14:31:50 <spevack> #startmeeting
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14:31:55 <spevack> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Events_FAD_2010
14:32:18 <spevack> So, we've got two IRC channels that we're using for this FAD
14:32:22 <spevack> #fad and #fedora-fad
14:32:32 <spevack> #fad is going to be our primary home, and the place where the FUDCon track is happening.
14:32:39 <spevack> #fedora-fad will be where the folks working on FUDCon Live end up
14:32:53 <spevack> We're about to get started with some general information and setting up the day
14:33:01 <spevack> then at around :00 we'll be splitting into our two tracks
14:33:08 <loupgaroublond> cool, i was wondering how that was going to get split up
14:36:40 <ke4qqq> Max talking about remote access
14:37:02 <ke4qqq> max: because we have two tracks we are going to run in both #fad and #fedora-fad
14:37:29 <ke4qqq> max: #fad fudcon brainstorming #fedora-fad fudcon-live
14:37:58 <ke4qqq> max: will rotate transcriber
14:38:13 <ke4qqq> paul: after each break transcriber assigned
14:38:26 <ke4qqq> max: we have voice available
14:38:49 <ke4qqq> clint: we should record and stream through asterisk
14:39:44 <ke4qqq> max: we have swag, including case badges
14:40:22 <ke4qqq> max: asking about hotel and transport issues and whether we'll continue using this hotel for the future
14:40:32 <jds2001> "the end of the world is coming"
14:40:35 <ke4qqq> max: the end of the world as we know it is coming - 3 inches at a time
14:40:39 <jds2001> :)
14:41:08 <ke4qqq> if the end of the world comes during avatar - we might feel like we are trapped
14:42:01 <mchua_afk> spevack, can you chair the rest of us so we can #<foo>?
14:42:25 <loupgaroublond> i'm not sure you need to be chair for that
14:42:36 <mchua> loupgaroublond: for #topic we do
14:42:39 <loupgaroublond> and if you do, and the bot fails, a good grep will take you a long way
14:42:40 <mchua> and that'll help break up the logs.
14:42:43 <loupgaroublond> ah :)
14:42:43 <mchua> true.
14:42:52 <jds2001> .chiar #fad mchua
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14:43:48 <jds2001> #chair SMParrish ctyler dgilmore ke4qqq
14:43:48 <zodbot> Current chairs: SMParrish ctyler dgilmore jds2001 ke4qqq mchua spevack
14:43:50 <ke4qqq> max: ground rules: lunch at 1300 eastern
14:45:00 <mchua> jds2001 has magical powers! thanks!
14:46:47 <stickster> max: Goal is to remove assumption that exist around premier Fedora events
14:46:52 <ke4qqq> max: goal of brainstorming session is to remove all assumptions that currently exist around premier feodra events
14:47:01 <ke4qqq> hmmmmm /me wonders if we should elect a transcriber :)
14:47:10 <stickster> ke4qqq: go ahead
14:47:12 <stickster> I'll listen
14:47:16 <stickster> :-)
14:47:30 <ke4qqq> stickster: I'll run til next break at least
14:47:35 <inode0> it is ok to stress important points :)
14:48:36 <ke4qqq> clint: what events will we support in addition to fads and fudcons (example: scale)
14:48:57 <ke4qqq> max added to the list: tiers of events overall
14:51:16 * loupgaroublond reminds transcribers to take regular typing breaks, if you're going to do this for three days straight, don't burn yourselves out
14:51:16 <ke4qqq> small contingent left the room to get performance enhancing drinks and post it notes
14:54:22 <ke4qqq> mel: drawing board - creates matrix of topics
14:54:34 <ke4qqq> max: reading wikipage
14:55:09 <ke4qqq> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Events_FAD_2010#Friday_January_29
15:00:18 <ke4qqq> paul: the implicit difference seems to be that FADs have fixed goals, whereas FUDcon has less 'stringent' requirements.
15:01:02 <ke4qqq> mel: writing rules: no critique; build on existing ideas
15:01:11 <stickster> Mel is sending us up to the board to do a post-it note exercise
15:01:25 <stickster> She's going to take over transcription AIUI
15:01:33 <ke4qqq> mel: is ordering us to close our laptops
15:01:51 <spevack> We're brainstorming 4 main questions -- and we want any ideas that you have:
15:01:57 <spevack> (1) What is a good FUDCon?
