18:59:57 <smooge> #startmeeting Fedora Infrastructure Ops Daily Standup Meeting
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18:59:58 <smooge> #chair cverna mboddu nirik relrod smooge
18:59:58 <smooge> #info meeting is 30 minutes MAX. At the end of 30, its stops
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18:59:58 <zodbot> Current chairs: cverna mboddu nirik relrod smooge
18:59:58 <smooge> #topic Tickets needing review
19:00:00 <smooge> #info https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issues?status=Open&priority=1
19:00:14 * mboddu is kinda here
19:00:16 * cverna is here
19:00:24 <cverna> kinda o/ mboddu
19:01:13 <nirik> hello
19:01:27 <nirik> .ticket 8691
19:01:28 <zodbot> nirik: Issue #8691: Automation of doc stg internationalization scripts - fedora-infrastructure - Pagure.io - https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/8691
19:01:31 * smooge is in his 6th meeting today
19:01:33 <mboddu> cverna: Hehe, looking at some modularity stuff and following the bodhi composes...
19:02:00 <cverna> sounds like misc is going to work on that one
19:02:04 <nirik> so I am not sure whats being asked here... I guess a new openshift app/proect?
19:02:34 <linuxmodder> nirik,  respins SIG no longer needs respins.fic.o oyu can nuke the old tracker host at your convience
19:02:42 <nirik> linuxmodder: great! thanks!
19:02:55 <cverna> yes I think what we can do is provide the hardware/resources but doing the work will be a bit more difficult
19:03:10 <nirik> so, I guess move to waiting for asignee, assign to misc? or was he just commenting?
19:03:40 <cverna> this let me think he is going to do the work --> https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/infrastructure@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/6DBSYAYVEHNXBL466QS22DXVYYJUHISS/
19:03:56 <cverna> but we can ask him to confirm in the ticket
19:04:09 <cverna> I ll update the ticket
19:04:19 <nirik> ok.
19:04:29 <fm-admin> pagure.issue.edit -- cverna edited the priority fields of ticket fedora-infrastructure#8691 https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/8691
19:04:55 <nirik> .ticket 8692
19:04:56 <zodbot> nirik: Issue #8692: Cleanup development branches KDSoap - fedora-infrastructure - Pagure.io - https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/8692
19:05:05 <fm-admin> pagure.issue.comment.added -- cverna commented on ticket fedora-infrastructure#8691: "Automation of doc stg internationalization scripts" https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/8691#comment-629067
19:05:22 <nirik> so, this would have been 'closed -> nope' a few days ago... but fesco approved a process for deleting branches.
19:05:41 <cverna> ha I was about to say that this is not allowed :P
19:05:55 <nirik> so, change to waiting on asignee, and assign to churchyard because he said he would do them
19:06:07 <nirik> https://pagure.io/fesco/issue/2340 for reference
19:06:23 <cverna> would be good to have an automated process for that, since I guess we will have quite a few requests
19:06:37 <nirik> I am not sure we can automate it, but open to ideas.
19:06:40 <fm-admin> pagure.issue.edit -- cverna edited the priority fields of ticket fedora-infrastructure#8692 https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/8692
19:06:49 <nirik> I liked 'no' better personally. ;)
19:06:59 <fm-admin> pagure.issue.assigned.added -- cverna assigned ticket fedora-infrastructure#8692 to churchyard https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/8692
19:07:14 <nirik> .ticket 8693
19:07:15 <zodbot> nirik: Issue #8693: Please create `copr-team` bot user - fedora-infrastructure - Pagure.io - https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/8693
19:07:27 <nirik> did pingou ever get to making a sop for this?
19:07:48 <nirik> anyhow, waiting on asignee, if we have an sop anyone with access can do it.
19:08:15 <fm-admin> pagure.issue.edit -- cverna edited the priority fields of ticket fedora-infrastructure#8693 https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/8693
19:08:26 <nirik> .ticket 8694
19:08:27 <zodbot> nirik: Issue #8694: Rename the Github project securitas to noggin - fedora-infrastructure - Pagure.io - https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/8694
19:08:39 <nirik> I can go do this one now I guess?
