18:15:10 <igorps> #startmeeting
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18:15:25 <igorps> #meetingname fudcon_panama
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18:15:33 <igorps> #chair aeperezt
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18:15:57 <igorps> Today's agenda is here:
18:16:06 <igorps> https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/report/12
18:16:24 <igorps> first topic
18:16:41 <igorps> #topic Get confirmation for additional rooms
18:17:06 <igorps> aeperezt: Did you manage to get a reply from the University?
18:17:25 <aeperezt> there has not been confirmation on that I talk to them this week but still on hold
18:18:30 <igorps> Probably they are checking the room availability during the event period, right?
18:18:39 <aeperezt> right
18:18:51 <potty> Hi to all
18:18:59 <igorps> Hello potty!
18:19:00 <aeperezt> ping dgilmore
18:19:01 <potty> potty - Abdel Mart?nez - Panama
18:19:09 <dgilmore> aeperezt: pong
18:19:17 <dgilmore> sorry im doing time in 2 meetings right now
18:19:20 <aeperezt> ping tatica
18:19:47 <aeperezt> dgilmore, just to let you know we started the meeting
18:19:54 <dgilmore> aeperezt: gracious
18:20:24 <aeperezt> potty, I was thinking you were not going to make it, got my message
18:21:02 <igorps> Does someone from the Panama crew study at that university?
18:21:17 <aeperezt> igorps, nop that is the issue
18:22:11 <aeperezt> igorps, but we all know the dean, she resign from another university were potty is at, and move to the new one
18:22:22 * amonthoth says hello from Panama
18:22:47 <igorps> aeperezt: good to know!
18:22:52 <igorps> amonthoth: hello!
18:23:01 <potty> :)
18:23:25 <igorps> aeperezt: If you have any knows about the rooms during the wiki please update the ticket
18:23:35 <igorps> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/113
18:23:41 <aeperezt> yes I will
18:23:48 <aeperezt> as soon as I have news
18:23:54 <igorps> aeperezt: Thanks! ;)
18:24:06 <igorps> next topic
18:24:27 <igorps> #topic https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/115
18:24:31 <igorps> ops
18:24:33 <igorps> #undo
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18:24:45 <igorps> #topic Ask Ciudad del Saber Internet administrators to allow IRC and SSH connections
18:25:16 <igorps> I think we should make a list of nice to have open ports for this
18:25:39 <igorps> some services like ssh are mandatory
18:26:12 <igorps> but other ones are less important but nice to have
18:26:12 <aeperezt> igorps, we ask again this week, and the person in charge of communications have not anwser yeat
18:27:10 <igorps> aeperezt: It would be nice to have a list of what ports are currently open and which ones we need to ask for permission
18:27:27 <igorps> but let's wait for their first contact then
18:27:38 <aeperezt> igorps, ok
18:27:47 <amonthoth> how much bandwidth is the minimum required ?
18:28:38 <tatica> aeperezt, pong
18:28:39 <tatica> sry
18:28:43 <aeperezt> amonthoth, I think 4 Meg, on tempe they asked for 10 Megs
18:28:51 * tatica reading backlog
18:28:57 <aeperezt> tanks tatica
18:29:18 <aeperezt> ping gomix
18:29:29 <igorps> There is not a minimum established, but there should be a consistent connection for a reasonable a mount of people
18:29:49 <dgilmore> sufficient for all attendee's
18:29:57 <dgilmore> sadly its really very vague whats needed
18:30:29 <aeperezt> igorps, on the minidebconf we were 50 people on one room and they were broadcasting a video feed with no problem
18:31:04 <igorps> aeperezt: using wired connection or wireless?
18:31:35 <aeperezt> igorps, all were wireless except the broadcast that was wired
18:32:46 <igorps> The wireless connection should cover all venue rooms and spaces used for FUDCon
18:33:00 <igorps> IMHO this is more important than the speed itself
18:33:31 <aeperezt> the wireless is on all venue rooms and the villas
18:34:06 <igorps> #info Wireless connection is available in all venue rooms and the villas
18:34:16 <igorps> good to know aeperezt
18:34:28 <igorps> this is essential for the event
18:34:47 <igorps> aeperezt: keep us updated as well
18:34:53 <igorps> moving on
18:34:53 <aeperezt> ok
18:35:17 <igorps> #topic Create content survey to find out local community expectations
18:35:36 <igorps> tatica: Any updates on this?
