19:05:07 <rdieter> #startmeeting Fedora Board Meeting
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19:05:24 <rdieter> #topic roll call
19:05:32 <rdieter> who's present today?
19:05:36 * ke4qqq 
19:06:21 <rdieter> smooge, ke4qqq, jds2001 : ping'y ping'y
19:06:57 * ke4qqq saw toshio floating around earlier too
19:07:05 <rdieter> abadger1999: ping
19:07:27 <rdieter> jreznik: ping, if you're still alive
19:07:43 * jreznik is here
19:07:54 <jreznik> trying to survive
19:08:05 <smooge> oing
19:08:18 <rdieter> #info rdieter ke4qqq jreznik smooge present
19:08:26 <rdieter> #chair ke4qqq jreznik smooge
19:08:26 <zodbot> Current chairs: jreznik ke4qqq rdieter smooge
19:09:06 <rdieter> most others are out and about, busy elsewhere today
19:09:19 <rdieter> #topic agenda
19:09:23 <smooge> spot and jsmit are at sxsw  I believe
19:09:39 <rdieter> on to what to today, I forgot to bother to ask jsmith if he had more that naming for us today.
19:09:56 <abadger1999> Hey.  In and out.
19:09:58 <abadger1999> I'm currently here.
19:10:14 <rdieter> #info abadger1999 present now too
19:10:31 <rdieter> so besides F16 naming, anything else to cover in this meeting?
19:10:44 <smooge> abadger1999 is at pycon?
19:10:49 <abadger1999> smooge: correct.
19:11:06 <smooge> rdieter, I do not have anything on the governance parts..
19:11:09 * rdieter checks trac for any low-hanging fruit
19:11:37 <rdieter> smooge: ok, what is on your plate wrt governance anyway?  I forget...
19:12:04 <smooge> I was going to move from what we started in FudCon
19:12:34 <smooge> I plan to have a "charter" discussing what we have currently and then people can move from there.
19:13:07 <rdieter> good, I like that direction
19:13:12 <abadger1999> rdieter: Announcing cancellation of meetings is an open ticket -- it's jsut informational and then I'll add that to the meetings page unless someone disagrees.
19:13:36 <smooge> I am trying to find what we had written on the board about problems and solutions but if I can't find it will make it up as I go.
19:14:02 <rdieter> #info smooge to continue working on crafting governance draft
19:14:35 <rdieter> abadger1999: thanks
19:15:08 <rdieter> abadger1999: go for it, I mean, there's not been any comment, but it seems like an obviously good thing to do ... to me.
19:15:25 <abadger1999> Excellent.
19:15:55 <rdieter> #undo
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19:16:02 <rdieter> #action smooge to continue working on crafting governance draft
19:16:07 <rdieter> there, more fancy
19:16:35 <smooge> cool
19:16:37 <rdieter> #action abadger1999 to document procedure for board meeting cancellations
19:17:55 * rdieter is hunting for f16 name url
19:18:41 <jreznik> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Name_suggestions_for_Fedora_16
19:19:34 <rdieter> thank you!
19:19:47 <rdieter> #topic F16 names -- http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Name_suggestions_for_Fedora_16
19:20:44 <rdieter> for lack of anything else to do, should we knock out a few of these, looking for trademark collisions, or other reasons to drop from the list...
19:22:08 <ke4qqq> yep.... there are some with acknowledged problems that don't fit the bill to begin with methinks.
19:23:00 <smooge> I know mine of "none" does not fit the bill. but I figured I would  represent the people who are wanting names to go away.
19:23:27 <rdieter> represent'in the peeps
19:24:03 <ke4qqq> for instance - hawking is still alive.
19:24:25 <rdieter> lemme see, anything that is NACK'd at this step, what's the procedure then?  mark it such in the "Board approved" column of the wiki?
19:24:51 <smooge> ke4qqq, the people have to be dead?
19:24:58 <rdieter> or... how about we just spend this time to chop of the list and delegate each of us to look at a piece?