15:02:06 <spevack> (2) What is a good FAD?
15:02:10 <spevack> (3) diff FUDCon FAD
15:02:23 <spevack> (4) How do we send stuff around to FUDCons, FADs, and top-tier events?
15:03:06 <spevack> Starting with (1)
15:03:08 <mchua> Please dump in brainstorm ideas here!
15:03:12 <mchua> #topic What is a good FUDCon?
15:03:16 <mchua> We'll go for 5min then switch
15:03:22 <spevack> * ownership model
15:03:29 <spevack> * social interaction
15:03:36 <mchua> ReHacking at hackfests
15:03:37 <mchua> planning tracks
15:03:40 <mchua> ownership model RACI
15:03:46 <mchua> less design brainstorms
15:03:47 <loupgaroublond> * new ideas coming out of fudcon
15:03:57 <mchua> fewer simultaneous tracks
15:04:22 <loupgaroublond> are we discussing the good or the bad right now?
15:04:32 <mchua> A places for folks in the community who don't normally interact with each other to interact
15:04:36 <mchua> loupgaroublond: all
15:04:43 <mchua> loupgaroublond: answers to the question "whta makes a good fudcon?"
15:04:48 <mchua> less planning more hacking
15:04:59 <loupgaroublond> ah
15:05:06 <mchua> generalized calendar that lets people figure out their travel in advnace
15:05:07 <loupgaroublond> well, i like the planning for future versions
15:05:12 <mchua> developers to interact with users
15:05:17 <mchua> better local involvement
15:05:19 <loupgaroublond> its what fudcon really grew up from
15:05:25 <mchua> how long should it be?
15:05:53 <mchua> tour guides so n00bs don't get lost
15:05:54 <loupgaroublond> being able to ask people 'by the way' sorts of questions
15:05:56 <mchua> regional focus
15:06:17 <loupgaroublond> and because it hasn't been said yet, barcamp style is good
15:06:36 <mchua> What's the core of FUDCon?
15:06:45 <mchua> loupgaroublond: I'm transcribing your post-its to the wall, btw
15:06:58 <mchua> should RH sponsor everything?
15:07:08 <mchua> is FUDCon RH's gift to the community?
15:07:30 <mchua> participatory limits: do we need them?
15:07:50 <loupgaroublond> fudcon has been in some ways a nice gift, but its not the only one
15:08:01 <mchua> have cross-sections of fedora represented
15:08:22 <inode0> is Fedora Red Hat's gift to the community?
15:08:23 <mchua> better organized events
15:08:25 <mchua> does not kill anyone
15:08:29 <mchua> (planners, etc)
15:08:43 <loupgaroublond> people showing up on time
15:09:28 <mchua> FOOD
15:09:29 <loupgaroublond> being in walking distance between hotel, event, and after events, or having good transportation available
15:09:38 <inode0> one thought I've had is splitting the barcamp over two partial days with hacking sharing the time
15:09:41 <mchua> start on time all the time
15:09:58 <inode0> possibly developer oriented barcamp one day, user oriented the other
15:10:10 <inode0> to ease organization of the barcamp each morning
15:10:38 <mchua> beer for all meals
15:10:47 <loupgaroublond> hehe, it's not fosdem ;)
15:10:53 <laubersm> south in the winter, north in the summer
15:11:10 <laubersm> (if we are moving into the beer at all meals wish list)
15:11:18 <mchua> new contribs join
15:11:41 <mchua> laubersm: everyone cheers
15:11:42 <loupgaroublond> more upstream
15:11:57 * loupgaroublond is not cheering, he likes the cold
15:12:07 <mchua> NEXT QUESTION
15:12:08 <loupgaroublond> next fudcon in the NL
15:12:13 <mchua> #topic What's the difference between a FUDCon and a FAD?
