19:01:14 <rbergeron> #startmeeting cloud sig
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19:01:21 * jforbes is here
19:01:22 <rbergeron> #meetingname cloud sig
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19:01:26 <rbergeron> #roll call
19:01:28 <rbergeron> no
19:01:31 <rbergeron> #topic roll call
19:01:37 <rbergeron> #chair jforbes
19:01:37 <zodbot> Current chairs: jforbes rbergeron
19:01:45 * tflink is lurking until the blocker bug review meeting is over
19:01:52 * kkeithley is here
19:02:00 * rbergeron was in the car driving to dr. appoint,ent so she can run the meeting for 45 min before her appointment
19:02:06 <rbergeron> and is here now
19:02:28 <rbergeron> okay
19:02:30 * jsmith is here
19:02:38 <rbergeron> #topic ec2 status and test day output
19:02:46 <rbergeron> #chair tflink
19:02:46 <zodbot> Current chairs: jforbes rbergeron tflink
19:03:00 <rbergeron> jforbes/tflink: whats the word
19:03:28 <jforbes> There were a few testers yesterday, and it seemed that most of the issues were amazon config related, though tflink might have more insight
19:03:52 <jforbes> My testing went well
19:03:55 <tflink> there was some confusion in the test cases but I think things went well overall
19:04:31 <tflink> there was one issue brought up that wasn't finished since only one tester could reproduce it
19:04:36 <tflink> and not reliably
19:04:59 <tflink> other than that, there were no new issues brought up that I know of
19:05:08 <rbergeron> okay
19:05:14 <tflink> one existing sendmail/systemd bug in the S3 images
19:05:38 <tflink> but that gets back to the difficulty in updating those images without respinning them
19:06:03 <jforbes> yum update :)
19:06:28 <tflink> true but how do you test something working on boot with a machine that is terminated on reboot?
19:07:30 <jforbes> point
19:07:49 <tflink> but it sounds like there isn't much interest in updating the S3 images
19:08:02 <tflink> updating them on a regular basis, rather
19:08:08 <jforbes> I can do it, will only take me an hour, but I am about to disappear for 2 weeks
19:08:11 <jforbes> yeah
19:08:26 <jforbes> Well, disappear for 1 week, half disappear for the second
19:08:43 <tflink> note that there are issues in BG right now that prevent S3 AMI composition
19:09:20 <jforbes> What sort of issues?
19:09:25 <jforbes> I haven't run into a problem yet
19:09:28 <tflink> the AMIs don't work
19:09:39 <jforbes> Hmm, that would be an issue
19:09:42 <rbergeron> jforbes: i think its a known issue atm
19:09:47 <rbergeron> to the bg folks
19:09:47 <tflink> I was working with the BG guys yesterday on it
19:09:57 <jforbes> Entirely possible I haven't updated recently
19:09:57 <tflink> https://issues.jboss.org/browse/BGBUILD-289
19:10:01 * rbergeron looks for the jira
19:10:05 <rbergeron> oh there you go
19:10:41 <tflink> do we want to start shooting for regular S3 AMI builds?
19:10:56 <jforbes> That seems inefficient
19:11:17 <tflink> yeah, I can see it both ways
19:11:39 * tflink wonders if this conversation would be better continued on cloud@ where he started the conversation
19:11:44 <jforbes> We provide everything users need to build new ones themselves
19:12:03 <jforbes> But I suppose critical bugs could trigger 1 off respins
19:12:18 <tflink> is sendmail not starting on boot a critical bug?
19:12:41 <tflink> any more than other critical bugs (not sure what those are for F15 ATM)?
19:12:58 <jforbes> Umm, depends on how you look at it I guess
19:13:50 <jforbes> Good discussion thread for the list I think
19:14:07 <tflink> yeah, we can continue it there
19:14:13 <rbergeron> sooo
19:16:05 <rbergeron> ec2 ami's
19:16:36 <rbergeron> are we kosher to call them official, and wait on ebs ones?
19:16:43 <jforbes> I guess it comes down to whether or not we respin S3
19:16:46 <tflink> why wait on the EBS ones?
19:16:47 <jforbes> EBS are already there
19:16:49 <rbergeron> oh
19:16:51 <tflink> did I miss something
19:16:52 <tflink> ?
19:17:10 <rbergeron> no
19:17:12 <rbergeron> im confused
19:17:13 <tflink> I'm of the opinion that the sendmail bug I hit isn't enough of an issue to respin the S3 AMIs
19:17:37 <jforbes> I  would agree, the people using S3 will be using them as a basis for new images, not using them as is too much
19:17:39 <rbergeron> can we just document it on the ami page
19:17:40 <rbergeron> ?
19:17:41 <tflink> if we aren't going to be respinning them regularly, anyone using them would have to respin anyways and that would get the systemd fix for that
19:18:13 <rbergeron> okay
19:18:13 <jforbes> Sure, we can list it as a known issue
19:18:14 <rbergeron> so
19:18:16 <rbergeron> official?
