18:06:55 <samccann> #startmeeting Ansible Community Working Group
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18:07:23 <samccann> @room starting the meeting now. who's around?
18:07:25 <orandon[m]> o/
18:07:26 <andersson007_> o/
18:07:46 <samccann> #chair Don Naro andersson007_
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18:07:49 <mariolenz[m]> o/
18:08:03 <samccann> #chair mariolenz
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18:08:48 * andersson007_ was looking #topic Agenda
18:08:51 <andersson007_> #topic Agenda
18:09:04 <cybette_> o/  (sorry I just got out of another meeting)
18:09:11 <samccann> #chair cybette
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18:09:16 <samccann> #topic Updates
18:09:22 <samccann> anyone have updates to info
18:09:36 <cybette_> yes one moment...
18:10:46 <mariolenz[m]> Where's Ansible-6.0.0 beta1? I think it was due yesterday.
18:10:57 <cybette_> #info AnsibleFest will be in Chicago, Illinois this year, on October 18-19, 2022. CFP for AnsibleFest is open:
18:11:26 <cybette_> #info There will be a Contributor Summit the day before AnsibleFest on October 17, 2022. More details about the event will be shared when available!
18:11:54 <samccann> Yep, according to the roadmap, Ansible 6 beta was due yesterday
18:12:05 <andersson007_> #info Feedback wanted on Especially from the Steering Committee as it touches the collection inclusion policy (relaxing the rules).
18:12:21 <samccann> I'm not sure we have people here who know the haps but we can followup and post details when we have them?
18:12:34 * gundalow waves
18:12:44 <gundalow> I'm in another meeting, so only half here
18:12:48 <samccann> #chair gundalow
18:12:48 <zodbot> Current chairs: Don Naro andersson007_ cybette gundalow mariolenz samccann
18:13:08 * samccann turns gundalows chair into a comfy cushion
18:14:10 <gundalow> oh, thanks :)
18:14:42 <samccann> We have a couple of new community-topics. Do we want to bring them up now?
18:14:42 <cybette_> ah felix mentioned this yesterday: 22:00 btw, I won't be around for tomorrow's meeting
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18:15:41 <dmsimard> hey, sorry, not at my desk right now
18:15:59 <mariolenz[m]> samccann: Sure, why not?
18:16:11 <dmsimard> ansible 6.0.0b1 not being out is my mistake, was on PTO and thought it wasnt until next week
18:16:46 <samccann> #topic - Unmaintained collection:
18:16:56 <samccann> #info
18:16:58 <andersson007_> #info As the community-topics repo is noisy because of voting in the topics themselves, please help us find a solution
18:17:02 <dmsimard> I can take care of it later today, apologies
18:17:04 <andersson007_> oh sorry
18:17:19 <cybette_> dmsimard: no worries, thanks for letting us know!
18:18:27 <mariolenz[m]> dmsimard: No problem, take your time. I think we can wait a day or two.
18:19:00 <samccann> ok let's go with andersson007_ community topic about the problems with voting
18:19:08 <samccann>
18:19:43 <andersson007_> ah, it's not mine but briantist 's, it was just for info but we can continue, np
18:19:48 <samccann> as I understand it, the current voting gets noisy, but the git hub polling doesn't seem to allow us to see who voted for what, which is critical since the Steering Committee has the voting rights on many items
18:19:49 <andersson007_> briantist: are you around?
18:19:53 <cybette_> meeting topic still says google cloud
18:20:08 <samccann> #topic Improving Community Voting
18:20:12 <samccann> #link
18:20:16 <andersson007_> yep to see who voted is critical
18:20:35 <andersson007_> let me read the latest briantist 's comment
18:20:53 <gundalow> I like the idea of testing GitHub Poll. Maybe we could test it on one or two proposals and see how it goes
18:21:05 <mariolenz[m]> I'm not really sure about this yet. Those polls look interesting, but not being able to distinguish between SC members and someone from the community looks problematic.
18:21:19 <cybette_> andersson007_: I think briantist also mentioned yesterday he won't be around for today's meeting
18:21:20 <samccann> gundalow: but we can't tell who voted so we can't tally up Steering Committee votes
18:21:31 <gundalow> oh, I assumed `show votes` would show who
18:21:36 <gundalow> maybe this is a no-go
18:22:57 <mariolenz[m]> I wasn't able to see who voted for what option. But maybe I was doing something wrong.
