13:01:55 <andreasn> #startmeeting
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13:02:00 <andreasn> .hello andreasn
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13:02:04 <dperpeet> .hello dperpeet
13:02:05 <zodbot> dperpeet: dperpeet 'Dominik Perpeet' <>
13:02:12 <Shad0w_Crux> .hello tengland
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13:02:51 <dperpeet> * Fedora Atomic
13:03:00 <andreasn> #topic agenda
13:03:24 <andreasn> * Roles
13:03:57 <dperpeet> * patternfly
13:04:36 <dperpeet> * timers
13:04:43 <andreasn> sounds good
13:04:57 <andreasn> anything else?
13:05:54 <andreasn> all right, lets start
13:06:10 <andreasn> #topic Fedora Atomic
13:06:21 <dperpeet> ok, good news: the pull request was merged!
13:06:36 <dperpeet> we're now green on fedora atomic 22
13:06:38 <andreasn> \o/
13:06:41 <dperpeet> in our tests
13:06:57 <dperpeet> we skip a few
13:07:08 <andreasn> 4/5 is pretty good
13:07:14 <dperpeet> but mostly because we really don't need them on atomic
13:07:35 <dperpeet> one follow-up we need to fix
13:07:39 <dperpeet> #link
13:07:50 <dperpeet> regarding error messages when trying to log in
13:08:14 <dperpeet> and we filed one issue upstream
13:08:24 <andreasn> really good to have Fedora Atomic being tested in general
13:08:30 <dperpeet> #link
13:08:42 <andreasn> as it's up to a point where it's starting to get impossible to test everything by hand
13:08:43 <dperpeet> "atomic" command doesn't take extra parameters right now
13:08:56 <dperpeet> yes
13:09:08 <dperpeet> but other than that it was mostly fixing the tests
13:09:13 <dperpeet> not underlying issues
13:09:19 <andreasn> good
13:09:25 <andreasn> all right, anything more on that?
13:09:31 <dperpeet> one more related issue
13:09:36 <dperpeet> we got rid of magic tarballs in our testing
13:09:47 <dperpeet> the last ones were phased out
13:09:58 <dperpeet> and we now have qcow2 images for all virtual machines
13:10:14 <dperpeet> cleaner that way, and a step toward higher level libvirt usage
13:10:19 <dperpeet> end of topic
13:10:33 <andreasn> thanks!
13:10:42 <andreasn> #topic Server Roles
13:11:38 <andreasn> I haven't followed this super-close, I saw that Shad0w_Crux did two, or is it three blog posts already
13:11:51 <Shad0w_Crux> two posts so far
13:12:01 <andreasn> #info
13:12:08 <andreasn> #info
13:13:01 <andreasn> how are things going? Have you found your way around in the code and got things building already?
13:13:28 <andreasn> thanks for mentioning this meeting in the post!
13:13:36 <Shad0w_Crux> That's the objective for this week, just code all the things.
13:14:13 <andreasn> just ping me at any time if anything is unclear about the designs, or if something is hard or impossible to do
13:14:19 <dperpeet> what's the first thing you want to implement?
13:14:25 <dperpeet> or first focus
13:15:01 <Shad0w_Crux> Just getting the initial splash page for rolekit up. Then bringing in the small details (hostname / domain information etc)
13:15:19 <Shad0w_Crux> Adding fake server role buttons then adding the logic afterwards
13:15:25 <Shad0w_Crux> Just to get something going.
13:15:29 <dperpeet> sounds good!
13:15:35 <dperpeet> visible progress motivates
13:15:39 <andreasn> yeah, sounds like a good plan
13:15:50 <dperpeet> on that note
13:16:10 <dperpeet> once you start using stuff and aren't sure if it breaks anything, you can start maintaining a pull request
13:16:40 <dperpeet> if the title starts with WIP, that means we don't look too closely
13:17:05 <dperpeet> that way it's easy to find the work if you ask someone to look at it
13:17:56 <dperpeet> next topic?
13:18:05 <andreasn> yup
13:18:14 <andreasn> #topic Patternfly
13:18:29 <andreasn> so the plan is to update the patternfly version.
13:18:47 <andreasn> It's on my todo, but I haven't gotten around to it yet, due to other things getting in the way
13:18:58 <dperpeet> will we add a second version or replace the current one?
