20:02:08 <jzb> #startmeeting
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20:02:43 <walters> i'll do a quick status update: I now have tree content sync'd to
20:02:45 <jzb> OK, walters do you have any agenda items / blocker this week to start?
20:02:49 <nirik> morning
20:02:51 <walters> ran a lorax compose today
20:02:54 <walters> kernel panics on startup
20:03:10 <walters> i've been investigating mirrorlist/metalink
20:03:52 <walters> so for agenda; i'd really like to know if there's been any issues from running rpm-ostree as part of the fedora composes
20:03:53 * mattdm waves
20:04:11 <jzb> #chair agrimm dgilmore walters dustymabe rangerpb nirik stickster
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20:04:16 <walters> did it work?  did it fail?  somewhere in between but the tooling was not documented well enough/sucked?
20:04:17 <jzb> #chair mattdm
20:04:17 <zodbot> Current chairs: agrimm dgilmore dustymabe jzb mattdm nirik rangerpb stickster walters
20:04:35 <jzb> walters: was that for anyone in particular?
20:04:40 * stickster here
20:05:01 <walters> jzb, dgilmore if he were here mainly, though I don't know if anyone else can work on that?
20:05:10 <stickster> dgilmore: I think that's for you
20:05:14 <stickster> *jinx
20:05:37 <jzb> rangerpb: did you get to that when you checked in with dgilmore ?
20:06:37 <rangerpb> yeah, he's working through the compose process, but being in cz and then flock next week -- he's a bit tied up
20:06:57 <rangerpb> he has a few things to add yet -- ill circle back with him on that stuff
20:07:10 <walters> i will also drop installer and cloud images in here
20:07:18 <jzb> rangerpb: OK. any chance we could do a sprint or something in cz on this?
20:07:19 <nirik> I know he was upgrading builders to newer koji/pykickstart for docker stuff.
20:07:25 <jzb> stickster: ^^ ?
20:07:51 <walters> i'd love to particpate virtually in a sprint if i can
20:07:52 <jzb> walters: you're not at Flock, is that right?
20:07:55 <stickster> jzb: ...possibly? It depends on who's needed.
20:08:15 <jzb> stickster: I think at a minimum, dgilmore, nirik, and walters
20:08:22 <walters> right, and unfortunately it's mainly only the Brno people from my team going
20:08:24 <jzb> but walters and other folks probably know better than I.
20:09:06 <stickster> nirik will be in Brno with us on Mon + Tue before Flock, I don't think I have a lock on all that time :-)
20:09:23 <rangerpb> jzb, that'd be a great idea ... he also pointed me at ->
20:09:30 <stickster> nirik: We talked about infrastructure talk for Brno folks on Tuesday midday, but other than that -- maybe Monday?
20:09:43 <nirik> could be.
20:09:56 <jzb> should we carry this to the infrastructure list?
20:10:11 <jzb> I'm at y'all's disposal to try to facilitate any of this that I can.
20:10:13 <walters> ah ok
20:11:03 * walters saves that link
20:12:09 <nirik> I think we need to hear back from dgilmore what is outstanding, then perhaps a session monday to try and hash those items out?
20:12:17 <stickster> jzb: nirik: walters: It'll be a little more challenging to sprint with 6 hrs difference btw team members
20:12:30 <jzb> yeah
20:13:04 <stickster> jzb: We have a Fedora meet & greet scheduled after hours with Brno teams, but maybe a few hours after that would be possible too, as long as people take it easy on the beer :-)
20:13:23 <stickster> (in addition to Mon afternoon Brno time/morning USA time)
20:13:47 <jzb> stickster: are you suggesting our folks can't work after six or ten beers? I'm not sure that's in evidence. ;-)
20:13:51 <stickster> hahaha
20:14:02 <stickster> I can't but I can play OK ;-)
20:14:07 <walters> i have been thinking maybe we can do more frequent but shorter meetings?
20:14:13 <stickster> *nod
20:14:20 <jzb> Ok, well, let's table the sprint thing for the mailing list?
20:14:22 <jzb> walters: sure
20:14:59 * agrimm realizes he's missing a meeting, reads scrollback
20:15:52 <jzb> walters: let's check in again Thursday morning, maybe?