18:23:11 <andersson007_> in the news-for-maintainers repo to discuss the announcement issues we use linked discussions, so that people can subscribe to issues only and don't get notifications about things happening in discussions. It feels like a solution to me. Not ideal, of course, but it should work.
18:23:19 <mariolenz[m]> At the moment, it looks to me like you can't.
18:23:23 <andersson007_> we can vote in linked discussions simply put
18:23:39 <andersson007_> and be subscribed only to issues
18:23:54 <andersson007_> it'll help to avoid the voting noise
18:24:29 <andersson007_> we could try if there's no other more sophisticated solutions
18:24:46 <samccann> yes but how do we tell who voted since it must be SC votes that 'count' so to speak
18:24:58 <samccann> unless we limit who can access the poll to just an sc team?
18:25:46 <andersson007_> if this is a question to me, we will vote in comments in discussions
18:25:51 <andersson007_> with +1 -1 as usual
18:26:06 <andersson007_> not using that poll feature
18:26:59 <samccann> ok so use the current community-topic issue for the +1/-1 voting and link to a discussion for the actual... discussion (aka no comments allowed in the community-topic issue)?
18:27:26 <andersson007_> no, only votes are not allowed
18:27:51 <andersson007_> a person who starts a vote will create a dedicated discussion
18:28:07 <andersson007_> for the vote
18:28:25 <andersson007_> yes, it's a bit ugly but it should solve the problem with noise
18:29:23 <andersson007_> we could also  create an issue to ask GH add possibility to see who voted to the poll feature but there's no guarantee that it'll be implemented
18:29:33 <andersson007_> and we have the issue now
18:29:34 <mariolenz[m]> Using linked discussions might be a way. At least, this looks interesting. Should we give it a try?
18:30:01 <remindbot[m]> cyb-clock chimes every 15 minutes during the community meeting
18:30:36 <andersson007_> we could try once and see
18:31:02 <andersson007_> any objections?
18:31:36 <cybette_> +1 for trying it out
18:33:04 <andersson007_> OK:) I'll put a comment in the issue:)
18:33:16 <samccann> cool thanks!
18:34:51 <samccann> do we have the folks around to talk about the collection (the other new communitytopic this week)?
18:35:56 <russoz[m]> o/ (but won't be 100% here,  might need to step away without notice)
18:36:44 <russoz[m]> good morning everyone 🙂
18:36:44 <samccann> #chair russoz
18:36:44 <zodbot> Current chairs: Don Naro andersson007_ cybette gundalow mariolenz russoz samccann
18:36:48 <mariolenz[m]> <andersson007_> "we could also  create an issue..." <- I think it's worth a try, even if we decide later that linked discussions suit us better.
18:38:15 <andersson007_> done thanks
18:38:47 * andersson007_ looking at the topics
18:39:54 <andersson007_> let's discuss this relaxing PR maybe ?
18:40:12 <andersson007_> the issue is that there's a lack of inclusion reviews
18:40:46 <andersson007_> the idea is to relax the rules to make community folks involved in inclusion reviews
18:41:56 <russoz[m]> for a moment there I thought it was a PR that would come with little-umbrella cocktails
18:41:57 <andersson007_> it will be 1) a way to get more folks in the committee 2) folks involved will get experience, i.e. learn a lot
18:42:15 <andersson007_> russoz[m]: :D
18:42:47 <samccann> do we have a checklist of items these non-SC reviewers must go through for a quality review?
18:43:10 <andersson007_> samccann: yep, moment
18:43:13 <samccann> like if you say you've reviewed, you are saying you checked for these 10 common items or something
18:43:47 <andersson007_> we have this checklist
18:44:05 <andersson007_> all reviewers go through it
18:44:38 <andersson007_> and the details explained in the collection requirements
18:45:01 <remindbot[m]> cyb-clock chimes every 15 minutes during the community meeting
18:45:01 <andersson007_> we could ask the community for help with reviewing stuff
18:45:27 <andersson007_> it feels like a significant contribution - expanding the package with new collections
18:45:38 <andersson007_> + opportunity to get into the committee
18:45:44 <andersson007_> + opportunity to learn
18:45:58 <andersson007_> we could leverage Bullhorn
18:46:21 <samccann> #info we have this checklist for collection inclusion review
18:46:37 <samccann> #info and the details explained in the collection requirements
18:46:42 <andersson007_> samccann: thanks!