18:35:58 <tatica> yes
18:36:11 <tatica> but I have several topics to talk about design (including survey)
18:36:27 <tatica> survey is done, I will publish it tomorrow (since I'm about to leave home)
18:36:38 <tatica> I will like to talk fast about artwork
18:36:51 <igorps> please, go on ;)
18:37:16 <tatica> Juan is in a really bussy period, so I will take care of design for the moment
18:37:33 <tatica> he express that he is really sorry, but we are a team and are here to support in the good and bad times
18:37:59 <tatica> he must change some tickets this weekend, so if anyone has a ticket with juan, please let me know what you guys need and I'll take care of it
18:38:13 <tatica> booklet design -would be done- this weekend too
18:38:21 <tatica> so, fast anouncement
18:38:23 <tatica> eof
18:39:04 <igorps> tatica: what is his nick on Track, do you know?
18:39:26 <tatica> Xhaksx
18:40:27 <tatica> https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/116
18:40:27 <igorps> #info Tatica will take over Xhaksx design duties due to his unavailability
18:40:56 <aeperezt> thanks tatica I talk to the University that will print them and there is no problem but we need to have everyting ready so they can do all printing process
18:41:26 <tatica> I can do a beta this weekend, aeperezt potty; can you be online this weekend 1 hour?
18:41:29 <igorps> #topic FUDCon Panama booklet content
18:41:36 <potty> i think so! :)
18:41:41 <aeperezt> yes
18:42:24 <igorps> I would like to know how many characters I can use for the Hackfest description
18:42:28 <tatica> awesome
18:42:40 <igorps> so I can expand it a bit
18:43:04 <tatica> igorps, I will downwload everything from home and let you know asap
18:43:43 <igorps> tatica: thanks! You can just update the task and I'll be informed
18:44:02 <igorps> We will have a booklet with 3 different languages or 3 different booklets for each language?
18:44:24 <tatica> igorps, also, I think I can do some changes to "make it fit"
18:45:15 <igorps> #action tatica to check space requirement for hackfest description
18:46:07 <igorps> usually Portuguese and Spanish descriptions are a bit longer than English
18:46:44 <igorps> so it would be nice to know it so I can write inside a limit considering all languages
18:47:03 <aeperezt> igorps, rewarding the portuguese version, I think it will not be abilable
18:47:55 <igorps> aeperezt: It would be nice to have at least a few
18:48:26 <igorps> even if only available online
18:48:42 <aeperezt> igorps, of cource it will be nice to have, but the cost of printing is an issue
18:48:55 <aeperezt> igorps, online should not be a problem
18:49:57 <igorps> So we will have both English and Spanish versions, separated right?
18:50:23 <aeperezt> right
18:50:35 * dgilmore thinks we can skip english
18:50:57 <potty> :)
18:51:11 <igorps> dgilmore: Do you think we can skip English and put Brazilian Portuguese in?
18:51:20 <dgilmore> use portugese and spanish
18:51:27 <dgilmore> igorps: yeah
18:51:27 <igorps> +1
18:51:50 <dgilmore> english is not native anywhere in latam
18:52:16 <igorps> #idea Have a booklet only in Spanish and Portuguese
18:52:29 <dgilmore> there will only likely be me and toshio that are not strong with spanish or portugese
18:52:50 <abadger1999> <nod>
18:52:54 <amonthoth> dgilmore: there is some places in latam native english speakers
18:53:03 <gomix-fricky> dgilmore: not quite... there are some native english and even french and some other langs in the region... but dont expect them to be there ;)
18:53:34 <igorps> dgilmore: I'm sure we can provide the same information in English online though
18:53:37 <tatica> there is nobody else from NA with an open ticket?
18:54:00 <dgilmore> amonthoth: gomix-fricky: you learn something new every day :)
18:54:04 <amonthoth> let me ask, is not english the international fedora language, isn't it ?
18:54:06 <igorps> Yeah maybe in Suriname
18:54:12 <gomix-fricky> trinidad tobajo
18:54:18 <dgilmore> igorps: online english translations are fine
18:54:20 <gomix-fricky> guadalupe...
18:54:26 <dgilmore> i dont think we need to print it
18:54:42 <igorps> dgilmore: great!
