18:59:46 <rbergeron> #startmeeting Cloud SIG
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18:59:57 <jforbes> early start even, eager :)
19:00:03 <rbergeron> I KNOW RITE
19:00:12 <rbergeron> #topic Roll call, yo
19:00:22 <rbergeron> #chair jforbes gholms
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19:00:26 * clalance here
19:00:34 * jforbes 
19:01:14 * rbergeron is mostly eager to hurry up and wait. it's like rushing to get to disneyland to stand in line
19:01:26 <rbergeron> Well, I'll move forward, i suppose, and others can file in.
19:01:31 <rbergeron> #topic EC2
19:01:47 <rbergeron> #link https://fedorahosted.org/rel-eng/ticket/4808
19:02:11 <rbergeron> So we're waiting on release engineering to finish up ... ec2 related things.
19:02:24 <rbergeron> Dennis is tied up a bit right now.
19:02:25 <jforbes> Rigth, so we just got a response that it needs to be tested (and by tested it means everything from koji -> EC2)
19:02:33 <rbergeron> oh, we did?
19:02:52 <rbergeron> oh, yeah.
19:02:54 <jforbes> Yeah, the response was that Dennis is tied up, but would try to get to it today
19:03:15 <rbergeron> So I guess that is where that is at.
19:03:17 * tflink notes that it helps to join #fedora-meeting on the right IRC network
19:03:24 <rbergeron> tflink: ya think?
19:03:40 <tflink> rbergeron: just possibly
19:03:54 * rbergeron doesn't know if anyone has any further commentary.
19:04:13 <jforbes> None from me. I will be keeping an eye out for images to hit S3
19:04:15 <rbergeron> i'd like to wait and see if we can pull this together, but Qa is getting to the point where they're going to start to bump into their own test days.
19:04:33 <rbergeron> tflink: how much longer is that till the first one hits (or are they arlready here.. .and yes, i know i should know this...)
19:04:44 <rbergeron> (but i don't off the top of my head without looking...)
19:04:45 <tflink> 7/28, I think
19:04:48 * tflink is checking
19:05:17 <tflink> yep, 2011-07-28 is the first F16 test day, but I don't think that anyone has claimed it yet
19:05:28 <rbergeron> okay.
19:05:30 <rbergeron> ooh, interesting.
19:06:21 <tflink> at the moment, I think that the first claimed test day is august 22
19:06:21 <rbergeron> okay. well, i guess in the meantime, we'll hope it can happen today/monday (testing), and we should hopefully hear if they run into any issues.
19:07:26 <rbergeron> okay.
19:07:36 <rbergeron> (sorry was fetching a soda)
19:08:10 <rbergeron> alrighty. well, i guess that's where that is at. we'll keep everyone updated, though i suggest if you want to be in on the loop more you might add yourself to the cc on that ticket.
19:09:02 <rbergeron> #info ec2 test day is pending release engineering testing of koji/ec2 stuff.
19:09:18 <rbergeron> #info more info as it comes in, dennis is hoping to get that work done today maybe
19:09:25 <rbergeron> anythign else from anyone?
19:09:40 <jforbes> nothing else here
19:09:42 * rbergeron passes out crackers and cookies
19:09:47 <rbergeron> #topic Aeolus
19:09:57 <clalance> Sigh.
19:10:01 <rbergeron> clalance: how's the blood pressure? :)
19:10:07 * rbergeron sends hugs
19:10:22 <clalance> So, the good news is that we have all of our packages in, except 2.
19:10:30 <clalance> The bad news is that the thing doesn't work.
19:10:37 <rbergeron> lol.
19:10:49 <rbergeron> is it supposed to work, or is that a known bug? :)
19:11:04 <clalance> It works on rails 2.
19:11:11 <clalance> But this is the first time anyone has brought it up on rails 3.
19:11:14 <clalance> And on rawhide.
19:11:20 <clalance> So of course we are running into the union of those bugs.
19:11:43 <rbergeron> and 3.0.5 is what's in Fedora right now, correct?
19:11:45 <clalance> We are making progress, but I don't know if it is going to be enough to make it by Tuesday.
19:11:50 <clalance> rbergeron: No, 3.0.9 is in rawhide.