15:12:27 <mchua> focus
15:12:27 <mchua> $
15:12:28 <loupgaroublond> scope
15:12:34 <mchua> FAD has single narrow focus
15:12:48 <loupgaroublond> also size
15:12:51 <inode0> well defined deliverables in advance
15:13:05 <loupgaroublond> depending on the fad, its a matter of who is doing the organising
15:13:18 <mchua> fixed goals
15:13:20 <mchua> no users
15:13:30 <loupgaroublond> for example, we could have a virt and sysadmin fad in the NL, and that would be organised outside of comm-arch in red hat
15:13:31 <inode0> sometimes users
15:13:35 <mchua> environment should be conducive to accomplishing specific goals
15:13:53 <loupgaroublond> fudcons are barcamps, fads are generally not
15:14:20 <mchua> short runway
15:14:21 <loupgaroublond> generally speaking, most attendants at fads already know each other
15:14:39 <mchua> can be attached to events
15:14:49 <inode0> FADs held in conjunction with events do attract some users who can be brought up to speed at the beginning and participate productively depending on the task
15:15:11 <inode0> creating new contributors
15:15:22 * loupgaroublond thinks fads and fudcons attached to events are counterproductive
15:15:34 <loupgaroublond> but please prove me wrong :)
15:16:04 <mchua> next!
15:16:07 <mchua> #topic what makes a good FAD?
15:16:24 <mchua> an assortment of skils
15:16:26 <mchua> clear tasks
15:16:42 <mchua> goals accomplished
15:16:52 <inode0> loupgaroublond: during an event I mostly agree, the day before or after not so much
15:16:52 <mchua> social internaction
15:17:00 <mchua> something accomplishable quickly
15:17:04 <mchua> whipmaster
15:17:07 <loupgaroublond> inode0, ah ok, edge case :)
15:17:14 <mchua> committed people
15:17:23 <mchua> FOOD
15:17:32 <loupgaroublond> getting those individuals together 3-4 times a year to do lots of work quickly
15:17:41 <loupgaroublond> activity sprints
15:17:46 <mchua> environment
15:18:02 <mchua> higher frequency of FADs
15:18:13 <mchua> pre-planning
15:18:27 <mchua> external involvement and expectations for people not at the FAD expecting those at the FAD to get stuff done
15:18:30 <mchua> low barrier to initiation
15:18:33 <loupgaroublond> snow, and the accompanying snowball fight
15:19:10 <loupgaroublond> the accompanying team building that comes from the experience
15:19:31 <mchua> builds individual skillsets
15:19:38 <loupgaroublond> making sure you accomplish as many action items during the fad, and walk away with as few necessary
15:20:13 <mchua> more advertising
15:20:40 <mchua> something that exists at the end that didn't before
15:20:43 <mchua> flexibility of scheduling
15:20:53 <loupgaroublond> strong online presence
15:20:56 <mchua> FADS as needed, not just because it's time
15:21:18 <mchua> flexible length
15:21:37 <mchua> option to do one-day FADs
15:21:54 <mchua> varying scope
15:22:18 <mchua> low dollar, high value
15:22:22 <mchua> about to switch topics!
15:22:25 <mchua> NEXT!
15:23:04 <mchua> #topic how do we send things to events?
15:23:16 <mchua> (clarification: event box, avkit: how do we figure out who gets them, how do we get it over there and back?
15:23:20 <mchua> events calendar 2.0
15:23:22 <mchua> shipping accounts
15:23:24 <mchua> flying ponies
15:23:24 <mchua> ups
15:23:27 <mchua> regional shipping accounts
15:23:29 <inode0> keep ambassadors well supplied and let them take care of it
15:23:30 <mchua> unicorns
15:23:51 <mchua> levereage ambassasadors
15:23:54 <loupgaroublond> carrier pigeon, 3d printern, teleportation
15:23:56 <mchua> flying saucers
15:24:13 <mchua> $
15:24:21 <mchua> package tracking
15:24:29 <loupgaroublond> a transportation mailing list, 'yo, who's going this direction in the next couple of weeks'
15:24:45 <laubersm> scotty
15:24:46 <loupgaroublond> in europe, in people's cars
15:24:48 <inode0> requests for things should go on the event page
15:24:54 <spevack> regional inventories
15:24:56 <loupgaroublond> peoples', for that matter
15:25:01 <inode0> which ambassadors monitor
15:25:03 <loupgaroublond> swag inventory trac
15:25:03 <spevack> paul -- "we're not clear on what this question is"
15:25:27 <loupgaroublond> stickster, moving things from point A to point B
15:25:42 <loupgaroublond> JIT production of items
15:25:56 <loupgaroublond> in europe, focus on regional resources
15:26:21 <inode0> I can't really imagine a FAD needing an event box or swag ... but we can ship just like we do for any other event
15:26:50 <loupgaroublond> i think this is a general ambassador question
15:26:58 <inode0> avkit is another matter but I don't see any reason we can't move that like we do banners
15:27:39 <mchua> nonprofit
15:27:56 <inode0> ?
