bt0 covers the announce@ mailing list
14:47:57 <jwf> #action jwf After May 1, promote "Introducing contributor stories" CommBlog article on Twitter and round up others to help with FB / G+
14:48:07 <jwf> #action jonatoni After May 1, promote "Introducing contributor stories" CommBlog article on Instagram
14:49:01 <jwf> #action bt0 After May 1, promote "Introducing contributor stories" CommBlog article by writing an email draft for announce@lists.fp.o
14:49:34 <jwf> bt0: If you want to put together a short and quick draft, we can give you some feedback before shipping it out. :) It should be a quick summary of the article and then point people to the CommBlog to learn more.
14:49:48 <jwf> This all looks good to me though for this ticket
14:49:53 <jwf> Does anyone else have anything they want to bring up?
14:50:43 <jwf> Going once…
14:50:53 <jwf> Going twice…
14:51:00 <jwf> And thrice!
14:51:12 <jwf> #info === Ticket #117: "How to create on-boarding guidelines for your team" ===
14:51:12 <jwf> #link
14:51:17 <jwf> #info Purpose is to write guidelines on creating effective onboarding guidelines for Fedora sub-projects. We won't write guidelines for someone, but we will try to give them a resource to do it well.
14:51:17 <jwf> Next step is to divide and conquer this ticket.
14:51:38 <jwf> Maybe some more context would help here too:
14:52:07 <jwf> This was an older ticket, after we closed old tickets about creating onboarding guidelines for numerous sub-projects and teams. When we tried doing the work for others, it was a huge task and we were never able to close all the tickets.
14:52:39 <jwf> Instead, we wanted to put together general guidelines / notes about best practices to follow to make onboarding guidelines or steps as helpful as possible
14:53:17 <jwf> So, this ticket is about writing a new doc, probably in the onboarding-guide repo, to offer suggestions on how to best on-board people into Fedora sub-projects and communities. Which is also a huge task. :D So we need to break it down into smaller pieces
14:53:42 <jwf> Probably the first step would be to read through existing onboarding / joining guidelines across Fedora and identify similarities
14:53:58 <jwf> #idea Read through existing onboarding / joining guidelines for different Fedora sub-projects / teams and identify similarities
14:55:16 <dhanesh95> Okay. This is a bit confusing.
14:55:28 <jwf> dhanesh95: Sure! Where did I lose you?
14:56:02 <dhanesh95> We won't write guidelines for someone but we'll also be creating a doc?
14:56:40 * bt0 is thinking
14:56:55 <dhanesh95> A doc which puts together general guidelines.
14:57:50 <jwf> dhanesh95: Correct. We won't write the actual text and guidelines for each sub-project because I think we found it to be an unrealistic goal. The doc we DO create is about general advice for creating onboarding guidelines, as found to be effective by other teams and sub-projects in Fedora.
14:58:01 <jwf> We want to aggregate best practices and try to make them more explicit.
14:58:15 <jwf> Does that make more sense?
14:59:06 <dhanesh95> jwf: Okay. That makes sense.
14:59:20 <bt0> some groups has a very complex processes like ambassadors or packagers, another groups has a little but clear process like commops, dotnet sig , etc but others has nothing coff coff Marketing
14:59:25 <jwf> Okay, great
14:59:43 <jwf> dhanesh95: Thanks for asking to clarify.
14:59:53 <jwf> bt0: Right!
15:00:02 <dhanesh95> But will these suggestions be generic? Fedora in itself is a huge project. The same suggestions may not apply to all the SIGs / work groups / et. al
15:00:05 <jwf> And we won't be able to cover EVERY edge case too
15:00:12 <jwf> Hahah, yes, I was about to mention
15:00:25 <jwf> There will be specific things that may work best for a specific team or sub-project
15:00:28 <jwf> But take this example:
15:01:36 <jwf> Consider Pagure issue labels. Most teams use Pagure to some level already, but differently. Good advice for this guide is that every Pagure repo should use labels and metadata for your project. Less helpful advice might be suggesting an "onboarding" label to the Fedora Infrastructure team because CommOps has it
15:02:09 <jwf> So we would want to encourage "Think about using Pagure issue labels in a way that makes sense for you" and maybe a few examples or tips, instead of "Here are a set of labels for you to use"
15:02:20 <jwf> Does this make more sense?