18:54:49 <dgilmore> amonthoth: english is the native fedora language,
18:54:49 <tatica> in fact
18:54:55 <tatica> with spanish should be enough
18:55:01 <tatica> at tempe they only did the local language
18:55:11 <dgilmore> amonthoth: using it in online versions is great.  i just dont think we need to print it up
18:55:17 <tatica> from bazil we won't have so many people either
18:55:19 <igorps> aeperezt: we won't need a lot of Portuguese versions as well, just enough for Brazilian attendees
18:55:47 <amonthoth> dgilmore, so english for native fedora language and spanish because the country native language
18:55:54 <tatica> I think that there won't be so many people from brazil to have another language
18:55:56 <gomix-fricky> i really only expect spanish audience....
18:56:11 <dgilmore> amonthoth: sure,
18:56:28 <aeperezt> igorps, that is one thing
18:56:31 <dgilmore> if people dont think we need portugese versions im ok with spansih only in print
18:56:37 <dgilmore> we can do all 3 on the web
18:56:46 <tatica> dgilmore, +1
18:57:00 <amonthoth> dgilmore, +1
18:57:02 <igorps> If you guys can print a pt_BR version it would be nice, if not, I'm ok with having it online together with english
18:57:32 <tatica> I just wonder why we need a .br version if the event will be held in a spanish country
18:57:42 <tatica> how many people will be at panama from brazil? 1-5? top?
18:57:53 <aeperezt> if we print spanish and English I think must Brazilians that will come can read English, unless you can warranty that 20 brazilians will come that is another matter
18:58:03 <tatica> we can have 10br and 10en just for them, I think
18:58:18 <igorps> tatica: sounds good to me
18:58:25 <tatica> even less
18:58:27 <tatica> 5-5
18:58:43 * dgilmore will use spansih versions
18:59:00 <tatica> btw, we should encourage more NA people to open tickets
18:59:00 <igorps> If this is possible would be great
18:59:01 * dgilmore can not type
18:59:13 <dgilmore> tatica: open tickets in what way?
18:59:21 <igorps> dgilmore: You will learn a lot ;)
19:00:08 <igorps> I'm ok with 5-5 approach
19:00:26 <tatica> dgilmore, are invitations for NA people the same way than from LATAM?
19:00:43 <abadger1999> tatica: Do you have either specific people or specific roles/talks that you're looking for?
19:00:46 <tatica> I mean.. everyone open a ticket and after that, according with the budget, is decided who go
19:00:54 <igorps> #idea Print most booklets in Spanish and have a small amount in English and Portuguese
19:00:55 <tatica> abadger1999, not at all, maybe after the survey
19:00:59 <abadger1999> <nod>
19:01:07 <tatica> but if there is more variety, will be better
19:01:08 <tatica> right?
19:01:13 <dgilmore> tatica: invitations in what way? for people to attend?
19:01:49 <tatica> I didn't say invitation
19:01:52 <tatica> I said ticket
19:02:02 <tatica> a ticket doesn't say that you go or wont
19:02:39 <dgilmore> tatica: sorry i focussed to much on 19:00 < tatica> dgilmore, are invitations for NA people the same way than from LATAM?
19:02:53 <tatica> yes, my mistake
19:03:15 <tatica> but the invitation is done after fill a ticket, right?
19:03:56 <igorps> We might have some people Europe too, that's why an English version is a nice to have
19:03:56 <dgilmore> tatica: yeah. step 1 is file a ticket
19:04:01 <dgilmore> thats true for everyone
19:04:02 <aeperezt> I think we need to check the survey and then we can decide if we may need to invite some one from NA for specific topic that cannot be cover by a closer Latam contributor
19:04:11 <tatica> +1
19:04:32 <igorps> aeperezt: +1
19:04:47 <igorps> let's wait for the survey
19:04:53 <potty> :)
19:04:57 <potty> +1
19:04:59 <dgilmore> aeperezt: yeah, if there is something we really want to cover and we need to bring people in from outside latam we should look into that, when we know what knowledge it is we want to share
19:06:04 <tatica> I think we should use this fudcon to make ceam stronger
19:06:19 <tatica> and that means bring people from ceam, and then think in the rest
19:06:35 <dgilmore> tatica: what is ceam?
19:06:44 <tatica> central america...
19:06:55 <igorps> IMHO providing budget for local contributors should be priority
19:06:55 <dgilmore> sorry for my ignorance
19:07:06 <dgilmore> igorps: i agree
19:07:09 <tatica> exactly
19:07:13 <igorps> dgilmore: LATAM's subdivisions ;)
19:07:50 * dgilmore would like to see over 100 people at FUDCon LATAM
19:08:07 <igorps> me too!