15:28:26 <mchua> or other .org
15:28:42 <loupgaroublond> to take legal ownership of swag?
15:28:48 <loupgaroublond> and of a shipping account?
15:29:46 * inode0 is honestly comfortable with the status quo for acquiring and shipping Fedora supplies around NA
15:29:59 <mchua> brainstorm wrapping up, any last thoughts?
15:30:05 <mchua> we've transcribed just about every post-it on the wal
15:30:35 <mchua> note that the first two questions are the most important - remember that the 4th especially (how to get stuff around) is supposed to be in support of the first two (what's a good fudcon/fad)
15:30:46 <mchua> otherwise we can end up talking about ambassadors stuff all day.
15:31:03 * loupgaroublond was wondering, yeah
15:31:29 <inode0> don't worry so much about that, ambassadors can make a suitable process and do it
15:32:05 <mchua> Ayup. but so much of us are involved in ambassadors we need to constantly make sure we're still focused on events. :)
15:32:32 <mchua> last few brainstorms from the room:
15:32:33 <mchua> survey
15:32:34 <mchua> family-friendly
15:32:39 <mchua> shirts for women, big folks, small folks
15:32:52 <inode0> uh oh
15:34:31 * loupgaroublond can see an OLPC playground for kids to enjoy while the slow big folk do fudcon
15:35:05 <mchua> end of brainstorm!
15:35:07 <loupgaroublond> i was actually surprised to see that at a few european events, some local organisation donates netbooks and whatnot for kids to use
15:35:15 <loupgaroublond> always a nice touch
15:35:17 <mchua> #topic What's happening with the FUDCon live track?
15:35:19 <mchua> loupgaroublond: oo nice
15:35:39 <mchua> clint: paul and I were talking about our goals for the fudcon live track yesterday
15:35:43 <loupgaroublond> mchua, you'll have to bring your extended family some time ;)
15:35:55 <mchua> and it's figuring out remote participation - this is something we can do for free software, something we can give back.
15:36:07 <mchua> loupgaroublond: (curious if you have thoughts since you were our fudcon live guru last time)
15:36:26 <mchua> paul: we should be publishing events videos - but using 100% free software.
15:36:57 <mchua> clint: figuring out what's in an avbox we ship to events. does it have webcams, etc?
15:37:04 <loupgaroublond> mchua, i think i put this up on the wiki, but i have some very definite ideas i want to discuss tomorrow when we have time
15:37:06 <mchua> goals I have in mind:
15:37:10 <mchua> * defining use cases
15:37:13 <mchua> * figuring out an architecture
15:37:20 <mchua> loupgaroublond: Awesome. I'll try to get folks to move to IRC asap.
15:37:26 <loupgaroublond> namely, quantifying, determining goals, determining a game plan, and lets see how that goes
15:37:32 <mchua> * improved version of freeseer
15:37:33 <loupgaroublond> mchua, no rush, i have to leave in about half an hour
15:37:37 <mchua> loupgaroublond: gotcha.
15:38:02 <mchua> clint: I want to work with the freeseer folks to find 2-3 major goals we can accomplish codewise ths weekend
15:38:47 <mchua> dennis: we can record during the event, deliver recordings later, if we need to.
15:39:10 <laubersm> be realistic about live streaming - but capture more audio/video for playback later
15:39:22 <laubersm> ...er what dennis said
15:39:32 <mchua> laubersm: ;
15:39:36 <mchua> laubersm: er, ;
15:39:39 <mchua> aAAH can't type
15:39:43 <mchua> laubersm: :)
15:40:14 <mchua> smparrish: question - are there two parts to the fudcon live track? hardware and software?
15:40:30 <mchua> clint: sort of, we're trying out what equipment might look like this weekend too.