19:09:23 <cverna> yeah, I am also happy to help with the github request but I guess I will need more permissions there
19:10:00 <nirik> I can look at adding you (somewhere? I am not sure on github perms ;)
19:10:24 <cverna> haha :)
19:10:39 <fm-admin> pagure.issue.edit -- kevin edited the close_status and status fields of ticket fedora-infrastructure#8694 https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/8694
19:10:40 <fm-admin> pagure.issue.comment.added -- kevin commented on ticket fedora-infrastructure#8694: "Rename the Github project securitas to noggin" https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/8694#comment-629072
19:12:03 <smooge> I do not have any github permissions either so we may all be out of luck here
19:12:04 <nirik> cverna: congrats you are an 'owner' now
19:12:12 <nirik> smooge: I can add you too?
19:12:23 <nirik> you are already a owner
19:12:26 <smooge> sure.. then tell me how to use this gutgrub thing
19:12:38 <nirik> no idea! I'm sure it's just a fad
19:12:58 <nirik> thats all our needs reviews
19:13:03 <nirik> any others we want to talk about?
19:13:04 <cverna> smooge: just avoid to click on the RED button :)
19:13:22 <mboddu> And delete all :)
19:13:26 <mboddu> nirik: Yes
19:13:28 <cverna> yes i have one just a moment
19:13:34 <mboddu> cverna: Go ahead
19:13:38 <mboddu> I will go next
19:13:41 <smooge> the shiney red button?
19:14:02 <nirik> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQTwlIxpGvc
19:14:16 <cverna> .ticket  5315
19:14:17 <zodbot> cverna: Issue #5315: New package review tickets page - RFE for ON_QA - fedora-infrastructure - Pagure.io - https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/5315
19:14:45 <cverna> so mattia did some work on a new version, but I am not sure how we want to deploy it
19:14:57 <cverna> new version of review-stats
19:15:01 <nirik> ah yes.
19:15:16 <cverna> OpenShift is a bit of an overkill since we have to run a webserver etc ...
19:15:33 <cverna> I think the current setup on the proxies is nice
19:15:37 <nirik> the current thing is a script that runs on sundries01 and then writes content that is synced to proxies
19:15:56 <nirik> so we could just run it on sundries (thats el7 tho if that matters)
19:16:13 <cverna> ha ok do we want an rpm to deploy the new version ? it has a few dependencies ?
19:16:27 <cverna> we could just have it in the infra tag I guess
19:16:38 <nirik> sure.
19:16:56 <cverna> ok I ll update the ticket to ask mattia if he wants to look at that
19:16:57 <nirik> is it packaged? we could also just git pull / run it?
19:17:16 <cverna> we could but then we need to install git on the sundries
19:17:19 <cverna> is that fine ?
19:17:34 <nirik> yeah, they have it already for websites... it pulls content etc
19:17:59 <cverna> ok so we could look at that, I think all the dependencies are packaged
19:18:13 * mboddu prefers packaging it, which seems simpler to maintain and automate it
19:18:16 <cverna> so we could install the deps as rpm and just git pull the repo
19:18:43 <nirik> yeah, either way
19:18:47 <cverna> not sure it is simplier to maintain since you now have to
19:18:51 <nirik> just needs someone driving it forward
19:18:57 <cverna> maintian the rpm*
19:19:10 <cverna> I ll update the ticket and ask mattia what he prefers
19:19:20 <nirik> +1
19:19:28 <cverna> it would be nice to deploy the new version since he put quite some effort in t
19:19:32 <cverna> it*
19:19:45 <cverna> that's all from me
19:19:55 <smooge> i am mostly trying to get nagios working
19:20:24 <smooge> if someone knows jinja and ansible and can make some of my f*cked up logic faster for some of the templates I would appreciate it
19:20:41 <fm-admin> pagure.issue.comment.added -- churchyard commented on ticket fedora-infrastructure#8692: "Cleanup development branches KDSoap" https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/8692#comment-629075
19:21:21 <mboddu> I have one thing to discuss
19:21:28 <nirik> mboddu: fire away
19:21:29 <mboddu> And it might shotdown right away
19:21:31 <mboddu> But...
19:21:31 <smooge> currently various sections of the playbook take over 10 minutes to do because each one loops through all our variables and decided 'do I want to monitor this'
19:21:40 <cverna> smooge: I don't mind looking at it with you but probably tomorrow
19:21:41 <mboddu> nirik: Can I get access to robosig?
19:21:44 <smooge> np
19:22:04 <nirik> mboddu: sure... you already did actually I thought at one time...