19:08:10 <igorps> ok, anything else about the booklet?
19:08:37 <aeperezt> dgilmore, I know you will see ove 100 people on the fudcon
19:09:17 <igorps> aeperezt: for sure!
19:09:51 <igorps> 100 is the minimum amount we want to see in Panama!
19:10:11 <igorps> I'm looking forward to see a lot more
19:10:14 <aeperezt> I like to see 50 people from outside panama for the fudcon
19:10:53 <igorps> I'm moving on to the next topic since it's getting late
19:11:08 <igorps> #topic Print Fudcon Panama Poster, and place it on Mayor Universities and send to other Panama cities
19:11:25 <igorps> aeperezt, potty: How is this going?
19:12:03 <igorps> The poster is done, right?
19:12:30 <aeperezt> igorps, well talk to the people and all burocracy has been done so it should be on the printer now
19:13:30 <igorps> #info bureaucracy done, posters ready to be printed
19:14:07 <igorps> Can we have the links for the artwork in this ticket?
19:14:14 <igorps> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/118
19:15:46 <aeperezt> there is a ticket on design group about it
19:16:23 <igorps> so posting a link to that ticket should be ok
19:16:25 <aeperezt> https://fedorahosted.org/design-team/ticket/167
19:16:33 <igorps> just to keep track of it
19:16:49 <igorps> aeperezt: thanks!
19:16:58 <tatica> ticket is closed
19:18:14 <igorps> I suggest to close the one on FUDCon Track when everything is done
19:18:46 <aeperezt> igorps, I think I will close the ticket when I have the poster on my hands
19:19:21 <igorps> aeperezt: exactly, and placed in the universities
19:19:40 <igorps> so, moving one to the last topic
19:20:06 <igorps> #topic Fudcon Panama Design t-shirt
19:20:38 <igorps> aeperezt: Did you already choose the place to produce the T-shirts?
19:21:23 <aeperezt> design is done we are quoting printing, we need at least 2 quote of t-shirts and print so I can send it to the sponsor, also I need to wait for the sizes
19:21:58 <igorps> aeperezt: T-shirt production will also be sponsored?
19:22:42 <aeperezt> igorps,  depending on the amount yes but we mentinon 150 when we talk, but we need to check prices
19:23:06 <aeperezt> igorps, so it is yes
19:23:23 <aeperezt> unless they are to expensive
19:23:45 <igorps> #info T-shirt production will be sponsored depending on the prices
19:23:47 <tatica> aeperezt, afaik, the cheapest place after a local production is nicaragua
19:23:59 <tatica> aeperezt, so if you need more t-shirs, I would recomend to talk with yn1v
19:24:09 <igorps> aeperezt: this great, so we can use the event budget for other stuff
19:24:14 <tatica> I remember that we did a research a year ago
19:24:28 <aeperezt> yes but if they are sponsor then they need to be printed locally
19:24:35 <tatica> aeperezt, yup
19:24:49 <tatica> aeperezt, what you can do, to don't lose the sponsorship
19:24:58 <igorps> If sponsorship is not available maybe Neville can bring with him
19:25:07 <aeperezt> yes
19:25:08 <tatica> is produce what the local sponsor can, and if more are needed, go with the rest outside
19:25:14 <igorps> but that would be contingency
19:25:52 <tatica> exactly
19:26:08 <aeperezt> yeap
19:26:22 <igorps> It looks like things are coming together!
19:26:59 <igorps> just an updated now
19:27:05 <aeperezt> need to go any thing else
19:27:17 <igorps> #topic Create FuCon Panama prospectus
19:27:25 <igorps> just let you know
19:27:35 <igorps> this task is finished
19:27:43 <igorps> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/75
19:27:43 <aeperezt> yes have to be close
19:27:58 <igorps> I closed it ;)
19:28:11 <igorps> so no worries!
19:28:17 <tatica> is that ticket linked to the design one?
19:28:46 <igorps> no, this one is for the prospectus only
19:28:46 <aeperezt> have to go
19:28:51 <aeperezt> leaving irc open
19:28:53 <tatica> ok
19:28:55 <igorps> aeperezt: ok!
19:29:04 * dgilmore needs to leave in 5 minutes
19:29:07 <igorps> we are finishing already
19:29:16 <igorps> Thank you guys for coming!
19:29:25 <tatica> :)
19:29:40 <igorps> #endmeeting