15:40:39 <mchua> but we don't have any goals per se for how many event boxes we need, in what regions, etc.
15:40:48 <mchua> let's figure out what's in an avbox first.
15:47:02 <mchua> Ok - we're all gearing into freeseer mode right now, to figure out what's going to be done this weekend.
15:47:06 <mchua> #topic freeseer time!
15:47:12 <mchua> #info join us in #freeseer for the time being
16:02:06 <mchua> j0 ricky, we're planning freeseer stuff in #freeseer
16:02:30 <ricky> Thanks, listening in there too :-)
16:02:43 * loupgaroublond waves at ricky
16:03:34 <ricky> Hey
16:05:07 <spevack> loupgaroublond: you know that we're all in the #freeseer channel, right?
16:05:49 <loupgaroublond> yup
16:06:29 <loupgaroublond> to be completely fair, i'm more intersted in that the technology will be used, but i don't have the free time to follow the details right now
16:07:50 * loupgaroublond has to go now
16:08:01 <loupgaroublond> i'll catch up on the logs first thing tomorrow morning most likely
16:08:24 <loupgaroublond> spevack, we're bidding alex (dreamer) farewell tonight, he's headed off to india for a few months
16:29:39 <herlo> zxiiro: hi, so I am moving locations atm
16:29:47 <herlo> be back in about 10 minutes ....
16:29:56 <herlo> we're going to be testing the current code and seeing how it works...
16:33:14 <zxiiro> herlo: ok, contact if you need any help with the setup
16:33:27 <zxiiro> contact me*
16:45:10 <herlo> zxiiro: in the new room now
16:45:15 <herlo> we'll be updating shortly
16:57:14 <herlo> #action find free alternatives to vga2usb or work with epiphan to make them free
17:01:46 <heffer> herlo, what about an inexpensive VGA to Composite converter which in turn feeds into a standard Composite Video Grabber?
17:01:52 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Events_FAD_2010#Friday_2
17:01:58 <heffer> quality might suffer but that would work
17:02:07 <mchua> now has the contributor schedule online, so people can see who's working on freeseer when.
17:02:12 <herlo> heffer: can you give me some examples?
17:03:20 <heffer> herlo, sure. wait a sec
17:03:26 <herlo> tx
17:04:05 <heffer> you could combine http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.28789 and http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.5707
17:04:42 <heffer> i ordered at dealextreme already. they ship directly from hong kong for free. for me it took 3 weeks to get the stuff (I'm in Germany)
17:05:13 <heffer> so that's like a 45$ investment that might do the job
17:06:19 * herlo looks
17:06:29 <herlo> heffer: we might go looking for one of those today...
17:06:57 <heffer> most of the stuff they sell is made of pretty generic chipsets. so linux support should be available
17:07:32 <herlo> heffer: scan converter is the word I've heard before.  Is that what this is?
17:08:10 <heffer> yes
17:08:20 <herlo> k, I think we can probably round one up
17:08:31 <herlo> the second link you gave looks really promisign
17:09:34 <heffer> well you would need to combine those two devices
17:09:58 <heffer> one to convert the VGA signal to Composite/S-Video the other one to capture it to a video stream
17:11:19 <herlo> ahh
17:12:34 * rbergeron waves
17:13:31 <mchua> hullo rbergeron!
17:14:20 <herlo> mchua: hi
17:14:33 <herlo> so, we just learned some fun facts about the vga2usb device
17:14:43 <heffer> maybe there's a nicer way of doing this. maybe using vnc somehow.
17:14:46 <herlo> mchua: it's not free (as in freedom, or beer)
17:14:48 <zxiiro> o/
17:14:56 <mchua> rbergeron: do you know what's going on? I'm trying hard to keep https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Events_FAD_2010 up to date at all times with links to each track.
17:15:22 <herlo> mchua: can you put that link in the topic maybe?
17:15:27 <mchua> herlo: ...woo boy. Um... what's the anti-libre stuff?
17:15:35 <herlo> mchua: the driver
17:15:38 <mchua> \o/
17:15:43 * mchua sighs
17:15:52 <herlo> and they don't even have the driver for my kernel
17:15:54 <herlo> :(
17:16:05 * mchua will, when taking required electrical engineering classes in grad school, MAKE OPEN HARDWARE DARNIT
17:16:08 * herlo is sad because I didn't consider looking at the drivers
17:16:23 <mchua> Yeah, I hadn't even thought of that either - I just sort of assumed that there'd be an option that would work.
