16:02:08 <Qalthos> #startmeeting Ansible Network Working Group
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16:02:32 <gundalow> Liaf: oh it's meeting time, so there maybe others here that can help you
16:02:38 <Qalthos> #chair ganeshrn justjais privateip pabelanger dmellado
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16:03:15 <Qalthos> #topic Core Updates
16:03:33 <Liaf> gundalow: I've never been to the meeting. Any rules I should be aware of?
16:05:36 <Qalthos> Not a lot new to mention since the last meeting.
16:07:07 <Qalthos> #info {platform}_static_routes resource modules are in PRs for inclusion in 2.10
16:07:50 <Qalthos> That's for the six platforms that the Ansible Core Team directly supports
16:08:18 <gundalow> Liaf: nop, just start typing in a bit when Qalthos asks for any other topics
16:09:41 <Qalthos> #info We are officially announcing dropping `connection: local` for platforms using the persistent connection framework
16:10:21 <pabelanger> +1
16:10:45 <Qalthos> #info The exact details and timing of such will be clarified when we have more concrete details
16:11:25 * ganeshrn waves
16:11:31 <Qalthos> But it has effectively moved from "someday" to "soon"
16:12:51 <Qalthos> #info Note: this only affects modules using the persistent connection framework. This more or less means if you can use `connection: network_cli` instead today, you should already be doing that
16:14:11 <Qalthos> #info Modules which only work with `connection: local` and have no other alternative will generally be unaffected
16:14:33 <ganeshrn> Qaltos: dropping connection local will be applicable only for 6 platforms that Ansible network team supports right?
16:15:58 <ganeshrn> iirc there are still some community platforms that support connection local with persistent connection and have not yet moved to network_cli
16:16:05 <Qalthos> ganeshrn: The same issues that led to this change will also affect all other platforms that use persistent connections
16:16:27 <ganeshrn> Which issue?
16:16:33 <Qalthos> So just off the top of my head, dellos{6,9,10) for example
16:17:53 <Qalthos> ganeshrn: Rewriting the connection plugin inside the platform's action plugin
16:22:08 <Qalthos> That's all that's new for this week, I think
16:22:40 <Qalthos> #link is where this meeeing's agenda can always be found
16:23:20 <Qalthos> And I don't see our ASA contributor around, so
16:23:24 <dmellado> hiya folks
16:23:29 <Qalthos> #topic Open Floor
16:24:14 <Liaf> I want to connect to a microsense switch and get an "unreachable" back from ansible though the switch is reachable. I use ansible_connection: ssh with the module raw and have no idea how to debug this.
16:24:19 <ganeshrn> Qalthos: so this change will  e applicable for platforms that handle network_cli/httpapi in the action plugins
16:25:09 <idlemind> thx, ios_config src vs lines and match exact seems to still generate an error about lines not being present. I think it's this error ( still present
16:25:23 <Qalthos> ganeshrn: If the action plugin rewrites the PlayContext connection value, then it will be affected
16:28:49 <Qalthos> Liaf: The easiest way for anyone to help you debug that is if you post the output with at least `-vvvv` to some pastebin so others can see exactly what is happening
16:35:04 <Liaf> Qalthos: here's the pastebin:
16:38:25 <ganeshrn> Liaf how are you settling login credentials?
16:39:30 <Liaf> I have a groupvars/microsense.yml with ansible_user: admin and ansible_password: !vault....
16:39:46 <Liaf> group_vars*
16:44:55 <Qalthos> Liaf: Can you share the playbook as well? It looks like the only thing you are doing is sending "Logout" to the device, and the device happily closes the connection
16:48:40 <Liaf> Qalthos: actually I currently just send "Logout" because I wanted to test the connectivity before sending commands.
16:49:56 <Liaf> Qalthos: here's the playbook and the tasks.yml of the role I use for testing:
16:52:18 <Qalthos> Liaf: Yeah, I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish here. ansible sends "Logout" to the device, the device closes the connection, and ansible doesn't get a response and so marks the host as unreachable
16:53:13 <Liaf> Well I get the same result if I use "Device.Port.config[1/1].alias = 1.1" as a command.
16:57:23 <Liaf> And I can see on the switch that the conneciton is successful but no command gets send to the switch
17:00:02 <Qalthos> Again, without logs there's very little I can guess about how ansible is interacting with a platform I've never used
17:01:03 <idlemind> qalthos any thoughts on ios_config w/"src" not working with the same features as "lines" seems kind of counter intuitive
17:01:12 <Qalthos> Liaf: If you want to post the result of `ansible -m raw test-switch -a "Device.Port.config[1/1].alias = 1.1" -vvvv` I might be able to find something
17:02:48 <Qalthos> idlemind: Sure does, but as far as I recall, it is still the expected behavior.
17:04:03 <idlemind> qalthos thx, so if i have a jinja template that i need match exact w/a before i'll need to render that to an array of lines (lookup/var/fact) and pass it to lines instead of using src
17:04:21 <idlemind> just want to make sure i'm going down the "right" path vs inventing a monster
17:05:25 <idlemind> and would patches be taken to improve src function or is it being intentional kept at that functionality?
17:05:41 <Qalthos> idlemind: I believe that is the simplest workaround, and what is recommended in general (as templating through src has its own complications)
17:06:09 <Qalthos> idlemind: If you're willing to go through it and clean it up, we won't say no
17:06:51 <idlemind> qalthos k cool thx, i'll start w/the workaround and i've feeling brave i may wonder into writing some code in the handling of src beyond just browsing which has taught me a lot already
17:08:23 <Qalthos> Liaf: We can keep working through this if you like, but I'm going to close the meeting now
17:08:40 <Qalthos> Thanks everyone for showing up
17:08:52 <Liaf> Qalthos: okay
17:09:46 <markreynolds> Now that the meeting is over - I am going to re-ask this question.
17:09:49 <markreynolds> hello ansible-networking folks. When it comes to merging pull requests, is there a traditional community review process? I notice the git project allows immediate merging of the proposed code and I am hesitant to just push it without review.
17:09:57 <markreynolds> When it comes to merging pull requests, is there a traditional community review process? I notice the git project allows immediate merging of the proposed code and I am hesitant to just push it without review.
17:10:04 <markreynolds> bah cant edit
17:10:10 <Qalthos> My guess is that we will only have three more meetings this year, and then 12/25 and 1/1 will  be skipped
17:10:16 <Qalthos> #endmeeting