19:25:10 <ke4qqq> smooge: it says living people will be rejected on the submission page
19:25:17 <rbergeron> The following links will also likely be rejected:
19:25:20 <rbergeron> * Other cities in Nevada * Names of living people * Well-known trademarks
19:25:36 * rbergeron apologizes for disregarding board meeting on irc procedure
19:25:39 <rbergeron> :)
19:26:57 <jreznik> rdieter: +1
19:27:03 <rdieter> rbergeron: there's few enough of us today, I think it's a-ok
19:27:31 * rdieter dubs rbergeron honorary board-member-for-purposes-of-speaking for the duration of the meeting
19:28:16 * rbergeron would suspect that the living person thing likely has to do with that living person being able to come over and scream about how they don't want a totally awesome distro named after them for 6 months of their life
19:28:32 * rbergeron bows to rdieter :)
19:28:50 <rdieter> ok, let's see about the list then.
19:29:04 <ke4qqq> there are 55 names proposed, so relatively easy to dispense them - how do we want to annotate?
19:30:51 <rdieter> ke4qqq: I'd say use the "Board Approved" column, and use OK and NOT OK (+potential reason).
19:31:09 <rdieter> or ACK, NACK, if we want to bike-shed a little
19:31:55 <ke4qqq> ok, so obvious NOT OK is easy - are we dividing, or just attacking them all?
19:32:57 <smooge> how many are here currently ?
19:33:00 <rdieter> let's divide and conquer
19:33:34 <rdieter> and, preferably, do the conquering post-meeting, and save the rest for Q&A or something
19:33:42 <ke4qqq> 4
19:33:49 <ke4qqq> abadger is in and out
19:34:14 <jreznik> maybe it makes sense to go one by one together - as for example - I can't feel "not ok" names because of cultural difference etc.
19:34:34 <rdieter> jreznik: if in doubt, feel free to ask for help/advice, no worries
19:34:53 <rdieter> alright, let's go through a couple perhaps for practice.
19:35:11 <rdieter> Weed
19:36:21 <rdieter> and do the google step of looking for trademark collisions
19:36:52 <rdieter> (unless we want to trust submitters when then filled in the "Tested" column?)
19:37:01 <ke4qqq> hmmmm so i get an interesting problem
19:37:02 <rdieter> well, this is just an example, so... :)
19:37:09 <smooge> Jonas Weed died in 1806
19:37:17 * ke4qqq is at the library ATM - and it won't let me google for weed IT, weed computers, etc.
19:37:39 <rbergeron> lol
19:37:40 <rdieter> ke4qqq: ok, so just follow along with the rest of us for that step.
19:37:54 <ke4qqq> so maybe common sense dictates that something likely to be censored/filtered is a bad idea
19:37:54 <smooge> sorry 1676
19:38:07 <rdieter> offhand, I don't see any (obvious) trademark collisions
19:38:27 <smooge> ke4qqq, search for kudzu. it is a weed :)
19:38:57 <ke4qqq> smooge: no need to search, I can see it right outside the window :)
19:39:10 <smooge> Weed Computers & Electronics in California
19:39:48 <smooge> several Tumble Weed software companies
19:39:50 <jreznik> smooge: it's related to Weed city
19:40:09 <jreznik> Weed, CA yellow pages are most of my results
19:40:27 <rdieter> alrighty, looks like a ding, there to me so NACK, any objections?
19:40:29 <smooge> there is a Weed Heights Nevada
19:40:46 <ke4qqq> no objections
19:41:14 <rdieter> oh wait, it's just a place.  that's ok, I think.
19:41:34 <jreznik> yep
19:41:37 <rdieter> I thought the business smooge found was called "Weed Computers & Electronics"
19:42:29 <rdieter> and the "is a..." link looks legit.  (pending if we want to verify if the claims of founding 2 towns is true)
19:42:41 <smooge> well the Lovelock was a place so I think we want to avoid places in general to keep away from being too similar to the last nameset
19:42:57 <rdieter> true, and linking out of this may be tricky
19:43:02 <smooge> rdieter, I checked. he did found two townships in Mass
19:43:09 <jreznik> There's Weed & Co. LLP "we're experienced in the intricacies of securities and corporate law and" - OK
19:43:14 <smooge> rdieter, the next one would be Kudzu
19:43:30 <rdieter> that's one at least. :)
19:43:33 <jreznik> hh, try to look for "weed company", one of top results "Legalized Medical Marijuana Company Now Public Stock, Really"
19:45:26 <rdieter> not sure if it's worth mentioning *every* Marijuana-related business as related in the "Tested" column, maybe just say there are some.