19:22:15 <mboddu> nirik: I promise I wont do anything other than looking at the logs
19:22:21 <nirik> it now needs another pass phrase to restart things.
19:22:36 <nirik> anyhow, sure, let me send you info out of meeting?
19:22:43 <mboddu> nirik: Sure
19:22:49 * nirik does not want to be a SPOF
19:22:51 <mboddu> Do you want me to create a ticket?
19:22:56 <smooge> I think robosig should only be allowed for people who are no longer day2day active. dgilmore, puiterwijk, relrod. That way we know that when things are being worked on we had to pay a large bribe
19:23:20 <nirik> mboddu: naw, let me send you an email with the info? (but not the passphrase)
19:23:22 <cverna> haha
19:23:37 <mboddu> nirik, smooge : Haha :)
19:23:42 <smooge> the passphrase is "Hey thats the same password as my luggage"
19:23:57 * smooge fills in for bowlofeggs also
19:24:10 <cverna> smooge: it is missing a special character :P
19:24:11 <mboddu> smooge: Nope, its "123456" most commenly used password in 2019
19:24:26 * dgilmore eyes up smooge
19:24:33 * cverna needs to go update his bank password, thanks mboddu
19:24:39 <nirik> needs more ₔ
19:25:10 <cverna> ok if we are done, I ll go afk I had a long day :)
19:25:13 <nirik> actually, shall I send this email to also cverna / smooge ? in case you need to get in there? or sysadmin-main (who would have access)
19:25:25 <mboddu> cverna: Oh, only if I know your user id ;)
19:25:32 <nirik> you still need the passphrase to restart it tho
19:25:34 * puiterwijk reads back....
19:25:51 <nirik> puiterwijk: looking at autosign / robosign logs...
19:26:02 <nirik> although... actually.
19:26:22 <cverna> nirik: I don't mind being able to look at the logs, that way we can tell people if it is still running or not for sure
19:26:36 <nirik> log01 should work fine. ;)
19:26:41 <puiterwijk> I'm.. not sure what the context is. But giving lots of access to that box is worrysome. And most info can be gathered from the signing-bridge.
19:26:43 <puiterwijk> Or indeed log01
19:26:46 <smooge> cverna, I think we are done. I am down to telling dad jokes
19:27:03 <nirik> login to log01, /var/log/merged/messages.log and grep out autosign01
19:27:14 <cverna> nirik: ha ha did not know about that
19:27:32 <mboddu> Me neither
19:27:36 <cverna> so I am happy with this, but I think it would be good to have at least mboddu being able to restart things
19:27:43 <cverna> so we have 2 persons
19:27:53 <cverna> to cover PTOs etc ...
19:27:58 * nirik nods. I thought I sent him the passphrase when we set it up...
19:28:01 <nirik> but I could be wrong?
19:28:08 <puiterwijk> Well, we have 2 right now. I can also restart things if need be I believe.
19:28:38 <nirik> mboddu: can you check for that?
19:28:47 <cverna> puiterwijk: cool as long as you are happy to be pinged I am fine with that :)
19:28:48 <nirik> puiterwijk: yeah, but we don't want to bother you...
19:28:58 <mboddu> nirik: Sure, but only you and puiterwijk has access to it
19:29:02 <mboddu> afaik
19:29:09 <nirik> mboddu: let me drop you an email.
19:29:09 <puiterwijk> nirik: that's fine with me.
19:29:14 <nirik> ok
19:29:23 <puiterwijk> But sure, adding mboddu is fine. Just saying we already are not SPOF
19:30:42 <nirik> great. :)
19:30:50 <nirik> anything else today?
19:31:01 <mboddu> nirik: I found an email about it, but how to access it?
19:31:08 <mboddu> it = autosign01
19:31:16 <nirik> I am sending you an email with that information.
19:31:28 <nirik> I am not publishing it in our meeting. ;)
19:31:28 <mboddu> Okay, sounds good
19:31:37 <cverna> :)
19:31:42 <mboddu> nirik: np, its all FOSS :)
19:31:50 * mboddu hides from puiterwijk
19:31:57 <cverna> thanks all and talk to you tomorrow :)
19:32:05 <mboddu> Thank you all
19:32:48 <nirik> thanks
19:32:51 <nirik> #endmeeting