17:16:26 <mchua> Gah.
17:16:36 <mchua> #info vga2usb driver non-free. Problem.
17:16:43 <mchua> herlo: what do we do?
17:17:12 <herlo> mchua: one suggestion is to locate a scan converter
17:18:43 <mchua> herlo: If additional hardware would help, we still have budget, the ability to drive to local stores, and online shopping with rush shipping. Just sayin'.
17:18:58 <herlo> mchua: we may need to do that
17:19:24 <mchua> herlo: Just tell us what ya need and we'll make it happen.
17:19:30 <herlo> mchua: we do need to go to a store to get one of the firewire cardbus cards anyway
17:19:32 <mchua> ...we may not have a budget for a pony, but...
17:19:40 <zxiiro> if you guys have a webcam you can just plug in to use freeseer with that works
17:19:41 <herlo> oh, but I wanted two ponies :)
17:19:51 <herlo> zxiiro: yeah, we're gonna do that for now
17:19:59 <herlo> so our weekend isn't shot or anything
17:20:18 <zxiiro> cuz from freeseer's point of view it really doesn't matter what it is, as long as it speaks a language gstreamer understands
17:20:22 <herlo> mchua: apparently, tiger direct is nearby
17:20:26 <herlo> durham
17:20:27 <zxiiro> such as v4l / v4l2
17:20:32 <herlo> zxiiro: right...
17:20:46 <SMParrish> herlo:  tigerdirect  now compusa is in north raleigh.  15mins away
17:20:51 * herlo is okay with that, but we need to find alternatives to support the slides issue...
17:21:03 <herlo> SMParrish: oh.  compusa still exists??
17:21:07 <mchua> tigerdirect/compusa is 15 minutes away? I'm *so* going to love living here this summer.
17:21:12 <herlo> ugh, they won't have what I need...
17:21:17 <herlo> it's compusa
17:21:24 <herlo> they only have what you don't need
17:21:24 <SMParrish> herlo: yes  tigerdirect bought the compusa name for use on their stores
17:22:03 <herlo> SMParrish: is it like all the other compusa stores?  or do they still feel like a tiger direct store?
17:22:36 <SMParrish> herlo: still like a tigerdirect store, but has a large TV selection in addtion to computer stuff
17:23:16 <herlo> cool, so they *might* have something useful then...
17:26:33 * herlo is going to reboot for a sec to see if he can't get this working with an older kernel version
17:28:10 <heffer> okay so this capture device looks better because they explicitly state that it has linux support: http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.26319
17:31:17 <herlo> heffer: awesome
17:31:35 <herlo> #link http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.26319 <-- linux supported scan converter
17:31:54 * herlo will be right back
17:33:30 <heffer> #link http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.28789 the VGA converter to go with it
17:41:48 <laubersm> I haven't been to the TD in Raleigh - the one in Durham is ok if you know exactly what you are looking for.
17:41:53 <laubersm> They "claim" to beat any price.
17:42:01 <laubersm> I find Best buy is real close
17:42:07 <laubersm> and easier to find stuff
17:42:12 <laubersm> and less of a wait to check out
17:42:31 * laubersm means "real close" in price if not matching
17:43:36 <laubersm> might look at stayonline as well.
17:43:45 <laubersm> mostly online stuff but warehouse in in N raleigh
17:43:47 <herlo> well, that was fun
17:44:05 <laubersm> and can order with pick up at
17:44:05 <herlo> /tmp got all mucked up when I untarred the vga2usb driver
17:44:12 <herlo> dennis is helpful :)
17:44:19 <herlo> dgilmore: ^^
17:44:22 <herlo> :)
17:44:31 <laubersm> stayonline employees/owners use linux
17:44:34 <herlo> zxiiro: so, for now, let's talk about goals...
17:44:38 <herlo> for today and tomorrow
17:44:46 <zxiiro> ok
17:44:47 <herlo> specifically, use cases and coding plans
17:44:56 <herlo> for use cases, I see three basic ones...