18:47:12 <samccann> #info this could be an opportunity to improve your visibility and impact on Ansible by helping to vet new collections
18:47:24 <andersson007_> please take a look at the pr and suggest improvements at least in wording
18:47:36 <andersson007_> no need in approvals
18:47:44 <andersson007_> formal
18:47:46 <samccann> #info could also create learning opportunities and experience that may lead to Steering Committee membership
18:47:53 <cybette_> I like the idea. the requirements seems to provide great and clear details of what is needed and it's another excellent way to contribute
18:48:10 <andersson007_> i'll start a vote in the topic in a couple of days if there are no objections
18:48:24 <andersson007_> cybette_: yep
18:49:26 <samccann> We have 10 minutes left
18:49:33 <samccann> should we open the floor?
18:49:44 <andersson007_> nothing else from me today:)
18:49:58 <samccann> #topic Open Floor
18:50:09 <samccann> here's a chance to bring up anything on your might wrt the Ansible community and collections etc
18:51:08 <mariolenz[m]> This isn't new, but I'd like you to ask to have another look at [issue 89]( I think this might help us a lot.
18:52:28 <gotmax> Also, what are we going to do about fortinet.fortios? They pushed the version with a syntax error over a month ago and still haven't released a fix.
18:52:33 <mariolenz[m]> We don't have to discuss this now, just wanted to remind you.
18:52:50 <gotmax> Despite being asked to do that multiple times
18:53:44 <samccann> #info where are we on a cli output for the ansible package version  -
18:54:06 <samccann> #info still need to decide about fortinet.fortios and its syntax error
18:54:18 <samccann> ^^ for those who will read the minutes later
18:54:59 <cybette_> mariolenz: I can repeat your bullhorn news item from 2 weeks ago for this week about the CLI program
18:55:15 <andersson007_> mariolenz[m]: thanks for reminding! I think it makes sense to open the vote, see (this is a rough workflow, can vary)
18:55:29 <andersson007_> cybette_:
18:55:36 <mariolenz[m]> cybette_: This would be great. Thanks!
18:55:48 <andersson007_> cybette_:  mariolenz[m] if you need more feedback, np
18:56:06 <andersson007_> the vote can wait:)
18:56:45 <andersson007_> though i see no obstacles for this program to be
18:58:12 <mariolenz[m]> andersson007_: Well, I'm not really sure how to implement this. If you have any good ideas, please add a comment to my issue.
18:59:11 <samccann> ok just 2 minutes left. anything else before we end meeting?
18:59:53 <andersson007_> gotmax: is there a corresponding issue in fortinet.fortios repo?
19:00:05 <gotmax> Yes
19:00:07 <gotmax> Let me get the link
19:00:07 <andersson007_> if yes, could you please mention me there?
19:00:20 <andersson007_> i'll take a look tomorrow
19:00:32 <gotmax>
19:00:44 <gotmax>
19:01:10 <samccann> #info fortios issues -  and
19:01:46 <gotmax> They merged a PR[1] to fix it but still haven't released a version containing a fix
19:01:49 <gotmax> [1]:
19:02:18 <samccann> #info one item fixed but no version released yet that contains it
19:03:42 <mariolenz[m]> gotmax: Well, at least it looks like they're working on it. Better than nothing.
19:03:50 <gotmax> Yeah, I suppose
19:03:54 <mariolenz[m]> Time's over. Nice talking to you. c ya 👋
19:03:59 <andersson007_> gotmax: ok, thanks, i'll take a look this week, feels like collection requirements violations
19:04:14 <andersson007_> see you all later. Thanks everyone!
19:04:17 <samccann> ok gonna end meeting
19:04:20 <gotmax> Bye!
19:04:20 <samccann> #endmeeting