13:19:13 <dperpeet> I don't think having two is a good idea
13:19:15 <andreasn> replace, I would think
13:19:27 <andreasn> it was a bit messy having them in parallel last time
13:19:31 <dperpeet> yes
13:19:37 <dperpeet> that's why I mention it
13:19:38 <andreasn> and I hope the update isn't that drastic this time
13:19:55 <andreasn> I hope to make a first pull request later today
13:20:03 <dperpeet> looking forward to that!
13:20:26 <andreasn> fingers crossed!
13:20:35 <stefw> andreasn, i'm doing a couple pull requests that depend on the new version
13:21:04 <andreasn> like classes and widgets that is only in the newer version?
13:21:48 <stefw> blankslate
13:21:51 <stefw> as well as new icons
13:22:06 <dperpeet> blankslate is something I'm looking forward to for a pull request that's still open
13:22:07 <andreasn> ah, right, the blankslate
13:22:58 <dperpeet> #link
13:23:55 <andreasn> we'll get some stuff that needs too
13:24:11 <andreasn> all right, next topic?
13:24:22 <dperpeet> yes
13:24:34 <andreasn> #topic timers
13:24:42 <dperpeet> jskorepa put some work into this
13:24:45 <dperpeet> #link
13:24:50 <andreasn> #link
13:25:03 <dperpeet> they build on initial mockups we have
13:25:06 <dperpeet> had
13:25:34 <dperpeet> there's still a bit of a discussion at the end
13:25:35 <andreasn> I set up a timer by hand here at home. It's a script that will make a disk run out of space in 1000 days :)
13:26:25 <dperpeet> interesting use case, feel free to add a user story
13:27:03 <andreasn> it's not a make-a-disk-run-out-of-space-story
13:27:10 <andreasn> actually :)
13:27:24 <andreasn> but it's a hourly-backups one
13:27:34 <andreasn> I'll add it to the page
13:27:57 <dperpeet> anyway, timers have made some progress after their long dormancy
13:28:03 <andreasn> yup
13:28:07 <dperpeet> nice to see that
13:28:23 <andreasn> yeah, they are quite useful
13:28:31 <andreasn> all right, open floor next?
13:28:55 <dperpeet> yes
13:29:00 <andreasn> #topic Open Flooe
13:29:03 <andreasn> #unfo
13:29:07 <andreasn> #undo
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13:29:21 <andreasn> #topic Open Floor
13:30:23 <dperpeet> well, there is a side topic
13:30:34 <andreasn> shoot
13:30:49 <dperpeet> I'd be interested to know how intensely others use our hubbot status page
13:31:08 <dperpeet> I use it more often than our own pull requests page
13:31:14 <stefw> i look at it to see hwere things are when i'm waiting
13:31:26 <andreasn> I only look at the pull request pages
13:31:32 <andreasn> I keep forgetting this exists
13:32:02 <dperpeet> stefw, would it help to change the finished section to something like the pull requests page on github?
13:32:22 <dperpeet> for your pull request you could see the different configurations right after each other
13:32:33 <dperpeet> either with the result or which place they're in
13:32:39 <dperpeet> the queue
13:32:54 <stefw> dperpeet, no not really
13:32:57 <dperpeet> ok
13:32:59 <stefw> it seems like it works well
13:33:11 <dperpeet> I wouldn't bother changing it if it's just for me
13:33:18 <dperpeet> not worth the effort
13:33:22 <dperpeet> thanks for the feedback!
13:34:05 <andreasn> stefw: thanks for the feedback on
13:34:16 <andreasn> I'll update the branch in a little bit
13:34:23 <stefw> andreasn, thanks
13:35:17 <andreasn> oh, does it actually  also need the pull command first?
13:35:35 <dperpeet> andreasn, it shouldn't
13:35:45 <dperpeet> run should pull if necessary
13:35:50 <stefw> right
13:35:56 <andreasn> ah, ok
13:35:56 <dperpeet> to be precise
13:36:00 <dperpeet> the "atomic" script should check
13:36:03 <dperpeet> and pull
13:36:04 <dperpeet> then run
13:36:30 <andreasn> all right
13:36:33 <dperpeet> that's one thing that makes it nice to use
13:36:35 <dperpeet> :)
13:38:03 <andreasn> anything else for the open floor, or is it wrap?
13:38:57 <andreasn> sounds like it's a wrap
13:39:00 <andreasn> #endmeeting