17:45:15 <zxiiro> rossand made a use case wiki here http://wiki.github.com/fosslc/freeseer/use-cases
17:45:25 <herlo> zxiiro: I'll go look at that first then
17:45:29 <zxiiro> i think it cover's quite a bit
17:45:32 <laubersm> http://www.stayonline.com/
17:46:23 <herlo> zxiiro: okay, so use case #2 seems impractical tbh
17:46:51 <herlo> only because you will almost *always* want to record locally when you are streaming.  I really can't see a reason *not* to do so...
17:47:04 <zxiiro> i think so too
17:47:28 <herlo> so, let's add one more use case there
17:47:29 <zxiiro> locally is always a good backup
17:47:35 <herlo> right-on!
17:49:30 <herlo> so, the other use case is this
17:50:41 <herlo> the ability to stream my desktop and record my voice as an input
17:51:05 <zxiiro> that's on the wiki
17:51:19 <zxiiro> Recording the local desktop and sound
17:51:39 <herlo> it is? which one?
17:51:50 <zxiiro> i see what rossand did, the numbers are scenarios
17:51:54 <herlo> zxiiro: oh, I see it now...
17:51:57 <herlo> yeah...
17:51:58 <zxiiro> and under each scenario he has use cases
17:52:28 <herlo> yeah, that's not really laid out very clearly
17:52:38 <herlo> the use cases *are* actually the scenarios
17:52:56 <zxiiro> i think he made it in 5 minutes earlier when you all joined #freeseer
17:52:56 <herlo> and the resources to complete each is what he defines as use cases
17:53:09 <zxiiro> he said we should edit it
17:53:42 <herlo> cool
17:53:47 <herlo> I'll make some edits right now
17:53:48 <zxiiro> yeah he made it just to get us started
17:53:53 <herlo> and then you can give me your opinion
17:53:59 <zxiiro> sure
17:55:31 <zxiiro> i'm thinking for recording the desktop, it should be as easy as just adding "ximagesrc" to the dropdown list that i have v4l and v4l2 in
17:57:29 <herlo> yeah, plus the gui would need to be minimizable in that scenario
17:57:34 <herlo> or have a task bar functionality
17:58:23 <zxiiro> agreed, lets add taskbar to the list
17:58:57 <mchua> herlo, dgilmore: lunch is here - we're breaking in ~5min.
17:59:09 <dgilmore> mchua: cool
17:59:23 <mchua> so come up and get your jimmy johns' whenever.
18:00:27 <rbergeron> hmmm, i need food
18:00:37 <herlo> mchua: cool, we'll be up...
18:03:02 <herlo> zxiiro: http://wiki.github.com/fosslc/freeseer/use-cases
18:03:05 <herlo> updated!
18:03:21 <zxiiro> looking now
18:03:36 <herlo> zxiiro: we're going to go upstairs in a minute to eat lucnh
18:03:52 <herlo> we're also probably going to run out and pick up some electronic equipment that we are missing today
18:04:10 <zxiiro> sure
18:04:16 <herlo> so, I think there is one other piece of information we need to discuss prior to my departure
18:05:35 <herlo> zxiiro: were you planning on following paul's (stickster) suggestions for building the libraries in a nicely architectured way?
18:05:55 <zxiiro> yes that's something i've been wanting to do
18:06:13 <zxiiro> this project was a big learning experience for me so i know the code i've written is not optimal
18:06:14 <herlo> cool, then I think that's your first taks
18:06:31 <herlo> we'll worry about testing here and start adding hardware to the solution
18:06:55 <herlo> zxiiro: targeting the two use cases we have, do you thin kyou could build libraries around getting input and output stubs written today?
18:09:14 <zxiiro> i'll see what i can do i'm not sure about how long it would take but i have a vague idea of what it should write at ths point
18:09:44 <herlo> zxiiro: feel free to ask questions in here...
18:10:09 <herlo> I'll be in and out and can clarify any use cases you like...
18:10:10 <zxiiro> i was planning on making some sort of system so we can swap the different gstreamer components easily
18:10:39 <zxiiro> herlo: ok
18:16:19 <herlo> zxiiro: yeah, pluggable stuff would rock
18:53:13 <herlo> dgilmore: http://www.epiphan.com/products/development/vga2lan-dev-kit/
06:13:19 <mchua> #endmeeting