19:11:53 <rbergeron> oh
19:12:07 <rbergeron> well, i'm guesing there are no major like huge changes
19:12:20 <clalance> rbergeron: Nah, not major.
19:12:48 <clalance> rbergeron: So I don't know where that leaves us.
19:13:03 <rbergeron> so --- I guess one thought is that you guys don't have any major dependencies, so you might be able to procure a reprieve from fesco on needing to be feature-complete-testable-etc.
19:13:07 <clalance> rbergeron: We'll do our best to get it in, but I can't promise it will be "testable" by Tuesday.
19:13:11 <clalance> Yeah.
19:13:13 <rbergeron> yeah.
19:13:42 <clalance> (and I'm travelling next week; I'll be working, but my availability will be less than usual)
19:13:45 * rbergeron wonders if there are any fesco-ees here who might be willing to comment on that - nirik, you about?
19:13:55 <nirik> hum?
19:13:58 <rbergeron> clalance: where ya goin?
19:14:05 <clalance> rbergeron: Belgium.
19:14:32 <nirik> fesco could consider late features... just file a ticket and explain why it's landing late and what the impact is.
19:14:36 <rbergeron> nirik: so - aeolus (cloud-y thing) is looking like it may be kind of ... really close to done but not quite testable, but is a feature, but doesn't have any dependencies really - is that something they could likely get a bit of reprieve from fesco?
19:14:40 <rbergeron> yeah.
19:14:56 <rbergeron> clalance: i can file a ticket, or you can.
19:14:58 <clalance> nirik: OK, cool.  Should we do that now, or wait until Tuesday to see if we land it before then?
19:15:02 <rbergeron> (/me was just curious if you were going to oscon)
19:15:09 <rbergeron> clalance: fesco meeting is monday morning-ish
19:15:10 <nirik> clalance: I'd wait, but either way...
19:15:20 <clalance> nirik: OK, thanks.
19:15:34 <rbergeron> yeah, the whole "fesco meeting on monday" thing is awkward :\
19:15:40 <clalance> rbergeron: I'll ping you after the meeting, to find out what I need to do to file the ticket.
19:15:50 <rbergeron> clalance: sounds good
19:16:09 <rbergeron> clalance: anything anyone can help with really?
19:16:24 * rbergeron knows that it's all pretty code-related at this point
19:16:25 <clalance> rbergeron: Not unless someone wants to get down and dirty in the aeolus code.
19:16:32 <clalance> (which is always appreciated, but that's what it is at this point)
19:16:37 <rbergeron> right
19:17:15 <rbergeron> and you guys are trying to build from what's in rawhide now?
19:17:26 * rbergeron wonders if there are nightlys working
19:17:30 <clalance> rbergeron: That's what I'm in the middle of doing.
19:17:39 <clalance> rbergeron: They work, though there are problems ;).
19:17:45 <rbergeron> okay.
19:17:48 <rbergeron> yeah. ;)
19:17:49 <clalance> Oh, actually, I shouldn't say that.
19:17:55 <clalance> What I did was update an F-15 with yum.
19:17:59 <clalance> And that seems to be working OK.
19:18:02 <clalance> Not great, but OK.
19:18:35 <tflink> AFAIK, the nightlies are working right now
19:18:38 <rbergeron> #info Aeolus is working through rails/rawhide/aeolus stuff, may be at risk for feature deadline, but can file a ticket with fesco for consideration.
19:18:55 <tflink> well, they're being composed at least
19:19:07 <rbergeron> lol
19:19:20 <rbergeron> yeah, it's the "does it blend" part
19:19:32 <rbergeron> :)
19:19:36 <clalance> Haha.
19:20:04 <clalance> rbergeron: Oh, one quick question.
19:20:05 <rbergeron> clalance: well, good luck. And haz fun in belgium. I'll be in portland working.
19:20:09 <rbergeron> sure.
19:20:20 <clalance> rbergeron: Given that I am changing timezones, what time is the actual deadline on Tuesday?
19:21:18 <rbergeron> clalance: an excellent question. I'd say "in all fairness" probably UTC end of tuesday, but I'm not entirely sure.
19:21:28 <rbergeron> (yet something else i should probably know, but have never been asked)
19:21:37 <clalance> rbergeron: OK, no worries.