19:18:21 <rbergeron> for the love of god say yes
19:18:21 <tflink> yeah, I think so
19:18:30 <rbergeron> jforbes: can you do the honors
19:18:33 <rbergeron> :)
19:18:42 <jforbes> I will, and mirror them out to the other zones
19:19:49 <rbergeron> #action jforbes to mark amis as official and get this puppy out the door
19:20:02 <jforbes> What date is alpha spin?
19:20:07 <rbergeron> #info the mustard indicates progress
19:20:29 <tflink> jforbes: we're hoping for F16 alpha RC1 later today
19:20:47 <jforbes> Okay, what date is alpha release would be better?
19:20:53 <rbergeron> jforbes: a week from tuesday
19:20:57 <rbergeron> theoretically
19:21:10 <jforbes> Cool, so I will be in Vancouver, but can gt images spun
19:21:41 <jforbes> Was just trying to figure out if I had to get the appliance definition done this weekend or could do it after vacation
19:21:52 <tflink> is BG working with F16 right now? I thought it wasn't
19:22:02 <tflink> unless the koji process is working
19:22:08 <tflink> or you were going to do it manually
19:22:21 <jforbes> It will be BG, just have to make a mod to do alpha
19:22:27 <rbergeron> not sure
19:22:33 <rbergeron> okay
19:22:50 <rbergeron> do we want to see if koji is working at some point before we decide?
19:22:51 <jforbes> It doesnt really know how to look for alpha/beta repos, so we modify
19:23:03 <rbergeron> or just keep up with our existing rel-eng ticket?
19:23:11 <jforbes> Well, I have to do the appliance definition anyway
19:23:19 <jforbes> but yes, check with them before I push images
19:23:58 <rbergeron> okay
19:24:28 <rbergeron> #info tentatively planning on bg for f16 alpha images, will check in with releng ticket before doing so
19:24:33 <rbergeron> we good?
19:24:37 <rbergeron> any other notes?
19:24:47 <tflink> jforbes: can I get the mods you do for alpha if you don't have them posted somewhere?
19:24:50 <jforbes> I think that's good
19:25:10 <jforbes> tflink: will send them when I make them for F16, I did it for F15 last
19:25:21 <tflink> cool, thanks
19:26:08 <rbergeron> :)
19:26:12 <rbergeron> thanks, guys.
19:26:29 * rbergeron appreciates the mountains of help from everyone involved
19:26:40 <rbergeron> #topic HekaFS
19:26:42 <tflink> np, you had to do that one first, though didn't you? :-P
19:26:56 <rbergeron> jdarcy, kkeithley
19:26:58 <rbergeron> :)
19:27:01 <rbergeron> tflink: :)
19:27:24 <jdarcy> Lots of talking this week, less coding.
19:27:41 <kkeithley> I've been testing glusterfs/cloudfs with valgrind. spun a new Release this morning. Just poked jsteffan again about an update to glusterfs
19:27:43 <jdarcy> Conversations about getting GlusterFS/CloudFS into RHEL.
19:27:43 <jdarcy> Starting to looking into in-kernel NFS (including NFSv4) over GlusterFS/CloudFS.
19:27:43 <jdarcy> Some folks are looking at hooks to let Hadoop get location info so they can optimize
19:27:43 <jdarcy> map/reduce job placement.
19:27:43 <jdarcy> Turns out to be the exact same problem we need to solve for pNFS over GlusterFS.
19:27:44 <jdarcy> Also need to check out Gluster's new S3 interface with Aeolus's iwhd.
19:27:46 <jdarcy> Got things building with Gluster's trunk (which keeps moving) again.
19:27:48 <jdarcy> Name change ready to go: HekaFS it is.  Suggestions on how to proceed are welcome.
19:27:53 <jdarcy> There, got paste working.  ;)
19:28:35 <rbergeron> i have no ideas offhand.
19:28:40 <rbergeron> ummmm
19:28:43 * rbergeron looks around
19:29:19 <rbergeron> nirik, spot, if youre about: jdarcy/kkeithley need to change CloudFS name to HekaFS. whats the process there?
19:29:35 <rbergeron> fesco (it's a feature)? just change the name? thoughts?
19:29:41 <jdarcy> Ideally we'd need to change the git repo, the package, the wiki.  Some of those might not be strictly necessary, but still.
19:29:47 <rbergeron> or anyone else... notting, anyone :)
19:30:31 <kkeithley> I can do a new repo request, that's not too daunting.
19:30:36 * rbergeron is happy to hear speculation
19:30:40 <rbergeron> well
19:30:43 <jdarcy> That might be easiest, actually.
19:30:47 <rbergeron> you'll likely need that anyway
19:31:04 <nirik> on hosted?
