16:03:49 <pabelanger> #startmeeting Ansible Network Working Group
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16:04:00 <pabelanger> #chair Qalthos
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16:04:08 <pabelanger> #topic Core Updates
16:04:47 <pabelanger> Rather then copypaste the bits from last week, I'll link to the previous meeting
16:04:52 <pabelanger> #link
16:05:23 <pabelanger> the collection migration is soon to be upon us, please follow the upcoming dates
16:05:37 <pabelanger> #topic Open Floor
16:05:56 <pabelanger> There is no items on the agenda this will, so if people have items now, we can discuss
16:06:04 <pabelanger> otherwise, we'll close out here in a few minutes
16:09:57 <dpflick> Anything new on the networking core front?
16:10:29 <dpflick> still getting feet wet with collections and it looks like Palo Alto has been busy on their code
16:11:18 <pabelanger> the network team has been working on new resource modules for things like firewall / acls
16:11:39 <pabelanger> as well as migrating all content from ansible/ansible into each platform collection
16:11:47 <dpflick> And has anyone been able to set up a backup proxy for ssh for remote routers/switches/firewalls behind bastion hosts?
16:13:26 <dpflick> we have 2 per site and it would be nice if I did not have to manually switch them on failure.  If this is not an appropriate question for this group, please let me know.  There was no one doing this in #ansible.
16:13:57 <dpflick> Keeping an eye out for new resource modules.  We are migrating over as fast as we can.
16:15:47 <pabelanger> I am not sure, we do not test it today. But likely can try to understand what is happening
16:17:18 <pabelanger> okay, lets wrap up this meeting for today
16:17:20 <pabelanger> thanks everybody
16:17:22 <pabelanger> #endmeeting