19:21:42 <rbergeron> i'll ask around and see what i can find out.
19:21:45 <clalance> rbergeron: Thanks.
19:21:46 <rbergeron> It's a good thing to know.
19:21:52 <rbergeron> it may even be documented and i've forgotten. :)
19:22:01 <clalance> I'm just wondering if I have "all" of Tuesday, or if I should freak out on Monday :).
19:22:04 <rbergeron> #action rbergeron to get back to clalance on "what exact time on tuesday is the deadline"
19:22:17 <rbergeron> ;) i understand
19:22:49 <rbergeron> thanks, clalance. :)
19:22:55 <clalance> rbergeron: Thank you.
19:22:57 <rbergeron> #topic PrinceFS/CloudFS/GnatFS
19:23:19 * rbergeron hails kkeithley
19:23:45 * rbergeron holds a momento
19:24:26 <rbergeron> kkeithley: hi :)
19:24:33 * rbergeron was just asking about $topic
19:24:37 <kkeithley> HekaFS seems to be the leading contender
19:24:40 <kkeithley> hi
19:24:44 <rbergeron> HekaFS?
19:24:47 * rbergeron is disappoint
19:25:01 <clalance> HelluvaFS
19:25:09 <kkeithley> <funnysquiggle>FS
19:25:12 * rbergeron hangs her prince symbol back on the record rack
19:25:34 <rbergeron> kkeithley: i assume you guys have gotten all your other stuff worked out, right?
19:25:45 <kkeithley> cloudfs is packaged
19:25:47 <rbergeron> i saw you/ke4qqq talking licensing stuff and i think that all sorted out
19:25:59 <kkeithley> there's an official build in kojk
19:26:07 <kkeithley> yes, the licensing is all squared away
19:26:28 <rbergeron> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/CloudFS <-- is that ready to get bumped up to a better percentage, or just waiting on "change the name" issues before you do?
19:26:30 <kkeithley> there might be some issues with gluster licensing though. There's some BSD w/ advertising clause in it
19:27:06 <rbergeron> ahhh
19:27:09 <rbergeron> fun
19:27:25 <kkeithley> I don't think we're waiting on name change to bump the percentage. When jdarcy and I talked earlier this week we're pretty much in agreement that we're >90% finished
19:27:40 <rbergeron> but you guys are all squared away package-wise, then. So i guess it's mostly just testing at this point.
19:27:54 <kkeithley> I kinda thought he was going to update the web page
19:28:02 * rbergeron notes some test days are available, if we want to think about that at some point.
19:28:04 <kkeithley> and yes, we're talking about testing mainly at this piont
19:28:10 <kkeithley> s/piont/point/
19:28:20 <rbergeron> kkeithley: well, i'm not going to report you guys as un-finished. just making sure there are no big pieces missing :)
19:28:32 <kkeithley> nope, no big pieces are missing
19:28:37 <rbergeron> very good.
19:28:40 <rbergeron> TWO CLOUDY THINGS DONE
19:28:42 <kkeithley> it's all there and useable
19:29:01 <rbergeron> kkeithley: awesome. :) thanks!
19:29:19 * rbergeron wonders what HekaFS is about - is that really like heck of a FS?
19:29:20 <kkeithley> yw
19:29:22 <rbergeron> or something else
19:30:24 <kkeithley> Heka is the Egyptian god of magic
19:30:43 <kkeithley> There's a squiqqly hieroglyphic for it
19:30:54 <rbergeron> Oh.
19:30:59 <rbergeron> So that's sort of like Prince. LOL
19:31:08 <kkeithley> ;-)
19:31:12 * rbergeron snickers
19:31:36 <rbergeron> #topic Anything else?
19:31:49 * rbergeron looks around for any other updates/comments/questions/fires/whatever
19:32:20 <kkeithley> sorry I was late, for some reason I was thinking 3:30 instead of 3. oops
19:32:30 <rbergeron> no worries. i know where to find you, MUHAHAHAHAHAAHA.
19:33:32 <rbergeron> Well, folks. thanks for coming, good luck over the next few days getting your stuff finished, and be sure to pipe up if you're looking at having issues. :)
19:33:37 <rbergeron> And have a good weekend. :)
19:33:47 <rbergeron> #endmeeting