15:02:45 <jwf> Because you're absolutely right, Fedora is huge and what works exactly in one team won't always translate to another
15:03:01 <jwf> But there are things we can abstract out or generalize in a way that's still helpful
15:03:33 <jwf> And we can give real examples to demonstrate the general advice in a more defined, concrete way, to help show by example
15:03:55 <dhanesh95> jwf: It does makes sense. But the size of this is pretty huge.
15:04:39 <jwf> dhanesh95: Yeah, the end deliverable is big. That's why I wanted to split it up first, but maybe it would be better to make this ticket (#117) a tracking ticket, and then file new tickets for smaller tasks
15:04:52 <jwf> Then it might be easier to split up the work and make it less intimidating
15:04:55 <jwf> What do you think?
15:05:07 <dhanesh95> Also, can we club together all the similar groups and maybe create suggestions for them? That gives us a bit of breathing space.
15:06:16 <jwf> dhanesh95: Hmm, so different steps for "outreach" and "development" teams?
15:06:37 <dhanesh95> For instance, the DotNet SIG and the Python SIG can be considered under a group, say "Programming Language Groups". We can then create suggestions for such groups.
15:06:45 <dhanesh95> jwf: Yes.
15:07:06 <bt0> or get a subset of common guidelines (create a wiki page, signed cla, make some introduction , subscribe to the mailing list)
15:07:08 <dhanesh95> That may also give us some flexibility to modify the suggestions if need be.
15:08:14 <jwf> Okay, I'm on the same page. I was thinking that approach might be more work to do, since we then have to create multiple versions of a similar document, instead of one general document. Perhaps we could include subheadings in the general document to offer specific advice for development or outreach teams, instead of splitting them off into new documents?
15:08:23 <jwf> What do you think? Am I off-base there?
15:08:35 <jwf> bt0: Right – that was how I saw it originally
15:09:04 <dhanesh95> jwf: That is exactly how I was picturing it.
15:09:06 <jwf> But I'm warming up to the idea of maybe adding in a special section to the general doc about more specific advice for development and outreach teams
15:09:19 <jwf> And then, if we do have a lot of content, more than we expect: we split off into multiple documents
15:09:25 <jwf> dhanesh95: Awesome!
15:09:35 <jwf> Let me get some of this down in the minutes
15:09:52 <jwf> #agreed The end result of this task is a huge, so we need to break it down into smaller, more manageable pieces
15:10:14 <jwf> #info dhanesh95 notes idea of including specific advice for different *types* of teams, e.g. development and outreach
15:10:44 <jwf> #idea Keep it all to one document, but include a special section or subheading with specific advice for development / programming teams and SIGs, and then another for outreach-related teams, etc.
15:11:09 <jwf> I think this approach makes sense
15:11:33 <jwf> And then I could take on some action items to split this ticket into smaller sub-tickets, to hopefully make it a little less complex
15:11:40 <jwf> Seem like a good approach here?
15:11:54 <dhanesh95> jwf: +1
15:12:02 <bt0> yeah +1
15:12:16 <jwf> Awesome!
15:12:32 <jwf> #agreed Next step is to split up the work into smaller pieces, and make #117 into a master / tracking ticket
15:12:58 <jwf> #action jwf Split up onboarding guidelines ticket (#117) into smaller sub-tickets for different steps of work to produce the final deliverable
15:13:02 <jwf> I should be able to do that today
15:13:22 <jwf> Okay, I think we covered a lot for this topic! I'm glad we went through it today.
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15:13:27 <commopsbot> fedocal.meeting.update -- ankursinha updated the "Fedora Join" meeting from the "SIGs" calendar
15:13:28 <jwf> Anyone else have something to bring up here?
15:13:38 <jwf> Ticket #117, going once…
15:13:48 <jwf> Going twice…
15:13:52 <commopsbot> fedocal.meeting.update -- ankursinha updated the "Fedora Join" meeting from the "SIGs" calendar
15:13:58 <jwf> And thrice!