19:31:11 <rbergeron> so id file that request and maybe fwd it to the cloud sig list
19:31:20 <rbergeron> nirik: yeah, and i guess in F16
19:31:27 <rbergeron> everywhere
19:31:28 <nirik> has to go thru re-review for the rename...
19:31:29 <rbergeron> lol
19:31:42 <rbergeron> so fesco ticket then
19:31:51 <rbergeron> and package rereview as well?
19:32:09 <kkeithley> seriously, just to s/cloudfs/hekafs in the spec?
19:32:09 <nirik> yeah, and infra ticket to rename the hosted parts.
19:32:22 <jdarcy> Is there any reason to think the re-review would be complicated or difficult?  I mean, I don't expect a rubber stamp, but it would be mildly frustrating to have issues brought up as blockers that hadn't been blockers before the rename.
19:32:23 <nirik> kkeithley: are you obsoleting the old named package?
19:32:32 <kkeithley> I suppose
19:32:44 <nirik> jdarcy: shouldn't be. The main thing is checking Obsoletes/Provides, as thats very easy to mess up .
19:32:56 <jdarcy> OK, that sounds entirely appropriate to me.
19:33:08 <jdarcy> Diligence is good.  :)
19:33:14 <rbergeron> #action jdarcy kkeithley to file infra ticket, fesco ticket, and new bz review request for cloudfs --> hekafs change
19:33:54 <kkeithley> what does it take to obsolete cloudfs?
19:34:00 <rbergeron> is it better to have details done before hitting up fesco (meeting monday morning) ?
19:34:11 <kkeithley> I suppose it's in the wiki somewhere. I'll look
19:34:12 <jdarcy> kkeithley: I think it's basically just an Obsoletes: line in the spec.
19:34:42 <nirik> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging:Guidelines#Renaming.2FReplacing_Existing_Packages
19:34:56 <kkeithley> restart version at 0.1?
19:35:11 <jdarcy> I'd say no, continue the current numbering.
19:35:51 <kkeithley> So 0.7-7
19:35:58 <jdarcy> Something like that.
19:37:05 <rbergeron> okay.
19:37:12 <rbergeron> you guys set then? :)
19:37:21 * jdarcy nods.
19:37:22 <kkeithley> seems so, yes
19:37:31 <rbergeron> okay.
19:37:39 <rbergeron> #topic aeolus
19:37:47 <rbergeron> mmorsi: hi
19:37:55 <mmorsi> rbergeron: hey
19:38:22 <rbergeron> how's things going?
19:38:27 <mmorsi> ah not too bad
19:38:28 <mmorsi> srry haven't been around last couple weeks, turns out friday afternoons aren't ideal for me
19:38:44 <mmorsi> but as far as aeolus, ya'll probably already caught this but it is in fedora
19:38:52 * rbergeron nods
19:38:58 <mmorsi> so the installation / configuration process is straightforward
19:38:59 <jdarcy> Yay!
19:39:07 <rbergeron> i saw a few last packages needed from clalnce earlier this week
19:39:14 <mmorsi> yes those made it in
19:39:24 <mmorsi> we are working on making the experience even simpler too, via an interactive configuration utility
19:39:41 <mmorsi> which will give everyone one simple command to create images and deploy them to any cloud
19:41:24 <mmorsi> hrm other than that, we've begun our next development cycle, some features for that include alot more support for shared identity and secured connections, additional cloud provider support, simpler / better tooling, ipv6 support, expanded cloud monitoring and status reporting, etc
19:42:25 <mmorsi> actually there is quite a bit of discussion pertaining to what we're working on, so if anyone has a new feature that they would like to see happen, send it to the group
19:42:50 <mmorsi> you can see all our discussions pertaining to features on list https://fedorahosted.org/mailman/listinfo/aeolus-devel
19:42:55 <mmorsi> its a very open process
19:43:01 * jdarcy mumbles something about provisioning distributed filesystems automatically. ;)
19:43:45 <mmorsi> ah cool, would love to hear more about that
19:43:47 * rbergeron grins
19:43:51 <rbergeron> indeed
19:44:01 <mmorsi> but in any case, thats about it for me
19:44:05 <rbergeron> okay. well, glad you guys made it in. very good stuff :)
19:44:11 <mmorsi> unless i'm forgetting something (which i wouldn't put it past me :-p)
19:44:16 <rbergeron> #topic any other business
19:45:15 <rbergeron> anyone, anyone?
19:45:54 <rbergeron> alrighty then.
19:46:17 <rbergeron> thanks for coming - i'll send out notes when i get home from dr., unless someone beats me
19:46:19 <Southern_Gentlem> its 5 o'clock somewhere
19:46:21 <rbergeron> to it
19:46:23 <rbergeron> that is
19:46:27 <rbergeron> yes it is.
19:46:40 <rbergeron> in about 15 minutes by my calculations
19:46:41 <rbergeron> :)
19:46:47 <rbergeron> #endmeeting