19:45:37 <smooge> actually to be honest.. without spot here I am not sure we are going to make good progress.
19:45:49 <smooge> normally he can give a "oh yeah like thats gonna fly"
19:46:02 <rbergeron> i think ke4qqq's point about "if it's getting filtered out by filters" that's probably a bad sign.
19:46:14 <rbergeron> we likely don't want people googling for fedora weed and never being able to find it.
19:46:16 <ke4qqq> I still fall back to the 'if it's likely to be censored/filtered' common sense dictates it's a bad idea.
19:46:33 <rdieter> common sense is good too, indeed
19:46:37 <jreznik> but there's opportunity for nice (one flower) theming :)
19:47:58 <ke4qqq> lol
19:48:20 <rdieter> any questions about the name clearing procedure?  else, I'd say let's move on to some Q&A before we get too long here
19:48:52 <rdieter> and those with time today, work on the name list as able
19:49:28 <jreznik> home work to go through names + fab list?
19:50:11 <rdieter> #action board members with time/energy please work through f16 name list as you're able
19:50:33 <rdieter> #topic Q and A
19:50:49 <rdieter> any other business or questions for the board ?
19:50:53 <smooge> well who gets which ones
19:51:23 <ke4qqq> 14 a piece?? /me volunteers for 15-29 :)
19:51:36 <spevack> I have a comment, when you get to open floor.
19:52:29 <ke4qqq> spevack: go for it.
19:52:40 <spevack> .---. __
19:52:43 <spevack> ,         /     \   \    ||||
19:52:46 <spevack> \\\\      |O___O |    | \\||||
19:52:48 <spevack> \   //    | \_/  |    |  \   /
19:52:51 <spevack> '--/----/|     /     |   |-'
19:52:53 <spevack> // //  /     -----'
19:52:56 <spevack> //  \\ /      /
19:52:58 <spevack> //  // /      /
19:53:01 <spevack> //  \\ /      /
19:53:03 <spevack> //  // /      /
19:53:06 <spevack> /|   ' /      /
19:53:08 <spevack> //\___/      /
19:53:11 <spevack> //   ||\     /
19:53:14 <spevack> \\_  || '---'
19:53:16 <spevack> /' /  \\_.-
19:53:19 <spevack> /  /    --| |
19:53:21 <spevack> '-'      |  |
19:53:24 <spevack> '-'
19:53:26 <spevack> EOF
19:53:38 <ke4qqq> that was a mouthful
19:54:31 <rdieter> come to think of it, honestly, will mr beefy have any real competition? (provided it clears vetting)
19:54:51 <rbergeron> I don't know that anyone can ketchup at this point
19:54:59 * rdieter groans
19:55:12 <rdieter> set that one up
19:56:06 * ke4qqq is shocked that the BeefyMiracle seems more popular than even bacon has been in past years....and zod before that... I think no one (save legal perhaps) can stand in the way of the beefy miracle
19:56:07 <rdieter> #info spevack censured for beefymiracle paste spam (kudos)
19:56:31 <smooge> spevack, wow.. that looks really awful in proportional fonts
19:56:54 <smooge> none
19:56:58 <spevack> ke4qqq: i also noticed one of the name options was "Cunningham" which is the last name of red hat's general counsel :)
19:57:14 <rbergeron> there is an a-bun-dance of names - perhaps there will be a slight amount of competition
19:57:50 <spevack> smooge: but it looks AWESOME in monospace ;)
19:58:06 <spevack> credit to notting for the design, btw
19:58:53 <ke4qqq> spevack: I've conditionally notified our marriott contact to reserve the cricket field for your event. :)
19:59:19 <rdieter> top of the hour is drawing near... I'll close the meeting in 2 minutes, if there's no other business.
19:59:26 <smooge> spevack, I don't doubt.. It looks like a frog on a fork
19:59:29 <smooge> have to leave now
20:00:20 <spevack> ke4qqq: your ability to think ahead in that way is part of the reason why you are such an excellent Fedora Board member.  I commend you, sir.
20:00:42 <spevack> rdieter: i don't relish my censure, but I will accept it as part of my duties to the Meat SIG.
20:01:14 <rdieter> we should take this show on the road
20:01:30 <rdieter> good stuff, thanks everybody!
20:01:33 <rdieter> #endmeeting