15:14:03 <jwf> #info === Ticket #155: "Fedora Podcast Episode" ===
15:14:03 <jwf> #link
15:14:03 <jwf> #info x3mboy expressed interest in a Fedora podcast interview with CommOps team. Need to come up with a loose script and topics to cover during the interview.
15:14:03 <jwf> #help Need help writing an outline of topics for the CommOps podcast interview session with x3mboy
15:14:04 <commopsbot> -- jflory7 called for help in the "Fedora CommOps (2018-04-30)" meeting in #fedora-commops: "Need help writing an outline of topics for the CommOps podcast interview session with x3mboy"
15:14:10 * jwf wonders if @x3mboy is around?
15:14:19 <commopsbot> fedocal.meeting.update -- ankursinha updated the "Fedora Join" meeting from the "SIGs" calendar
15:14:46 <jwf> I wonder why commopsbot echoes these notifications here…
15:15:00 <jwf> Anyways, even if @x3mboy isn't around, I think we can still cover this
15:15:19 <jwf> The important piece of work to prep us for the podcast interview is to create a loose outline of ideas or topics we want to cover or include in the interview
15:15:50 <jwf> It's a good opportunity to talk about CommOps and what we do. I think it's a really valuable opportunity to talk a bit about ourselves, just because the kind of work we do is unusual for many open source projects and communities
15:15:56 <jwf> So I hope we can capture that in the interview :D
15:16:07 <dhanesh95> Who'll be giving the interview?
15:16:08 <jwf> However… I will not have bandwidth to piece together an outline or rough script
15:16:23 <jwf> dhanesh95: @x3mboy is the interviewer, and ideally, I would like to include as many folks as possible in the interview :)
15:16:51 <jwf> I really want to try and capture the awesome fact of how diverse this team is, and how we are somehow able to collaborate across four continents of people for what we do
15:16:54 <jwf> Which is also awesome!
15:17:05 <jwf> But less awesome because it does make choosing a date and time WAY harder
15:17:07 <bt0> it's a great idea
15:17:16 <jwf> Which is why I figured, first, we can get our content down
15:17:29 <jwf> And once we're ready to take the interview with @x3mboy, we can lock down a date and time
15:17:47 <jwf> Oh, actually, five continents even, I forgot :D
15:18:08 <jwf> That's actually pretty cool… we should mention that in the podcast :P
15:18:25 <jwf> #idea Did You Know fact for podcast: CommOps team members are split across five continents!
15:18:27 <dhanesh95> There goes one idea. Noted.
15:18:30 <jwf> :D
15:18:50 <jwf> Now we need to work on Australia and Antarctica outreach, hahahah!
15:18:53 <jwf> Anyways…
15:19:12 * dhanesh95 digs through his contacts to find Australians.
15:19:24 <jwf> Could anyone take on putting together a rough outline for an interview? The outline can either be lists of question with suggested topics for answers, or it could generally be topics we want to talk about
15:19:34 <jwf> The FAD report has a lot of juicy info we want to cover, for sure
15:19:45 <jwf> But it can also be more than what is covered by the report
15:19:59 <jwf> #link
15:20:53 <dhanesh95> Sorry but I'll have to pass. I still have #108 to cover :P
15:20:54 <jwf> bee2502 also put together a version for the D&I Team, so that could be a base for our own too.
15:20:56 * jwf digs for a link
15:21:16 <jwf> #link
15:21:45 <dhanesh95> bt0: Can you take this one?
15:21:53 <jwf> dhanesh95: Yep, that's totally fair :)
15:22:14 <jwf> bt0: If you are tight on bandwidth, we can also ping roca or wesleyotugo too to see if they are interested
15:22:37 <jwf> There may be some other folks we could see if they want to help.
15:22:40 <bt0> umm, it's fine
15:22:57 <jwf> bt0: Which option is fine? :D
15:23:01 <bt0> i will take it
15:23:08 <dhanesh95> bt0++
15:23:08 <jwf> Okay, awesome.