20:16:06 <jzb> or we can try to sync via the mailing list a bit more too
20:16:07 <walters> so for this meeting, i'm happy with the alt/ mirroring at the moment, SSL alone is a huge leap
20:16:26 <nirik> walters: all thats working ok for you?
20:16:31 <walters> there's other things to talk about potentially like ansible automation for the current compose server; mostly blocks on me learning ansible i guess
20:16:49 <walters> nirik, i was able to crontab it so i'm OK with that
20:16:59 <rbergeron> walters: if i can learn it you can probably learn it in like 12 seconds :)
20:17:07 <nirik> walters: oh, I noticed that server is selinux disabled... does it need to be? ;)
20:18:20 <walters> nirik,
20:18:22 * nirik is happy to help anyone at all with ansible stuff.
20:19:03 <nirik> walters: ok. :(
20:19:47 <walters> ironically it has to be disabled on the compose server in order to allow it to work in the generated images
20:20:01 <stickster> walters: We have a number of folks helping make ansible playbooks, so I imagine it'll be easy to find help there
20:20:03 <nirik> fair enough as long as it's known, etc
20:21:06 <jzb> walters: have you run into anything new that's a problem since last time?
20:21:10 <walters> rbergeron, heh =)  yeah i will try
20:22:19 <walters> jzb, ah...i can't think of anything, it's now mostly blocked on random f21 bugs and the atomic side issues
20:22:38 <walters> the thing we can only figure out once dgilmore has stuff going is generating cloud images in ImageFactory in Koji
20:23:26 <walters> agrimm was trying to run it directly outside of koji on the current box, which i could imagine shipping testing images with
20:25:02 <walters> this bit of going for koji -> rpm-ostree -> koji -> cloud image is pretty weird but i don't have anything better
20:25:41 <walters> anyways so we can probably break now unless people had other things until we can get a meeting with dgilmore in too
20:25:42 <dustymabe> walters: so I imagine that ImageFactory will be used to build *all* cloud images?
20:26:06 <dustymabe> or are there some that will fall outside of that process?
20:26:31 <walters> dustymabe, yeah.  The thing that anaconda does well (or at least canonically) is partitioning and such, and the rpm-ostree-toolbox code was always only intended as a stopgap until anaconda ostree support landed
20:26:55 <jbrooks> walters: will it still be possible to build images w/o koji?
20:27:13 <walters> jbrooks, yeah
20:28:06 <agrimm> jbrooks, does standalone Oz or imageFactory count as "outside koji".  or are you specifically asking for rpm-ostree-toolbox to stick around?
20:28:20 <dustymabe> mattdm: last time you asked if anyone would like to help with Docker image creation. Do you have any more details on that?
20:28:32 <dustymabe>
20:28:38 <jbrooks> agrimm: no, those are fine -- so far I've only had success w/ the toolbox
20:28:59 <agrimm> jbrooks, we'll make you successful with imagefactory soon.  :)
20:29:06 <jbrooks> excellent
20:29:30 <walters> dustymabe, he just walked out - i think dgilmore was doing some prep work for this in updating pykickstart
20:29:35 <walters> as nirik mentioned
20:30:20 <dustymabe> walters: ok. I was just wondering exactly what Docker images are getting generated?
20:30:33 <dustymabe> are they example application?
20:30:34 <walters> dustymabe, only a base image AFAIK
20:30:38 <jzb> hey - do we have any other items specific to the meeting, we're at 30 minutes right now
20:30:53 <jzb> we can keep talking but I want to hit any #action items pretty quickly
20:30:55 <walters> i'm OK to break and follow up with anything else on list
20:31:04 <jzb> any disagreement?
20:31:08 <walters> try for another quick meeting this week?
20:31:24 <jzb> yeah... can we do early morning Thursday or Friday?
20:31:31 <walters> or maybe we just need to find a time with dgilmore
20:31:39 <jzb> walters: let's do that.
20:31:42 <walters> k
20:31:58 <jzb> OK - thanks everybody!
20:32:11 <jzb> #endmeeting