15:23:11 <jwf> bt0++
15:23:23 <jwf> Just wait, in two more days, we will have fresh cookies, straight out of the F28 oven :D
15:23:32 <dhanesh95> Ohh.. We'll have to wait for a couple of days
15:23:47 <jwf> Let's also time-box this too
15:24:05 <jwf> bt0: Is next Monday's meeting a fair estimate? Or do you want two weeks?
15:24:10 <dhanesh95> .moar cookie bt0
15:24:10 <zodbot> here bt0, have some more cookie
15:24:16 <jwf> (I also need to talk about the next two meetings at open floor)
15:24:20 <bt0> umm, to weeks
15:24:26 <bt0> two
15:24:29 <bt0> :P
15:24:34 <jwf> No problem :)
15:24:48 <jwf> So, May 14th
15:24:49 <jwf> Monday
15:25:14 <bt0> yes, please
15:25:19 <dhanesh95> May the 4th be with you bt0
15:25:30 <jwf> #action bt0 Create an outline / rough script of questions and topics to cover in a Fedora podcast interview with x3mboy; request feedback before Monday, May 14, 2018 meeting
15:25:33 <jwf> \o/
15:25:49 <jwf> #agreed Will determine a recording day and time after the outline / script is approved
15:25:51 <bt0> awesome
15:26:05 <jwf> Cool… so I think that's all the tickets we have for today
15:26:09 <jwf> Anything else from anyone?
15:26:18 <dhanesh95> Nothing from my side.
15:26:24 <jwf> Nothing from me either
15:26:28 <jwf> Going once…;
15:26:38 <jwf> Going twice…
15:26:45 <jwf> And thrice!
15:26:47 <dhanesh95> Sold!
15:26:47 <jwf> #topic Open floor
15:26:58 <jwf> Before I forget, need to talk about the next two meetings
15:27:10 <jwf> I won't be here for the next two, possibly three, meetings. :(
15:27:24 <jwf> Is there someone who could help run or chair the next two meetings?
15:27:25 <dhanesh95> jwf: That's sad!
15:27:32 <jwf> And we could revisit for the third week, if I am free or not
15:27:43 <jwf> dhanesh95: Yeah… May is always a crazy time for me every year.
15:28:28 <dhanesh95> I remember you were away last year and CommOps was literally in a limbo
15:28:32 <bt0> this time is good for me, i can chair
15:28:44 <dhanesh95> Yayy! bt0++
15:28:45 <jwf> dhanesh95: I'm hoping for less of a limbo this summer :-)
15:28:59 <jwf> bt0++ Awesome! Thanks. I will make that note for the next two meetings then.
15:29:18 <jwf> #info bt0 will chair the next two meetings on Monday, May 7 and Monday, May 14, in lieu of jwf's absence
15:29:23 <dhanesh95> With my change in job, I can be around more too now. I can help out bt0 if need be.
15:29:32 <jwf> dhanesh95++ Always appreciated too :)
15:29:41 <jwf> I will be keeping up mostly in tickets and the mailing list for this month
15:29:54 <jwf> But the Telegram bridge also makes it a little easier for me to follow along with things too
15:30:09 <jwf> Okay, we are right at the end of the hour!
15:30:13 <jwf> Anyone have anything else to cover?
15:30:15 <dhanesh95> jwf: I'm assuming you'll be having exams.
15:30:55 <jwf> dhanesh95: Not this time, actually. I'm finishing my internship this week. Then I am traveling this weekend, and the week after, I am going to PyCon US in Cleveland, Ohio with bee2502.
15:31:21 <jwf> For the third week, I might be going to OSCAL 2018 in Albania, but nothing is booked yet
15:31:21 <bt0> awesome
15:31:30 <dhanesh95> jwf: Safe travels! And best of luck for everything!
15:31:37 <jwf> Cheers, thanks!
15:31:43 <jwf> Oh, and seriously, congrats on the new gig, dhanesh95 :D
15:31:56 <dhanesh95> jwf: Thanks! :D
15:32:03 <jwf> With that, I think we can wrap up here
15:32:09 <jwf> Thanks everyone for coming out!
15:32:19 <jwf> And see you around in the Fedora-universe :-)
15:32:20 <dhanesh95> Thanks again for chairing jwf !
15:32:22 <jwf> #endmeeting